Mountain tourism clubs in Krasnodar

Ski resorts of the Krasnodar Territory

NovoTour company organizes interesting and unforgettable ski tours and programs in the most popular ski resorts in the country: Krasnaya Polyana, Arkhyz, Dombay, Elbrus and Georgia - Gudauri and Bakuriani.

Skiing is the most popular type of recreation in our country. Of course, this will require some physical effort from you, because skiing requires a readiness for such loads, but at the same time it gives you an unforgettable pleasure. One day is enough to clear your head and mind from the bustle of the city, enjoy the beauty of the snow-capped peaks, and reconnect with nature.

Ski tours from Krasnodar and Novorossiysk

There are many opportunities for recreation in the Krasnodar Territory at any time of the year. But the options for winter tours are especially pleasing. After all, one, two or three days are enough here to visit several popular and very famous ski resorts at once. And the NovoTour company will help you in organizing a high-level recreation - we offer rest only in the highest quality ski resorts in the south of Russia.

Want to go skiing but only have one weekend? No problem! We offer tours of various durations, with different options for conducting. We provide a transfer with comfortable buses, where all tourists are fed delicious homemade food, tea or coffee. You can go on vacation without thinking about all these little things!

Ski holidays

Experience in organizing winter tours helps our instructors to provide maximum comfort. You have time to rest, relax and fully enjoy the time allotted for rest.

For each of the offers of ski tours, which are planned in our calendar, its peculiarities are described. It depends on the remoteness of the resort, the complexity of the trails and the preparation of tourists. But in any case, we will provide you with all the opportunities to make this vacation unforgettable and leave behind only the most positive impressions.

On our winter weekend tours, we offer our favorite participants a fun movie on the bus, as well as a small coffee break with tea/coffee and homemade cakes.

Krasnaya Polyana

Krasnaya Polyana is the most famous ski resort in Russia, especially after the Winter Olympics in Sochi 2014. The highest skiing point is Rosa Peak - 2320 m. There are 3 complexes here - Rosa Khutor, Gornaya Karusel (Gorki Gorod) and Gazprom ( Laura), and the Alpika Service complex is being reconstructed. In Krasnaya Polyana you will find trails for any level of skiing - from slopes for skiing with young children to freeriding in the forest, ski touring to mountain peaks and heliski routes with the best mountain guides in Russia.

In the Central District of any large city, there are its best nightclubs. Krasnodar is no exception. Wealthy gentlemen (and even not so) here always have a luxurious vacation, surrounded by attentive staff, DJ and other personalities.

Entertainment at the Sugar Club

"Klubeshnik" conquered Krasnaya - the main street of the Kuban "capital", fitting into one of its old houses. All the most iconic sights of the metropolis are located next to it.

The interiors here are very avant-garde. Everything is fluorescent or filtered. There are many tables. Among the options for the cultural program - corps de ballet, go-go, disco. Visiting and local vocalists are also "on duty" on the dance floor - at the weekend. “Expanding the horizon in musical flight” is the main “sugar” motto. DJs here “burn”, compete - these are Nickel, MC Pit Bull, Gray and Gradiator. They encourage clients to bring both friends and enemies here. Music and imagination will equalize their chances in battle.

What to eat and drink? Everything that helps to move energetically and actively throw out emotions into the space - good cocktails, famous beer, elite wine, high-calorie snacks and sophisticated salads. The highlight of the local cuisine is the special Caesar. Find out his secret! And further. Many tourists will be interested in the average check. And he is mediocre.

Night "Heaven" of Krasnodar city

An entertaining place with a vibrant cultural program is also located on Krasnaya Street (Kvartal RC). However, this time near the Premiere Theater and the Hilton Garden Inn. Well, is it prestigious ?!

The entrance is certainly not cheap, in particular for men. And the dress code calls for solidity. But here you will find an excellent attitude of the staff, exquisite decoration in the style of "Chicago casino", a lot of brilliant and bright, strobe lights, half-naked dancers, black DJ and the elite. It is no coincidence that this institution is called "the best in the region."

In the menu you will find dishes of not only Russian, but also European cuisine. And a hookah. However, many people think that the feeding here is quite ordinary and prepared "for a C". Another disadvantage is that the tortured waiters lack smiles on their faces so much.

A vibrant holiday at Coco

An institution with such an unusual name can be found in the center of the Festivalny microdistrict, next to the department store of the same name. It is located in a stylish building and has received the status of a karaoke bar.

The interior space "breathes" the Spanish style: the veranda is characteristic. You will definitely like the food, because for all tastes: sushi, rolls, beef steaks, salads, salmon, delicately served meat, vegetable and fruit cuts. Scenic tiramisu, fruit desserts, ice cream and other sweets. A variety of fresh juices and alcoholic cocktails, a good wine collection and a wide selection of beer. And all this happiness until the morning.

It is good to have a rest in the Krasnodar Territory not only in summer, but also in winter.

Besides the coast, this is an excellent winter getaway. Rosa Khutor and Esta-Sadok are the best ski resorts in our country. These are expensive resorts in the Sochi region. In addition to them, there are also cheaper winter resorts in the Krasnodar Territory, for example, Lago-Naki.

Ski resorts on the map

I'll start talking about the most expensive and well-equipped ski resorts, and at the end of the article I'll tell you where the cheapest are.


Before the 2014 Olympics, Esto-Sadok was an ordinary unkempt village in the shadow of Sochi and Adler.

Now it is one of the most popular ski resorts.

On the slopes of the Krasnodar Territory

Winter activities are open here from December to March. Sometimes the ski season lasts until April. It depends on the weather and the presence of snow.

There are no big frosts here. In the coldest months, temperatures are just below freezing and very humid. When climbing the mountains, it is a little colder, but also humid. The average height of the village above sea level is 700 m, the maximum height is more than 2.3 km.

Read the weather forecast carefully before you travel.

Esto-Sadok is an atypical ski resort. It is located almost in the subtropics, a few tens of kilometers from the sea.

You live in Krasnodar and don't know where you can have a fun and active weekend?

Read our TOP 7 places for outdoor activities, where you can come off to the fullest and keep your health.

Skydiving from the Southern Sky Aviation Club

A powerful adrenaline rush and vivid impressions are guaranteed for you at least a week after a successful flight. You can jump both alone and with an instructor. And beginners are offered a tandem jump. Special skills and abilities are not required, everything will be explained and shown 30 minutes before the start of the adventure. You will fly at a speed of 200 km/h. The flight duration is 50 seconds, not counting the 5-7 minutes of drive after the parachute is deployed. If the parachute does not open, it will be the most memorable 50 seconds of your life. )

Survivors are given a skydiving certificate.

For those who like to do everything alone and fly too, there is a parachute with forced deployment at an altitude of 800 meters. That is, if you decide to leave the earth without warning your relatives, nothing will come of it. The parachute will open and will not ask you. If you like skydiving, the club provides free fall training, consisting of eight jumps.

For more information, please call: +7 (964) 939-06-54

Have you flown? Now you can dive.

Diving with Diskus-Shark

Do you dream of seeing the beauty of the underwater world in reality, not in a dream? In the diving center "Diskus-Shark" you will be offered diving - training in a heated pool or in open waters. You can take part in diving either alone or in groups. One can fly, but not swim? True, they are allowed to enter the reservoir after passing the exam.

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