Mountain hikes

Mountain hikes

Mountain hiking with an overnight stay is a real unforgettable adventure. We have prepared a lot of programs for you with one, two or even three nights. Each time you will go deep into the Caucasian reserve to touch the real treasures of the nature of the Caucasus. A professional guide ensures your safety on every route. He will tell you a lot of interesting things about the surrounding mountain world of the reserve. Read the description of the programs and choose the one that suits you. From light trekking to a mountain lake with an overnight stay in a comfortable chalet to a real ascent to one of the legendary peaks of the Caucasus. On some routes, it is possible to complete all or part of the path on horseback, as well as transfer equipment to the camp with their help. All you need is to choose the program you like and the option "All inclusive" or "With your own". The first means that we provide you with all the equipment you need: a tent, a rug, a sleeping bag, trekking poles, a set of camping utensils, a headlamp and a backpack. Food, gas, a set of dishes for cooking are included in any version of the program. That is, all you need to go hiking is clothes. Shoes, by the way, can be rented. Option "With your own" for those who have all the necessary equipment. And if something is missing, then again you can use the rental.

You can book a hike with an overnight stay in the mountains online, by phone or mail:

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booking @ yetiguide

How to determine your level of skiing?

We use a simple gradation: beginner, advanced and confident skating levels.

“Beginner” You feel confident on the red and black slopes and have already skated off the slopes several times. As a rule, these are not rolled classic wide flat slopes with an angle of inclination of no more than 30 degrees. and shallow snow of comfortable condition ("powder", spring sliding snow). At the same time, you objectively feel that you need to improve your off-piste technique for more comfortable riding. Long, non-stop descents are a bit of a challenge for you. You prefer to break a long descent into sections to catch your breath. It is extremely undesirable for you to have narrow couloirs, forest areas, icy, hard slopes, hillocks, sastrugs during the descent. Descent through deep, as well as heavy wet and sticky snow, crust, with poor, flat visibility is a significant challenge for you, leads to frequent falls. You try to avoid descents more than 40 degrees.

Confident You have significant off-piste experience. You feel confident in narrow corridors, on slopes with variable relief. You control the speed and can adapt your riding technique to the terrain and snow conditions, whether it is a hard, icy section of a slope with a slope of 40 degrees, deep snow, forest, rolled sections. Skating on bumps, crust and heavy wet snow, as well as with zero visibility, is technically problematic for you.

"Advanced" The condition of the snow does not matter to you: crust, wet heavy snow, hard and icy areas with sastrugs. You control your speed and adapt your riding technique to suit any terrain, visibility and snow conditions. An inclination angle of over 45 degrees means even more fun when descending. Bumps, crust, frequent forest - this is not a problem, but components of an interesting and varied skiing.

Recommendations on the types of insurance policies from wwwsaveproliferu when doing freeriding, backcountry, heli-skiing and skiing, depending on the skiing areas

Mountain hikes

In this article, we will consider all the best ski resorts in Russia for 2021 with ski prices and the provision of cheap accommodation. I hope the rating compiled by me will be very useful to you and you will dispel all doubts about how to spend this winter with benefit.

Before compiling a rating of the best ski resorts in Russia with inexpensive prices, let's determine the conditions for compiling a rating, which include the parameters:

  • Accommodation in hotels near the ski resort (3 stars)
  • The cost of lunch in a cafe near the ski resort
  • Rent a ski pass all day

According to these parameters, I will compile a list of the best ski resorts in Russia for 2021. The first resort you should definitely visit in order to feel the full power of Siberia is the resort "Belokurikha". It is better to buy a plane ticket through Aviasales and book a room in hotels and hotels in cities at cheap prices here, it will really be cheaper.

Ski resort of Russia with inexpensive accommodation and prices - "Belokurikha"

The Belokurikha ski resort has a very influential rating among all places to go to the mountains in Russia. People come here from all regions in order to improve their health and go snowboarding and skiing. This resort is located in the Altai Territory in the mountains of the Cherginsky ridge.

The longest trail in this resort is 2500 meters, the total length of all trails is 27 kilometers. The easiest way to get to the ski resort is from Biysk or Barnaul by bus or minibus, the travel time from Barnaul will be about 4 hours. You can book cheap flights to Barnaul right now.

Do you want to try the snow on the slopes of Sochi and other complexes of the country, and at the same time save on transfers with accommodation services? Then I recommend using the services that have already helped me out more than once and gave me real benefits when booking vouchers, places in hotels, plane tickets:

If you have not yet purchased a snowboard or alpine skiing, then read the articles on choosing equipment with professional advice that will help you decide on the choice of alpine skiing and the choice of snowboard. By the way, the daily budget of your stay in Belokurikha will be approximately 2300 rubles per person.

Mountain ski resort of Irkutsk region and Siberia - "Sobolinaya Mountain"

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