Khibiny, Kirovsk, April 2021

Industrial climber

The close of the season is still real snow. The charm of northern nature.

Dates: April 11-16, and April 18-23.

Sheregesh, January, course for skiers on prepared slopes

Dates: January 24-30.

The best snow in Russia, and possibly in the world. So fluffy that it doesn't settle for days. And the slopes of Mount Zelyonaya are unique - during a snowfall of this fluff, meters can literally fall out. It is for the powder that they first go to Sheregesh.

Sheregesh, February, freeride technique

Dates: January 31 to February 6.

The best snow in Russia, and possibly in the world. So fluffy that it doesn't settle for days. And the slopes of Mount Zelyonaya are unique - during a snowfall of this fluff, meters can literally fall out. It is for the powder that they first go to Sheregesh.

Nechkino - regular trips all season Budgetary alternative to Finnish service

Constantly from November to March. Alpine skiing and snowboarding groups, children's groups are possible, see schedule. Additional weeks on request.

Russian "small" resort on the banks of the Kama, coniferous forest on the slopes. A full 12 hours skating day - from 10 am to 10 pm. Perfectly prepared slopes. Snow making. Fast chair lift.

Khibiny, Kirovsk, April 2021

Cost: 5500 rubles.

Completion date: 72 hours

Industrial mountaineering is a method of performing work at height on industrial and other facilities, using climbing equipment for belaying and movement.

Cross-industry regulations on labor protection oblige to undergo training and certification of specialists in industrial mountaineering. Training courses for industrial climbers are held in the best training centers in Moscow, where you receive knowledge in full of the required qualifications and documents necessary for applying for the position of an industrial climber in any institution or organization.

To enroll in the industrial mountaineering courses, you must submit an application and provide the required documents.

You can get training in industrial mountaineering at the best training centers, and if you have work experience, you can renew your certificate on the job, thanks to modern teaching methods that save both teachers and your own time, passing courses on the Internet portal of self-study.

After training you will receive:

  • Certificate of industrial climber, for a period of 5 years, with annual renewal
  • Minutes of the meeting of the training committee.

We remind you - to be admitted to work at height, you must have a VALID certificate, and if the certificate is expired, or the annual knowledge test was not carried out in a timely manner, a specialist cannot be allowed to work at height.

Fortunately, you can easily renew your license with us, for which you do not need any additional certificates - just a copy of your outdated documents and a completed application.

Off-site ski and snowboard schools with Progress-Ski instructors. Alpine skiing and snowboarding training.

Certificate of profession of the established sample

For admission to work, in addition to a certificate of profession, a certificate of obtaining additional education under the program "Safe methods and techniques for performing work at height for workers of the 2nd group using rope access" is required

The course is intended for people over 18 years of age.

Thematic curriculum of the Industrial Mountaineer Vocational Training Program

The professional training program is aimed at acquiring knowledge and practicing skills necessary for independent performance of work in accordance with professional activity.

1. Organization of work by the method of industrial mountaineering, 16 hours. one. . The basics of industrial mountaineering. The history of industrial mountaineering, 3 hours. one. . Normative base regulating the performance of work at height, 6 hours. one. . Documentation required when performing work, 3 hours. one. . Risk factors when performing steeplejack work. Workplace organization and work safety, 4 hours. 2. Medical and psychological training, 18 hours (including 6 hours of practical training) 2.. dreams of psychological training in industrial mountaineering. Stress factors. Components of psychological readiness to perform activities in extreme conditions, 6 hours 2.. The concept and types of psychological shock, 2 hours. 2.. Situational tasks, 6 hours (including 2 hours of practical training). 2.. Procedure in the event of emergency or abnormal situations. First aid to the injured, 8 hours (including 4 hours of practical training). 3. Equipment and procedure for using safety equipment when performing work, 14 hours 3.. Equipment for industrial mountaineering, 6 hours. 3.. The theoretical foundations of insurance. Individual and group insurance, 8 hours. 4. Technologies of performance in industrial mountaineering. The use of climbing work in various fields of activity, 24 hours. 5. Practical training at the training ground, 64 hours. five. . Safety briefing, 3 hours. five. . Organization of security in the upper zone, 8 hours. five. . Descent technique and safety when driving in unsupported space, 10 hours. five. . Lifting technique and safety when driving in an unsupported space, 10 hours. five. . Technique and safety in spatial movements, 8 hours. five. . Rescue work in industrial mountaineering, 12 hours. five. . Situational tasks, 7 hours. five. . Counterweight technique, 6 hours. Final control, exam 4 hours. Total hours: 144, of which 68 hours of theoretical lessons, 76 hours of practical training

Industrial Mountaineering Training by Profession

ITEKo Training Center invites you to undergo professional training in the profession of "Industrial climber" with the issuance of a certificate of the profession. Training can be carried out in full-time form with practical training at our training ground or remotely.

The "Industrial climber" profession has been included in the official register of professions since 2014. Accordingly, a profession document is often required for employment.

Performing high-altitude climbing work refers to activities in extreme conditions, and accordingly requires special training and the development of special skills.

Who is the target of the Industrial Mountaineering course

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