Mountain tourism: how to avoid injury

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Mountain tourism does not require special qualifications and expensive climbing equipment. But it is worth taking into account that the heights that have to be conquered during mountain tourism require a high level of physical fitness and serious preparation for the hike.

Mountain tourism: how to avoid injury

What is mountain tourism

All mountains are conventionally divided by height by:

  • low (from five hundred to a thousand meters);
  • medium (from one thousand to two and a half thousand meters);
  • high ( more than two and a half thousand meters).

Mountain tourism is called tourism when climbing mountains with a height of three thousand meters and above. It follows from this that mountain tourism is literally impossible within the borders of Ukraine. The Carpathians and the Crimean Mountains are below those heights at which the usual walking route turns into mountain tourism.

Climbing: increased demands on health

Climbing: increased demands on health

A mountain hike means that you will have to stay in rather extreme conditions for a long time. You need to be prepared for hypoxia on the mountain route. At the usual altitude for mountain tourism, the use of oxygen equipment is not expected, and an unprepared person at an altitude of three kilometers may experience shortness of breath. The body will experience an increased level of solar radiation, serious changes in daily temperatures, dry air.

Possible contraindications

How spring tourism exhibitions will be held in Russia and the world

Portal about mountaineering, rock climbing, mountain tourism

Search and rescue, evacuation work or assistance to a registered group - free of charge. Search and rescue or evacuation operations for unregistered groups - on a reimbursable basis. You can register at registration offices located in the largest cities of Ukraine ..


So jokes aside! Classes are free, credit is given. We invite everyone to do sports tourism.

What is a travel club? This is a community of people whose common goal is to arrange the movement of tourism and near-tourism orientation. And get your fan out of it =) Running trainings on Mondays and Thursdays, weekend hikes, training of tourist equipment, competitions and the crown of all - a multi-day hike Read more →

Acclimatization in the mountains!

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We remind you that due to small changes in the schedule of the mining school, today at 20:00 there will be a lecture! Lecture "Acclimatization in the mountains, medications for overcoming mines and vitamin preparation before and on the route." Read by Boris Malakhov.

Schedule of classes of the Mining School of MAI of primary training

LDPE of the Ski School of the Tourist Club MAI

The second part of the lecture "group equipment for a ski trip"

Next, there will be "appendages" - Remnabor! #tourclub #ski tourism # trekking equipment # ski touring # ski touring equipment # group equipment # sports tourism # ski school

Hiking season results of the year


Crossing the border with Russia is a very strange event. Here, how lucky: sometimes the bus easily passes both border crossings in about an hour, and the DPR does not even compare passports with those entering, simply writing down somewhere entering on a piece of paper, and sometimes it takes two and a half hours for two crossings. It happens that the militias take everyone into a separate room, close the doors and ask them to go out two by two, telling them why they have come and checking things.

From the Russian side, the circus itself takes place in the Donetsk - Moscow bus. If corrosive customs officers come across, then the event to check things can take a very long time. People from Donetsk are not bringing anything: these are ten-ruble coins, folded for some reason in separate packages, and grape seedlings, and a bulletproof vest with water, and chest metal. All this is carefully checked, while the seedlings with the ground may not come to veterinary control, and carefully folded ten-ruble coins can force them to unpack to check if they are collectible, etc. Servicemen leaving the DPR are generally checked separately, interrogated in a special room. The event is not fast. All things, except for special equipment, are also searched by a specially trained dog.

The published Constitution of the DPR states that without a court decision, an arrest can be made for 48 hours. That is, for this time you can be legally detained. But in fact (judging by the experience of friends), they can "close" for a longer time. Now, mostly interrogation and clarification of all the circumstances comes within a few hours. But if they "close" on Friday, then you can safely wait for the right person until Monday.

New license plates.

Most frequent "offenses":

not having a passport with you (you must always have your passport with you, for this violation, if you are not a local, you may first be imprisoned for a couple of days, and then issue an order for expulsion from the country);

violation of the curfew at 23 o'clock (they can be “closed” for 5 days);

walks in strange places and strange behavior (example: walking near the front line, photographing devastation, photographing public transport, photographing prohibited objects such as checkpoints, visiting lawsuits for the sake of interest, etc., interviewing local residents without accreditation, etc. );

generally photographing anything (in the center, most objects can be photographed without problems, but if this is a private house, then its owner may suspect you and call the police, based on his suspicion they will probably take you away).

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