Mountain tourism Volgograd

Mountain tourism Volgograd

Tour to ARKHYZ from Volgograd

Weekend tours to Arkhyz from Volgograd Season -yy

December: 03.2-07. 2; 10.2-14. 2; 17.2-21. 2; 24.2-28. 2.020g.

January: 14.1-18. one; 21.1-25. one; 28.1-01. 2.021g.

February: 04.2-08. 2; 11.2-15. 2; 18.2-22. 2, 25.2-01. 3.021g.

Add. flights (4 days/3 nights): 10.1-15. one; 17. 1-22. one; 24.1-29. 1, 07.2-12. 2, 14.2-19. 2, 21.2-26. 2, 04.3.-09. 3.021g.

Tour program:

Departure from Volzhsky (if possible) Departure from Volgograd, pl. Lenin at 19:00

07: 00-08: 00 - Arrival in Arkhyz, hotel accommodation in 2, 3-bed rooms.

08:00 - Breakfast. Departure of the bus from the hotel to the "Romantic" glade.

Free time. Relaxation. Skiing, sledding, snowboarding. and add. fee: ✔ Visiting the glade "Romantic", "Lunnaya Polyana", walks, bike rides. ✔ Ascent to the upper station of the Milky Way lift.

Mountain tourism Volgograd

Meeting at the train station. The beginning of the excursion program - Big sightseeing tour with a visit to the monument - the ensemble on Mamayev Kurgan, Lenin Square, Sergeant Pavlov's House, the ruins of the Mill, the Battle of Stalingrad panorama museum.

Accommodation at the hotel. Dinner. Continuation of the excursion program - Central Embankment, Alley of Heroes - Volgograd Arbat, memorial square, Square of Fallen Fighters, monument to Alexander Nevsky, Museum "Memory" - the place of capture of Field Marshal Paulus.

Dinner. Free time. (It is possible to organize an evening program - Youth Theater, Dramatic Musical Cossack Theater, etc.)

Breakfast at the hotel (release of rooms, departure with things).

Continuation of the excursion program "Zatsaritsynsky Forshtadt": st. Knyaginskaya, (Workers and Peasants), the house of the merchant Shlykov (Cossack theater), st. Ashirskaya, Kamyshinskaya (Tsiolkovsky), Church of the Ascension (shopping center), bazaar square (park named after Sasha Filippov), Chekist Square, a monument to Chekists, a monument to Demolition Dogs. Visit to the Historical Park "Russia - My History". (The new interactive museum, opened in Volgograd in October 2017), is represented by large thematic sections from “Rurikovichs”, “Romanovs”, “From Great Shocks to the Great Victory” to expositions dedicated to the history of Russia and the Volgograd region today. The museum presents all the latest forms of information media: touch tables and screens, animation and collages, projectors and tablets. In spring and summer, it is possible to visit the children's railway (not included in the price). Dinner. Transfer to the train station.

Tour cost per person (NET) Group 10 + 1Group 20 + 2Group 30+ 3Group 40 + 4No accommodation 5835549549554395 Hudson Hostel, Ring (in the heart of the city, 3-4 bed rooms with CONVENIENCES without windows, breakfast CHF. Table in the RING hotel ****) 6795648559555495 Tsaritsynskaya ** Rooms with facilities on a block 2-3x local standards 6995 72556595 69556090 63955495 5850 Hotel chain FrantHotel *** 2-3x local standard 7495719566456100Start ** Rooms with facilities on a block Double Premium Surcharge for single occupancy 7155 15056795 7490 15056255 6895 15055695 6355 1505 South *** Double standard Add. for single occupancy 8355 19858055 19857495 19856895 1985Hampton By Hilton **** Double standard Extra for single use8985 27558655 27558100 27557555 2755

Supplement for an adult in a group - 450 rubles Supplement for a student over 16 years old + 260 rubles (the difference in the cost of entrance tickets).

The price includes:

  • accommodation -1 day,
  • meals -1 breakfast, 2 lunches, 1 dinner
  • excursion and transport services
  • the program is completely on transport, meeting, seeing off
  • entrance tickets to museums according to the program
  • a tour guide for the entire program.

Send a preliminary application, and we will adapt the program specifically for your tourists, taking into account the days of the week, arrival and departure times, your special requirements and wishes. Any of your revisions are accepted.

Patriotic tour "Russia - my history: Tsaritsyn-Stalingrad-Volgograd" (day/night) (business)

Program # 1. Weekend tours to Arkhyz Program №2. New Year and Christmas in Arkhyz Program №3. Excursion tour to Arkhyz Tour to ARKHYZ from Volgograd Tours

In a few days, real summer weather will finally set in the Volgograd region. In warm times, our region annually attracts hundreds of thousands of guests who come to relax on the shores, sandy beaches of the Volga, Don, Akhtuba. "AiF-Lower Volga region", the regional natural resources and the regional tourism development agency have compiled a short guide to the most interesting natural corners of the Volgograd region.

Glacial Sands

State botanical natural monument Archedinsko-Don sands, located on the territory of Serafimovichsky and Frolovsky districts. The boundary of the last icing was here. The unique array covers an area of ​​about 200 thousand hectares.

The dunes border on the wooded floodplains of the rivers - Don, Medveditsa, Archeda. The valley of Archeda is occupied by a dense deciduous forest called "mob". Even on the sunniest day, twilight reigns here.

How to get from Volgograd: along the M6 ​​highway to Mikhailovka, then follow the sign to Serafimovich. The array of sands can be observed immediately behind the village of Archedinskaya.

"Forest island" and "boiling" spring

The Shakinskaya Dubrava natural monument is located in the Nizhnekhopyorsky Natural Park. It was in her in the novel "Quiet Flows the Don" that Grigory Melekhov said goodbye to Aksinya.

This is the southernmost mountain oak forest in the country with trees up to 200 years old, with pine trees on the sands and rich flora, which has about 300 species of plants. Here is an amazing phenomenon - a "boiling spring" - a pulsating crystal clear stream of water breaks out from the depths of the earth.

How to get from Volgograd: take the M6 ​​highway to Mikhailovka, then turn following the signs to the Bukanovskaya village of the Kumylzhensky district. It houses the office of the Nizhnekhopyorsky Natural Park.

Volgo-Akhtubinskaya floodplain

Floodplain is a paradise for fishermen and tourists. By the abundance of clear days, the valley is not inferior to the subtropics of the Crimea. 15 years ago the natural park "Volgo-Akhtubinskaya floodplain" was created. The protected part of the floodplain is inhabited by several hundred species of rare and Red Book plants and animals.

The territory of the floodplain is crossed by 5 large channels and 120 small watercourses. In spring - primroses, in summer forbs, in autumn - yellow foliage of oak forests and orange ash trees. And near the Kirovets farm, lotuses bloom on one of the lakes in July-August.

On February 7, Russia celebrated the Day of Winter Sports. And although there is almost no snow left in the Volgograd region, fans of winter entertainment still hope to see frosts and snowdrifts.

For winter sports lovers, the AiF-Volgograd correspondent found out where in our region you can go skiing and snowboarding, how much this pleasure costs, as well as where and how much you can rent the necessary equipment.

Local Courchevel

The Kurshavelchik ski slope, which is located in the Gorodishchensky district in the village of Tsaritsyn, is very popular among Volgograd residents. The local Courchevel is a slope 350 meters long, the height of which in some places reaches 60 meters. It is equipped with two drag lifts. The ski track is 3 kilometers long.

Using the park without a lift on Saturday-Sunday will cost you 400 rubles, and on Monday-Friday - only 300 rubles. There is no time limit. The pleasure of riding down the slope, again without using a lift, will cost you 300 rubles on weekends, and 200 rubles on weekdays.

The weekend lift costs 300 rubles per hour. At the same time, you can buy unlimited for 600 rubles for the whole day. On weekdays, prices are lower - 200 rubles per hour, 500 rubles - unlimited for one day. Plus there's a bonus for kids under 12. They receive a 50% discount on the use of the lift.

You can also rent skis, snowboards and special boots at Kurshavelchik. For a fee, they can carry out maintenance or repair of your inventory here. So, sharpening the edges of a snowboard costs 400 rubles, and skis - 300 rubles. Surface treatment with paraffin 400-500 rubles.

Don't know how to ski, but really want to? No problem, and this is what you will be taught here. An individual lesson with an instructor costs 800 rubles/hour. In addition, small groups are recruited, in which training is cheaper.

The slope is open for all lovers of skiing and snowboarding every day without days off from 11:00 to 21. 0. Phones for inquiries: 89020907161, 89275077796.

Fun and budgetary photos of Volgograd hills | Photo gallery

Fun and budgetary photos of Volgograd hills | Photo gallery

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