Mountain tourism in bulgaria

General information about Bulgaria

Flag of Bulgaria and the arms of Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a small country in the southeast of Europe, in the east of the Balkan Peninsula. There are about 7.6 million inhabitants, the area is about 120 thousand m 2. In addition to the Bulgarians themselves, about 10% of the population are ethnic Turks, Armenians, Greeks and others. Mostly Bulgarians are Orthodox, about 10% of the total population is Sunni Muslim.

Bulgaria has been a member of the UN since 1955, has been a member of the IMF since 1990, joined the WTO in 1996, is a member of the European Union and NATO.

Geography of Bulgaria

It has a fairly convenient geographic location as it is located at the crossroads of trade routes between Europe and the Middle East. In the south, its neighbors are Greece with Turkey, in the west, Serbia and Macedonia, in the north, the border with Romania is the Danube River.

The length of the border is 2245 km, of which 686 km run along rivers and 378 km by sea.

Geographically Bulgaria is divided into three parts:

- Danube Plain; - the mountainous part, in turn divided into two: the Balkans and the Rhodope; - The South-Eastern Plain, which includes the Marish Basin.

The Danube Plain is sandwiched between the Danube in the north and Stara Planina in the south. It is she who feeds the whole of Bulgaria, more than half of the agricultural products are removed from its lands.

The southeastern plain stretches between the Middle Mountain and the Rhodope Mountains, there are also many fertile lands here.

Plains and hills occupy about 70% of the territory, the rest is mountains.

Bulgaria is crossed from northwest to south by the mountain range of the Balkans or Staraya Planina. The largest mountain is Musala (2925 meters), it is also the largest in the Balkans.

The capital is Sofia (according to the 2002 census - 1.2 million people). In addition to the capital, the largest cities are Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas and Ruse. The country itself is divided into 28 regions, and the capital has the status of a region.

General information about Bulgaria

The very first country where our tourists could get back in Soviet times was Bulgaria.

Warm maritime climate, hundreds of kilometers of white sandy beaches, brothers-Slavs and deep historical roots that connect our two countries, all this attracts our tourists to sunny Bulgaria. Bulgaria is a country that is perfect for relaxing on the beaches. Tourists come here because of attractive prices, good service and a high level of security. It is also easy to get here, there are no problems with understanding the Russian language, and the sights are very interesting.

Beach holidays in Bulgaria

Still, it's better to go to Bulgaria for a beach holiday - swim in the sea, sunbathe in the sun, soak up the coast with a cocktail and juicy fruits. Among the most popular resorts in Bulgaria for beach holidays:

  • Primorsko - these beaches will appeal to lovers of calm, romantic and secluded relaxation;
  • Golden Sands - Bulgarian classics with an abundance of entertainment for children, beaches with a Blue Flag, mineral springs;
  • Albena - the resort is famous for its wide beaches, interesting excursions and curative mud. From here it is convenient to get to the residence of the Romanian kings of Edinburgh;
  • Dunes - there are many all-inclusive hotels, healing pine air, beautiful views;
  • Cocoa Beach - these regions are good for club lovers , parties, surfing and partying until dawn. However, they also come here with children to rest.

I really liked the Bulgarian resort of Shkorpilovtsi. You can't find fashionable discos here, but it's quiet, calm, measured. There are many wild beaches, but the service does not suffer from this - I counted several dozen good hotels where you can stay.

Bulgaria - holiday season

Officially, the beach season in Bulgaria lasts from June to mid-October, when you can comfortably swim in the sea and enjoy the sun. However, I know people who traveled to this country even in May and were satisfied, although traveling with children in the spring is a risky undertaking.

Bulgaria has a large number of sunny days a year, the average monthly air temperature is 28 degrees, and the water near the coast is +25. Wonderful European service, almost similar languages ​​- Bulgarian and Russian, will make your vacation in Bulgaria comfortable and memorable.

But Bulgaria is not only about sandy beaches and five-star hotels. For history lovers, there is also something to see here, ancient temples and fortresses will bring real pleasure to lovers of excursions to ancient places in Bulgaria.

Sunny Beach Hotels in Bulgaria

The Sunny Beach resort in Bulgaria is rightfully considered the most popular - it's no secret that thousands of our compatriots come here every year. I, too, did not give up the idea of ​​soaking up the snow-white beaches, and I will say - I liked the rest here. Where do I recommend staying in hotels in Sunny Beach?

Where to stay in Bulgaria? When planning your trip, be sure to check the reviews of other tourists about the hotels. Evaluate location, food, service, infrastructure on site and nearby. Then vacation in Bulgaria is guaranteed not to disappoint.

Bulgaria is a European state located in the southeastern part of Europe. Brief information: - Capital: the city of Sofia; - Area: 110,993 km²; - Population: more than 6 989 thousand people; - Official language: Bulgarian.

Mountain tourism in Bulgaria

Most of Bulgaria is mountainous. The Balkan Mountains cross the entire country from the east coast to the western borders. The mountain range conventionally divides the country into two parts: North and South. Therefore, the so-called mountain tourism is very developed here. But fans of such sports as rock climbing and speleotourism are recommended to visit the Rhodope Mountains, which are considered the largest mountain range in the country. Also, this mountain range will be an excellent option for hiking. In addition, in this part of the country there are such attractions created by nature as: - Trigrad Gorge, which is a canyon, about 7 kilometers long. - Yagodina Cave, named one of the most beautiful caves on the European continent. The length of this cave complex is about 10 km. - A cave called "Devil's Throat". - Amazing bridges located in the valley of the Ercupria river, the western part of the mountain range. And also guests of Bulgaria will be able to plunge into the history and culture of the country by visiting historically and culturally significant places and shrines that are located in the Rhodope Mountains, namely: the Bachkovo Monastery, a sanctuary on the outskirts of the village of Tatul or, as it is also called, the Thracian Sanctuary, Asen's Fortress, the ancient city of Perperikon.

Bansko Ski Resort in Bulgaria

It is in Bulgaria that the world famous mountain resort called Bansko is located. Today, many tourist operators, including travel agencies, are ready to help their clients and organize an unforgettable trip to the above-mentioned ski resort in Bulgaria. The most optimal time for skiing is from mid-December to mid-April. In the winter season, this ski resort attracts those who are fond of skiing and snowboarding. This resort is famous for its convenient ski slopes, equipped with modern comfortable lifts. In summer, the resort of Bansko gladly accepts fans of such extreme hobby as mountain biking. And also the resort attracts tourists with its gorgeous and breathtaking landscapes and landscapes. It is in this part of Bulgaria that the world famous Pirin National Park or Pirin Nature Reserve is located. Therefore, if you came to the Balkan Peninsula in the autumn and the question arose before you: “what to visit in Bulgaria?”. Be sure to go on an excursion to the Pirin Nature Reserve. A distinctive feature of this protected area is that it stretches at an altitude of one thousand to two thousand meters and covers an area of ​​over 400 km². This park has been a UNESCO heritage site since 1983. The Pirin nature reserve consists of six zones: 1) A nature reserve called Bayuvi-Dupki - Jinjiritsa is the oldest part of the park and is located between the peaks of Pirin and Banski-Sukhodol. More than five hundred species of plants grow in this part of the park, many of which are protected and listed in the Red Book of the country. 2) Vihren zone. 3) The territory of the park called Bezbog. 4) Sinanitsa. 5) Kamenitsa. 6) Rub the rivers. Getting to the ski resort, where the Pirin National Park is located, is quite simple. For example, buses from the capital of Bulgaria constantly run on the Sofia-Bansko route.

Where should a tourist go in Bulgaria in summer?

Many tourists associate holidays in Bulgaria with the sea and the beach. Indeed, lovers of “soak up the sun and lie on the sand” can have a great rest on one of the many beaches in Bulgaria. For example, the most famous resort for such a holiday is the resort area called Golden Sands. This resort is located 18 kilometers from the port city of Varna. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that rest in this resort is the best combination of price and comfort. Therefore, every year a huge number of tourists from Europe, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus go here to have a great vacation and relax with the whole family. Note that visitors can always stay in one of the hotels that are located along the coast, or even rent an apartment or house for a long time. The beaches in Golden Sands are sandy and clean, and the bottom is gently sloping. Also, this resort "will be to the taste" and lovers of a fun holiday, because "Golden Sands" is the center of entertainment and water attractions. It is here that the Aquapolis water park is located. In this entertainment area, there are many high and steep slides, waterfalls, caves and grottoes. But visitors can relax after visiting the pool, where there are three Jacuzzi with a toning shower or relaxing massage. This water park also has a children's area, which will surely impress a child of any age. After all, there are water attractions for the smallest and breathtaking circular slides for teenagers.

Also in the list of attractions of the resort, which are highly recommended to see, even if you have come to Bulgaria for a few days, include the following: 1. Park Zlatni piastsi. This park has special viewing platforms and places to relax, so you can retire in the shade of mighty oaks and maples. 2. The unique rocky monastery of Aladzha, which is also called the monastery of the Holy Trinity. Not far from this shrine there is a museum, where fragments of frescoes, a collection of antique clothes, household items, ceramics, and other exhibits are presented to the attention of tourists. 3. Exhibition complex "Chiflika". Located in the town of Batovo. This is an ethnographic complex where you can see being and get acquainted with the traditions of the inhabitants of the village of the first half of the twentieth century.

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Economy of Bulgaria, promising areas, agriculture, construction sector, summer and winter tourism, balneology, real estate.

Agriculture in Bulgaria

Agriculture is one of the most popular and promising sectors in Bulgaria. At the moment, there is a shortage of labor in the Bulgarian agriculture. The average age of Bulgarian farmers is about 58 years old. Only about 2.4% of university graduates have degrees in agronomy and veterinary medicine, etc.

Bulgaria has excellent natural conditions for the development of agriculture and forestry. Cultivated agricultural land covers about 4.9 million hectares, or 44% of the country's total land area. The favorable climate for crop production and the availability of agricultural land and long traditions have resulted in well-developed plant and animal husbandry.

Other benefits include low labor costs and high schools and colleges offering training in modern agriculture and livestock. Not all foreigners can own land, but the Foreign Investment Act removes restrictions on land acquisition by local registered companies with foreign participation. Major crops include tomatoes, peppers, tobacco, grapes, wheat, corn, beans, potatoes, sunflowers, peaches, apricots, apples, melons and nuts.

Traditionally, Bulgaria occupies a leading position in the export of grapes, oriental tobacco, tomatoes, apricots and other agricultural products to European markets.

Good opportunities exist in this sector to create entire value chains by combining individual companies in clusters spanning the primary sector, processing, sales and distribution. An important advantage of the sector is the existence of well-established food research and development institutions.

In Bulgaria, the EU Special Support Program (SAPARD) provides for an investment subsidy of up to 50% for investment projects in agriculture.

Bulgarian agriculture is one of the hottest investment sectors in Bulgaria! Significant growth is expected over the next 5-10 years. The reasons are very simple and are described below with a simple comparative example!

Bulgaria is a sunny, bright and spiritually close country, here you almost feel at home. In Bulgaria, you can not only have a great vacation at the beach resorts, but also improve your health in local health resorts by visiting the medical resorts in Bulgaria.

To choose the best place for rest and treatment in Bulgaria, read the overview of the TOP-5 medical resorts in the country.


Bankya is the largest spa resort with thermal springs, located in the suburbs of Sofia.

And this is very convenient, because direct flights to Sofia from Moscow and St. Petersburg run all year round. And besides, you can get there by train.

Water in local springs has healing properties and reaches temperatures up to 34-38 degrees.

People with cardiovascular and skin diseases come here for treatment.

Here you can also devote time to spa treatments:

  • enjoy aromatherapy,
  • massage
  • and mineral baths.

And in free time from procedures it is recommended:

  • walk the beautiful streets of the city and see the churches
  • play tennis
  • or ride horses

Hotels in Bankya

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