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The best trekking spots in Russia

Here is our selection of 5 routes in Russia that are best for a beginner for a day trip

A hike is a great opportunity to explore your country, get to know more about the flora and fauna of the area in which we live. If you are just discovering the world of hiking, then it is better to start with simple routes lasting 1-2 days. Be sure to go camping with the company the first time to make your trip safer and more comfortable.

It's spring now, it's time to go on a little trip to the natural monuments! Below we offer you five routes in Russia that are perfect for beginner hikers.

Alpine meadows in Krasnaya Polyana

This is one of the easiest and most affordable trekking routes in Krasnaya Polyana. It is ideal for beginners, as it passes along a specially equipped trail, and the elevation differences are small here.

The route starts at an altitude of 2200 meters, you ascend to its beginning along the Mountain Carousel cable car from Estosadok. When you go up, you will see the route signs. On the route there are two gazebos where you can rest, refresh yourself, admire the surrounding nature or hide from the rain, because the weather in the mountains is very changeable.

The route opens as soon as all the snow melts and closes with the first snow. This is one of those routes that will suit people of almost any age and fitness level. And the stunning beauty of the landscapes and alpine meadows will not leave anyone indifferent.

Agur waterfalls in the vicinity of Sochi

This route leads to cascades of waterfalls in the canyon of the mountain river Agura. This destination is popular with travelers as it is very picturesque at any time of the year. But it is best to visit it in autumn or spring, when the river has the most water.

You can get to the beginning of the route from Sochi by any minibus heading towards Adler. It is best to get off at the Sputnik stop and start your hike from this place. You can walk past three waterfalls and then reach the Eagle Rocks. There are also gazebos along the way where you can take a break. The gorge of the Agura River looks very impressive, so you can definitely enjoy nature in its original form.

Terskol outskirts of the Elbrus region

5 routes: where to go on a day hike in the mountains

In Russia, winter lasts most of the year, and there is usually more than enough snow. From any hill or slide, you can build an excellent ski resort, and in fact a third of the territory of our country is covered with mountains. So far, we are at the very beginning of the path towards the development of natural resources, but every year the ski resorts of Russia are flourishing and getting better. Modern lifts appear, the slopes are equipped with snow cannons in case of a warm winter, and they allow to extend the season.

The infrastructure of Krasnaya Polyana and many other regions, according to tourists, is in no way inferior to the Austrian or Italian ski resorts. Many hotels, apartments, guest houses are being built everywhere. Vacationers will find restaurants, cafes, water parks, snowmobiling, dog and reindeer sledding, excursions to unique sights.

Our article contains useful information about those places where you can not only go skiing or snowboarding, but also have a great rest during the same New Year holidays.

We will tell you about the features of the resorts, what kind of tourists they are suitable for, which ski resort to choose, how to get and where to stay, what to eat and what to see.


Image by phankiy from Pixabay

This ski resort, nicknamed the Switzerland of Siberia for its natural beauty, is located in the Gornaya Shoria mountain range (logic, yes). This is a harsh land covered with taiga forests.

Sheregesh is located in the southern part of the Kemerovo region, where Altai, Sayan and Alatau meet.

The village of Sheregesh got its name in honor of the famous brothers by the name of Sheregeshev. It was they who discovered here a huge deposit of iron ores in 1912

Nowadays, you can often hear the colloquial name of a place, abbreviated to "Cher" or "Gesh".

Where to go for a day hike? There are many wonderful places in our country. We offer you 5 of the best routes.


Author Julia Kozlova

The most popular routes in Adygea are laid through the Lago-Naki plateau and the territory of the Caucasian State Nature Biosphere Reserve. At the beginning of the journey, you must issue a pass at the cordon.

When traveling in this area, you can see picturesque waterfalls, caves and gorges. A significant part of the path passes through alpine meadows of a high-mountain karst plateau at altitudes up to 2000 m. The most popular route in the Soviet years - All-Union No. 30 "Through the mountains to the sea" - allows you to see several climatic zones at once. It is laid bypassing the Stone Sea through the Guzeripl pass to the foot of the Fisht-Oshtenovsky massif - the Fisht shelter and the Belorechensky pass. Tourists go around the majestic Fishta peak along the mountain path, descend from the southern side of the Main Caucasian ridge to the Babuk-Aul shelter and go through the Shakhe river valley to Solohaul. The track ends in Dagomys on the Black Sea coast. Such a journey lasts from 5 to 6 days, travelers cover about 65 km and gain about 2300 m of altitude.

Attention! The Lago-Naki plateau is karst - there are many caves and craters here. Some of them are invisible, because they are covered with sod. It is better to move in this area along the trails.

How to get there: you can get to the valley of the Belaya River (Maikop district) by train (at the station Khadzhokh in the village of Kamennomostky) or by bus from Maikop. The nearest airports are located in Krasnodar and Rostov-on-Don. The village of Guzeripl, from which most of the tracks to the sea begin, can be reached by bus or taxi.

In Teberda, routes through the territory of the biosphere reserve of the same name are popular. Tourists visit the Shumka pass and waterfall, Jamagad narzans, an ancient temple on the Sentin mountain, Chuchkhur waterfall, Baduk lakes and Mukhinsky gorge. From here it is a stone's throw to Dombai, where the air is filled with spruce-fir aroma and amazingly beautiful views of the Caucasian peaks open up.

The route of the circular track around Arkhyz is very beautiful. This is a whole necklace of natural attractions - Sofia lakes, Irkiz and Kara-Dzhash passes, picturesque valleys of the Psysh and Belaya rivers, Ai-Yulu pass and Lake Semitsvetnoye. A slightly more difficult route runs from Arzykh to Dombay. During it, travelers overcome passes at altitudes of about 3000 m. The path passes through the North Chegordali pass, the Bear's mouth tract, past the Kara-Kol lake, and the North Kara-Kaya and Alibek passes.

Attention! To visit part of the territory, you must issue a pass. Registration and issuance is free - you need to send an application to pz @ fsb. u.

Terms: June to early October.

How to get there: the nearest airport is located in Mineralnye Vody. They go to Teberda or Dombay by taxi. It is better to get to Nevinnomyssk or Cherkessk by train, then take a taxi as well. Buses run to Arkhyz from Mineralnye Vody, as well as Cherkessk, Labinsk, Kislovodsk, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don and Nevinnomyssk (with a change in the village of Zelenchukskaya). The schedule is here.

Picturesque old mountains are located in the Arctic. The area has long been explored by trackers, but it does not lose its northern charm and "wildness". Most of the routes start from the western spurs of the Khibiny mountain range from the side of Lake Imandra, or from the city of Kirovsk. The compactness of the Khibiny tundra, the abundance of natural objects and natural obstacles, makes it possible to lay routes of varying difficulty and duration. The most popular among travelers here are the Aku-Aku gorge, the Fersman passes, Yumekorr, South Chorrgor, North and South Rischorra, as well as Geographers. The area is convenient for drawing up complex routes, including, in addition to the linear part, radial exits and circular sections.

Attention! In June and even in July, the process of snow melting in the Khibiny is not yet complete; large rivers can be difficult for fords.

Most tourists associate a trip to Baikal with outdoor activities, extreme hiking and water routes and hiking romance. Harsh, but at the same time insanely juicy, bright and virgin Siberian beauty has always attracted brutal men, lovers of extreme travel and romantics.

It is here, on Lake Baikal, that all travelers experience a crazy surge of emotions and adrenaline from extraordinary landscapes and experiences. It is for this that all those who are bored with the routine of everyday life, burghers and office fuss come here.

Various active routes allow you to combine these bursts of emotions, endorphins and adrenaline in one journey and get a boost of vital energy for the coming year.

Today we will talk about the brightest form of active recreation on Lake Baikal - rafting along the fast mountain rivers of the Baikal region.


The water network of mountain rivers in the Baikal basin is one of the largest in the world thanks to the two largest mountain ranges bordering Lake Baikal on both sides - the gray-haired Khamar-Daban and the snow-white loaches of the Eastern Sayan mountain range. There are such world-famous rivers as Angara, Irkut, Snezhnaya, Utulik, Oka-Sayanskaya, Zhombolok, Kitoy, Zun-Murin, Khara-Murin and many other rivers that are no less popular among water sportsmen.

Convenience of landing and close distances to water routes allow in a couple of hours the way from Irkutsk to ride almost any recalcitrant river, and many different levels and categories of water obstacles make it possible for any even novice tourist who is ready to feel like real extreme test your character and get your share of positive emotions.

The uniqueness of water hikes on the rabulic rivers of the Baikalia is that after such campaigns of indifferent tourists no longer remain. At least once to see all this nude and wild natural beauty of the Siberian Taiga and enjoy the spicy smells of the dispersion, molting on a catamaran or raft on a stormy river in the team of like-minded people, feel a harsh melting of the mining flow and cope with his wild power - euphoria at the end of such alloys And positive memories will accompany you years.

Selecting alloy

A bit of theory: <

Mountain rivers take their beginning high in the mountains and carry their waters down on the plains and plateaus. Due to significant height differences, the flow rate of such rivers reaches 25-30 km/h. Depending on the number of obstacles, such as stones, rocks, waterfalls and other rivers are classified by category from 1 to 6 category of complexity.

1 category - calm water of the plain river.

6 category - thresholds and waterfalls with a drop of heights up to 10-15 meters.

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