Mountain tourism in Almaty

Mountain tourism in Almaty

How to reach the Mynzhylky plateau?

The Mynzhylky plateau is a picturesque place in the Small Almaty Gorge, ideal for breathing fresh air, enjoying the silence and surrounding views. The route is not difficult, anyone who devotes at least a little time to their physical will be able to pass. preparation.

There will be an increased avalanche hazard on this route for the next month, please be careful. Best time to hike: end of June - September.

Part Transport

The path starts from the Shymbulak resort. The resort can be reached from the Medeo skating rink by a special Eco-bus or taxi.

Buses usually stand next to the fountain, and taxis are in the parking lot, to the side. The cost of the bus is 500 tenge per person. Taxi - 2000-3000 tenge per cabin for 4 people.

Part Beginning of the Path

Taxi/bus is brought to the parking lot of the Chimbulak resort. Further, to the road you can go directly through the parking lot, or through the resort. We prefer the second option, because at the resort you can go to the toilet and get ready before getting up. Further, through the main site of the resort there is also a passage to the road. This is the beginning of the path. After 1-2 km of ascent, the asphalt will be replaced by off-road.

Explanation: there is only ONE road from Chimbulak to Mynzhylki, it is very wide, it is IMPOSSIBLE not to notice it. Therefore, without turning off the road, you can easily reach your goal. On average, the ascent to the plateau takes 2-3 hours.

Part of the Mynzhylky Plateau

There is a wooden gazebo on the plateau for eating, do not sit there too much, because. there are many who wish, the place is public.

What else can you do if you are already on a plateau?

  • Walk to Manshuk Mametova lake
  • Walk to Glaciological station T1 and Tuyuk-Su glacier. (Glaciology is the science of glaciers).

Mountain tourism in Almaty

History. The development of the bicycle as a form of transport began only in the 19th century. Ludwig Dries designed a steerable front wheel for his scooter. He drove 100 km on it in 7 hours.

1860 - Pierre Michaud installed two pedals on the front wheels of the scooter and after 2 years they began to be mass-produced, having received the name - bicycle.

1888 - after the invention of tires that were filled with air, its heyday begins.

1950 - the famous Italian cyclist Tullio Campagnolo invents the derailleur, which is used in this form on most bicycles today.

1974 - titanium bicycle production, 1975 - carbon fiber.

1983 - the appearance of the cycling computer.

The beginning of the 1990s - the spread of the index gearshift system.

Cycling tourism. Today, this concept is presented more as a way of cycling to interesting tourist sites. In the countries of the former USSR, there are still sections that are engaged in sports cycling. It consists in passing the established route, where the main obstacles are the obstacles that determine its category of difficulty. This is the main difference from cycling, where you can plan the route yourself without bothering about the difficulty category of the obstacles. Drive for your own pleasure wherever you like. Naturally choosing the route that you master. It is important to know that your body will need rest, so after every 5-6 days you need to plan a day.

As far as I know, there are no cycling sports clubs in Kazakhstan, so you are unlikely to find yourself a company for a categorized hike. Moreover, even autonomous travel lovers are hard to find here. Autonomous, in the sense, carry everything on a bike, and not in a car.

Weekend hikes are becoming popular within Almaty. True, Wikipedia says that this is a 1-night route, i.e. Sat-Sun But we go there for a day. Near the city there are Medeu, the Big Almaty Gorge and Lake, Lake Yunnatskoye, Shybinsay-Sulusay. Outside the city, the most popular route has become the route along the Big Almaty Canal, which can be diversified by visiting Lake Issyk and Turgen Gorge (Bear and Kairak waterfalls). For beginners, these routes are difficult. Weekend routes are available on the Velo-Almaty website, where there is a lot of useful information, and you can also see our offers in the Services section.

There are several individuals who are engaged in delivery under the route, and for an additional fee, they can accompany you along the route. All this is not cheap $ 150-200 per day without bike rental (within 100 km from the city of Almaty), although given the price of a bike, it may be normal for this contingent of people. Rent for a day - $ 15. Of the commercial tours, the bicycle tour on the Asy plateau is especially popular. The place is really beautiful and expensive.

Mynzhylky plateau is a picturesque place in the Small Almaty gorge, ideal for breathing fresh air, enjoying the silence.

Tourism in Kazakhstan today is a demanded and actively developing direction of recreation, which is popular with residents of Russia, Belarus and many other countries. What can the traveler be offered here?

Tourism in Kazakhstan is often considered a frivolous thing, tends to be underestimated. Traveling in Kazakhstan will be fascinating for the whole family and you cannot refuse it. Is there much to see in Kazakhstan?

Cultural and historical, event, health, extreme, ecological tourism flourishes here. Families come from all over the world to enjoy nature, important sights, improve their health and enjoy their vacation. Kazakhstan is a great alternative to European countries and exotic destinations.

What are the national parks of Kazakhstan, national holidays in Kazakhstan, the Baikonur cosmodrome, which is located in South Kazakhstan, Lake Bahlash in the Western part, and much more. Rest in Kazakhstan is also suitable for extremists who have long wanted to warm up their bones.

Do I need a visa to Kazakhstan? If you were interested in a similar question, and your hands did not reach to ask the almighty Internet, then we hasten to please you - for Russia and Ukraine, entry has always been without a visa, Belarusians do not need a visa for up to 90 days, and in 28 countries it is also allowed without a visa. So you can safely go to Kazakhstan and not bother with a pile of documents.

How to get there?

Of course, you shouldn't dream of a great vacation in Kazakhstan if you have no idea how much you can get to this unique place. We will look at several ways of getting around.

Where to stay?

Of course, when you come to Astana, you may have many questions. The most common - where should I stay? Don't worry, Kazakhs are very nice people and take care of the tourists who enter their country. Here you will find hostels, various hotels, and just spend the night with a friend's friend - as a last resort.

  • Average cost of hostels - from 4 $;
  • Average cost of hotels - from 50 $;
  • Average cost of hotels - from 40 $ ...

ALMATY, 14 Jan - Sputnik. An office with a view of the wild, comfortable outdoor glamping, a service worthy of the most discerning tourist, all a few kilometers from the center of Almaty. The correspondent of Sputnik Kazakhstan found out how one of the most popular holiday destinations in the mountains of Almaty, the Ayusai gorge, will be transformed.

In the Ayusai gorge (Bear Gorge), located in the Ile-Alatau State National Natural Park, the first eco-friendly visit center for Almaty residents and guests of the city was presented.

Office with mountain views

It is expected that visitors will not only be able to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature in the national park, there will also be an educational center and coworking (office) in the wild, where you can come to work. Wi-Fi will be available.

The fee for such an "office" in an unusual location is provided for a day of stay, in the future there will be long-term subscriptions for 60-90 days.

The organizers also took care of the amenities - a public toilet will appear here. Visitors arriving with their own vehicles will be able to leave them in the free parking lot. In the near future, it will be possible to get here by public transport, investors turned to the tourism department with a request to extend the route of the bus number 28 to the Ayusai gorge.

The possibility of organizing a shuttle from the eco-post and back is being considered.

Eco-style houses

As the investors of the project assure, the modules of the visit center are assembled from environmentally friendly materials - domestically produced wooden structures. Their base is constructed without the use of concrete on geo-screws with metal straps. The project was prepared by a famous Singaporean architect.

"Each module reaches 200 square meters. The building is entirely constructed of wood and glass. Using American technology, the project is made in the form of a lightweight structure," said project investor Alexander Guzhavin.

Director General of the State National Natural Park "Ile-Alatau" Damir Malgeldiev noted that in 2019 more than 300 thousand people visited Ile-Alatau. Last year's attendance was negatively affected by the pandemic - Almaty residents were restricted from accessing national parks.

The visit to the center is open in winter from 10:00 to 17:00, in summer - from 7:00 to 22:00 in the evening.

"School" in the wild

Trekking: Almaty-resort Alma Arasan-gorge Prohodnoye-pass Prokhodnoy (Almaty, m nk)-gorge Almaty-Chon Kemin gorge-gorge Orto Koy Suu- Kok Ayryk pass (A) - Chon Sary village Oy- Lake Issyk-Kul

This route to Issyk-Kul Lake is probably the easiest and shortest from Almaty, on foot, only about 85 kilometers. It was popular not only among mountain tourists, but also among cyclists who managed to reach the lake in one day, starting from the Cosmostation. True, now for this campaign, there is one insurmountable obstacle - the border between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Although, probably there are those who overcome it. I've heard of those.

At 8:30 a.m., together with my daughter, she was then 15 years old, we took a taxi to the Alma Arasan sanatorium, in the Passage Gorge, and moved along the right bank of the Prohodnaya river, by 11:00 we came to glade Terra and brewed coffee.

The weather was excellent at the beginning - 20-25 degrees, but after lunch the clouds overtook. At this time, we were already approaching the Prokhodnoye pass and planned to spend the night under it, but we saw that a powerful thunderstorm front was approaching us, and hastily set up a tent. And in time! Such a thunderstorm has begun - a thunderstorm! Lightning struck the rocks in our immediate vicinity, so we threw everything metal out of the tent. To be honest, we even prayed. But in the evening the rain stopped, and we were able to leave the tent for water to cook dinner on a gas burner.


The morning of the second day was sunny and clear. From the place of our parking, we could clearly see the ascent to the Prokhodnaya pass (1a, 3609 m). During the ascent to it, a group of lightly equipped marathon runners caught up with us, who laughed at us when they learned that we would come to Issyk-Kul only in two days. They planned to be there in the evening. They started from the Cosmostation.

In the meantime, we climbed the pass, which features a huge tour of stones. From Prokhodnoye you can see the Primul Lake and the Kungey Alatoo ridge. Our way to the valley of the Chon Kemin river is already Kyrgyzstan. At the time when we went on this trip, and this was in July 2001, the border was open, not like now.

By lunchtime we went down to the Chon Kemin river and then we met one of the marathon runners - limping on one of his legs, very slowly hobbled down the Chon Kemin gorge. He said that while running, he injured his leg and his comrades left him in the care of a group of Baptist tourists, paying them a can of red caviar and 10 dollars for this. The Baptists, seeing that the marathon runner would slow them down, showed the poor fellow the direction, told him to go, and they would catch up with him (at that time they settled down for lunch). They showed him the wrong way or maybe the marathon runner misunderstood them, but he was going to turn not to the Orto Koy Suu gorge, but to the Jindy-Suu gorge, which ends with a circus and naturally he would not have got to any Issyk-Kul.

Having shown the marathon runner the right way, we crossed to the left bank of the Chon Kemin River, along a dilapidated suspension bridge. I heard that this bridge no longer exists. Even then, it lacked some boards - perhaps some unscrupulous tourists used it for firewood.

In the evening we stopped for the night in the Orto Koy Suu gorge, had dinner, and suddenly saw our poor marathon runner - he was stomping along the serpentine, and not along the old path, as it should have been done. It was already dusk, and he had no idea what lay ahead of him. We began to call him so that he would come down to us. He went down and yes - he was already almost at dusk, intending to climb the Kok Airyk pass in shorts and a T-shirt. We fed him, gave him warm clothes and he spent the night in our tent.


In the morning we had breakfast and went to the Kok Airyk pass (1a, 3900 meters). First we go along the left bank of the river, then we go out onto the road. In 2001, they still drove along it by cars to Issyk-Kul and back. Then we cut along the old path. This is what I noticed, some tourists are walking along the road, winding along serpentines, but you can take a shorter way. Finally, along a steep scree, we climbed the pass. Here we met fellow countrymen - Almaty residents returning from Issyk-Kul. They even treated me to brandy.

The descent to Issyk-Kul is not difficult, it's just long - about 30 km, goes along the treeless southern slope of Kungey Alatoo, along the right bank of the southern Orto-Koy-Suu river. A short time after the start of the descent from the pass, Issyk-Kul is visible. It's nice to go down and see how the long-awaited goal is getting closer and closer. By five o'clock they decided to stop and spend the night in the thickets, on the banks of the river. In time we would have had time to go to the village of Chon Sary Oy, but decided not to rush and go to the lake in the morning.

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