Mountain tourism in kislovodsk

Where to run in Kislovodsk: routes, parks, stadiums

Kurortny Boulevard, Kislovodsk (Photo: Skvostudiya | Photobank Lori)

Kislovodsk is a famous balneological resort in the Stavropol Territory. The city is located in a picturesque valley near the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range.

Every year people come here to rest and restore health with the help of narzan mineral waters and therapeutic mud. Also, tourists visit Kislovodsk to enjoy the views, breathe clean air, and attend excursions to the neighboring Caucasian republics.

This article contains information about the rest in Kislovodsk - when is it better to come to the resort, which beaches to swim on, what to do and what to see, and how much the rest will cost.

When to go on vacation

Kislovodsk is located in a valley protected by the Caucasus Mountains and therefore has a mild climate. It is not a hot summer, not a frosty winter and a lot of sun. The resort has the clearest weather in the Caucasus. It is better to come here during a warm period - from May to October. In September, the weather remains almost the same as in August. Autumn cold snap comes in October. In autumn, there are not so many tourists, and the city looks amazing in the exuberant colors of fading foliage.

Unlike the holiday season, the health season in Kislovodsk lasts all year round. Numerous sanatoriums are always ready to receive vacationers and surround them with comfort.

High season

The peak season in Kislovodsk is summer, during holidays and school holidays. The weather at this time is the most comfortable: starting from May, the daytime temperature rises to + 18 ° C, and in summer it keeps within the range of + 22 ... + 29 ° C. The nights bring with them a noticeable coolness (+ 13… + 14 ° C). It sometimes rains during the day, but they are short, so the humidity is kept within acceptable limits. You can also sunbathe in the city: in the valley of the Alikonovka River there is a lake with an adjacent equipped recreation area. The average water temperature in summer is kept within + 20 ° C, but it can also rise, depending on the weather.

Low season

Rest in; Kislovodsk

Many runners strive to visit Kislovodsk and hold a training camp in the Russian Mecca of Athletics. The resort town of Kislovodsk is one huge park. Relief, climate, the ability to train above 1000 m above sea level - this is just a short list of the city's advantages.

We have made a selection of the best locations and interesting routes for running in Kislovodsk, save to bookmarks!

Race in Kislovodsk Source: @kavkaz. un

Kislovodsk National Park

Until recently it was named Kurortny. Its area is almost 1000 hectares. This is the largest national park not only in Russia, but even throughout Europe.

The park consists of three segments:

  • Old (Lower) park. The route from the Narzan Gallery to the Mirror Pond and the Glass Stream.
  • New (Medium) park. Route from the Roses Platform to the Gray Stones.
  • Mountain park. The route from the Gray stones to the Blue stones and further, to the mountains Maloye Sedlo and Big Sedlo.

The route can be chosen for every taste and for any training task.

Rose Valley Direct

One of the favorite places in Kislovodsk for both runners and ordinary tourists. It looks most impressive in late July-early August, when it turns into a wildly blooming colorful carpet.

Therefore, during the high season, it is best to train this route as early as possible. During the day, there will be a huge influx of people who want to admire the picturesque valley.

Everything about rest in Kislovodsk. Prices for hotels, boarding houses, apartments. How to get there: plane, train, bus, car. When is the best time to go. Tours to Kislovodsk. Sightseeing and excursions, things to do for adults and children.

Kislovodsk is a well-known balneological and climatic resort in the Stavropol Territory: the southernmost, largest and most comfortable in the region of the Caucasian Mineral Waters. Its popularity has remained unchanged for a century and a half, although the streets of Kislovodsk are not crowded and noisy even at the height of the holiday season. This is all the more surprising since it is the second largest in the Russian Federation after Sochi.

Kislovodsk is located at an altitude of 800-1069 m above sea level in a mountain valley between the Berezovka and Olkhovka rivers, surrounded by the Caucasian ridge. The city arose from a Russian military fortress founded in 1803, and owes its name to the source of the sour-tasting Narzan mineral water.

Many outstanding people rested and worked at the resort: Lermontov, Pushkin, Chekhov, Tolstoy, Mayakovsky, Gorky, Alyabyev, Glinka, Rimsky-Korsakov. Fyodor Chaliapin, Nezhdanova, Isadora Duncan, Anna Pavlova and many other celebrities performed within the walls of the old spa hall.

By 2030, they promise to make a world-class resort from Kislovodsk.

Early booking - 10% discount. Profiles: ophthalmology, neurology, musculoskeletal system, vascular diseases, gynecology, urology, endocrinology. Treatment of children. Comfortable rooms. Modern equipment. Swimming pool and fitness equipment. Infrared sauna. Entertainment and kids club.

Tours with local guides and top viewpoints

Friendly atmosphere. Relaxed atmosphere.

Individual selection of a resort and sanatorium, taking into account diseases and

Book free of charge with free airport pick-up.

65 best sanatoriums in the resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters.

How to get to Kislovodsk

The fastest way to get to Kislovodsk is by air through the nearest airport of Mineralnye Vody. Then you will have to go for another 2-3 hours, first by minibus, and then by train or bus. The taxi ride will take just over an hour. Trains from Moscow and St. Petersburg arrive at the Kislovodsk railway station. At the same time, the price of a ticket in a compartment is comparable to a plane ticket. A trip by bus Moscow - Kislovodsk will be cheaper. In a couple of days it is easy to get to the resort from the capital by private car.

Read more about how to get to Kislovodsk here.

Kislovodsk is one of the most famous balneological resorts in Russia, located in the Caucasus Mountains. On its territory there are sources of narzan and other waters of various mineral composition. The natural attractions of the resort attract thousands of tourists to the city who want to improve their health.

Interesting from the history of the city

Kislovodsk, the natural attractions of which were appreciated 200 years ago, at the end of the XIII century. was an uninhabited area. She delimited the lands of two local settlements.

The history of the city as a resort dates back to 1793. It was then that the scientist Peter-Simon Pallas discovered a narzan source during his research work. After carefully studying the qualities of water, he came to the conclusion that it has healing powers. The healing properties of narzan were first experienced by Count I. Carrot, who used water for bathing in the hopes of getting rid of asthma.

In 1803, the tsar issued an order to build a fortress on the site of the "Caucasian sour waters". So after the construction of the city, the Russian military and representatives of the peoples of the Caucasus began to live in it. At the same time, an active study of the Kislovodsk springs was carried out for the medicinal qualities and methods of using the waters for medical purposes.

The first visitors to Kislovodsk had to take baths in freshly dug ditches and spend the night in a military town. The improvement of the city was carried out by General Ermolov in cooperation with the Italian architects, the Bernardazzi brothers.

This is how they appeared in Kislovodsk:

  • Kurortny park;
  • Restoazzi building (Lermontovskaya site);
  • Kurortny boulevard;
  • Narzan gallery.

During the existence of Kislovodsk, it was visited by many famous personalities, representatives of the nobility and the creative intelligentsia:

  • A. S. Pushkin;
  • L. N. Tolstoy;
  • M. Yu. Lermontov.

By the end of the century, such structures as the Resort Hall and the railway station appeared in Kislovodsk. At the same time, a plant for bottling mineral waters and packing them into glass vessels began to operate.

Excursions in Kislovodsk -: prices and schedule, reviews

Surprisingly, one of the popular resorts of the Caucasian Mineral Waters avoids tourist crowds, and therefore every curious vacationer or patient who has come for treatment can get acquainted with the sights of Kislovodsk without fuss and rush. And author's excursions in Kislovodsk from local residents help them with this.

The resort city is ready to forgive guests a lot, but just not wasting precious vacation time on solving mundane issues like buying an excursion in Kislovodsk. So everyone who wants to really enjoy a measured vacation will need our advice: where to book an excellent excursion program in advance, how much it costs, what kind of excursions in Kislovodsk are offered in 2020-2021 in terms of content and format, and what tourists who have already been on a sightseeing walk think or drove through the environs of the "Caucasian Baden-Baden". And you will also receive from us portions of beautiful photos in order to feel the beauty of the upcoming trip in advance.

Where to buy excursions in Kislovodsk

Local travel agencies will no doubt offer a set of excursions in Kislovodsk, but what will this set be like - that is the question? Something averagely standard, banal and not too memorable. In the absence of an alternative, you can, of course, buy such a tour by overpaying to intermediaries. And you can buy a rich, exciting and unusual excursion in Kislovodsk even before leaving, using the good old Internet. And if you need our advice on where to do it quickly and profitably, then open the handles wider and catch - we recommend the Tripster. ?

This online service presents very diverse excursions in Kislovodsk, both in terms of content and cost. Their authors are talented local guides, so they show not only "visiting" sights, but also non-tourist locations. And in pursuit of a high rating, everyone literally goes out of their way to please the guests. You can talk to each guide online before buying a tour, and to confirm your reservation, it is enough to make a small advance (usually 10-20% of the cost). According to RBC experts, Tripster is included in the top 30 most useful online resources that have appeared in the Russian Internet in recent years - and you will see for yourself if you turn to Tripster for help in choosing an excursion in Kislovodsk.

Prices for excursions in Kislovodsk for a year

Now let's see how much the excursions in Kislovodsk cost, and will it be possible to find an option in 2019-2020 for a modest budget? If you have 700 rubles in your wallet or on your card, then you will already be able to “deny nothing” to yourself. ? Of course, you won't be able to have a fun full, but for this money everyone will be able to go on a sightseeing group tour of the city in 2020-2021. By the way, with the help of Tripster, it is even cheaper to take part in an individual "survey" - for 600 rubles, but on condition that at least two people go on the excursion. Tours around the surroundings are more expensive - about one and a half to two thousand per person. Well, the more locations are included in the program and the longer the route, the more you will have to pay.

And here are the links with proofs for the cheapest and most expensive option. Pay the least in 2020-2021 for a group walk "Kislovodsk in names and destinies" - only 700 rubles per excursionist. The most expensive trip on the Tripster was "Jeep Tour: Bylymskie Lakes, Aktoprak Pass and Chegem Gorge" - 13,000 rubles for 1-5 travelers. And now tips for those who want to save money. First, do not hesitate to ask for a personalized discount from the guide, but think about what to offer in return (for example, buying two programs with different themes). Secondly, keep an eye on the price dynamics of the Tripster, and as soon as a red flag appears on an excursion that attracts you, book it at a run. Third, study carefully the detailed presentation of suitable tours. It is possible that on certain days the organizer guide gives a special discount - in this case, the discount can be up to a third of the cost. And the last tip for those who have a lot of time: if you find a similar tour cheaper, Tripster will return the difference.

Individual excursions in Kislovodsk

Those who have ever been on an individual excursion will only book a group tour at gunpoint in the future. No rush and pause on demand, the full attention of the guide and the opportunity to ask questions during the play, route adjustments taking into account personal preferences and comfortable passenger transport - all this will be received by those who buy an individual excursion in Kislovodsk here. And do not think that first-class service and amenities are available today only for huge sums of money to all sorts of moneybags, ? because on the Tripster you can pick up an individual program for a completely digestible price.

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