It blows away: top 10 places that amaze tourists in Armenia

Volcanoes and antiquities of Armenia: description

Russian citizens are allowed to enter Armenia with an internal passport; no foreign passport is required to visit Armenia. No visa required.

Daily program


Having met in the morning in Yerevan, we will go for breakfast to our friend Karo in his wonderful restaurant "Oasis". Here we are waiting for a variety of incredibly delicious dishes of national cuisine and friendly staff. Having regained strength after the flight and having a fair amount of refreshment, we go to the bus.

At about noon we take a bus to Vernashen - a small village in the Vayots Dzor region (the starting point of our walking route). On the way, we stop at the Khor-Virap monastery, from where a stunning view of the mountain landscapes and snow-capped peaks of the sacred Mount Ararat opens.

Hiking on the first day is short. For the night we settle in a clearing by the spring. We set up tents, play games, eat, have fun, if we wish, go to bed.


After an early breakfast, we go for a walk without backpacks in the mountains. This region of Armenia is rich in historical monuments. Among them are the ancient Spitakavor monastery and the Proshaberd fortress, which we will see today. The fortress, which is no less than 1500 years old, is surrounded on three sides by impregnable rocks, steeply dropping into gorges, and protected by fortress walls made of basalt three meters thick. According to legends, in the rocks near the fortress, Prince Prosh hid his treasures.

Here we walk, take pictures and feel the mystical spirit of ancient monuments, after which we return to the camp along the mountain path.


Accommodation and meals. Accommodation in tents, which we carry with us in our backpacks and set up every evening, getting up camp for the night. We cook food on a fire and on camping gas burners, everyone will take part in this in turn.

Complexity. The route is balanced in terms of loads and very beautiful. Most of the crossings are with backpacks, we carry personal belongings, group equipment, food. For beginners, it will be a real mountain hike, a serious challenge that can be overcome with the desire and good physical shape. For those who are not new to hike with backpacks, this is a classic hike, a scenic route through must-see places.

Weather. In the afternoon +30. At night +5 (in the highlands, it may drop to 0 degrees). Rains are usually quite rare.

History. In addition to the incredible beauty of nature and the most beautiful mountains, we will plunge into the history and legends that this ancient land keeps.

Armenians. Another impression, which usually becomes one of the main ones, is the locals. In Armenia, they are incredibly hospitable and have a friendly attitude towards Russians. And you will definitely feel it.

Time. In Armenia, the time differs from Moscow time: -1 hour.

Daily program


Meeting with the group and with the instructor in the capital of Armenia, Yerevan. Check in at the hostel. After lunch, take a short excursion with a professional guide who will tell and show you what you didn’t know for sure. Walking around the city, visiting the most famous places of Yerevan.

In the evening, gathering at the hostel, meeting the group, covering plans for the coming days.


Our walking part of the route begins today. In the morning we take a custom bus to the Geghard Monastery. The full name of Geghardavank is “the monastery of the spear”, the very spear which pierced Jesus. You can talk about it for a very long time, but it is better to see everything with your own eyes once and feel the atmosphere of this amazing place.

Then we go to the Garni temple. This is the only monument preserved in the territory of Armenia that belongs to the era of paganism and Hellenism.

Due to the diverse landscape of Armenia, you will have tons of opportunities for an unforgettable and adventurous vacation. Here are some of the most exciting extreme tours in Armenia.

Zipline at Yell Extreme Park

Zipline Armenia is intended for extreme lovers, not for those who are afraid of heights. However, you don't need to be a professional to enjoy this activity. Yell Extreme Park in Yenokavan village, 150 km from Yerevan, is a great place for ziplining. The park consists of five different lines. The average visit time is 90 minutes, including 15 minutes of specific safety training and walking time after each flight to change from one line to the next.

In addition to ziplining, there are many activities for adventure seekers such as rope park, paragliding, zorbing, paintball, horse riding, rock climbing, off-road tours and biking.

Try Hot Air Ballooning

If you want to see Armenia from a bird's eye view, try a hot air balloon flight. You will fly over magnificent landscapes for 40 minutes to an hour at an altitude of 1000 meters above the ground.

If you are traveling with your loved one, this is one of the most romantic activities you can plan for him or her.

Hiking in Armenia

Armenia is a mountainous country. If you love to explore almost untouched trails, Armenia is the place for you. Some of the top tourist destinations in the country include Mount Aragats (the highest mountain in Armenia with many different paths to its four prominent peaks), Amberd Fortress, Lake Kari.

If you are not a mountain hiker but would like to enjoy a relatively easy walk, head to Dilijan National Park and take a short walk to Matosavank Monastery, Lake Parz, Haghartsin Monastery.

Armenia is a small hospitable country with a rich history, unique architecture, unusual traditions, picturesque natural views, ski resorts and national cuisine. Almost 100% of reviews about visiting this place are positive.

Its total area is about 29.5 thousand km², currently more than 3 million people live in the country. The capital of Armenia is Yerevan.

Pros of skiing in Armenia

Ski resorts in Armenia, reviews of which are the best advertising, are very popular among citizens of all countries in the post-Soviet space. This type of vacation has more advantages.

Key benefits include:

  • Convenient geographical location.
  • Developed infrastructure of the country's ski resorts.
  • Favorable weather conditions for skiing in the winter season.
  • Visa-free entry to the territory of Armenia for citizens of most countries of the European part of the continent.
  • All ski slopes are equipped in accordance with global safety standards.
  • Visitors have a large selection of upscale resorts with varying heights and lengths of pistes.

Climate and weather in Armenia The best time for a ski holiday

The climate on the territory of Armenia is diverse: in its northeastern and southern parts it is equated to the subtropical one, while the temperate continental climate is typical for other regions of the country. The actual winter in Armenia lasts the same as the calendar one - from the beginning of December to the middle of February. The coldest month is January.

Where the plain prevails, the temperature rises significantly in early March, and real spring does not come to the mountains until mid-April.

Hot summer usually comes in mid-June. The warmest summer month is July. Then, also with a delay, at the end of September it is replaced by the autumn period, which is accompanied by a gradual decrease in temperature and an increase in wind. The average annual rainfall reaches 250 mm. in low-lying areas, and more than 1000 mm. in mountainous areas.

Month Average temperature in ° C January-3. February-1. March + 5. April + 11. May + 16. June + 21. July + 25. August + 24. September + 18. October + 13. November + 6. December + 0.

The ski season in Armenia lasts from November to April. The best time to visit winter resorts is from December to March.

Tsaghkadzor Resort

Laura Sargsyan, Sputnik Armenia

Armenia conquers tourists not only with its capital - Yerevan, which is older than Rome, with national dishes, delicious and high-quality water. The first country in the world to adopt Christianity at the state level surprises most of all with its unusual, and in some cases even mystical sights.

Sputnik Armenia presents the top 10 most breathtaking tourist destinations in Armenia that can be blown away. It is easy to be speechless here, feel incredible energy and enjoy the picturesque view.

Wings of Tatev

For fans of extreme adventures, the world's longest cable car "Wings of Tatev" is a godsend. Located four to five hours from the capital, Tatev attracts foreigners literally like a magnet. An incredible surge of energy can be felt from the first minutes of the ride on the reversible cable car. It stretches over the gorge of the Vorotan River from the village of Halidzor, its length is 5752 meters, and its height is 320 meters.

There is also an old monastery complex - one of the largest temple complexes in the country. It is surrounded by insanely beautiful forests. The air way to the monastery takes about 12 minutes, while the road along the steep serpentine of the Vorotan Gorge takes about 40 minutes. The cable car cabins can accommodate 30 passengers, and there is not a single conductor.


Coming to Yerevan and not visiting the largest repository of ancient manuscripts "Matenadaran" means not knowing the wisdom of the Armenian people. It was founded at the beginning of the 20th century, on the basis of the collection of the Echmiadzin Monastery, which dates back to the 5th century. Many foreigners are surprised that so much ancient knowledge has been collected in Yerevan.

More than 17 thousand ancient manuscripts and more than 100 thousand old archival documents are kept in the funds of Matenadaran. They contain texts in different languages ​​- from Hebrew to Greek and Syriac.


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