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America is a country of freedom and unrealizable dreams of many people

Statue of Liberty

Everyone who comes to the United States certainly wants to visit this attraction. The monumental statue is a symbol of America. It is located in New York Harbor, on an island, a few kilometers from the Manhattan coast. The Statue of Liberty was donated to the United States by France for the centenary of American independence. The location of the sculpture was chosen taking into account the fact that it will be seen by everyone arriving on ships in New York.

The height of this US landmark is about 393 meters, and its weight is more than 200 tons. There are steps inside that allow you to climb to the observation deck located in the crown. An elevator is provided for the convenience of tourists.

Rockefeller Center

This complex is a must-see in many tourist programs. A masterpiece of urban architecture, one of the finest in New York. The complex was built with the money of the Rockefeller family, which gave rise to the loud name - Rockefeller Center.

The project began in the thirties of the last century. The center consists of 19 publications that combine shopping, entertainment and office functions. The most respectable of all buildings is General Electric. Its height is about 266 m. It has about 70 floors. Thousands of tourists visit the observation deck of the building every year.

Rockefeller Center is famous for its ice skating rink, the golden figure of Prometheus and the city's main Christmas tree. Therefore, many tourists wish to visit the attraction just before the Christmas holidays.

Times Square

All the sights of the cities of America listed in this article would be incomplete without the achievements of the industry. Times Square is one of the most famous places in the United States. Anyone who wants to plunge into the hectic life of the metropolis should visit Times Square.

Hiking in the mountains is a guaranteed new outlook on life. It is fresh breath, hope and inspiration. It's about reassessing values ​​and focusing on what's important. These are benefits for all aspects of health and character formation. Today we will remember the most important, beautiful and famous mountain peaks of the States. And who knows how many of them you will one day decide to conquer.

"Snow-capped mountains" (translated from Spanish) run through almost all of eastern California. The Sierra Nevada is a mountain system that occupies 750 km of coastline. The rivers flowing from here one day become part of the Pacific Ocean. One of the most popular local reservoirs is Lake Tahoe. There are canyons with beautiful landscapes (Kern Canyon and Kings Canyon), and the majestic Denron sequoia grove with the most massive trees in the world. The eastern slope is dotted with pine, juniper forests, and alpine meadows.

Yosemite National Park is here too! But the main local queen is Mount Whitney. It is the highest point in the Sierra Nevada, 4421 meters above sea level.

This two-headed mountain is located in the south of central Alaska. She proudly bears the title of the highest mountain in North America. Denali is located in the National Park of the same name.

Until 2015, the mountain was called McKinley, in honor of the 25th President of the United States. And today's name from the language of the Athabasca Indians is translated as "great". That is not without reason - the height of Denali is 6190 meters.

Before us is a huge granite block that began to protrude from the earth's surface 60 million years ago. The reason is tectonic activity. The summit of Denali is always covered with snowflakes - it is a source of food for local glaciers.

How about climbing a monster like this? In 1906, individuals appeared who declared that the mountain had submitted to them. But a few years later, information about falsification of materials surfaced on the surface - the photos turned out to be fake. Years passed, and Denali found her true heroes. For example, on June 7, 1913, Hadsan Stuck managed to reach the top. And in 1932 the first victims appeared - they were two brave men. Today the number of such climbers already exceeds a hundred. Only 58% make it to the end.

The fastest ascent to Denali - 11 hours and 40 minutes. Such a record was set in 2014 by the Catalan Kilian Burghada.

Mount Foraker is part of the Alaska Range and is located on the territory of the Denali National Park, which we have already mentioned. For the first time, the mountain, 5304 meters above sea level, was conquered in 1934 by climbers.

Previously, many did not distinguish between Mount Foraker and Denali. But the Indians who came later clearly understood who was who. They called the mountains Sultan (translated as "Woman") and Menlale ("Denali's wife").

Skiing is one of the most popular winter activities in the United States, despite the fact that not every state has the appropriate conditions. The ZagraNitsa portal presents the six best American ski resorts that are suitable for both beginners and professional athletes

Best Newbie Resort - Breckenridge, Colorado

A ski resort in Breckenridge, 2,900 meters above sea level, ideal for those looking to learn how to ski or snowboard. There is a special school here, where more than 600 professional trainers work, who will teach anyone who wants to skate correctly. Founded in 1961, Breckenridge Ski Resort offers winter lovers more than 150 ski slopes, the longest of which is 5.6 km. The resort is also known for the highest ski lift in North America.

Best Pro Playground - Jackson Hole Wyoming

Jackson Hole has been one of the most popular ski areas in the country in recent years. This is not surprising, since the local landscapes and the incredible amount of snow that falls abundantly every year attract more and more fans of active winter recreation. The ski area is about 2,500 acres. In addition, a new high-speed lift system has recently been installed here. All this, along with the steep slopes, makes Jackson Hole a top destination for professional skiers and snowboarders.

Most Underrated Resort - Big Sky, Montana

Oddly enough, Montana, with its mountainous wealth, is still a virtually "undiscovered continent" for most skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts. There are almost never huge crowds of skiers here, despite the fact that Big Sky is the largest winter resort in the United States. Up to 400 inches of snow falls here every year.

Most Well-Kept Resort - Deer Valley, UT

The Deer Valley ski resort in Utah can be said for a long time, but it's easier to say that for the last five years it has been consistently recognized as the best ski resort in the United States according to the ski magazine. Deer Valley offers six mountains to choose from, ranging in height from 2,400 to almost 3,000 meters. It doesn't matter what your skill level is: there is a ski track for everyone.

Top Resort City - Vail, Colorado

Visas for citizens of CIS countries

The procedure for obtaining visas for citizens of Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan is the same as for Russians. The US embassies are located in Kiev, Minsk and Astana.

Be Vigilant

Valuables are best kept in safes, which are available in all hotels. In addition, you should never lose your vigilance: in large cities you can encounter pickpockets and robbers.

For some time now, in the United States it is forbidden to smoke in restaurants, bars and taxis, as well as on the territory of such a vague concept as a "public place".

What to ride

Flights are the most convenient and widespread means of transportation in the United States over medium and long distances. Any, even the most remote provincial city has its own airport and at least several flights a day to major metropolitan areas. The bus is the second most important type of ground transportation. "Iron" in the States is unpopular (obviously, because of the distance for children), besides, the cost of train tickets is often equal to the cost of air tickets.

How good to eat

There are exceptionally many restaurants, bars and, in general, all kinds of drinking and eating establishments in the States, especially in big cities (in New York, you can probably find any cuisine in the world, from Aleutian to Yakut). Nuance: alcohol, especially strong, is not served everywhere, many establishments are limited to wine and beer. But the dishes in the restaurants are simply huge.

Fast foods, of which in the United States are a wagon and a small cart, usually open early in the morning and work until late at night, and some are completely round the clock. Smoking is now prohibited in many restaurants and bars.

The main star-striped "national dish" is definitely barbecue, and each region has its own (and, of course, the most correct) recipe for its preparation. It is still generally accepted that the best BBQ is in the southeastern states. It is customary to use barbecue in an emphatically simple and democratic setting: made of plastic disposable dishes, with inexpensive white bread.

Chinese food is very common in the country, and the most authentic Chinese cuisine should be found in restaurants located in Chinatowns (which is logical). There are also Japanese sushi restaurants (however, there are much less of them in the States than, for example, in Moscow), restaurants of Vietnamese, Thai and Indian cuisine. In addition, Greek and Middle Eastern restaurants, as well as vegetarian establishments, are quite common. Finally, Mexican and Latin American cuisine is considered very popular in the country (and the closer to Mexico, the higher the popularity).


There are many mountainous areas in America with many ski resorts. Winter in the USA is characterized by mild climatic conditions, so the rest in the mountains is comfortable. There are more than 300 ski resorts in the country where Americans and tourists from other countries prefer to spend their time. A lot of entertainment has been created at the bases so that the rest will be remembered with positive and pleasant impressions. Developed infrastructure, a huge number of hotels of different price categories make it possible for everyone to spend a weekend. The mountains are surrounded by beautiful forests, and there are also resorts on the shores of picturesque lakes. Holidays in the mountains of the USA are distinguished by a large selection of winter activities.

Climatic conditions in the mountains of America

The mountainous regions of the United States are characterized by mild weather and a lot of snow. Clean air against a background of low humidity is carried individually, which requires a certain approach before the trip. The snow cover is characterized by the absence of moisture, which is determined by its high friability. The staff of the ski resorts regularly artificially loosen the snow to reduce the stickiness.

You won't be able to make a snowball here, but the quality of sliding does not suffer from this. It will take time and a certain skill for skiing or snowboarding to be remembered for pleasant moments. A special technique has been developed here that can be mastered in 1-2 days. After the first days of adaptation, the tourist can only enjoy the speed and adrenaline rush.

Altitude of mountain resorts

Tourist bases in America are located at a significant altitude - 2100-3500 m above sea level. There are sites located at the level of 3800 m. The portability of such indicators is individual for each person, but people of age and families with small children need to soberly assess the possible consequences of the trip. With chronic diseases of the organs of the cardiovascular and respiratory system, it is also not recommended to go to resorts located at high altitudes - this is dangerous to health.

  • Forested areas of the United States are located at 3300-3600 m above sea level, so most ski resorts are surrounded by beautiful spruce, pine and other flora. Green spaces make the area especially beautiful and pleasant to relax, which is noted by many tourists.
  • Humidity in the mountainous regions of the United States is quite low - at the level of 15-25%. This indicator is difficult for many to tolerate, therefore, preliminary preparation of the body is required. For a comfortable stay on the territory of ski resorts, it is recommended to consume a large amount of liquid - for this it is better to use clean water without gas or mineral water, green tea and berry fruit drinks. This will maintain the water-alkaline balance at the required level.

After the necessary preparatory procedures, you can proceed to the very process of skiing and snowboarding. The tracks here differ in different levels of difficulty. There are flat areas where there are practically no obstacles - this is an ideal option for children and beginners. For more prepared tourists, there are challenging slopes and slopes where you can show your entire arsenal of experience.

Lifts and ski slopes freedom

Most tourists prefer skiing in European resorts, which are characterized by long queues in front of lifts and equipment collection points. This fact often causes some discomfort to tourists during their holidays, which affects the quality of skiing.

Ski resorts in the United States are notable for a small influx of tourists, which makes it possible to enjoy the silence and free slopes. Here vacationers are given the opportunity to spend longer time on the site without tracking the allowed time. There are bases where tourists can enjoy their favorite pastime in complete solitude and silence.

The only disadvantage of a vacation in the mountains of America is the lack of cabin lifts, which is noted in numerous reviews of tourists. There are mainly chair lifts, which are already quite many years old. The organizers of ski resorts explain this fact by the fact that the weather is usually calm here. Therefore, there is no need for cab lifts.

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