Men's downhill skiing

Men's downhill skiing

Alpine skiing for men is not customary to be singled out in a separate category, in contrast to women's or junior skiing. Under men's alpine skiing, it is customary to understand the entire range of these products as a whole, with the exception of specialized women's ones, and divide them according to the type of skiing. The "Winter Games" online store offers all the variety of models of alpine skiing for men from many brands that deserve attention. We have presented:

  • Head is the largest American manufacturer of high-tech sports equipment and apparel, headquartered in Austria.
  • Atomic is a solid and reputable Austrian ski brand.
  • Salomon, once a French company, is now an alliance with Atomic, one of the trendsetters in sports fashion.
  • Fischer is a legendary Austrian ski brand with 100 years of history.
  • Rossignol is the oldest French manufacturer of skis and sports equipment.
  • Stockli is a Swiss manufacturer of premium handmade alpine skis.
  • Volant is an American manufacturer of premium alpine skis, handmade using the unique Steel Cap technology - "stainless steel skis".
  • Elan is a high-tech Slovenian ski brand known to Russian athletes since Soviet times.

Catalog assortment

In the catalog of the online store, you can choose skis by brand, technical characteristics or skiing style. Alpine skis are conventionally divided into trail skis, universal skis, freeride skis and park skis.

  • The first category includes all types of skis for skiing on prepared pistes, including for beginners and athletes of the highest categories. Skis, as a rule, have a fairly high stiffness and the narrowest waist, in the region of 66-72 mm. Sometimes there is a small On-Piste rocker in the design (reverse deflection of the ski at the tip), which greatly facilitates entry into a turn, reduces the consequences of mistakes and allows skiing at a calm pace.
  • Freeride is skiing on unprepared slopes with a wide variety of snow conditions, because soft fluffy virgin lands are not always found. To do this, choose wide (wider than 80 mm) skis with smooth geometry, with a radius of more than 20 m. Often, skis have not only a large, up to 15%, front Off-Piste rocker, but also a rear one. Skis are usually longer and softer, do not feel very well on hard trails and in short, sharp turns, but they float easily in the virgin soil, do not prowl at high speeds and make it easy to land jumps.
  • All mountain skis are skis that combine the advantages of carving and freeride skis, resulting in a slight loss in speed and maneuverability as a result of this compromise. Manufacturers are trying to compensate for these losses due to the design and geometry, therefore, when choosing universal skis, you need to carefully study the recommendations. The indisputable advantage of universal skis is that they are suitable for any snow, they will keep you on the ice and will not get stuck in a soft, muddy slope, and allow you to regularly get out of the piste. In general, one ski for all occasions, which will come in handy both at a ski resort with an unpredictable quality of piste preparation, and on a nearby hill located in the nearest suburb.
  • Park skis are designed to perform various tricks and jumps in snow parks. A twin tip design is always used - an upward curved toe and heel and a large rocker at both ends of the ski. Lightweight, soft, but with a very durable sliding surface, skis allow you to ride on snow, railings, ramps, asphalt, soft land very high jumps and dance waltzes in the snow.

Types of cross-country skis by skiing style:

  • Skiers who prefer skiing in short steep arcs choose sports slalom skis or cross-country skis with the shortest radius - 10-13 meters.
  • Fans of long and smooth arcs at high speed prefer sport skis for giant slalom and cross-country skis with a large radius, more than 17 meters.
  • In addition, there are a number of models with intermediate own, radius (13-17m), models with variable, double and even triple radius, so that you can always choose a model for your riding style.

Ski design features

In the range of men's/unisex alpine skis, there are many options that allow you to choose skis for the characteristics of different skiing styles. Therefore, the above characteristics, for example, in the width of the waist and its own radius, can be considered indicative - manufacturers combine various technologies with different ski geometries in order to achieve the maximum effect for the user.

In general, men's skis differ from women's and junior skis in greater rigidity and, as a rule, in greater weight. This is especially true for models designed for skiers with good physical fitness and an advanced or expert level of skiing, regardless of style.

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