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Gorny Prostor Mini-Hotel is located in Adler, a 12-minute walk from the Oceanarium. It offers free Wi-Fi, a garden and rooms with a balcony. An 8-minute walk to the Black Sea coast.

All rooms at the Gorny Prostor mini-hotel have a seating area, wardrobe, TV and air conditioning. There is also a mosquito net and a private bathroom with free toiletries.

The inn features a 24-hour front desk, BBQ facilities, a shared kitchen and a shared lounge. A grocery delivery service is available at an additional cost. On the territory there is a garden with subtropical plants and relict trees.

The mini-hotel is located 3 km from the Adler railway station. The Sochi Aquarium is 400 meters away, and the Aquatoria Dolphinarium is 800 meters away. Sochi International Airport is 5 km away.

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Payment must be made via bank transfer prior to arrival. The property will contact you after booking with instructions. the property will contact you directly regarding the prepayment of your reservation. Prepayment must be made within 5 days from the date of booking. The property administration reserves the right to cancel the reservation if the prepayment is not transferred.

Mini Hotel Mountain Prostor

Known not only for the 2014 Winter Olympics, Adler, now part of Greater Sochi, is a city of contrasts. Contrasts, both temperature and price, heights and weather contrasts. Small subtropics in Russia. There are only two winter months here - January and February, so winter above, in the mountains, coincides with spring below, near the sea. Winter temperatures in Adler 90% of the inhabitants of Russia would call spring temperatures, so it is almost impossible to freeze here even in January or February.

Why such a temperature contrast occurs:

• A unique climatic zone for Russia.

• Presence of both mountain and coastal, seascape. The ski season is long here and lasts until March, it is at this time that there are the best deals for the price. The temperature "below" by the sea reaches as much as +22 C, but spring comes early, but "above" it drops to -7 C, which creates ideal conditions for skiing.

Thus, in order to feel all the uniqueness of the place, you should go on a trip in February - March. The main thing is not to forget to take both spring and winter clothes!

Where to go in winter

• Sanatoriums. Improve health and breathe mountain or sea air. They are found both in the coastal zone and in the mountains.

• Center of Sochi. Nightclubs, amusement parks, the Olympic Park in Adler. Olympic facilities, everything for lovers of active youth recreation.

It should be said that Greater Sochi is a modern, even ultra-modern city.

New city services for tourists in the new tourist season:

• Car sharing - will save money on public transport and make it unnecessary to use a taxi, which is quite expensive.

• Improved treatment at balneological resorts.

• Sochi Park. It is open to children and adults and provides first-class and safe entertainment. In fact, it is located in Adler, although the name contains "Sochi".

Mini-hotel Gorny Prostor is located in Adler, a 12-minute walk from the Oceanarium. It offers free Wi-Fi, a garden and rooms with a balcony. You can walk to the coast in 8 minutes ...

The diversity and beauty of the famous resort framed by the majestic Caucasus Mountains

Individual excursion for 1-4 people Price: 9000 rubles.

Krasnaya Polyana History and Modernity

During the excursion, you will see the old Krasnopolyanskoe highway, enjoy the views of the Ah-Tsu gorge from the observation deck in the Monastery village, taste the Chvizhepsinsky narzan and the famous Polyanskaya mead, taste chestnut honey and climb the modern cable car to the top of the mountain Aibga in the most fashionable ski resort of Krasnaya Polyana - Rosa Khutor.

Anna guide in Adler Conducts 14 excursions Usually responds within 1 hour. If you decide to visit Sochi, Adler, Krasnaya Polyana or Krasnodar, then you will definitely want to see as many attractions of these places as possible. Sochi is a mild subtropical climate, exclusive nature and rich tourist routes. In order to feel confident on the forest trails, you will definitely need a qualified instructor with knowledge of local history and flavor. This is the only way you can see and understand all the beauty of this place. I think we all had to visit new cities, see the sights, but know nothing about them. For this, you need a person who can help you with this. Our instructor-guide is a person who: has read many books about the nature of the region, history, mythology and religion; is oriented on the terrain; has a sports category; colorfully tell you about what you see; will be happy to answer all your questions; will leave a lot of positive feelings for a long time. You can find out the details by writing a personal message. Conducts 14 excursions

Individual excursion for - person

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Description of the excursion

What awaits you

Bicycle trip through the natural beauty of Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana

Individual excursion for 1-10 people Price: 4000 rub.

Cycling in the Sochi mountains

Cycling is an opportunity to see a huge number of natural sites in Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana in one day and get incredible energy. We will drive along the picturesque Akhtsu gorge, drink hot tea at the Dragon's mouth waterfall in the karst gorge, wander around the ruins of an ancient fortress and enjoy mountain landscapes and breathtaking panoramas!

Alexander guide in Adler Conducts 4 excursions Usually responds within 14 hours. All my adult life I have been connected with the mountains as a geologist and a skier and have been living in the mountains for several years. Mountains are my way of life, I know a lot about them. I try to teach them to love as much as I do. to make Krasnaya Polyana as interesting and popular as the French Chamonix - really Bicycle tracking is my unique project aimed at wellers of varying degrees of training and experience. This is not a sport, but active recreation and unity with nature. Children's tourist leisure in Krasnaya Polyana with hikes - daily format Conducts 4 excursions

Individual excursion for - person

Best Price Guaranteed If you find a price below, we will refund the difference. More

Description of the excursion

What awaits you

Spectacular natural sites The main cycling route from Krasnaya Polyana to the Black Sea will pass along the asphalt sections of the abandoned Krasnopolyanskoe highway with a slope towards the sea. We will explore local natural pearls - the Maiden's tears waterfall, dolmens, the Narzan spring Chvizhepse, the Akhtsu gorge and the valley of the mountain river Mzymta. We will drive at a comfortable pace and stop at the most beautiful places to take photos and enjoy incredible views!

Picnic in the Dragon's Mouth On the Akhtsu observation deck, we will leave our bicycles and go down to Deep Yar - a natural karst gorge. Here we will relax at the high waterfall of the Dragon's Mouth, warm tea on a gas burner and have a little snack. Then, if it is not damp, we will climb the mountain slope to the restored ruins of a Christian temple and an ancient fortress. You will learn how important the Silk Road fortresses were for travelers, and admire the panoramic views from the top of the slope. And then we'll saddle the bikes again and head back!

Challenge yourself on a dirt road If time and physical fitness allow the participants, we can cycle further along the more difficult dirt section of the route. Here we will stop and look into the Akhtyrskaya cave, where the remains of an ancient man were found, and also see the stunning Sochi Sky Park.

For whom the excursion is suitable

Laura - combined Olympic ski and biathlon complex in Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi; is a part of the mountain-tourist center of the OJSC Gazprom resort.

The famous high-altitude Olympic facility on the Psekhako Ridge was fully built in 2011. The height above sea level is about 1500 meters. Initially, both temporary and permanent facilities were located on the territory, erected in accordance with international standards.

Gazprom-Laura webcams

There are no permanent webcams installed at the Laura Ski and Biathlon Complex. On the official website of the Gazprom resort, you can watch online broadcasts from cameras located at neighboring facilities. This will help you navigate the weather conditions of the resort.


After the Olympics, the building of the biathlon stadium with spectator stands was preserved, the rest of the complex after the Games was reequipped for the needs of a sports and tourist center for mass ski recreation. The Olympic stadium can simultaneously accommodate about 5,000 people. The Laura-Gazprom tourist complex is designed to serve 9600 spectators.

The following sites and services are currently available on the basis of the Laura complex at the Gazprom GTZ:

  • Professional sports complex for cross-country skiing and biathlon competitions;
  • Roller ski track (available during warm season);
  • Target installations and a special weapons room;
  • Tennis court and indoor pool (belong to the GC "Grand Hotel Polyana");
  • Gym, billiards, pool and other facilities (GC "Polyana 1389") ;
  • Bicycle rental (in summer season).

Prices in the Laura complex at the Gazprom GTZ

Visiting the biathlon complex "Laura" is free, but for this you need to take the cable car. The price for an excursion ascent at the Gazprom resort starts from 1450/850 (adult/child) rubles (only one ascent and one descent is required). Daytime ski passes in the spring season from 1300 rubles, in the main season from 1550 rubles. Cross-country skiing equipment will cost 900 rubles for 4 hours (deposit 15 thousand rubles). According to tourists' reviews, the inventory is in excellent condition.

Things to do

The Laura Ski and Biathlon Complex is not only a platform for alpine skiing professionals, but also a great place for skiers of all levels, as well as a place for a fun family vacation.

  • Cross-country skiing. The flat landscape of the Psekhako Plateau allows you to take a break from the steep hills and go cross-country skiing. Tourists can ride the routes of the Olympic athletes - pursuit and sprint races were held on local tracks. The tracks are not long, but quite difficult for beginners. For beginner skiers, a special training program has been developed that introduces the basics of cross-country skiing. The total length of cross-country skiing trails is 10 kilometers. Ski complex "Laura" is considered one of the best in the Caucasus.
  • Snowshoes. The Laura complex in Krasnaya Polyana is a corner of peace. There are no such crowds of skiers and snowboarders as in other parts of the resort. Tired of the crowds and bustle, you should go for a walk in the mountain forest on snowshoes. The routes are arranged in picturesque parts of a wooded plain.
  • Tubing. Here you can rent a "cheesecake" and have fun for a few hours rolling down the steep slopes. For skiing, 2 slopes are equipped annually.
  • Aviary complex. In "Laura" there is an open-air cage complex where you can watch the inhabitants of the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve. 25 species of local animals live here: bison, striped raccoons, lynxes, mountain goats.

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