Mountain tourism in Kamchatka

Mountain tourism in Kamchatka

It is surprising to hear from many words of declaration of love for Kamchatka and at the same time lamenting: "You will never get to it." Getting there is easier and cheaper than you think if you prepare the sled in the summer and the cart in the winter. In a literal sense: if you take care of organizing a trip at least six months in advance, the trip will not be such a waybill. Consider your summer trip when there is a blizzard outside the window. Believe me, the thought of this will warm you even in the most terrible frosts.

And what is absolutely certain - a vacation in the Kamchatka Territory in the summer of 2021 will be a real adventure and will be remembered forever. And you will review the photos from the trip with your friends more than once.

Video tour of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

Visit the volcano

When the Creator created volcanoes in Kamchatka, he obviously did not stint. On one peninsula - as many as thirty huge cones, many of which do not even sleep, but doze lightly. And sometimes they wake up.

To go far, several handsome men surround the capital of the fabulous region, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. That is why they are called domestic ones: these are extinct Aag, Arik, Kozelsky and active Koryaksky and Avachinsky. Well, as the acting - of course, they don't spew lava, but they spit gas from time to time. In local slang - "the volcano lit up". But this smoking is absolutely not dangerous to health.

Some volcanoes can be reached in winter by snowmobiles. And in the summer they go up on foot. The most popular home volcano among tourists is Avachinsky. Two paths lead to its caldera at an altitude of 2,700 meters, they are trodden like paving stones. The leisurely hike up takes six to eight hours, so plan a whole day for this hike. The descent, however, is twice as fast. Stock up on warm clothing and a waterproof jacket. The weather can change dramatically in eight hours: from scorching heat to ice hail.

If you are a skier, then the slopes of Kozelsky volcano are a real gift for those who have planned a vacation in the Kamchatka Territory in the summer of 2021. The snow never melts on it, so you can ride there in June and August, reaching the Alpina base. It has tracks of all categories of difficulty - from professional black and red tracks to green and blue tracks for beginners.

Just imagine: summer, Kamchatka, skiing ... Romance-ah-ah-ah.

Some people like hot sources

Holidays in the Kamchatka Territory in the summer of 2021: where to go and what to see

Kamchatka is a distant corner of our country, the geographical features and pristine nature of which attracts brave travelers who are not afraid to face difficulties. Kamchatka travel guide will reveal the main places and events that you should definitely visit while in this area.

The territory of the region consists of the Kamchatka Peninsula, adjacent to it in the north of the mainland, Karaginsky Island and the Commander Islands. The western coast of the peninsula is washed by the Sea of ​​Okhotsk, and the eastern coast is washed by the Pacific Ocean. The capital of the region is the city of Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, which is home to more than half of the population of Kamchatka.

In this area you will not find amazing architectural masterpieces, no, its charm is just in the untouched, amazing and diverse nature. On the territory of Kamchatka there are geysers and volcanoes (some of them are active), picturesque rivers and lakes, thermal springs. The region is rich in minerals, there are deposits of gold, oil, gas, coal. The fauna and flora of Kamchatka is diverse, many species are even listed in the Red Book.

Well, how could its potential not lead to the development of tourism? Traveling to Kamchatka is simply recommended for those who love outdoor activities, unforgettable impressions and all kinds of adventures. Numerous hiking trails, river rafting, climbing volcanoes are just a part of what the region has to offer. But those who just want to escape from the routine and densely populated megacities should also pay attention to this region, because it is so nice to feel unity with nature, harmony and inner peace here.

Here you can go fishing, observe animals in their natural habitat and, finally, see the ocean - powerful, mysterious and endless. The acquaintance with the indigenous peoples of the North, their ancient culture and traditions will also be interesting and informative. Photos of travelers are striking in their expressiveness, but it is better to see this unique land with your own eyes, so feel free to go to Kamchatka!

How to get there

There is no railway connection between the peninsula and the mainland, so it will not work to get to Kamchatka by train. You can only get to Vladivostok by car. What is left for a traveler eager to get to the ends of the Earth? Air route only. Occasionally, travelers visit Kamchatka as part of cruise tourist tours.

Flight to Kamchatka

Airplanes from Russia and other countries land at the Elizovo airport, which is located about 27 km from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. The current airport is rather modest in size, tourists often have to wait a long time for their luggage, but by 2021 they promise to build a new airport complex.

Direct flights from Moscow are operated by Aeroflot and Rossiya companies, departing from Sheremetyevo airport, travel time - 8 hours 20 minutes.

See a smoking volcano, sunbathe on the black sand and go fishing for a flounder. And for breakfast there is a sandwich with red caviar. Holidays in the Kamchatka Territory in the summer of 2021 will delight you.


Kamchatka is popularly called a very remote place. So it really is. The straight line distance from Kaliningrad to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky is 7,500 kilometers. The plane covers this path in eight hours. In Russia, only Chukotka is farther than Kamchatka.

At World's End

The Kamchatka Peninsula is located in the northeast of the Eurasian continent. It is connected to the mainland by a narrow isthmus called the Parapolsky Dol. From the west, it is washed by the waters of the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. The Pacific Ocean splashes from the east. The length of the peninsula is over 1200 kilometers. By Russian standards, this is not a very long distance, but by European standards, it is very impressive. For example, Germany is a rather large country, but its length along the long side is less than Kamchatka!

In 1651, one of the first Russians to visit Kamchatka was the explorer Mikhail Stadukhin, who was looking for an exit to the Penzhina River. This happened after a two-month rafting down the Anadyr River. A little later, the Cossack Leonty Fedotov and the entrepreneur Sava Anisimov Seroglaz visited these places. At the beginning of the 18th century, the navigator Vitus Bering bypassed Kamchatka on a ship. The history of the region at the beginning of the 20th century is well represented in the film "Wealth", based on the novel of the same name by Valentin Pikul.

Now these lands are officially called Kamchatka Krai. You cannot find a person in Russia who has not heard anything about him. It is surprising that with such fame, no one knows exactly how the name of Kamchatka appeared. To date, there are more than 20 versions of its origin! There are probably no analogues to this toponymic riddle.

Some believe that the peninsula was named after the Russian pioneer Ivan Kamchaty. Others argue that the name came from the Kamchatka River (then why was the river so named?). There is a version that the name is derived from the Yakut word "khamchakky" - "smoking pipe". Numerous Kamchatka volcanoes could indeed give rise to such an analogy.

The peculiarities of Kamchatka weather are largely due to the geographic location and topography. In the central part of the peninsula, fenced off by high mountains, it is much warmer than on both coasts, which are blown by winds. In the east, the weather can change rapidly. The heat is suddenly replaced by cold rain. But after a couple of hours, "late autumn" again turns into a sunny "summer".

While winter is mild on the coast, it is colder and more windy away from the ocean. In the north of the peninsula, snow appears in September, and in the south only at the end of October. During the summer months it is hot on the east coast and cool in the center. The highest temperature recorded in Kamchatka is + 34 degrees, and the lowest is minus 26 degrees. Throughout the year, the peninsula is dominated by winds that cause storms. Most often they rage in the south.

There are many rivers and streams on the peninsula

Kamchatka has a rather dense river network fed by glaciers in the mountains. Therefore, the water in them is clean. The largest river is called Kamchatka. In addition to it, there are a dozen more rivers. Rafting enthusiasts have long mastered the Avacha and Malkinskaya Bystraya rivers. There are also 14 lakes on the peninsula. The largest lake is considered to be Kronotskoye. Some of the reservoirs are located in the craters of extinct volcanoes.

Edge of the Fire-breathing Mountains

The country of Russia is great, but there are only one or two active volcanoes on its territory! Most of the fire-breathing mountains are in Kamchatka. Perhaps this is for the best. After all, with volcanoes you can't do it. There are many examples in the world. It will explode in Mexico, it will shake Indonesia, then Iceland will be covered with ashes.

Hiking in Kamchatka is a crazy contrast and dizzying landscapes! Kamchatka is the breath of the Earth, the land of volcanoes and geysers. This is a corner of pristine wilderness, combining all its controversy, diversity and greatness, the End of the World is the place where the land ends and the endless Pacific Ocean begins.

Peculiarities of hiking in Kamchatka

Hiking in Kamchatka is distinguished by a variety of landscapes: from lifeless lava fields to luscious alpine meadows, from smoking hot volcanoes to centuries-old glaciers, from boiling geyser fountains to the cold ocean coast. And all this can be seen in one trip!

How to get to Kamchatka

Kamchatka can be reached by plane from the following cities in Russia: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk, Magadan, Novosibirsk, Khabarovsk and Yakutsk.

For our hikes, the best option is with a departure from Moscow. Please note that Aeroflot and Russia are opening sales for summer dates by November. It is at this time that you can buy the most FAVORABLE tickets. 11,500 rubles one way is VERY CHEAP for Kamchatka. Further, the cost will only grow. By the middle of winter, something is rarely cheaper than 35,000-40,000 rubles, and these flights will already have transfers. A trip to Kamchatka should be planned in advance.

What are the hiking tours in Kamchatka?

Traveling in the region is very diverse and varied, it is a real paradise for tireless travelers and adventure seekers. There are routes for both beginners and experienced tourists - everyone here will find something they like.

In Kamchatka, there are both one-day ascents to volcanoes and long adventurous trips for a week or ten to sixteen days, helicopter excursions to hard-to-reach places and no less picturesque walking routes within walking distance.

Hiking in Kamchatka with YT


Walk in Kamchatka for 2 weeks. I wanted to see both volcanoes and the ocean. Pass through the Vilyuchinsky and Gorely volcanoes, descend to the ocean and walk along the coast as far as time permits.

This plan has not been fulfilled at all, but there will still be something to remember.


Backpack Bask Baffin 1190 gr. Sleeping bag RegFox Fantom D2 840 gr. Isolone rug + PET footprint 290 gr. Rescue blanket bag Emergency 130 gr. Fleece thermal underwear, hat, socks 560 gr. Awning "Lost" (from "Alloy") and braces 250 gr. Mosquito net 80 gr. Umbrella from "Expedition" - 300 gr. Trekking stick 1 pc. 150 g Platipus 2 * 2 l. + 0.l. 110 g Ceramic filter 110 gr. jetboil sol ti + pack of tea 360 gr. Saw fiskars, sharpened on the other side 110 gr. First aid kit (line and hooks in the same place) 150 gr. Silicone backpack and string bag from "Alloy" 120 gr. Windbreaker Siver Yarets 90 gr. Fleece from Decathlon 500 gr. Columbia long shirt indicating 260 gr. Washing accessories 120 gr. E-book in a case 180 gr. gps 90 gr. Camera 510 gr. Mobile phone 150 gr. Battery supply for gps? Gr. Cards, notebook, pens 110 gr. Money, documents, keys

I planned to buy some of the food, gas and flare from the bears on the spot. Without this, the total weight at the start was 10800 rucksack and 2850 carry-on luggage. Base weight about 6500 g

From the diary

August 2, Saturday

It's hot, 32 degrees. I arrived at Domodedovo 4 hours before registration. Early, three. An hour walked around the airport with a backpack. Ryuk 11 kg + carry-on baggage 3 kg.

The day before departure due to bad weather, I replaced the raincoat cut from the bottom with an umbrella and added a PET footprint.

Sunday 3rd August

Arrived at 11-30 Kamchatka. It flew very well, 8 hours of flight passed almost imperceptibly. Transaero, a big Boeing, children running around the plane, talking about bad weather before taking off. Yelizovo is not such a big airport. He clearly lacks space for our flight. One baggage claim belt, and there are 4 rows of people around. Having received the luggage, I took a bus to the bus station (stop "10th kilometer"). From there, buses go to Thermal (and other directions). In Petropavlovsk there is another bus station, more local, buses around the city. I went down to the ocean, took pictures.

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