Mount Elbrus: Conquering the peaks of the main peak of Russia is the dream of any climber

Above the clouds - why go to Elbrus and what to do here

Climbing Elbrus from the south is not technically difficult. The gentle slopes of Elbrus along the ascent route from the south side are within the power of any person with normal physical fitness. It is not at all necessary for the participants to have any specific knowledge and skills from mountaineering - during the days of acclimatization, the guides will give you a course on basic basic knowledge - how to use and walk cats, how to use an ice ax, how to walk in bundles - all this will be studied on the snow. - ice training.

For 6 years, 94.36% of our participants have climbed to the top, which is 732 happy people from 14 to 64 years old!

With us you will not only climb to the top of the highest mountain in Europe, but also get a lot of useful knowledge: - learn how to walk correctly and safely on different types of terrain - learn how to select high-quality and suitable equipment - learn how to pack a backpack and a tent , walking with trekking poles, cooking on burners - get the skills to move in a bundle, use ice axes and crampons, knot - learn the basics of survival in the wild

What will we do on the tour

Let's visit the top of Europe



In the morning, meet in Pyatigorsk, transfer to Terskol (2150 m). Accommodation at the campsite. Briefing on the group's plans to climb the mountain from the main guide.

The village of Terskol is located at the foot of Mount Elbrus in the Baksan Gorge on the territory of the Republic of Kabardino-Balkaria, on the banks of the Baksan River. The entire economy of the village is associated with tourism - in winter there is a popular ski resort (there are trails on Cheget and Elbrus), and freeride is also very popular, in summer many people from all over the world come here to climb the highest mountain in Europe.

Traveling by car 160 km (about 3 hours).

In the morning, visit the equipment rental, selection of equipment for the acclimatization hike (if necessary). The beginning of active acclimatization - climbing on foot under backpacks at 3200-3300 m to the area of ​​105 picket (3350 m), setting up a tent camp - we choose this route because of the stunning view, a suitable height for acclimatization overnight stays and a small number of tourists. On the way, if the weather is good, the group will observe a mesmerizing panorama of the Greater Caucasus Range, along which the Russian-Georgian border passes. The ascent is long and tiring, but along a good path. And in the evening, there is a chance to see the endless starry sky, which cities never need - it is not for nothing that observatories are often built in the highlands - the air is cleaner and more transparent here, and closer to the sky.

Ski tourism

Talking about the highest mountain in Europe

Elbrus can be seen from afar - the highest mountain in Europe rises 5,642 m above sea level.

According to one of the theories, the name of the mountain comes from the Persian "elboros" - "shining" or "sparkling". But each nation calls Elbrus in its own way: Balkars - "Mingi-tau" ("eternal mountain"), Kabardians - "Oshkhamaho" ("mountain bringing happiness").

To admire Elbrus, you can come to the Bermamyt plateau - a gorgeous adventure awaits you: endless flowering valleys during the day and thousands of stars at night.

You can also visit the Kislovodsk National Park with its well-groomed alleys, museums, mineral water pump rooms and architecture in the ancient Greek style.

But it's best to come to Elbrus itself. We will tell you what is interesting here.

Things to do

In winter and spring

In December, the ski season opens on Elbrus - there are four tracks of different difficulty levels (from green to red) with a length of 12.21 km. The total height difference is almost 1.5 km.

The season lasts until the end of May, and some extreme lovers also ride in the summer: they climb with skis and snowboards to the top and descend on hard wet snow.

The slopes here are wide, there are gentle sections where it is convenient to learn for beginners and children, hone their technique or just ride for their own pleasure.

There are opportunities for freeriding - on the northern slope, closed from the sun and wind, there is always soft and fresh snow. The most convenient way is to join the group - the relief on Elbrus is varied, and the guide will show you the most interesting and safest routes.

You can rent ski equipment on the Azau glade, on average a set (skis or snowboard, boots and poles) will cost 1,800 rubles. A daily ski pass starts at RUB 1,700. For more accurate prices, see the resort's website.

Ski tourism assumes that the participants in the group have skiing skills and a good level of physical fitness. So before ...

A handsome two-headed man crowns the Caucasus mountains with his snow cap. Elbrus pierces the sky with its crown just to the north of the Main Caucasian ridge. Here he appeared about 2-3 million years ago. During this time, Elbrus has grown to become the highest mountain peak in Europe and to be included in the list of the highest mountains in the six parts of the world "Seven Summits". In addition, it is one of the "7 wonders of Russia" along with Lake Baikal, the Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka, weathering pillars in Komi and other, but already man-made sights.

Mount Elbrus is composed of layers of ash, solidified lava and tuff - a porous rock. In different languages ​​this stratovolcano is called “the mountain of happiness”, “eternal mountain”, “crown of Europe”, “lord of spirits”, “mane of snow” and Shat mountain. But scientists still do not agree on whether it is an extinct volcano or just asleep. The latest version is supported by the fact that hot masses have been preserved in the depths of the mountain, which heat some mineral springs in the region up to +60 degrees. According to experts, the last time the volcano erupted at the beginning of our era.

Thanks to the abundance of snow and glaciers that cover the peaks all year round, Elbrus feeds the largest rivers of the North Caucasus with its waters. And the height of the mountain attracts people from all over the world: to bow to Elbrus and conquer it.

Highest point: 5642 meters

Coordinates: 43.53830, 42.39963

Age: 2-3 million years

Where is located on the map of Russia

Elbrus is located in the South of Russia on the border of two republics: Kabardino-Balkaria and Karachay-Cherkessia. In the system of the Greater Caucasus, the mountain occupies a special place: it is the highest massif of the Lateral Range of the entire mountain system of these places. The closest large cities to Elbrus are Kislovodsk and Nalchik.

Highest points

The highest peak in Europe - the cone-shaped Elbrus - has two peaks at once, not too different in height. The western peak rises 5642 meters above sea level, and the eastern one - 5621 meters. Between them lies a gentle saddle that stretches for one and a half kilometers at an altitude of 5416 meters.

For the first time, the height of the mountain was determined by academician Vikenty Vishnevsky in 1813. His calculations exactly coincided with the height of the eastern summit of Elbrus.

The main part of the Elbrus slopes is rather gentle, but from a height of about 4000 meters they become steep, and the average angle of inclination reaches 35 degrees.

History of the Conquest

We first arrived in the Elbrus region three years ago and loved this region with all our hearts. Incredibly beautiful mountain landscapes, unusual lakes, waterfalls and a host of other interesting places make Kabardino - Balkaria very popular among tourists. People travel to the Elbrus region at any time of the year. In the warm season - excursions, walks, climbing Elbrus, trekking routes. Depending on the desires and level of sports training, everyone will find what they need there for themselves. In winter, it is, of course, a ski resort. Moreover, the skiing season sometimes lasts until June.

p, blockquote 1,0,0,0,0 . Walk along the Elbrus. View of the Caucasian ridge from the Garabashi glacier.

Elbrus region Where to spend your vacation

To get a little idea of ​​the Elbrus region, one day is naturally not enough. Especially if you are active and are going to hike in the mountains. There are a lot of routes where you can go either alone or with a guide. Climbing Elbrus itself, of course.

p, blockquote 2,0,0,0,0 . Cherek Gorge in Upper Balkaria. View from the old road near the tunnel.

If you just decided to take a break from the bustle of the city and see the sights, then there are excursion routes by transport, forests, rivers, mountains, lakes for you. The cable cars will take you to great heights. Mushrooms, blueberries in August. We will try to tell you in detail about each of the places we have visited ourselves, and you will already have to choose a vacation to your liking.

p, blockquote 3,0,0,0,0 . Polyana Azau. Parking, the beginning of the cable car, hotels.

Popular places to stay are Azau glade, Terskol village and Cheget glade. These are the closest points to the foot of Elbrus, to the cable cars. Here is the most developed tourist infrastructure.

The proximity to the cable cars is especially important for ski lovers.

Polyana Azau

Glade Azau - the nearest village to Elbrus, is located at its foot. Its location right next to the cable cars (there are two of them here) makes it the most popular resort in the Elbrus region. It is here that ski lovers from all over the world come in season. And the season, I repeat, sometimes lasts until June.

p, blockquote 6,0,0,0,0 . Polyana Azau. New hand-held lift.

Trails on Elbrus for skiers of different skill levels. Above, on Garabashi, there are green trails for beginners, below there are steeper slopes. There are a lot of hotels of different levels in the village both in price and in comfort. There is everything you need for living - shops, a pharmacy, an ATM, a first-aid post.

TOP-7 impressions that you will get on the trip:

  • “I can do anything!”
  • An avalanche of extreme sensations.
  • An opportunity to feel like a real “tough nut”.
  • Complete separation from civilization, life in the field.
  • Personal reboot - healing from stress, professional "burnout", emotional experiences.
  • Space views of the famous places of power of Elbrus.
  • Acquaintances with kindred spirits and a complete sense of family.

Who is suitable: to endless climbers lovers with experiences of climbing, strong health and well-trained equipment.

It is important to know: <

  • spending on the floor in tents and in climbing shelters
  • Temperature: from -15c - on the heat approach, to -45 - when climbing
  • Full cellular no cellular
  • It is necessary - the presence of high-altitude shoes and clothing (during the hike there is no possibility to buy or rent), personal thermos 1 - 1.5 l
  • program can be adjusted in Depending on the level of snow cover and loading the shelters on the route.

program by days

Day <

Next to the shelter is the source "White Narzan". From all other Narzanov, it is distinguished by the lack of iron in its composition, and therefore is called "white". On the water from this Narzan is preparing lunch.

After - a lecture on the basics of avalanche security and practical training with avalanche equipment (bipper, probe, shovel). Overnight in the shelter.


Today, after breakfast, we have a radial output to 3200 m - to a picturesque place from the stone landscapes of the fancy form called "Mushrooms".


  • breakfast
  • installation of the camp for subsequent days and return to the shelter
  • preparing in the path - pack in backpacks of tents, part of the products and water , wear snowshoes.
  • We return to the Polyana Emmanuel and overnight in the shelter.

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