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The resorts of Thailand have long become one of the most popular holiday destinations among Russian tourists. Even those who have not yet visited this Asian country can easily imagine a tropical island with white sand, palm groves, transparent sea and spa treatments, or the exact opposite - a nightlife filled with noise and bustle, saturated with Thai flavor, spicy food and all kinds of entertainment.

If we add to these pictures stunning landscapes, which abound in numerous national parks, historical attractions, and these are, first of all, beautiful Buddhist temples, various reserves with rare species of animals or coral reefs and wonderful farms that breed in captivity of crocodiles, snakes and other reptiles, it will become clear why it is here that you can find rest for every taste. The main thing is to decide for yourself the question: what kind of recreation is preferable, and not expect a perfectly clean sea from the entertainment-oriented Pattaya, but from the reserved island of Ko Chang the bustle of Bangkok.

Andaman Coast

Phuket Island

Phuket Island is the pearl of the Andaman Sea coastline. It is the largest island in the country and one of the best resorts in the whole of Thailand. Phuket is connected to the mainland by road and pedestrian bridges, a busy bus station and a modern airport. Here you can find both first-class hotels and condos for a more modest budget. In Phuket, everything is like a fairy tale - groves of coconut trees, azure sea, golden and white beaches, hills covered with forests, and magnificent mountains. The best time to relax is from November to April. The best beaches are on the west coast. Each beach on this beautiful island has its own character: Patong is loud and wild, Kamala is quiet and idyllic, Bang Tao is luxurious and pretentious, Surin is cozy and welcoming. The east coast is famous for its small islands nearby, as well as numerous fishing marinas, which are sure to find an excellent seafood restaurant next to them.

The list of attractions is not limited only to natural beauties, of which Ao Chalong Bay, Sirinat National Park, including Nai Yang Beach, where turtles once laid eggs, coral islands in the south of Phuket, Mount Khao Rank, Namtok Tonsai waterfall. The monasteries of Wat Phra Nang Sang, Wat Phra Thong, Wat Chalong, a pearl farm, a traditional handicraft center and much more will delight lovers of cultural attractions. In addition to golf and horse riding, you can go diving, windsurfing, sailing, and more. Numerous spa resorts are created for those wishing to improve their health, or just to clean themselves up. Yoga classes, Thai massages, traditional Thai wellness treatments including acupuncture are provided.

Krabi Province

Krabi Province has wonderful fine sandy white beaches, clear and warm sea, coral reefs and a huge selection of hotels and spa complexes. Krabi is one of the main tourist centers in Thailand. The province includes not only the mainland, but also numerous, well over a hundred, islands. The geographically diverse nature, including tropical forests, coastal karst formations, and even mountains, seems to be created for outdoor enthusiasts. Here you can go rock climbing, diving, fishing or just lazy relaxation. Three of the best beaches in the province are located along the northern coast of Ao Nang Bay. These are Ao Phra Nang, Hat Rai Le and Ao Nam Mao.

Among the sights of Krabi, one should highlight the Wat Tham Sia Monastery, a marine national park of the Lanta archipelago, which includes several islands, some of which are surrounded by coral reefs, and a national park located on the mainland. Those wishing to get acquainted with the life of Thais are recommended to visit the city of Krabi, located on the river and far from the coast. The Phi Phi archipelago, formed by six islands, is one of the main resort areas. Picturesque bays, grottoes and caves are recommended for diving enthusiasts.

Two main islands from the Phi Phi archipelago, as well as an old hotel in the center of Phuket Town - the filming location for Leonardo DiCaprio's film "The Beach", based on the book of the same name.

Accommodation in a hotel or guesthouse with hot showers and Wi-Fi (1 night in Phuket and 3 nights in Khao Sok National Park), accommodation in tents by the sea in Khao Lak National Park (3 nights). We go light, we don't carry backpacks anywhere.

Please note that after the opening of the borders, a reconnaissance hike will take place: both the instructor and the group will be on this route for the first time. There may be changes in the program, unexpected difficulties that we will overcome together, and of course, adventures! In this tour we invite participants with a non-conflict character, a normal level of physical fitness and, just in case, with stress resistance, in exploration anything can happen;)

Great tour to all of us! We are waiting impatiently))) Also, after reconnaissance, changes may be made to the program.

Daily program


Arrival in Phuket. Gathering of the group as the participants arrive at our cozy hotel in Phuket Town. The software is free today. The instructor will tell you where to go and what to see. This day can be devoted to walking around Phuket, because it is one of the largest and most interesting islands in Thailand.

Phuket Island, surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Andaman Sea, resembles a pearl in its shape. For a long time, it lay on the trade route between India and China, through which the ships of Dutch, French, British and Portuguese merchants passed, and was famous for the extraction of tin and rubber. The influence of European countries, as well as China in the 19th century, left a legacy in the history, architecture and distinctive traditions of the island. Today Phuket and the 32 small islands surrounding it attract tourists from all over the world with magical landscapes and amazing sights.

There are more than 30 Buddhist temples on the island, including the largest and most luxurious temple complex in the province - Wat Chalong - the spiritual center of the inhabitants of Phuket. At one time, its abbot was the famous healer and monk-abbot L. P. Chem. There is a statue of him on the territory of the temple. According to Thais, by touching the figure, you can get rid of many diseases.

At the top of Mount Nakaked, at an altitude of about 400 meters above sea level, rises a snow-white statue of the Big Buddha. It is a temple complex that can be seen from almost anywhere in the south of the island.

On Cape Promthep there is a temple dedicated to the god Brahma, a lighthouse, a local history museum and an observation deck with stunning views of the islands and the sea. It is from Promtep that you can admire the most beautiful sunsets on the island, watching the sun's fireball go under the water. It is not for nothing that Thais call Cape Promthep (in Thai it means "Brahma", and "Thep" - "God"), and earlier - simply "Leam Jao" ("Cape of God").

In an interview with “Zagranitsa”, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), the hotel chains Starwood Hotels & Resorts and Minor Hotel Group, the Thai receiving tour operator SAYAMA Travel talk about the real situation with tourists from Russia and the CIS countries in Thailand.

In the tourism market of Russia and the CIS countries, Thailand is traditionally the leader among foreign destinations of the winter season and is included in the TOP-5 countries of outbound tourism. Therefore, a significant decrease in the tourist flow to Thailand in late 2014 - early 2015 can be considered as an indicator of the state of the outbound tourism market in Russia and the CIS countries. To assess how much the market has sagged and to make a forecast for 2015, the Zagranitsa portal turned to experts - the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), hotel chains Starwood Hotels & Resorts and Minor Hotel Group, as well as one of the leading Thai host tour operators - SAYAMA Travel. How strong the drop in tourist traffic from Russia and the CIS countries to Thailand will be at the end of 2015 and what the players of the tourism market are doing to minimize negative trends, read our review.

Last year, the tourist flow to Thailand was melting before our eyes. The Ministry of Tourism and Sports of Thailand reported that at the end of 2014, the country missed 2 million foreign guests. In percentage terms, the flow of tourists from all over the world has decreased by almost 7%. In 2014, the tourist flow from Russia to Thailand decreased by 30-40%, and from Ukraine fell by 70-80%. The reason for this is obvious: in national currency, a tour package in Russia and Ukraine has more than doubled in price. The beginning of 2015 also showed a decline: according to the estimates of tour operators, in January 2015 the flow of tourists from Russia and the CIS countries decreased by 50-60% compared to January 2014. Those tourists who nevertheless came to Thailand have significantly reduced their spending. First of all, they saved on excursion programs included in the “middle +” price segment, and on shopping. Tourists were less likely to buy luxury goods (such as jewelry) and non-essential goods (latex products, expensive Thai health products). The ratio of 3, 4 and 5-star hotel reservations has shifted towards three-star hotels.

In general, the high season 2014–2015 in the "Thailand" direction for the tourism market in Russia and the CIS countries can be called a failure. At the same time, for the first time in many years, the reason for the decrease in tourist traffic was not problems within Thailand, but external factors - the conflict in Ukraine, significant fluctuations in the exchange rate of the Russian and Ukrainian currencies. But the change of government and the military coup in Thailand, which took place in 2014, on the contrary, had a positive effect on the general situation in the country.

Despite the negative trends, tour operators, hoteliers and the Tourism Authority of Thailand are confident that by the end of 2015 the flow of tourists from Russia and the CIS countries will stabilize. All market participants are already making every effort for this.

Government approach

The Thai government is looking for new ways to stimulate demand. So, in January, the state program Discover Thainess 2015 was launched, designed to popularize the Thai way of life and culture, as well as attract the attention of travelers to holidays in Thailand.

“For 2015, TAT has planned a set of measures to improve the image of Thailand and attract the interest of tourists from different countries. Festivals, exhibitions, rebranding of five travel sites are planned. Work will be carried out to popularize 12 new tourist regions of the country. Along with such global efforts to stimulate demand, special promotions are being held. For example, on the eve of Valentine's Day, TAT initiated an action designed for newlyweds and lovers. For such tourists, the process of obtaining a tourist visa was simplified, as well as a lottery with prizes. We offered unusual services: underwater weddings and elephant riding.

In 2015, Thailand will host musical, culinary, cultural festivals of a national scale, which will stimulate the tourist flow. In addition, TAT supports Thai tour operators - for example, we made their participation in some travel exhibitions in the Russian Federation and CIS countries free of charge, which will allow companies to establish business contacts with partners in different countries at minimal cost. "

Hospitality Industry

Thai hotels focused on the Russian and CIS markets suffered the most in late 2014 - early 2015. However, hoteliers are convinced that the crisis is temporary and by the end of 2015, regular customers will return to them. In anticipation of guests, hotels are developing additional services and working on the image of Thailand together with tour operators and government departments.

“Our network experienced a decrease in the flow of tourists from Russia and the CIS countries at the end of 2014. In 2015, we set a course for broad cooperation with large and small tour operators, as well as the Tourism Authority of Thailand. The goal of this partnership is to work together to find creative ways to drive demand. In difficult times, partnership is especially important, because everyone is busy looking for a way out of a difficult situation.

Hello everyone! I decided to share my observations regarding sex tourism in Thailand. The topic is still quite popular today.

Why is sex tourism so popular in Thailand?

Sex tourism in Thailand is so popular that it has even surpassed Amsterdam and Rio combined in debauchery. In total, there are about a million prostitutes in the country! The most popular cities with a thriving prostitution are Pattaya, Phuket and Bangkok. The undisputed leader of sex tourism is, of course, Pattaya. On only one street called Walking Street and Beach Road, up to a thousand prostitutes gather at night. Unfortunately, some of them are katoi.

The same street of debauchery Volkin Street

A Thai girl per night can cost from 1,000 to 3,000 baht (1 ruble

is equal to 1 baht), but you shouldn't be so happy about such a beautiful price for a prostitute. Since in most cases this girl came to work from beggar villages, in which, in order to earn bread, she will have to work hard in the rice fields. Plus, they earn the same amount overnight working as a prostitute if they had to hunchback in the rice fields in their village.

If you are an energetic woman craving sex entertainment, then you simply cannot leave the country unsatisfied. Although female sex tourism in Thailand is not as popular as male sex tourism, conditions have been created for lovely ladies too.

How can prostitutes in Thailand be dangerous?

Most often, Thai prostitutes who come from the villages know little about hygiene and do not care about a client who came to Thailand for sex tourism. Not only do they in most cases do not know English, but they are also quite likely to be HIV-infected, sick with syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases. Naturally, either they will not tell you anything about it, or they themselves may not even know. Unfortunately this is true, popular sex tourism has resulted in a high percentage of those infected and infected with AIDS. The authorities are fighting this scourge as best they can, but there is not much sense from this.

Body massage

Body massage in Thailand or massage "with continuation" (sex) is very popular with both women and men. Its price is kept at about 1500 baht for two hours. So lovers of sex tourism should not miss the opportunity to enjoy such a massage!

Thailand Resorts

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General information

Thailand is a tropical country, ideal for a wide variety of holidays. People come here for the sake of golden sandy beaches, unique reserves, rich architectural heritage and rich cultural life. Local resorts offer entertainment formats, both for couples with children and for noisy groups of young people who are used to having fun all night long, dancing in the open air surrounded by bright lights.

Fans of outdoor activities will also not be left out. The resorts of Pattaya and Phuket have long earned themselves reputable names for coral reef diving, windsurfing and water skiing and jet skiing. The shallows near popular headlands are one of the few places on the planet where you can swim with leopard sharks that do not attack humans, and giant stingrays can be seen near Ko Racha.

Thai monasteries deserve special mention. 97% of the population is Buddhist, and the pagodas of local temples, along with towering Buddha statues, can be seen in every, even the smallest city. There are only traditional medicine clinics and legendary Thai massage parlors in the country.

Thailand weather and climate

It will not be possible to unambiguously describe the climate of Thailand - there are a lot of regional nuances, with the visible preservation of the features of the tropical and subequatorial zones in certain areas. Seasonality can shift from island to island, for example, Samui is the region closest to the equator, and the peak of rains here is in November, when, like in Pattaya or Phuket, it is November that is the beginning of the swimming season and the long-awaited end of monsoon downpours and storms.

During the dry season, the weather in Thailand is relatively stable - hot, but without extreme rises and sharp surges. The average temperature norm is + 28… 32 ° C in the shade, while the number of sunny days will depend on the particular resort. The conditional summer from May to October in tropical latitudes is not only rainy, but also very hot - the air can warm up to extreme values ​​of +41 ° C. Annual air humidity is 80% and more.

Average temperature by months

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