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Nature is the main asset of Adygea

Adygea is a small republic in the North Caucasus. Its mountainous part is so picturesque that it was included in the UNESCO World Natural Heritage List. Lovers of speleology, rafting and hang gliding come here. The most fearless go canyoning. This is the name for overcoming canyons with a raging water stream without the help of floating craft.

Surrounded by Krasnodar Territory

Adygea is surrounded on all sides by the territory of the Krasnodar Territory. The capital of the republic is Maykop. The length from north to south is 208 kilometers, from west to east - 165 kilometers. Adygea is spread over the Kuban sloping plain and the slopes of the North-West Caucasus. The largest rivers are Laba and Belaya.

People have lived on the territory of present-day Adygea since ancient times. This is evidenced by the finds of archaeologists, which date back to the Paleolithic and Neolithic. Tombs of the Bronze Age have been discovered in the mountains. The Scythians left their traces. Unique finds of the Scythian period were made during the excavation of burial mounds. Zikhs are considered the ancestors of the modern Adygs.

There are dolmens on the territory of Adygea. Mysterious ancient megalithic structures can be seen near the village of Guzeripl and at Bogatyrskaya glade. Outwardly, they look like giant stone birdhouses. Nobody knows who built them or why. In the mountains there are sites of ancient people and the ruins of fortresses.

At all times, people have been attracted to these places by the mild, moderately warm climate. Its features are determined by the Caucasus Mountains and the Black Sea. In summer, the sea accumulates heat, and in winter it gives it away. The sun shines on average 250 days a year. Winter with little snow. The coldest month is January. The temperature fluctuates around -3 degrees, but there are frosts down to -25 degrees. Summer is hot on the plain. The average temperature is +23 degrees. At the same time, in the mountains, the temperature does not rise above +10 degrees.

Caucasian Nature Reserve

Picturesque nature is the main asset of Adygea. That is why a significant part of the territory of the republic is included in the Caucasian reserve. In 1888, a private hunting reserve "Kubanskaya Okhota" appeared in the Caucasus. Its founders were the Grand Dukes Peter Nikolaevich and Georgy Mikhailovich, the grandchildren of Emperor Nicholas I. They received the exclusive right to hunt bison. After the revolution, it was decided to create a bison reserve on the site of the hunting grounds. Subsequently, they began to call it the Caucasian Reserve.

In 1999 it was included in the list of UNESCO World Natural Heritage Sites. There was every reason for this. The flora of the reserve has more than three thousand species! Many flowers bloom in the mountains. There are about 40 species of orchids alone. The berry yew is considered a tourist attraction. Some of the trees are over 2,500 years old! Such centenarians are found in the famous yew and boxwood grove.

These places are rich in mushrooms. Scientists have discovered more than 720 species and believe that this is not the limit. Here you can find such rarities as truffles or tropical flower mushrooms. Eight species of mushrooms are listed in the "Red Book". Lichens are slightly behind the mushrooms. They were counted 440 species. They form real living carpets on the rocks.

The ski resort is located at the Lagonaki camp site, which is part of the Gornaya tourist network. The resort is located on the border of the Krasnodar Territory with the Republic of Adygea.

On the territory of a high-mountain camp site there are several buildings for 110 people, a cafe in the old Russian style, a bathhouse, picnic areas, glazed gazebos with barbecues. In summer, mountain air health courses are held here for those who have allergic diseases from ragweed flowering.

In winter, outdoor enthusiasts come here to go skiing, snowboarding, sledging, cheesecakes, snowmobiles. The tourist center offers the services of ski instructors. The main specialization of the resort is family vacations, so the slopes here are more gentle, not steep, suitable for children and beginners. The ski resort focuses on organizing sledding and considers this to be its distinctive feature.

Hikes to the mountains are organized for guests, including horseback riding, there are several interesting excursion routes from the camp site with mountain panoramas, stalactite caves and rivers. The recreation center is located on the site of the mountain shelter for tourists "Lago-naki" built in the last century. It was created on the route along the thirtieth route "Through the mountains to the sea", popular in the USSR. Not far from the base there are several viewing platforms on the plateau and its surroundings.

Lagonaki Plateau

The base is located at an altitude of 1,750 meters above sea level on the Lagonaki plateau. The plateau is included in the territory of the Caucasian reserve, near which there is a tourist center. The Lagonaki Highlands are renowned for scenic views, caves and flowering alpine meadows. The height of Fisht, the highest mountain on the plateau, is 2,867 meters.

The ski season on the plateau usually begins in December and lasts until early to mid-spring. Winters are not frosty here; sunny weather and mild winds prevail in the region.

Prices at the ski resort "Lagonaki"

On the territory of the resort, you can use the following services:

  • Lift - 200 rubles per hour.
  • Snowmobiling with an instructor to the observation deck - 2,000 rubles.

The cost of living on the base - from 3,000 rubles for a double room, renting a cottage for 20 people - from 20,000 rubles. Various paid entertainment are also available at the alpine base: sauna, billiards, excursions.

Inventory rental prices

At the camp site you can rent the equipment you need for outdoor activities:

Sightseeing tour to Adygea is a week in one of the most beautiful regions of the Western Caucasus. Fast rivers, noisy waterfalls, high mountains, dolmens and deep gorges. Bright colors of the national costume and environmentally friendly products. The program introduces the most popular and famous sights of the foothills of the Western Caucasus.

For a group of 4 or more people, the tour is held on individual dates.

The benefits of this trip:

  • this is a comprehensive acquaintance with the region, immersion in the history, nature and culture of the region, accompanied by an experienced guide;
  • the program is built in such a way that you do not get tired during as long as possible.

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Tour program

Arrival to Krasnodar.

Departure for a trip to mountainous Adygea at 11:00 from the railway station.

Arrival in the capital of the republic - the city of Maykop.

Sightseeing tour of Maikop with a visit to the Maikop mound, the republican museum, the Cathedral Mosque and beer tasting within the walls of the oldest enterprise in the city "Maikop brewery".

The duration of the program in Maykop is 4 hours.

HOW MANY DAYS will it take?


  • Children over 6 years old are allowed

Hike in the Lago Naki Highlands

On the border of two subjects, Krasnodar Territory and the Republic of Adygea, the Lago-Naki Upland is located. Very often on the Internet, and from people in general, you can find such an expression as "Lago-Naki plateau", which is not entirely correct. The Lago-Naki Highlands includes a huge territory with a complex system of plateaus, mountain peaks, ridges, canyons, river valleys, gullies, etc.

From the central part of the Lagonaki Highlands, almost to the outskirts of the village of Guamka, the Lagonaki Range stretches. It includes such peaks as Mount Lysaya (1158 m), Matazyk (1328 m), Razrytaya (1514 m), Bukva (1707 m), Zhitnaya (1996 m) - the highest point of the ridge, Mount Matuk (1957 m), Mezmay (1935 m) and many unnamed peaks. We will visit the last two on our trip.

Route thread:

g. Maykop - lane. Zishsky - Glubokaya gully - Mezamay and Matuk mountains (radially) - Glubokaya gully - lane. Zishsky - Maykop

Information about the hike:

This hike includes small day trips with a minimum climb. We will have enough time for photos and rest. This route is well suited for children from 6 years old and their parents, as well as those who are just beginning to introduce themselves to the camping life. The total mileage of the walking part of the path is 30 km. Depending on the weather conditions and the condition of the group members, the guide can make adjustments to the route.

Some of the most interesting sights of Adygea are concentrated in the village of Kamennomostsky. Tourists will have an exciting journey through the most beautiful mountains and rivers, along the places where ancient people left their traces, as well as an exciting excursion program in ethnographic centers. The trip to Kamennomostsky promises to be eventful and will give you vivid impressions. Where to start?

What to see in Kamennomostsky is obligatory

First of all, tourists should pay attention to the so-called "chips" of Kamennomostsky - these are special places that are the face of the village and reflect its values.

Site of Ancient Man Museum

  • Coordinates: 44.85060, 40.76058.

The museum is set up in a stone grotto, where archaeological excavations were previously carried out. The exhibition halls are occupied by cave corridors equipped with lighting. The atmosphere of antiquity reigns here. The main exhibition is a recreated site of the southern Meot tribe.

In a huge cave you can see wax figures depicting ancient people. Some of them keep the fire on fire, others bandage the wounds received during the hunt. Women feed their babies and prepare for the night by laying themselves on a bed of brushwood. The finishing touch to the composition is made by animal bones and wall paintings.

In the next hall there is an exhibition of ammonites - fossilized molluscs, whose age exceeds 350 million years. These prehistoric creatures inhabited the Tethys Ocean in abundance, and now their remains are found in the caves of the Caucasus.

At the end of the excursion program, tourists are invited to visit the local souvenir shop, where they can buy stone products in the ancient manner and even fossils. Also on the territory of the museum there is a bar and a stylized cafe.

Khadzhokh gorge (Kamennomost canyon)

  • Coordinates on the map: 44.87548, 40.74415.

The famous gorge has two names. The first (Khadzhokh gorge) keeps in itself the memory of the times when the village was called Aul Khadzhokh. The second (Kamennomostsky canyon) is associated with its modern name.

The gorge was formed in ancient times as a result of the dissolution of limestone rock by river waters. The stormy stream of the Belaya River has cut its way for many millennia, thanks to which the landscape of Adygea has adorned a magnificent canyon.

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