Mountain camp in North Ossetia

Skiing on ancient slopes

Between the snow-white peaks in the Mamison Gorge, where the Ossetian Military Road once ran, the construction of two cable cars and a tourist village will begin at the end of this year. The resort project, which seemed to have been given up, received a second wind. What sights the territory is rich in and what legends the locals tell about them - in the material of "AiF-SK".

It will be easy to get there

To get to the gorge where the resort will be, you need to leave the Transcaucasian highway leading to South Ossetia and get through the Zaramagsky tunnel. It was built back in the Soviet years, so the vaults fell into disrepair and let water through, which turned into ice in winter. The cars were driving in the dark, which was unsafe. The tunnel is currently being repaired. To speed it up, the Russian government recently allocated 200 million rubles from the country's Reserve Fund.

A good, modern road starts right behind the tunnel. They managed to asphalt it before the implementation of the project, which started in 2010, was suspended. Power lines were installed to the resort, part of the water conduit was laid. In total, 2.2 billion rubles were spent on survey work, preparation of documentation and construction, according to the Ministry of Economic Development of North Ossetia. And in 2016, the project was frozen, the status of a special economic zone was removed from it.

Mamison got its second wind only last year. Both the benefits of the special zone and federal funding were returned to him. 6.4 billion rubles will be allocated from the country's budget in the next three years.

Along with budgetary investments in infrastructure, including the construction of cable cars and the preparation of slopes for ski slopes, this year private investors should make their contribution by building a tourist village in the village of Verkhny Zgid.

Equals Park City

The potential of the resort was recently assessed by the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian government Yuri Trutnev. He examined the slopes from the air, noted the unique relief for the development of ski tourism, many historical monuments and mineral springs. All this, according to him, will create a world-class resort. But in order not to postpone plans again on the back burner, the authorities decided in the near future to develop a clear timetable for the construction of facilities.

The master plan of the resort has been calculated for 30 years ahead, taking into account the suitability of the slopes and the capacity of future routes. “Development is designed in four stages. The ultimate goal is to reach the Zaramag glacier, where we are going to organize year-round skiing. It is a stable glacier with a route length of about three kilometers, ”said Oleg Karsanov, head of the Mamison project.

By the fourth stage, more than 70 km of ski slopes will be created at Mamison, and up to 10 thousand vacationers will be able to visit it at the same time. But this does not mean that North Ossetia will take away the flow of tourists from its neighbors - Elbrus or Arkhyz.

“There are clearly not enough ski resorts in Russia. In 2019, 380 thousand people crossed the Upper Lars checkpoint and went abroad to go skiing. 8 thousand of them went to the north of Turkey, 12 thousand - visited a ski resort in Azerbaijan, - says Oleg Karsanov. - We have a good resort "Elbrus", but it needs to be completed. Someone calls Abzakovo near Moscow a ski resort, but it is suitable only for beginner skiers. We will have a professional resort that will be able to host the World Cup stages. And to skeptics who still doubt it, I will say this: "Dream, otherwise you will work all your life for the one who dreamed." And I will invite them to the opening. "

They survived the explosions - they will survive the construction site

Skiing on ancient slopes

North and South Ossetia, from the end of June to September

Can you blow a bone forge? We will teach! Photo by Anton Agarkov

The cosiness of an old mountain house, the magic of waterfalls and lakes in the pristine mountains, pagan sanctuaries and the warmth of Ossetian hospitality ... your comfort.


Digoria day

Canyon on the way to Digoria. Photo by Dmitry Lemeshev

Immediately after arrival, we will go to Digoria - the gorge of North Ossetia, which has preserved its authenticity to the greatest extent in the face of the upcoming tourist progress. Life here still flows according to its own canons, and in order to show respect for its originality, we will make a trip to the ancient sanctuary. And on the way to the place of our overnight stay, we will make stops at the best photo points to enjoy the pre-sunset landscapes. Overnight in the modern mountain resort "Tana Park", located in the upper reaches of the Digorsky gorge.

day Karaugom glacier

View of the Karaugomsky glacier. Photo by Anton Agarkov

This day we will have a walk along the most beautiful path along the Karaugomdon River to the glacier. The path itself, passing through the pine forest, is no less beautiful than the view that awaits us at the end of the path! In the evening we will return back and in off-road vehicles we will go to another part of the gorge - Uallagkom, which means "Upper Gorge" in Ossetian. We will stop in the village of Kamunta - the highest in Digoria, in a rural house. We will spend the evening by the fireplace, listening to Ossetian legends. For dinner - Ossetian pies cooked with their own hands in a wood-fired oven.

day Tseyskoe gorge

Mountain breakfast: homemade bread, delicious cheese, eggs, ghee and, for good health, homemade vodka and honey. Photo by Dmitry Egorov

A new resort is being built in North Ossetia - By the end of this year, construction of cable cars and a village for tourists will begin at the resort.

Main impressions

The mountains of the Main Caucasian ridge, alpine meadows, jeeping, walks to waterfalls and the majestic Tana glacier await us.

What will we do on the tour

The route passes in the Caucasus, in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania. It is here, at the foot of the Main Caucasian Ridge, that mountainous Digoria lies. Digoria at every step we are met by high mountains and emerald rivers. Comfortable mountain paths lead tourists to numerous waterfalls and the majestic Tana glacier! In Digoria, you can not only admire the majestic nature, but also touch the secrets of the past. Our program includes jeeping to ancient villages, to ancient Ossetian towers. we will definitely try the famous Ossetian pies =)).

General information on the route. Type of rest: living in tents, walking along the gorges with light luggage. giving birth: tents. Meals: three meals a day are organized during the trip. Every day there are assigned duty officers who prepare breakfast and dinner over the fire, lunch - dry rations in the afternoon. The route passes at an altitude of 1740-2400 m. The length of the route is 69.1 km.

Line of the route: Vladikavkaz, Uastyrdzhi monument, Akhsinta canyon, Devil's bridge, Digorskoye gorge • Mount Kubus, Taymazinsky waterfalls • Karaugom glacier • Galdaridon waterfall • Tanacete glacier • ancient Ossetian towers • Bayradi waterfall - town Vladikavkaz.



11: 00-11: 30 - group gathering in the city of Mineralnye Vody at the airport and at the railway station. Transfer to Digorskoe gorge (about 4 hours).

Vladikavkaz city - Uastyrdzhi monument - Digorskoye gorge. leaving the bustling city, we go to the picturesque gorges of North Ossetia. In the Alagir Gorge, we will make a stop near the monument to St. George. Here he is called Uastyrdzhi - this is the main character of the local epic, the patron saint of men, warriors and travelers. at a height of 22 meters, a spectacular rider on a steel horse seems to pierce through the rock and fly out onto the road. The weight of the sculpture is 28 tons !! This is the tallest equestrian monument in the world! Let's go further, in front of us is the main gate of mountain Digoria - the Akhsinta canyon. The Akhsinti Head bridge is laid across the canyon, in our opinion - the Devil's Bridge. Under the bridge, at a depth of 80 meters, the Urukh River runs among the rocks. this is just a stone's throw from the Digorsky gorge!

After arrival, we set up a tent camp. During the entire rest period, our camp will be located in one place. The parking lot is located at an altitude of 1740 m.

Each area has its own special, iconic mountain. In Digoria, such a mountain is Kubus. Urist, who came here for the first time, climb Kubus with interest. And those who have repeatedly rested in Digoria, each time consider it their duty to climb this peak. Do you know why? Let us tell you a secret - this mountain makes wishes come true. Honestly! =)) Mount Kubus from afar looks like a pyramid, completely covered with forests. People come here both singly and in large groups, they climb here both in winter and in summer. Sunrises and even New Years are met here !! At the top of the mountain there is a huge, very unusual tree. It is this tree here that is responsible for the desires of tourists;)). One of our favorite desires is to see gorgeous, panoramic views from the top of the mountain. And this wish always comes true! On the way back we go to the observation deck, from where we can admire the complexes of waterfalls. They are born on the Taymazi glacier and have the official name "Taymazinskie waterfalls". But, since there are three waterfalls, tourists call them in their own way - "Three sisters". Three sisters run in the Kharez gorge and even look very impressive from a distance! The most powerful and deepest is the middle "sister". Its white, foamy streams beckon to come closer. Active part of the route: 14.2 km, elevation difference 1740-2340 m, route duration 6-7 hours.

One of the most favorite hiking trails on our tour is the walk to the Karaugom glacier. It is the largest glacier in the Digor Gorge and the second largest glacier in the Caucasus. Currently, its length is 12 km! On this day, we will have an amazingly diverse route: rocky mountain peaks, a violent river and the harsh beauty of a pine forest with a soft bed of moss and lichens. The trail through the coniferous forest is comfortable, wide, for a very long time it goes completely without climbs. A real tourist's dream! Coming out of the forest, for the first time a view of the Karaugom glacier and the surrounding peaks opens before us. Further, the trail will lead upward, along the way we will see very picturesque sandy talus. At the end of the route, we will come closer to the glacier to admire it and feel its icy breath. Active part of the route: 13.8 km, elevation difference 1550-2250 m, route duration 7-8 hours.

North Ossetia is an amazing republic. It seems that it does not exist in the world of the traveler. Ingushetia, Chechnya and Dagestan found a place in the cult Lonely Planet, but not a word about North Ossetia!

North Ossetia is an amazing republic It seems that it does not exist in the world of the traveler Ingushetia, Chechnya and Dagestan, there was a place in the cult Lonely Planet, but not a word about North Ossetia!

The material of our friends from the "Caucasus Explorer" project will expand your understanding of Ossetia, reassure you about safety, accommodation and transport accessibility. The project team knows all the hidden corners of the region and has been organizing cultural and adventure travel for many years, the next one will take place on New Year's holidays.

The reason is quite obvious. North Ossetia is located in the Caucasus, and the Caucasus is mountains! Let's stop at the most accessible of our favorite places.

Waterfall Valley

One of the highest waterfalls in Europe, Big Zeigalan, is located in North Ossetia. Its height is over 600 meters. True, you can see it in all its glory only in July and August, and even at this time it can be densely covered with fog. Bolshoi Zeigalan is located in the so-called Midagrabin horseshoe, in the upper reaches of the Midagrabindon river, where dozens of waterfalls fall down from the glaciers of the Main Caucasian ridge.


The Rocky Ridge runs across the Caucasus, parallel to the Main Caucasian Ridge. It is formed by limestones and dolomites, which are well washed with water. Therefore, over millions of years deep canyons have formed in it. The most impressive of the canyons, Akhsinta, is located at the entrance to the Digor Gorge.


One of our favorite hiking routes in the republic is the path from the village of Dzinaga to the Karaugom glacier. Here is the fury of a mountain river, and the harsh beauty of a pine forest with a moss litter, and the glacier itself, one of the largest in the Caucasus. The most easily accessible glacier in Ossetia is Skazsky, in the Tseysky gorge the cable car stretches almost to the glacier itself. There is also a glacier in Tse, for the sake of which you will have to sweat - Tseysky. An ecotrail equipped with a nature reserve leads to it. Miley, another beautiful glacier, is located on the climbing route to Kazbek. It offers an excellent view from the Karmadon thermal baths, where climbers like to relax after climbing.


Our recipe for a good sunset view is to climb higher to the pass, pour good wine into glasses and enjoy. Easily accessible places with beautiful sunsets are the Geologov Pass (where the TV tower is) over the village of Verkhniy Tsei and the Arkhonsky Severny Pass between Dagom and Fiagdon. You don't even need to go there on foot - you can get there comfortably in an SUV.

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