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Tourist Norway: what to see and how to relax

Norway is a harsh northern country where the descendants of the legendary Vikings live, and in the mountains of Norway you can meet trolls and elves (according to the legends). Norway owes its proximity to the Arctic Circle and oceans to a large amount of precipitation, thanks to which this country is rich in beautiful lakes and mighty waterfalls.

The mountains of Norway have been diligently processed by the winds for millennia, so peaked peaks and lonely cliffs are rare here. But in the mountains of Norway there are practically no trees (winter winds leave them no chance) and hiking in Norway delights with picturesque panoramic views.

In the Jotunheimen National Park in Norway, you can see herds of peacefully grazing reindeer, which sometimes approach people at a distance of several meters. And also in Jotunheimen there is the highest peak in Norway - Mount Haldhepigen (2469 meters).

Well, the biggest treasure of Norway is the fjords, which are difficult to describe and convey their grandeur with photographs or videos, you need to see them with your own eyes live, going with us on a hike in Norway, or choosing an auto tour in Norway ( if trekking in Norway is too much for you).

Why go hiking with us in Norway

Optimal dates: we do not plan hiking in Norway in the first half of summer, when there is still a lot of snow in the mountains, and frosts occur every other day at night. In the second half of the summer, Norway is noticeably warmer, less rainfall and more greenery, which helps to go hiking in Norway with less effort.

Well-thought-out routes: we tried to capture the most interesting places in Norway, although this country has where to roam. Our hikes allow you to get acquainted with the nature of Norway, visit its old capital - Bergen, ride a boat along the largest fjord in Norway and take pictures in the Trolltunga.

Delicious and light food: this is especially important in Norway, where during a hike in Jotunheimen National Park you have to collect provisions for almost 10 days, without the opportunity to buy something on the road. That is why our light menu (we use dried products and do not carry heavy canned food) allows you to significantly save on weight. At the same time, while trekking in Norway, we always feed tasty and satisfying, you will like it.

Accessibility: we are trying to optimize costs and gradually reduce the prices of trekking to make trekking in Norway affordable for many. At the same time, we try to save money by optimizing transport costs.

Pre-profit support: you will like our service, because we will show you the most affordable tickets, tell you how to save money and how not to take too much with you, help you choose equipment and prepare you for future physical activities.

Detailed instruction: usually participants arrive on different flights at different times, so we provide detailed instructions on how to navigate the airport and train station so that you spend less time. If necessary, we meet and see you off, although with instructions in hand, this will most likely be superfluous.

Trekking in Norway - trekking in Norway 2021

Winter holidays in Scandinavia are an opportunity to get positive impressions, get to know this region of Europe better. It is recommended to choose one of the ski resorts in Norway for your first visit. Winter sports are traditionally developed in this country - downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowboarding and freestyle.

Peculiarities of winter recreation in the country

Norway is one of the safest and most comfortable countries in Europe. Most of the territory is covered with mountains, thanks to which many ski resorts and sports complexes were built. The first of them appeared at the beginning of the 20th century. The peculiarity is the mild winter climate. In Oslo, the temperature drops sharply below -10 degrees. In the mountains, this figure can reach -15-20 degrees. What kind of weather contributes to the uniform formation of the snow cover, which is convenient for ski slopes and trails. This allows freeriding, skiing and snowboarding almost all winter. A high level of service, average prices and a developed ski school are the advantages of winter holidays in this country.

Peculiarities of holidays in Norway:

  • The ski season lasts from November to April.
  • International airports are located in Oslo and Bergen.
  • The national currency is the Norwegian krone.
  • The network of public transport is developed - buses, taxi services, suburban electric trains.
  • The snow is dense, but for freeriding you can find loose slopes.
  • You can buy ski equipment and equipment relatively cheaply in shops.

In addition to ski resorts, Norway has many historical and natural attractions. You can visit the fjords, book a bus tour of historical sites. The country is convenient for independent travel. However, when traveling by car, you need to take into account the complexity of the local routes. Ice often occurs, in the mountainous part of the road winding.

Sports Complex Trysil

The Norwegian ski resort Trysil is located 160 km from Oslo. It is located in the eastern part of the country, on the border with Sweden. This is the largest ski resort in Norway, the slopes are surrounded by large coniferous forests. They and large mountain ranges create good climatic conditions for skiing. Snow cannons and snow groomers work to maintain the snow cover. Thanks to this, the ski season starts in mid-November and ends in April. Skier slopes guests of the camp site can order sledding and snowmobiling. In winter, a large outdoor ice rink is poured.

Description of Trysil ski resort:

  • 51 slopes are marked on the slope map - 10 red, 15 green, 10 blue, 16 black.
  • The total length of the slopes is 71 km.
  • There are 23 lifts in operation - 17 drag lifts, 6 chair lifts.
  • Several cross-country skiing routes have been developed.
  • Maximum height - 1132 m.
  • Difference in height - up to 540 m.
  • Snowboard tracks with artificial obstacles have been created.

Trekking in Norway - trekking in Norway 2021 Norway is a harsh northern country, where the descendants of the legendary Vikings live, and in the mountains of Norway you can meet trolls and elves (if you believe

The northern islands of Norway are beautiful! This is a self-contained sea kayaking hike with an escort boat. We are waiting for a journey through the long fjords and picturesque straits of the Norwegian Sea, the most interesting trekking in the mountains with light luggage, unforgettable sea fishing, parking on wild secluded shores and an amazing variety of nature. The harsh beauty of the North, incredible sunsets and mesmerizing panoramas will touch the hearts of even sophisticated travelers, and the power of the elements will add freshness and spice to our adventures.

This trip is a unique opportunity to see Norway through the eyes of local people, to walk through amazing places far from the main tourist routes, to touch the almost untouched nature and to feel the respect of the Norwegians for the world around them. Our voyage will pass by water along the border of Norway's two server districts (fylke) - Nordland and Troms.

The tour is within the power of even participants with no experience in water trips: an escort motor boat carries all the things and ensures safety on the water, and our instructors teach kayak control techniques throughout the entire route.

In 2020, the program is completely redesigned and optimized, hiking will be for 11 and 18 days! The line of new routes also differs from the hikes of the previous years.

Upcoming hikes

How to get there

We recommend using our transfer from/to St. Petersburg or driving your own cars to the meeting point with the group (the meeting point changes from hike to hike, you need to check with the coordinator!), because in previous years there were there are frequent cases of loss of luggage of participants in hikes (We are not responsible for the loss of baggage, and of course we are trying to help solve such problems.)

1. Our transfer (9000 rubles one way)

We'll meet in St. Petersburg, at the Ozerki metro station, in the parking lot at McDonald's at 6:00 am, 1 day before the start of the hike! Arriving Muscovites will just have time to get there from the morning trains. The shuttle bus starts at 7:00 am.

Approximately by 9 am we arrive at the border with Finland. After passing the border, we look at duty-free.

Then we travel through the forests of Finland, admiring the deer, now and then walking along the road, forests and lakes. We will drive next to the famous Lake Saimaa system, past many Finnish towns and villages and, finally, we will arrive at about 14 o'clock in a rather large port city by the standards of Finland - Kuopio, where we will make a long stop at 1-1. hours, here instructors need to buy food for our trip (included in the price), and you can walk, relax and have a snack on your own.

Scandinavia, Fennoscandia, North

About Norway - historical and geographical overview. Interesting facts about the country.

The Kingdom of Norway occupies the western part of the Scandinavian Peninsula and a third of the country's territory is located outside the Arctic Circle. This feature gave the state an unofficial name - "Land of the Midnight Sun".

The state system is a constitutional monarchy. The king represents the executive branch, the Storting, and the local parliament the legislative branch. 80% of the population are Protestant Lutherans, but the Norwegians can hardly be accused of being too religious. According to statistics, only 5% regularly attend church.

The capital of Norway is Oslo, a major cultural and economic center.

About Norway History, Geography, Culture and Economy “Land of the Midnight Sun”

The first tribes settled in Norway about 10,000 years ago. Archaeological evidence confirms the settlement of the coast from south to north. The cultures of the hunters Fosna and Komsa (the era of the Scandinavian Epipaleolithic), the culture of the Neolithic funnel-shaped beakers, and pit-comb ceramics were found and examined.

Over time, tribes kindred to the Danes and Angles drove the Finns, Goths and Swedes aside and, for a long time, did not have much political unity, forming their own settlements from separate groups - fylke. Each of which was headed by a jarl (king).

Norway in the Viking Age and the Middle Ages

In 793 A.D. ... - Norman sailors conquered the fortress-monastery of Lindisfarne (England). Thus began a landmark era in the history of Norway - the "Age of the Vikings". In addition to massive raids on coastal European cities, the Normans were the first to cross the Atlantic, explored the shores of North America, and colonized Greenland.

Around 900, King Harald Horfager the Fair-haired united the country, and a century later Christianity spreads in Norway. The Battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066 ended the Viking Age and the capture of England.

Norway is known not only for its sporting achievements and climate, but also for its tourist attractions. Before traveling to this country, it is worth determining the route, and for this you need to know the features of the zones for tourism. This will allow you to travel in comfort and get to know the culture of the country as much as possible.

Briefly about Norway

Norway is located in Northern Europe. There is such a form of government as a constitutional monarchy. At the same time, the area of ​​the country's territory is 385,186 km 2. The population is about 5,305,000 people. Norway has mountainous, low-lying areas, rivers and lakes, and many attractions that make this a popular tourist destination.

Norway has beautiful nature and varied terrain

The infrastructure in the country is well developed. Modern hotels offer a high level of service, and travel between cities and towns is possible by bus, car, plane or rail.

About country name

The name of the country comes from the Old Norse Norðrvegr, which means "way to the north." Officially, the state is called the Kingdom of Norway and this concept is used in politics, science, international documents and other cases. In everyday life, advertising, tourism, economy, a simple name is used - Norway.

Location and capital of the country

The state is located on the Scandinavian Peninsula, in its western part. Mountainous relief prevails here, but there are many reservoirs. In the west, the coast of the country is washed by the waters of the Norwegian Sea, and in the south is the North Sea of ​​the Atlantic Ocean. On the north side there is the Barents Sea, washing the coastal zone of the country.

Norway shares borders with Finland, Russia and Sweden. The territory includes the continental part and about 50,000 islands. The Svalbard Archipelago, Jan Mayen Island and the Lofoten Islands are some of the largest.

Norway has a vast coastal zone

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