Mountain tourism in Kirovsk

Mountain tourism in Kirovsk


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Ski areas: Bolshoy Vudyavr ski resort, Kukisvumchorr GC, Vorobyinaya mountain in Apatity. Read in full »

Ski areas: Bolshoy Vudyavr ski resort, Kukisvumchorr GC, Vorobyinaya mountain in Apatity.

How to get there

There is a railway station in Apatity - you can reach it by train in the Murmansk direction, from where you need to take a taxi to Kirovsk.

By car, you can get to Kirovsk from Murmansk (in order to get to Kirovsk, you will have to drive about 3 hours).

How to get to the ski complex "Bolshoy Vudyavr" (Mount Aykuayvenchorr) by car

Mountain tourism in Kirovsk

The Khibiny massif surrounds Kirovsk from all sides, and if you climb to the top, a very cozy view opens up: the mountains, like nannies, are guarded by five-story buildings that seem so small from a height of 1000 meters. The sensation is naggingly tender. This will be the case both in summer and in winter, with the only difference that in winter you can ski down the mountain, and in summer you can go down with a basket of mushrooms and lingonberries. In the ski season, prices in Kirovsk rise; in summer, vacations will be cheaper here.

At the end of December, nature "turns off" the sun in these parts, this is called the polar night, and then the town of Kirovsk glows with lights constantly, 24 hours a day. But in summer the sun, on the contrary, "turns on" - it is a polar day, during which you can confuse: is it five in the morning or five in the evening? At this time, the sun does not sink over the horizon at all, as if presenting local residents and tourists with compensation for the harsh northern climate. You can always hide from which you can always in modern hotels, since recently they have been built here in abundance, go to the bathhouse there, taste Russian northern food and get ready for the next walk.

Let's calculate how much a family vacation in Kirovsk in the Murmansk region will cost in different seasons of 2021, taking into account accommodation, food and entertainment.

Rental housing

Prices for housing in Kirovsk are quite reasonable, in 2021 a room in economy class hotels costs from 2,000 rubles for two. Slightly higher comfort with breakfast included - from 3000 rubles.

Apartments are rented on average 800-1500 per day per person. In the New Year, they can reach up to 6000.

The high season in the Khibiny is from February to April, when there is a real influx of tourists in Kirovsk: holidays, school vacations, and the weather are stable, sunny and frosty. Then housing prices rise (as well as on New Years). So it's better to book everything in advance. And one more thing: be prepared at this time to stand in line for the lifts.

Choose the best accommodation in Kirovsk


Most hotels in Kirovsk include breakfast. In the center there are restaurants (the average bill is 500-800 rubles) and cafes, where the price tag will be even more democratic. However, you can come to the same restaurants on weekdays for a business lunch for only 300 rubles.

Many establishments practice food delivery: if you don't want to stomp somewhere, order whatever you like in your room and enjoy the comfort, peace and view of the mountains from your window - and this is exactly what opens in many local hotels ...

Having rolled and walked around, you can start an exquisite North Russian meal. For example, try cod liver salad (350 rubles), warm Khibiny salad with venison ham (490 rubles), salad with smoked halibut and cloudberry sauce (450 rubles), venison dumplings (350 rubles), and finally - ice cream with lingonberry or blueberry jam (200 rubles) - berries that grow in abundance only here, in the Far North.

Ski passes

Ski resort Kirovsk / Kirovsk. Information about the resort, weather, prices for ski passes, photos of trails, lifts, ratings and reviews of tourists. Accommodation and attractions

Over the Arctic Circle, you can rarely find populous cities, and even more so ski resorts. The small town of Apatity is one such unique and truly special place.

Among the settlements of the Arctic, Apatity occupies the 5th place in terms of the number of people living in it and the 2nd place in terms of size after the regional center - Murmansk. The city is comfortably located along the banks of the White River between Lake Imandra and the Khibiny.

Features of rest

Apatity, whose ski resorts are considered one of the most popular in terms of attendance, is one of the most picturesque settlements on the Kola Peninsula. The north of the city is supported by the Khibiny mountains, and the south by the Imandra lakes. The city occupies the western part of the Kola Peninsula.

The main tourist attraction of Apatity is the Khibiny mountain range. The place is unique in that the mountains are interesting all year round for lovers of both mountain and hiking types of tourism. Training congresses of masters of skiing and alpine skiing are also constantly held there. The project of the Khibiny National Park is being developed.

The highest point of the city is Vorobyinaya Gora (height about 80 m). On 3 sides, the city is bordered by woodlands. The nearest city is Kirovsk (12 km). There are about 160 km between Murmansk and Apatity, which can be overcome both by means of the federal highway R-21, and by rail.

Most of the tourist bases are located in the city of Kirovsk, located along the shores of Lake Bolshoy Vudyavr.

The city is surrounded by mountain ranges from 3 sides. From the west, a huge stone rock hangs over the city, from the east mount Aykuayvenchor (which means “sleeping beauty”) rises. It is in the Aykuayvenchor valleys that some of the best ski slopes of Apatity are located. From the north, Kirovsk is surrounded by the Khibiny passes.

The geological location of Apatity between the mountain range and the lake creates a special climate in the city and its surroundings. Winter is very harsh and lasts about 7 months. The average temperature for winter is up to -15. Given that the region belongs directly to the Far North, this is not too low temperature. The average temperature in summer is +15.

The polar day lasts 2 months - from May 20 to July 27. The polar night falls for 2 weeks - from 15 to 29 December. Tourists and sportsmen are attracted here by the Khibiny Mountains and Imandra. Apatity is located at the intersection of many transport branches of the peninsula, which makes the city an ideal transit point for lovers of skiing, winter hiking and mountain rafting.

The lake attracts the attention of fishermen - the catch of 14 commercial fish species is allowed in the reservoir. Also, tourists from all over the world come to Apatity to look at the amazingly beautiful phenomenon - the Northern Lights.

The Khibiny ski resort is a mountain range located in the Murmansk region. The resort center of the ski resort is the city of Kirovsk and Apatity. Kirovsk is surrounded on three sides by mountains located beyond the Arctic Circle, which significantly affects weather conditions. The skiing season here is very long and lasts from October to June, and in some places, all year round.

You can see what the resort looks like with your own eyes on the official website through the resort's webcam.

Resort Infrastructure

Every year the infrastructure of the resort is developing rapidly, the slopes are equipped for both professionals and beginners, so the reviews about the resort are mostly positive.

Nature and landscapes, as well as the northern lights, which can be observed in the Khibiny, attract many tourists here. The location of Kirovsk and Apatity at the foot of the mountains makes it possible to rent affordable housing and at an affordable price and relax in a ski resort, so many young people come here.

And in detail, where the resort is, how to get there, what are the prices in hotels, we will consider further.

Where is the Khibiny resort located? How to get there?

The Khibiny is located on the Kola Peninsula of the Murmansk Region. The main resort town of Kirovsk appeared at the beginning of the last century.

There are several ways to get to Kirovsk.

The fastest way to get to the resort is by plane. There are regular direct flights from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Apatity airport, from which shuttle buses run to Kirovsk.

Travel time from Moscow will take about 2 - 2.5 hours.

By plane you can fly on the route Moscow - Murmansk, from there by shuttle bus, travel to Kirovsk will take 3 hours.

The second way to get to the resort from Moscow and St. Petersburg to the Khibiny is by rail. The trip from Moscow will last more than a day.

At 205 km from the city of Murmansk lies the city of Kirovsk, which is in demand among fans of winter sports. Among the Khebinogorsk massif there is a popular ski area. In November 2013, the opening of the Kukisvumchorr resort in Kirovsk took place.

Khibiny mountains and Kukisvumchorr village

One of the main attractions of the Kola Peninsula is the Khibiny. The age of the large mountain range of the Murmansk region is approximately 350 million years. The oldest mountain network is composed of igneous rocks and reaches an average height of 800-1100 meters.

Kukisvumchorr literally means "a mountain range by a long valley" in Sámi.

With a relatively low altitude, places outside of ski resorts are considered dangerous. There is a high risk of avalanches. The highest point is Mount Yudichvumchorr, its height is 1200.5 meters.

The mountain range is often called a natural museum. The area is rich in minerals:

  • apatites ;
  • phosphorus ;
  • titanium ore;
  • molybdenum ore.

The presence of large deposits made the area a reliable base for the mining industry in the north of Russia. Nature lovers can enjoy the beauty of the local coniferous forests. When climbing to the top of the mountain range, there are spruces and pines. As they rise, they are replaced by shrubs. Lingonberry, bearberry, and various types of lichens constituted the bulk.

Every year hundreds of tourists from all over the world come to enjoy the beauty of untouched nature. The small village of Kukisvumchorr, located in the northern part of Kirovsk, has become a favorite vacation spot.

The area, with a population of 2000 people, got its name from the nearby mountain of the same name. Founded in 1929, the village is surrounded by mountains and is also familiar to visitors under the name of 25 km.

The area has gained popularity thanks to a world-class ski resort. For several years now, the Freeride World Qualifier has been held here.

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