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Many people ask how best to train to prepare yourself for the ascent. I'll tell you about this now. In fact, there is nothing supernatural about the preparation. All ingenious is simple! But not everything that is simple is easy. You will need high self-discipline and commitment to training. Either way, whether you're hiking or not, what I'm going to tell you here will be of immense benefit to your body. During the trek, you will have to do heavy, but not excessive, aerobic work.

For mountain tourism, as a rule, "explosive" loads are not characteristic, as in sprint running or weightlifting, separate fast movements are possible only at the moment of danger - to dodge a stone, linger on a breakdown, grab the first food and so on. Usually, a mountain tourist is characterized by slow, smooth, measured movements for a long time, which allows us to assert that, in terms of the nature of the loads, mountain tourism is close to cycling, skiing, race walking, running and swimming for long distances, and of course, mountaineering.

To prepare for a hike in the mountains, aerobic types of loads are most suitable, that is, long, monotonous, not too intense, endurance training for the cardiovascular and respiratory system. Athletes who regularly engage in aerobic sports, that is, those who develop long-term endurance such as skiing, swimming, football, cycling, adapt to high altitude conditions faster than non-athletes or athletes specializing in speed-strength sports (sprint, bodybuilding , weightlifting).

Hiking is a test of your physical and mental strength. So that during the hike you do not feel severe discomfort and overwork, so that this hike is a thrill for you, and not a test on the verge of life and death - I will tell you how to prepare yourself physically, develop endurance and how to mentally prepare for the hike so that everything goes well. <

Endurance Training

Prepare for you need to hike in advance, I advise you not to postpone it for later, but start now. It is in your interests and in the interests of the group, since you will be in a team and, as you know, the speed of movement of the group is equal to the speed of movement of its weakest member, and it is very important that everyone goes to the mountains already physically prepared. You will have to train mainly endurance - it is this that is a priority in the mountains, where huge spaces dominate.

Running is best. But we must remember that on hikes we walk, not run, so during training, we should give preference to unhurried long-distance running, and not marches for time records. Running primarily develops the respiratory system - this is very important on the climbs, where an unprepared body often lacks oxygen. Namely, the lack of oxygen in the blood causes the state when not only do not want to rise, but even live, when the heart darkens before the eyes and, trying to overtake more blood to saturate the muscles with oxygen, bursts out of the chest! Therefore, be sure to include running in your current training system. Run slowly, but a lot.

In addition to the respiratory system, running strengthens the ankle muscles, which is very important during a hike (you often have to walk on uneven surfaces and there is always a chance to twist your leg). I advise you to do daily jogging, in the morning or in the evening. The main thing is that your body begins to get used to aerobic exercise, which will be a lot in the mountains.

Leg muscle training

The leg muscles need to be trained first. Here, one run will not be enough. Together with the development of endurance, you need to develop strength in the legs. In addition to jogging, it is very important to include in the training system SITUATES, because doing them is a good workout for the hip extensor muscles. These are the muscles that experience the greatest stress when climbing uphill.

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