Mountain camp in Ergaki 1-6 August 2021

Mountain camp in Ergaki 1-6 August 2021

This is Siberia! Only this has already said a lot. The pointed peaks of the Ergaki ridge are the pearl of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. This place is called "Siberian Shambhala" for a reason, and according to some beliefs the ancient legendary Hyperborea was located here. This place combines all the beauty that Siberian nature has created: fragrant forbs of meadows, impenetrable taiga, rocky peaks of amazing shapes, the likes of which are not found in any other place on Earth, glacial lakes, rapid streams, high deep waterfalls. Many people dream of going to these magical places, but despite the compactness of the main part of the natural park, it is famous for its high categorical passes and difficult-to-negotiate sections, consisting not just of a barrow, but of boulders higher than human growth. But we have a unique opportunity to visit Ergaki with maximum comfort for a mountain hike! At the same time, we will visit and see all the most iconic places that are the visiting cards of the Ergakovs! We will visit the legendary Hanging Stone, see the Sleeping Sayan, climb the Bird Pass, come close to one of the largest waterfalls, see the famous Parabola rock and visit the Elephant Cliffs - these places will make us doubt that we are still on planet Earth. We will come to the Zvezdny Peak - the highest peak of Ergakov. We will not only touch all the main attractions of this place, but also learn all the stories and legends associated with them, discover the unique beauty of Siberia!

The stationary camp for all days of the hike will allow us to go through the entire route lightly, and the transition to the camp site is not at all difficult. In addition to the absence of transitions under backpacks, such a travel format will allow us to significantly save time, since there is no need to disassemble, carry over and set up camp every day. And, of course, food on such a trip will be much more interesting =)

Abakan - Ecological post Ermak - Lake Bolshoye - rock massif Sloniki - Arka cave - lane. Bird - species stone - lane. Jerboa - Hanging stone - waterfall Jerboa - lake. Marble - Bear Lake - Ermak - Abakan eco-post

Uncomplicated. Available for beginners

Trekking plan:

Day 1: We meet at 11-00 in the morning at the railway station of the city of Abakan. Those who arrived by plane will have time to arrive at the station and have a cup of coffee. From here our journey will begin - we will load into a minibus and comfortably drive along the Abakan-Kyzyl highway to the Ermak eco-post. There we will definitely check in (in addition to registration with the Ministry of Emergencies, which will be done in advance) and go out onto the trail.

We have to walk only 7 km, and soon we will come to one of the most beautiful lakes of Ergak - Lake Svetloe. This is where our house will be located for the next 6 days.

Today we will equip the camp, walk a little around the neighborhood, prepare a delicious dinner and original Siberian tea. Time for acquaintance and interesting stories. 7 km covered.

Day 2: We will not lie in tents for a long time - ahead of us is a radial exit to the famous Elephant Cliffs. They are similar to the stone outliers of the Northern Urals, but at the same time nature has created them rounded, not angular. The route is very beautiful, and the first views from the height of the surrounding beauty and of Lake Zolotarnoe await us. The ascent is smooth and easy, and part of the way we will go along a path through high thickets of Siberian meadow grasses. We will definitely look for a cave, which is located in the Elephant Massif and come close to the highest point of the Ergaki Natural Park - Zvezdny Peak. Also, on the way, we will pass the so-called "point of contact", so do not forget mobile phones - today we not only take pictures with them, but we can also use them for their intended purpose - call home =) We have covered 10 km.

Day 3: Today we will go to one of the most famous passes of the Ergaki Natural Park - Bird Pass. This is a category pass (1A), but we can handle it.

At the pass itself, we will see an interesting place that helps tourists on the way in bad weather - a real stone house not made by hands. And from the "observation stone" a stunning view opens up to the valley of Lake Svetloe, where our camp is located, to Lake Mramornoe, Zerkalny peak, Mirrors of Death (we also learn about them from the instructor's stories) and at the heart of Ergak - Lake of Mountain Spirits and one of the most the famous rock formations of these places are the Parabola rock.

The photographs taken at the Bird Pass are so amazing that many artists painted pictures of them after our hikes! Passed from 7 km.

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