Mountain tourism Crimea maps

Mountain tourism Crimea maps

Attractions of Crimea on the map

The sights of Crimea are evenly dispersed throughout the entire territory of the peninsula and a whole month will not be enough to visit them all at once, therefore, when going on a trip, you will need to carefully plan the route. When planning a route, it is worth considering how you will travel - by car, public transport or hitchhiking. By the way, Crimea is the only place where we have been, where you can drive a few hours along a mountain serpentine on a trolleybus, from the train station in Simferopol to Yalta, for example.

The Crimean peninsula can undoubtedly be called a "museum of attractions". Such a number and variety of locations can hardly be found anywhere else: mountains, palaces, fortresses, cave cities, beaches, museums, churches - attractions for every taste. Natural objects are also not ignored: the Botanical Garden, the Karalar Park, the Golitsinskaya Trail, Cape Fiolent, Mount Ai-Petri with its cable car and more than 300 parks.

Very detailed map - 100 sights of Crimea! To enlarge, open in a new tab. (the author of the map, unfortunately, is unknown, but if information appears, we will definitely add it)

It so happened that most of the time we stay in Yalta. Yalta is the most popular tourist city, from here you can easily go to various sights of the Crimea, then come back "home" and in the evening go for a walk on the busy embankment (even in January). Accommodation here is mainly rented by local residents in the coastal line, something like guest houses, built in a unique chaotic order - on top of each other. Sometimes even the first time it is difficult to remember how to return to your room along the winding corridors and streets.

Yalta is a very convenient city for a starting point when exploring nearby attractions. If you are planning to travel to the “far” part of Crimea, consider accommodation options in Sevastopol.

What sights of Crimea to visit by car

Traveling by car, you can have time to visit many more sights, but it is worth considering that the roads in Crimea are in average condition in places (except for the main ones), and also set a budget in advance for parking, where you will be welcomed by “valet workers - conquerors ". This applies to almost all popular destinations.

Thanks to the opening of the Kerch bridge, now there are much more chances to see the sights of the Crimea by car, and most importantly - cheaper. Travel across the bridge is free, in contrast to the ferry at the Kerch crossing.

The width of the strait from the Chushka spit to the port of Crimea is about 4.5 km (ferry crossing), instead of 15 km from the side of the bridge, but despite this, it is unlikely that now someone wants to cross by ferry.

Traveling by car will allow you to enjoy places inaccessible for backpackers, but there is a nuance. For example, a dirt road to the natural park Karalarsky sometimes becomes difficult for a city car, and the asphalt in the district is "on the C grade", to put it mildly. And other similar locations are no exception. Therefore, before the trip, you need to decide whether you will be a "city tourist" or want to live in a tent, on the seashore, away from noisy cafes and standard excursion routes, depending on your desire and vehicle traffic.

What to see in Crimea in the first place

If you are traveling to the peninsula for the first time, for a few days, you probably have made a decision: to imbue the history of Crimea with the help of the best, most popular sights and simply famous and very beautiful places. Here is a list of what to see in Crimea in the first place, according to the Yughohod website:

A tourist map of Crimea will allow a vacationer to easily understand the geographical features of the Crimean peninsula, to understand the location of cities and towns. And therefore it is wise to plan your own vacation.

Those tourists who intend to plan their own route and need details (roads, passes, villages, streets) are especially "shown" a convenient interactive map of Crimea from Yandex.

You can zoom in on the desired object or, conversely, zoom out to see the whole “picture”. And also build the route of the trip. Agree, such a tool is literally irreplaceable when traveling to Crimea by car!

Map of Crimea with sights


On the East and South coast of the peninsula are located: Kerch, Feodosia, Sudak, Koktebel, Novy Svet, Alushta, Yalta, and other smaller settlements. Such as Partenit, Gurzuf, Koreiz, Miskhor, Gaspra, Oreanda, Simeiz.

The hero city of Sevastopol and the Yevpatoria children's resort are located on the western coast of Crimea. The villages of Lyubimovka, Kacha, Zaozernoe, Popovka, Mirny. Vacation here is cheaper than on the South Coast, and, surprisingly, there are much fewer vacationers.

In the central part, attention is drawn to the ancient Khan's capital, Bakhchisarai (read about the Khan's Palace with the Fountain of Tears, praised by Pushkin). And also the largest settlement of the republic, Simferopol. Almost half of the tourists who are going to relax on the peninsula arrive at the local airport.

These cities, like the ones listed above, can be easily found on a detailed map of Crimea. And, of course, visit - if possible!


Don't forget about the local mountains. They are one of the main reasons why people come here with rare tenacity. Sheer cliffs and gloomy gorges, spacious, windswept mountain plateaus and hidden paths, waterfalls and fragrant pine forests. Crimea has all the ingredients for active recreation and newfangled ecotourism.

Yalta Yaila and the almost legendary Ai-Petri plateau, picturesque Chatyr-Dag and Demerdzhi mountain ranges. Amazing mesas near Bakhchisarai and Sevastopol. The now abandoned cave cities of Chufut-Kale, Eski-Kermen, Kachi-Kalion of the mysterious Karaite people. The most beautiful Assumption rocky monastery in Bakhchisarai ...

Hiking in the Crimea has long become a hallmark of the peninsula, as well as numerous scarf camps and campings designed for lovers of outdoor activities. This inexpensive way of recreation attracts many tourists to Crimea. Every year, tens of thousands of tourists with backpacks and bicycles rush to the mountains, forests and the sea.

We offer participation in hikes organized by a professional team of qualified instructors. The program includes a large number of routes of varying degrees of difficulty, lasting 3 and 6 days. These are not difficult hikes with an escort car, hiking and mountain hikes with walking mode of movement and extreme hikes with elements of speleology and mountain technology. The hiking routes are designed for both beginners and experienced hikers.

At the end of the active part of the hike, you can stay on vacation, settling in our hostel in Alushta. It is a tent camp not far from the sea, equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay. There is a camp site for setting up tents, provided with water, electricity, gas. Outdoor shower and toilet are working. On the territory there is a veranda-dining room with tables and benches. Gas stoves and utensils are provided for cooking.

Hiking in Crimea, hiking and mountain tours are not just another tourist product. This is the style of Crimean life - active, exciting, amazing. Get to know Crimea with real professionals. Enjoy Crimea with us.

The unique landscapes of Crimea are something that everyone should see with their own eyes. The land of wild corners, where the springs give life-giving coolness and the noise of waterfalls, the land of cave cities and mountain plateaus, where the smell of mountain herbs is intoxicating, the land of the mysterious world of caves. Tourist trips in Crimea are unforgettable trips with amazing and stunning views.

For those who still have doubts about the safety of visiting Crimea, we provide comments on the official forum of the Crimea KSS (Control and Rescue Service of Crimea).

Please note that the appeal is addressed to tourists and outdoor enthusiasts. Please treat with understanding and abandon political assessments of the situation. Flood and provocative comments will simply be deleted. Thank you for understanding.

History of "Scientific - Yalta" hikes | year - Hike first

I continue the Crimean tourist story.

In the first part of it, I described the reasons for the idea to make such a trip and talked about how the first time nothing came of it.

Nevertheless, all year from autumn 2008 to spring and early summer 2009, I constantly returned to working out the route of the hike, studied satellite maps of the reserve area between the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory and the Yalta mountain range, explored possible options for ascent and descent to Yalta, measured the mileage. I communicated a little with people on the Internet who lived or who were in those parts and who participated in campaigns - in particular with Sergei Nazarov, known in the astronomical environment as an Astrotourist (Sergei walked across the Crimean expanses hundreds, maybe thousands of kilometers in his endless campaigns), and so the same with the staff of the State Astronomical Institute. Sternberg, who in their young years regularly went to the KrAO for practice and swore that they reached Yalta in a day, but they have already forgotten the route by now. He did not know him in detail and Sergei - it turns out, "Scientific - Yalta" - not quite a trivial journey. But I infected Sergei with this direction and he also took up the development of the route - for himself.

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