Interesting routes of weekend hikes in Crimea from Yalta

One-day hikes in Crimea

From February 1, 2021, a pass is required to visit the Yalta Mountain Natural Reserve. It can be issued on the site "Reserved Crimea". It costs 150 rubles per person. Registration of applications is carried out on weekdays.

Botkin and Shtangeevskaya trails

A walk along the Botkin and Shtangeevskaya trails is the simplest and most beautiful option for a one-day hike across the Crimea from Yalta, it is suitable even for families with children. Personally, I advise you to combine them and get a circular route. You can start with both Botkinskaya and Shtangeevskaya.

The first one goes from the zoo "Glade of fairy tales" through a pine forest, mountain rivers and small waterfalls. You will have to go to the top of Mount Stavri-Kaya along a serpentine road, but on the trail there are benches for resting tired tourists.

The Shtangeevskaya trail is shorter, it is more difficult to climb, but, in my opinion, it is much more interesting. In the spring, there are several seasonal waterfalls. The trail starts from the famous Uchan-Su and ends at Stavri-Kaya. Access to the waterfall during the tourist season is paid, the rest of the time it is free. It is best to see this attraction not in summer, but in winter or spring. In winter, there is a chance to see an ice castle instead of powerful streams of water - an amazing miracle of nature.

Stavri-Kaya Mountain offers a stunning view of Yalta. Its name is translated as "Cross rock", a cross is installed at the top. A legend is associated with this place about a hero named Taurus, who once suffered greatly during a bear hunt and could not recover for a long time. The mother saw the suffering of her son, tried to send him for a walk in the mountains, but he did not obey and only sat silently by the sea. The mother fell ill and called Taurus, she asked her son to install a cross on a high rock and promised that then she would not die. The young man climbed the mountain during the night and fulfilled her wish, but his mother still died. After the trip to the Taurus Mountains, I felt better and understood why she had given him such an assignment. Every day after the death of his mother, he began to climb the mountains and eventually his strength returned to him.

It is best to start the walk from the Shtangeevskaya trail, and finish the Botkin trail - this is the easiest way to get back to Yalta. The ascent from Uchan-Su will be a little more difficult, but much shorter in time. In addition, going down the forest serpentine is more pleasant than going up.

How to get there: from the Yalta bus station by minibus number 30 to the Uchan-Su waterfall. Follow the road up past the restaurant to the path leading into the forest. At the beginning there will be a pointer. If you go in the opposite direction, then you need to get to "Glade of Skazok" (minibuses No. 24, 26, 27, 115, 102), go up the road, go straight past the zoo to the beginning of the trail.

Taraktash trail

The Taraktash trail starts from the Uchan-Su waterfall, passes the amazing Taraktash ridge and goes to the Ai-Petrinskaya yayla. The ascent is difficult compared to Botkinskaya and Shtangeevskaya, it takes about three hours. First she goes through a pine forest, then goes past the rocks to Taraktash, which resembles a puff pastry or cake. There is a gap between the two rocks; it is called the "window to the South Coast". Some daredevils manage to climb to the top of one of the rocks that make up the ridge.

From Taraktash you can walk up to Ai-Petrinskaya yayla and walk first to the village of Okhotnichye, and then to Mount Ai-Petri and its famous Zubtsov.

If you are already tired of passive recreation on the beaches of Crimea, have seen all the nearby attractions and you have at least one day left before departure - we know how to diversify it. Go hiking. In this article, we will analyze one-day hikes in Crimea and tell you about the routes of the most popular destinations.

Weekend hiking routes in Crimea

One-day hiking routes in Crimea do not require as much preparation as multi-day hiking trips with life in the field, but they do not skimp on the full range of impressions and good mood from communicating with the natural and historical sights of the region. The local mountains are compact, one day is enough to climb any peak, and in the evening to be at home. And the time spent on the magnificent Crimean nature will long be kept in memory of the best days of life. Are you looking for interesting outdoor activities in Crimea? Hiking is exactly what suits you.

A large number of travel agencies are engaged in weekend hikes in Crimea. Unlike independent trips along the Crimean routes, one-day hikes conducted by professionals are safe, well-organized and carry a lot of interesting impressions. Experienced guides accompany all hikes. A special charm of such one-day hikes along the walking routes of the Crimea is added by sincere gatherings around the campfire on the halts. We offer you to get acquainted with the most popular and interesting routes of one-day hikes in Crimea.

Crimean Shambhala

This is the name of the Boyka mountain range, shrouded in a mystical halo. Participants in this direction of one-day mountain hikes in Crimea will have to see a lot of interesting and mysterious things. Including traces of 6 ancient settlements and mighty fortifications in the form of ditches and walls up to 2.5 m thick, limiting an area of ​​225 km².

Participants of the 18-kilometer walk through the never-ending spring will reach the Cathedral of the Savior, erected in the 7th century. Now these are only picturesque ruins, but earlier the church was one of the largest on the Crimean peninsula.

For many years, persistent rumors have circulated here about the Holy Grail brought from Byzantium in the XIV century, the Cup of Christ's blood, hidden in the mountains. Ufologists are sure that the base of extraterrestrial aliens is hidden inside the mountain. How else to explain the periodically arising noise rushing from its depths.

Another mysterious place where the participants of this one-day hike across the Crimea are - the Runic Labyrinth. Cracks in the rocks in the middle of the forest merge into unusual patterns, similar to ancient writing. Geometrically flawless lines, many doubt that this is the soulless work of a glacier that retreated many years ago. One of the valleys of the mountain is known for the unique property of reflecting sounds that appear many kilometers away. Even the chirping of birds is heard here much louder than their natural singing.

Eight hours of excursions fly by, as a single moment, so rich in impressions is the route through the unusual mystical places of the Crimean Shambhala. The hike takes place daily.

Heading to Kachi-Kalion

In the list of one-day hikes in Crimea, the route to Kachi-Kalion attracts with its special exoticism. An unusual rock mass rises by the Kacha River, outlines repeating the silhouette of a huge ship with a stone cross on the bow. This is Kachi-Kalion or the "cruciform ship" - an open-air museum.

Crimea Alushta www. amp. p. a +7 (978) 731-13-06 mail @ camp. p. a ICQ: 689728903

List of tourist sites in the mountain-forest zone of Crimea. The list contains the main most visited tourist sites and a brief description of the conditions for placing in the parking lots

Parking name


5th km of the Generalskoe - Karabi road

Lower reaches of the Alak gully, near the MPEI camp

Water, light, places for tents

Water, light, houses, m. under the tents

Road Tea House - Ai-Petri

3.5 km north-east of the village. Rocky

Duration: 65 km. Duration: 9 days/8 nights. Difficulty level: medium Cost: 9 900 rubles. Dates: 26.9.0 - 04.0.0

Each of us has ever dreamed of touching the ancient secrets, mysteries of millennia, inhaling smells and hearing the sounds of bygone eras, grasping the elusive, discover something very important for ourselves ... And a simple trip to Crimea may one day become a true revelation for you! After all, there are still such corners on our land where time has stopped running, where each stone can tell you its amazing stories, where the line between fairy tale and reality is blurred. These are the cave cities of Crimea. And today we are calling you there. Who knows, maybe this will change your life forever ...


day Gathering the group in Simferopol, transfer to the Tepe-Kermen route - a mystery city

The gathering of our tourist groups in Crimea takes place at 11:00 at the Simferopol railway station, near the colonnade under the sign "To trains". Here, rental equipment is issued, the "social load" is distributed - food, roll-call is carried out. And soon a custom bus will already rush us to the starting point of the route, to the valley of the Kacha River.

Our current goal is the mountain-remnant Tepe-Kermen, on the slopes and top of which the cave city of the same name is located. Outwardly, it resembles the pyramids of the ancient Aztecs and Mayans. And the old-timers of these places unanimously call it a place of power. Looking ahead, it should be noted that this is one of the least explored cave cities of Crimea, while it is perfectly preserved and stunningly beautiful. After stocking up on water in a nearby spring, we will climb the steep path to the upper levels of the city. And for the night we will settle down in man-made caves that once served as dwellings for its ancient inhabitants.

This evening we will devote to acquaintances, acquaintance with the upcoming route and cozy communication around the fire. Our instructors will be able to tell you many interesting stories and ancient legends associated with these places. Busting guitar strings, quiet rustles of the southern night, a scattering of stars in the sky and the magical atmosphere of an ancient city ... Our journey has begun.

day Walk along Tepe-Kermen Trekking to the Kachi-Kalyon plateau

Every morning on our travels invariably begins with yoga, followed by a delicious and hearty vegetarian breakfast. Having collected the camp, we will go on a tour of the cave city. There really is a lot to see! Remains of ground structures and numerous caves, terraces and balconies above the abyss, cave temples - everything here seems to exude a subtle scent of ancient mystery. And from the panorama of the majestic mountains and green valleys to the very horizon, it is simply breathtaking!

Having finished our inspection of the cave city, we will descend from Tepe-Kermen and go further along the route. Our next destination is the cave city of Kachi-Kalion (Turkic, Cross ship). The transition will take about four hours and will be easy. The trail will take us to the top of the neighboring plateau, and then we will walk along it, admiring the endless meadows, copses and picturesque rock massifs.

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