Mountain Kolyvan Tourism

Mountain Kolyvan Tourism

Information portal altapress. u continues a series of publications about popular tourist destinations in Altai. This time we go to the Kolyvan mountain range. At its foot there are two well-known lakes: Kolyvanskoe in the Zmeinogorsk region and Beloye in Kuryinsky. Our correspondent walked around their shores and surroundings. And he studied why it is worth coming there, where to live, what to do and how much such a vacation might cost.

Kolyvan - March

The journey from Barnaul to Kolyvan is not a short one - about four hours. However, when you enter this area, you no longer want to reach the end point. I would like to go further. And even further. The wavy green expanse of the landscape in the checkerboard shadow of the clouds is beautiful in itself. Geometrically spaced haystacks, rare figures of people, horses and cows seem quite tiny against such a background. The sensations in such a place are not similar to those experienced in Gorny Altai. There are high peaks of rocks and trees, the grandeur of nature. Here is space and freedom.

Then the countryside is interrupted by the countryside. In the village of Kolyvan you can stop for a break and look into the stone-cutting museum or the stone-cutting factory. In the first entrance it costs 90 rubles, in the second - 100 rubles. Today these are two monuments to the former greatness of "Kolyvan stone-cut". It is definitely worth a visit once. Every day in the Museum of Stone Cutting, you can see things that surrounded people who created monumental vases-bowls of semi-precious and ornamental stones for the Russian royal court of the 19th century.

Getting on an excursion to the stone-cutting factory is more difficult: Saturday and Sunday are weekends, and on weekdays it is better to notify of your arrival in advance.

A museum employee says that we can only have a snack in the village in one cafe, and we will have to wait 20 minutes for food. It is also not easy to stay overnight in the vicinity of the village. There is a recently built hotel "Sinegorye", designed for 17 people. This is a hotel with minimal service, a shared kitchen and shower room. But it is inexpensive: accommodation costs 500 rubles per day for an adult, 250 rubles for a child. You can look for rental housing in the village. For the same money that Sinegorye offers, local residents rent out entire estates with individual bathrooms, gazebos in the courtyard and the Internet.

Nevertheless, there are not many such houses, and I was advised to continue my way to Lake Beloye - “there are many tourist centers”. A few kilometers through the forest to the village called "March 8" - and you are convinced that it is.

March - White Lake

The water in Bely is clear, on hot days it is warm. The lake attracted tourists long before the infrastructure appeared here. The reservoir has not yet overgrown her on all the banks, which only paints it. Finding a free parking space with a tent in the area is easy. If you leave the road and at random start looking for a place for yourself at the tourist centers, you can stumble upon anything.

For example, in the equipped area of ​​the lake shore next to the road there is a recreation center "Skala". Her leader, who was fiddling with the car, did not consider it necessary to come up to me, introduce himself and generally communicate.

- Everything is busy, order by phone, - he muttered from under the hood.

But I allowed to walk around the territory. On it there were twelve small summer houses for budget accommodation (the cost of renting one room is 800 rubles per day) and a large tower-cottage with amenities. According to the man from under the hood, a company of 10 people can rent the term for 13.5 thousand rubles a day.

Having visited such an owner, one can decide that on Belye people either sit next to a modest house and get bored, or pay a lot of money and also do not understand what they are doing. However, next to the inhospitable "Rock" a completely different picture opens up. Although I did not express a desire to stop for a rest, the director of the "Beloye Lake" base took me around all his houses in 10 minutes, told me about the services, the Bely's peculiarities and the numerous fish that can be caught here. And also about hiking to Mount Sinyukha, looming on the horizon.

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