Mountain tourism of the Republic of Belarus

Ski resorts and complexes in Bashkiria

Tourist and sports club, GUFA

On March 12, Ufa hosted a festival screening of films following the results of the "Four Seasons 2020" competition, dedicated to the memory of the honored traveler of Russia Mikhail Sergeev. Screening of films and rewarding of authors, photo-video-slide of films, clips - winners of the competition took place at st. Ybakova 8 (GTsTKE).

A total of 19 films from 10 authors (9 videos, 6 clips and 4 slide films), 131 photographs from 20 authors were presented. The festival was attended by representatives of the cities of Russia and Bashkortostan: Ufa, Sochi, the Moscow region of olgoprudny, Blagoveshchensk, Belebey, the village of aha, the village of Nadezhdino, the Belebeevsky district.

The following clubs are represented in the competition: “Energetik”, “Kirovets”, “Megawatt”, TSK “Mongoose”, “Three in a Boat”, TSK “Aventura”, “Dervish”, GTsTKE, “Sputnik”, “Cascade”, “Legion”, tourist sections of enterprises of the BES, BESK Engineering, ITIS, BGK, CHPP-2, PuHPP, “Energosvyaz”.

The general management, organization of preparation and holding of the photo-video competition was carried out by the Rescom “Electroprofsoyuz”, the Federation of Sports Tourism of the Republic of Bashkortostan with the assistance of the Water Tourism Commission and the “Energetik” tourist club.

The direct preparation and conduct of the competition was entrusted to the organizing committee and the jury of the competition.

On behalf of the organizing committee - Gennady Sergeev, Energetik tourist club, fa

Final Protocols:

P. ... tourist club "Mongoose" traditionally took part in the competition, because for many years the club members together with Mikhail Sergeev went on water trips. There are prizes. We saw the best works of other clubs, showed our own. See you in the future on the hiking trail and at the final screenings of creative festivals and competitions.

On the basis of the current charter of the FST RB and the decision of the Presidium of 25.2.019, 25.12020, the reporting congress of the Regional Public Organization of the Federation of Sports Tourism of the Republic of Bashkortostan (Tourist-Sports Union of the Republic of Bashkortostan) will take place. Time and place:

g. Ufa, st. R. Sorge 17, "AMAKS Tourist Hotel", conference hall, registration starts at 10-30, working hours from 11-00 to 15-00. Cm. more details = >>

Mountain tourism of the Republic of Belarus

The ski resorts of Bashkiria are in demand both among skiers and snowboarders and fans of other sports. Complexes often have good infrastructure; they are all located in ecologically clean areas. Almost all complexes are famous for their high level of service and relatively low prices in comparison with similar foreign resorts.

Ak Yort Ski Resort

The complex, which is in demand even outside the region, with a season duration from November to April, is in demand among fans of alpine skiing. The pistes here are in good condition, the lighting is switched on in the evening, so the townspeople come to ride even on weekdays after work. Throughout the season, snow compacting equipment operates, and if necessary, snow cannons are switched on.

This is a year-round complex, there is entertainment for both spring and summer time. For winter sports enthusiasts, there are 2 slopes of average difficulty level (for experienced athletes) on the territory, there is a separate slope on which beginners can train. The difference in altitude on more difficult tracks is 75 m. They get to the top on 2 drag lifts.

Beginners will feel confident with experienced instructors. You can also learn the basics of snowboarding here.

Olympic Park

The complex is located directly in Ufa and is one of the most popular sights of the city. You can come here by public transport, there are bus and minibus stops nearby.

Olympic Park has 4 slopes of different difficulty levels. There are 2 blue tracks (you can develop good speed on them, although they are designed for an average level), green for beginners and the most difficult - red, running through the forest. Their total length is about 1600 m. All of them meet high safety standards.

Visitors can use 1 of 3 drag lifts or the chairlift. There is a point where you can rent equipment, there is a cafe. In addition, you can ski in the evening, all slopes are well equipped.

Base Victory Park

This is another ski center located within the city limits of Ufa. You can get to it by public transport or by taxi.

This is considered a good option for beginners as there are only 2 wide runs and both of them are flat and flat. The difference in height is 64 m and the length is no more than 250 m. You can climb to the top using 1 of 2 drag lifts.

Mongoose Tourist-sports club, fa Archive of the heading: FST RB (TSS RB)

Russia is rich in beauty, but even more it is rich in secrets and legends. You will never understand where the truth is and where the fiction is. However, it is often impossible to verify the story. Today I decided to write the second part about the beautiful town of Mizhgirya of the Republic of Bashkortostan, hidden from prying eyes by the taiga and the Ural mountains, closed from outsiders by checkpoints where VOKhR employees are on duty. Of course, it will not do without legends this time too. So let's get started.

From the village of Solnechny to the city of Mizhgirya

It is clear why the village was originally named Solnechny. A person is so constituted that he does not remember gray days, and when the sun shines in Mizhgirya is a fairy tale. Especially if at night the temperature dropped to -35˚С and the trees were covered with hoarfrost ... Words cannot describe this, it is better to see for yourself.

You go to work in the morning, breathe in the clean, frosty air - beauty! The mountain river Kuz'elga, which bends around the town and flows into the Inzer, originates from the springs, and therefore in the summer heat, going far into the taiga towards the Yaman Mountain, you don't have to take water with you. Why wear extra weight, which will also heat up on the road, when you can simply scoop up the river with your palms and drink plenty of tasty, even some sweet, life-giving moisture.

The town lives its own quiet, measured life. There are no nightclubs on the lower floors of residential buildings, no expensive boutiques (a couple of night bars do not count). However, the closed Mizhgirya, called Central, is not the entire settlement. Ironically, its second part, Mizhgirya Yugo-Zapadny, is located 30 km away, on the other side of the Ufa-Magnitogorsk highway. But despite the absence of checkpoints at the entrance to the South-Western Mizhgirya (Tatly village, after Beloretsk-15), strangers are quickly identified here and expelled onto the highway. By the way, the village of Tatly is known for the fact that Ilyich himself (who was Ulyanov-Lenin) was in exile there

Related article: Read the first part of the story about Mizhgirya. You will learn about Mount Yamantau, the origin of the city and many interesting facts and myths about this place: South Ural, Mizhgirya: myths and facts about the most mysterious place of Bashkortostan

In other words, the city of Mizhhirya also has something to remember, despite such a young age. Well, some probably can't wait to read about the legends of Yaman Mountain? Then let's start with this.

An underground bunker for top officials has been built inside the Yamantau mountain

During the time of the Soviets, the development of Mount Yamantau began and the village was closed to outsiders. Then, this did not cause much hype, but later the Western media exploded with headlines about an alleged military base under construction with top-secret equipment, and missiles hidden in the depths of the mountain are capable of hitting anywhere in the world. This information passed by the Soviet man in the street - there was no time for that. And here again America "reveals the secret." According to them, a bunker for the top officials of the state in the event of a nuclear war is located near Yamantau, where there is everything necessary for a year of life for 500,000 people. And, of course, not everyone will get there.

I've never listened to more nonsense in my life. I personally know the miners who worked there until the mothballing - there is nothing there except for the tunnels. Although, I agree that under the city of Mizhgirya you can move, i.e. go down into the mine from one side, and go up completely from the opposite. Well, this is all boring, it's time to the unknown.

The Wrong Stream and How It's Possible

I already wrote in the first part that I managed to see some inexplicable phenomena myself. This is exactly what we are talking about now. There is one place on the road up the mountain (more precisely, it was, now I don’t know, I haven’t traveled there for a long time), where the road smoothly rises upward under a slight incline. A stream runs along it. It would seem that strange? But no, there is a strangeness - it flows upwards. Yes, yes, this is not a typo. Moreover, any car flies into the rise easily (and what kind of rise is there, so, the slope). But down is already more problematic. Sometimes the old UAZ cars got up because they simply could not go. An interesting sight - the engine hums harshly, trying to drag the car, and it seems to be resting on all four wheels.

Many are now skeptical, but this has happened more than once. And many fell under this force. Like this.

Belarus is an amazing country with a rich history and traditions, amazing nature and impressive architecture. Holidays in Belarus have become really very popular, the number of foreign tourists vacationing in our blue-eyed country is only increasing every year.

Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, want to take a break from hard work, or don't know what to do on the weekend? We have a great solution for you!

We offer you several options for tourist complexes, where you can go for the weekend with the whole family.

Agritourism complex "Garadzenski maentak" Karobchytsy

Features of the complex:

  • lots of activities for adults and children;
  • great location;
  • lots of fun activities throughout the year.

"Garadzenski maentak" Karobchytsy "is located only five kilometers from the city of Grodno. If you get to your destination by suburban bus, it will take no more than 35 minutes.

On the territory of the complex there are:

  • large park area;
  • arboretum "Lukomorye";
  • protected area;
  • equestrian club "Amadeus »
  • restaurant, cafe, several gazebos;
  • playgrounds

Excursions. If you want to learn something new, and at the same time surprise your child with something like that, take advantage of the guerrilla camp excursion. You will get a complete and true picture of the military life of our ancestors during the First and Second World War. A tour of the arboretum will allow you to get acquainted with the richness of the Belarusian flora and fauna, make colorful photos on Instagram in the autumn-summer period, as well as take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. And during a tour of the protected area of ​​the complex, you will get acquainted with the life of animals in their natural environment, enjoy the beauty of the fairy-tale forest, and also take an amazing ride on a stagecoach around the vicinity of the complex.

Active rest. If you want to move a little and somehow entertain the children, then the game "Zarnitsa" and laser tag will become your assistants in this matter. For the little ones, there are playgrounds with attractions and swings on the territory of the complex. For those who want to ride a horse, as well as learn this business, you should definitely visit the club "Amadeus".

Cafes and restaurants. After a long and exciting walk along the Karobchytsy mayenta, it's time to rest and have a snack. There is a restaurant and cafe on the territory of the complex. The restaurant is an old manor house of the Belarusian nobility, which consists of 4 halls (central, sofia, hunting, "native kut"). The restaurant menu includes not only Belarusian and European cuisines, but also dishes from the cuisine of the Belarusian gentry. If necessary, you can order ready-made meals from the restaurant to take away for your buffet in nature. In the cafe you can taste such hearty dishes as barbecue, grilled sausages, cracklings, as well as drink delicious drinks (mulled wine, mead, tincture). In summer, you can dine not only inside the cafe, but also in the gazebos located nearby.

Excursion and tourist complex "Aptekarskiy Sad"

At the beginning of December 2019, the authorities presented a new travel site designed to increase the attractiveness of the region and increase the flow of people wishing to relax in Bashkiria. However, this is far from the first attempt to create such a project. How the previous attempts to create a functioning and demanded product ended - in the review of "AiF-Ufa".

"Semi-finished Product"

Website visitrb. u was presented on December 3rd. Rimma Boytsova, Chairperson of the State Committee for Entrepreneurship of Bashkiria, wrote on her Facebook page:

"Now you can breathe out." We worked on this project for a long time and with trepidation. We tried to take into account every nuance, to make the portal useful and interesting. For this, the best specialists from various fields were attracted. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the creation of this site! - she wrote. “I am sure that Bashkortostan has a great and bright future, and thanks to this site, many tourists will come to look at all the beauty of the republic”.

The main page contains such topics as “Places that will decorate Instagram”, “Bashkir souvenirs”, “Treasures of Bashkiria”, “Ski resorts”, “Tour operators of Bashkiria”, “Slow walks in Ufa”, “ Culture of Bashkiria "," Tourist routes "and" National cuisine ".

There are also lists of hotels, restaurants and sanatoriums, a calendar of events. However, in the "Souvenirs" section, only commercial projects without addresses are indicated. An unknown blogger tells about the Ufa sights on the site. And the calendar of events, which, as requested by the head of the region, was to become the top section of the site, has been pushed into the backyard: it can be seen at the end of the page or as a recommended continuation of the "What to do" section. In addition, the calendar incorrectly displays lists of upcoming and past events, pages for viewing the entire list are not displayed, in the mobile version the text of announcements is completely cut off.

Netizens, especially those close to the travel industry, have criticized the site. Many called the product raw and wondered why it was necessary to present a semi-finished product?

Users drew attention to the poor quality of the photos, as well as the fact that some of them do not correspond to the declared location. Errors were found in the texts as well. For example, in the description of Mount Iremel, it is reported that there is snow on its top even in summer, although this is not the case. Also, commentators noted that the site does not have any practical information - where a tourist can stay, how to book, where to eat, etc. The information is scattered and not systematized.

“Absolutely raw product, some kind of semi-finished product. Why exhibit in public? They would send it in a personal note to professionals and everyone who develops tourism, people would write their proposals, the responsible persons would polish it, and only then it was necessary to exhibit, ”said Katerina Dubrova from Ufa on social networks.

“If it's too early to“ exhale ”for a short time, you haven't even breathed life into it yet,” commented the Ufa blogger and famous tourist Oleg Chegodaev. And also made a detailed video analysis of the shortcomings.

Unborn site

Meanwhile, back in March 2019, Rimma Boytsova announced another travel site located at www. otorb. u. The Internet pages were to be filled with articles about ski resorts, sanatoriums, recreation centers and campings of the republic. They also promised offers for children's recreation, extreme and specialized tourism, coordinates of hotels, hostels, restaurants and cafes. Moreover, all content could be read in three languages: Russian, English and Chinese. However, the site never worked.

Other Tourism Sites

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