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Good afternoon. This was the first time I took part in such an extreme trip and I must say, I thought I would not survive. BUT! Many thanks to our instructor Ilya for his training.

A story about indescribable magical, winter sensations. Joy from the first minutes from meeting the instructor Ilya Valentinovich, there is so much invigorating energy in him.

Today we will tell you how to organize an unforgettable trip to Gorny Altai by car through its spectacular places. The proposed route will start from Barnaul and end in Kurai. Experienced tourists always carefully plan their trip to Altai by car - this allows you to see the maximum of sights in a short period of time. When planning, such tourists provide for the possibility of maximum savings. One of the useful tips if you are going on vacation to Altai by car is to use services that allow you to pick up fellow travelers for a moderate fee.


Just in case, check your documents for a trip to Altai by car.

Automobile route from Moscow to Gorny Altai

The most convenient route: Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod - Kirov - Perm - Yekaterinburg - Tyumen - Omsk - Novosibirsk - Gorno-Altaysk. The road through almost a third of the territory of Russia is replete with sights, but the purpose of the trip is Altai, so we skip the details. It is better to move along federal highways - they are being actively repaired, so it is more likely to meet good coverage. In general, the best part of the journey is the roads of Western Siberia. The most problematic roads are at the crossing from Nizhny Novgorod to Perm. After Novosibirsk, go to the federal highway Novosibirsk-Mongolia (Chuisky tract). Through it you can drive the entire Altai in a southern direction.

Pros and cons of independent recreation in Altai



Altai sights

The main attractions are striking natural beauties: snow-white peaks, mountain rivers.

Gorny Altai is attractive for tourists by the beauty of majestic mountains, fast-flowing rivers and mirror-like lakes, mysterious natural monuments and historical and philosophical values ​​of the world scale. After noisy and dusty megacities, Altai Mountains provide an opportunity to relax for body and soul. Often after a few days in Altai, you want to stay here forever or come back again and again. Each trip will give the discovery of new secrets and beauties.

The benefits of traveling by car

Reply to the post "Who is right?"

This story about the seller sounds wild and looks like a fiction, but I have met a similar tourist.

One of the hikes, halt, the group started talking about winter routes. We talked, touched on the topic of radials, share our opinions on this, and here one of the participants says that it would be better to heat the water in advance in order to return, and she was already there. objected, they say there is no particular sense in this, if the group leaves the camp for the whole day at a very subzero temperature, i.e. water will freeze without thermos. You can, of course, try to delay freezing by wrapping the water in sleeping bags, but fig knows how effective it is and how much time it will give in severe frost. Eureka looks at me with a look "Eureka!" and says: "Damn, but the sleeping bags are heating! Exactly, the WATER WILL NOT FREEZE, it might even get hot!" ... after which I became depressed.

We used to make interesting content

Digging in the closet and found an interesting object - a deck of cards. They turned out to be very amusing.

You can say the rarity of the 83rd year.

Besides the cool tips, there is an interesting design solution.

To save space, graphics and visuals are drawn directly over the text. The solution is very non-trivial.

I liked the presentation and advice very much. If anyone is interested, I can post more of these cards and tips for tourism.

P. ... Thanks for looking

Travel Comics

Shitty Trainer

I studied in different clubs and sections, with different coaches, but two were especially memorable.

Rainbow after a thunderstorm

For several hours we were hammered by rain and hail, blown away by the wind, and lightning flashed around us. The long-awaited break of half an hour, a little sun broke through the clouds and a rainbow rose as if from a gorge.

OVERVIEW: Mountaineering and Climbing Belay Devices

Which belay device to choose for rock climbing, and which one is better for mountaineering? All belay devices can be used for both belaying and descent. Safety devices - descenders can be divided into 3 groups: belay devices of the eight type, tube-type devices (often also called baskets or cups) and the so-called semi-automatic safety devices. The review examines the pros and cons, as well as the scope of various belay devices.

Mountaineering boots

The information is for informational purposes only, is intended for beginners and does not claim to be absolutely accurate. I will be glad if they correct or supplement me, I will try to answer the questions in the comments. Some points were deliberately simplified. All images are taken from the web for example and are not advertising. The post will only focus on climbing boots, climbing shoes will not be considered, as well as trekking shoes. Prices are average for Moscow and for the most popular models. In the beginning there will be general information and an overview of the species, at the end of the post - general recommendations.

The choice of boots for mountaineering is a responsible process: firstly, the boots are expensive, secondly, the general impressions of the adventure largely depend on the comfort of the feet, and finally, thirdly, there are many varieties of boots created for different tasks. In this short review, I will try to talk about the main types of boots and their features. Let's go!

First, let's try to figure out what mountaineering boots are and how they differ from ordinary ones. As a rule, these are warm high boots with a hard sole and ankle, designed for mountain climbing. They are distinguished from other shoes, for example, from trekking ones, by the stiffness of the sole and the presence of welts for attaching crampons.

There are special boots for different conditions and tasks. Currently, we can talk about three main types: single-layer, two-layer and three-layer. As the name implies, they differ in the number of layers. The layers in this case are boots in boots. Single-layer boots are classic boots familiar to everyone. Two-layer - a warm liner and the boot itself. Three-layer - liner, boot and boot cover. Now let's take a closer look at each type.

As a rule, they are designed for small mountains (up to 5000 m) and summer ascents. For example, the Alps or Alpsbori. In large mountains and in winter it can be cold in them and often such boots are insulated with shoe covers. Shoe covers are warm covers that are worn over the boot. Sensitivity to cold is an individual matter and in general it is better to warm up than freeze. They are usually made from leather, synthetic materials, or a combination of these. The membrane is assumed for granted. Their advantages: relatively low cost (

30,000 - 40,000 rubles), a large selection of different models (there are one or two welts, warmer and lighter, etc.), relative wearing comfort, can be used on various types of terrain (rocks, snow or ice). The downside of these boots is that they are difficult to dry. If a shoe gets wet, most often it happens from sweat, then drying it out in the field becomes a problem, and walking in wet shoes is cold and unpleasant. In addition, they are not very durable and can get wet over time.

An example of single-layer boots.

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