Mountain Camp in Crimea - Wild Honey of the Belbek Valley: description

Vacation with children

The Lycian Trail runs along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea in Turkey, through the territory of the former state of Lycia. The English newspaper "Sunday Times" has included the Lycian Trail in the top ten itineraries in the world!

Antalya was founded in 159 BC. e. Greek king and has a rich history. Antalya is home to a stunning archeology museum that tells the history of the region from prehistoric to modern times. There are several parks in the city. There is a great sandy beach. In the very center is the “old town” (Kaleche) area, which is full of inexpensive hotels, and the winding streets are very pleasant to stroll through. If you arrive early or plan to stay, we recommend choosing a hotel in the Kaleçi area.

Our hike will take place in one of the brightest and most colorful places in Turkey. We will live in 2 campsites and go out to their radial exits (we move between campsites by bus). The campsites will have electricity, toilet, hot water and both are located on the seaside. We live in tents!

Please note: groups where the instructor is Denis Karpov will follow the route in the opposite direction!

The weather in Antalya and its environs is usually sunny, so even in winter you should not forget about sunscreen, especially for the face, because even the winter sun in this region is very active.

  • Late March - early April. The average daytime temperature is +22, at night it drops to +13. The water at this time warms up to +18. It's still cold to swim, but it's time to sunbathe.
  • In May, the weather can be compared with the height of summer in the central zone of Russia - it is already getting quite hot, in the daytime in the shade from + 25 ° C to + 30 ° C, at night not lower than + 15 ° C. It practically never rains, despite this, you still need to be prepared for rains. The water in the sea begins to warm up and by the May holidays it is already about + 20 ° C, although in the evenings it can still be cool.
  • In October, the water is warm, and the air temperature in the shade is from + 21 ° C to + 26 ° C, the sea is warm. But it may rain. Pomegranates and citrus fruits are already ripening.

Features of the hike:

  • Hiking without backpacks. During the treks, we carry only a small, light backpack with personal items needed during the trek, snacks and water. Other things and public equipment are transported between parking places by car/boat.
  • Camping food, cook on a fire. Almost all products are local. It turns out that the menu consists of national dishes adapted to the field conditions :) There will be Turkish sweets, lentils, olives, and tangerines. Especially children and parents will love sweets. Turks are great sweet tooth and know a lot about desserts.

Rules of entry to Turkey:

  • Russian citizens do not need a visa!
  • When a minor child travels abroad with one of the parents, consent to leave from the other parent is not required!
  • <

Insurance: It is necessary to independently arrange insurance for "traveling abroad", preferably "Active rest", region of Turkey.

Children on the Lycian Way

Since we are all a little at lockdown now and the traditional in our society vacation with a child at the sea in a hotel has disappeared, many people who are even far from hiking thought about whether to go somewhere with tents with the whole family?

Is it too early for a child? How to entertain, what to feed, what to take with you and what to do in case of illness?

I'll tell you a little about my experience. I have been going to the mountains for 18 years. With the birth of a child 9 years ago, I was not going to wind up my camping life. Still pregnant at 6 months, I took friends to the winter Gemba, and when the child was born, for the first 9 months I tried to live in a new way, fought with frequent lactostasis, which turned my life into a nightmare, watched how the child develops, and when his teeth began to grow. I took him to Dragobrat.

A year has passed since the sortie to Gymbu. We lived in a hotel, took turns katatli on boards and walked with a child who was already eating solid food and I thought that he was ready for his first trip in May. And we went to Crimea. We drove from Kiev by car with two nights in Migia near the Integral threshold and in Oleshkovsky sands. In Crimea, they left the car in Simferopol and combed half of the Eastern mountain Crimea, the baby was still breastfed, but also ate meat (it is clear that you cannot take a blender on a hike, so they cut it in small pieces and he chewed it). Then everything went so easily that we began to go hiking often.

In the second campaign, already in the Carpathians, I was worried that my son might suddenly want to eat, and I just stopped feeding him with milk. How can you manage to cook something on the burner if he is already whimpering and asking for food? We saved the Maria cookies in the breast pocket. My son rode me in a Deuter backpack, and I served him cookies until we got to the resting place. So I carried it in a carrier for three years, including we were stuck behind our back in dangerous places, hovering over the cliffs in Marmaros and descending 13 rappels in the Alak-Sotera canyon in the Crimea. They always took their faithful dog William with them.

Fate decreed that from the age of 4 we walk together. Before the first hike with my son, I tried a solo hike and realized that together with a child everything is much more terrible and there is twice as much responsibility. But it was easy to ask for help passing groups, if suddenly something, and even hitchhike. Since then, in five years we have visited different parts of the Carpathians and in Turkey on Lykiyka, in addition, we constantly travel somewhere nearby, we can almost go somewhere with a tent (Deneshi, Korostyshev, Trakhtemirov, etc.) and for me with every year it becomes easier, since it is no longer necessary to carry a huge backpack (I bought my little one and he carries at least his own things and a sleeping bag), it is no longer necessary to follow him and protect him from dangers, he already knows what can be done , and what not. Now he is entering a new era of research, when he often asks to go somewhere on his own, even on a hike. It’s a little scary to send him somewhere, so for now I’m thinking how to channel this independence into a peaceful channel.

Great prelude turned out, now let's move on to my recommendations.

⛰ Where to hike with your child

The route should be carefully thought out from the point of view of safety: where you can dump from the route if anything, are there cliffs, turbulent rivers, unstable stones (talking about Gorgan), the danger of a thunderstorm. The route must be appropriate for the age of the child.

  • Up to 3 years old - whatever, because he rides you
  • 4-6 years up to 5 km a day
  • 6-8 years old - up to 10 km per day

Although last year we walked 20 a day. But! In addition to hiking, a child must train somewhere while he lives in the city, physical fitness is important not only for adults. More often walk with him on the hills in Kiev (who lives here), for example, on Lysaya Gora.

Accordingly, wait out the bad weather in the tent, it is the moose tourists who can burst into the rain on the Montenegrin ridge, and the children will obviously not like it. And in general, check the weather in advance (I like to go during the full moon or in the stable summer anticyclone). Although I am a very big fan of miners and heights, I have not yet taken my son to the banks and mountains above 2000 meters. Let him mature before his brain first encounters hypoxia.

What to take on a hike with your child

Turkey - want to go there? Children on the Lycian Way. Turkey from the new side: a detailed description of the route, a trekking plan and other useful information.

Mountain peaks and valleys stretching underfoot, the scent of resinous pines and salty sea air, fresh wind in your face and sparkling waves overboard, protected canyons and golden beaches, ancient fortresses, ancient cave cities and monasteries - everything this is Crimea!

Every day we will visit the most interesting and beautiful places in the southwestern part of the peninsula and, of course, swim in the sea! And in the evening we offer a cozy hotel with hot water and other amenities. All travel is light, no heavy backpacks. The duration of daily crossings is about 5-7 hours. There are many ascents and descents on steep mountain trails - take trekking boots and sticks with you.

Let's have an unforgettable vacation full of adventure!

Daily program


The first goal is to climb the Burun-Kaya rock

We meet at the Simferopol railway station and go to the Wild Honey hotel. We check in, have lunch, and the adventure begins!

Burun-Kaya rock hangs over the valley where our hotel is located. Its summit will become our first goal: an hour and a half ascent along the gully, and here we have a forest road. We will make a break and continue our journey along the forest road to the cape.

From here, from a height of almost half a kilometer, the entire Belbek Valley is visible at a glance, and the village of Kuibyshevo and the roofs of our hotel seem very tiny. And everywhere, as far as the eye can see - the bright Crimean sky!

At the cape we will enjoy the views, photo session and chat with new friends. The instructor will tell you about the Crimean Mountains, which we see from all sides. We will go down the same path, i.e. this is the safest route. Don't forget trekking boots and sticks!


Balaklava, Chembalo Fortress, Silver Beach, Museum

We will walk along the embankment, climb Mount Fortress, where we will examine the ruins of the ancient Genoese fortress Chembalo. From the top of the mountain, magnificent views open up both to the cozy Balaklava Bay, and to the mountain range outlining the coast of the open sea. Further along the mountain path we will reach the "Silver" beach, where those who wish can swim.

August 2019. Western Caucasus, Arkhyz, height

3000 meters. 5 lakes: Sofia, Kraternoe, Aimatly-Dzhagaly. This is briefly about the plan of our trek to the mountains called "Arkhyz's Blue Necklace".

Our company - three adults and two children - is going on a mountain hike for 5 days this summer. Among us there is only one experienced person, who has the experience of climbing Elbrus and numerous travels in the Caucasus. For the rest, much will be the first time.

Participants of the hike will keep a detailed travel diary: we will tell you about organizing a mountain hike with children, what to take with you, how to get to Arkhyz by car and to the Sofia Lakes on foot, and estimate the budget of the trip. And, of course, we will share the stunning mountain landscapes! Today - an installation meeting of participants and an announcement of the trip.

Route selection

The idea of ​​a trip to the mountains with children was born out of the blue, almost by accident:

- Maybe this year we will change the water trip to the mountain one? Arkhyz instead of Karelia? - Why mountains, why Arkhyz? - We have an invitation from an experienced guide with a guarantee of the most vivid impressions! - Deal! Only a couple of questions remain. Where is Arkhyz? Far, high, cold?

Something like this. Later, on the forums and in reference books (starting point - caucasia. U) we looked through different routes and jointly chose the "Blue Necklace of Arkhyz". In our edition, the route includes only 5 mountain lakes, 3 of which are Sofia Lakes. The route does not require serious preparation, therefore, among the participants there are two children 10 years old.

How to get there? The Arkhyz resort is Karachay-Cherkessia. 210 km from the airport in Mineralnye Vody. 120 km from the nearest railway station in Cherkessk. There is a road. Details on the official website of the resort: . u/kak-dobratsya/

Trek plan "Blue necklace of Arkhyz"

Zoom in and mark the parking areas and approximate routes of day crossings:

Day 0. Gathering of the participants of the hike in Arkhyz.

Nature awakening

Spring program of educational recreation with children Duration - 7 days

Tender Sea

Summer vacation at sea with excursion program Duration - 7 days

Velvet Seasons

Warm sea and first snow in the mountains. Amazing and beautiful Duration - 7 days

Fluffy Snow

Warm winter, sea breeze and snowless forest trails. The first snowdrops and cyclomenes are already at the beginning of winter. Duration - 7 days

Holidays with children

In the frantic pace of modern life, it is very rare to find time to communicate with family and friends. Children especially suffer from this rhythm. Therefore, when parents have a vacation, and they can devote themselves to communicating with children, it is always a holiday for children. Rest with children is both responsibility and joy at the same time.

Family recreation is of great importance for family unity. Time spent with your family in some secluded place - what could be better for building warm family relationships, as well as communicating with children. If a trip is planned with schoolchildren, it is reasonable to consider recreation options that include a variety of educational excursions and visits to the sights of the place where you plan to go. So that the time spent on such a trip is not wasted, it is recommended to prepare in advance for it, having studied the area that you plan to visit using the materials of books and magazines.

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