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At a halt ⇒ Scary stories on the hike [around the campfire]

Horror stories on the hike [around the campfire]

Message from Annet »07 May 2013, 18:57

"Scary" stories from camp life.

What do people usually like to tell late at night by the fire? Of course, "scary" stories. This is a kind of nostalgia for childhood, and even as an adult we listen to them with pleasure and, of course, pretend that we are not afraid. But in fact ... Here are my recollections from personal experience, how such stories are born. I'll start with our first night on the hike in 2012. to the Kamga river. In her report on that campaign, Vera already wrote about a terrible roar in the middle of the night, and as it turned out later, it was a rocket launch from Baikonur. But this later, but what impressions I experienced at that moment. The three of us with Sveta and Albina spent the night in the same tent. With Sveta, this was already our third joint Altai campaign, but Albina was not only riding a horse for the first time, but in general for the first time in her life she was on a campaign. That night Albina and Vera sat around the fire, while Sveta and I went to bed early. And until we fell asleep Sveta decided to "entertain" me with a story about the mysterious death of a tour group led by Dyatlov in the late 1950s. Until that moment, I, frankly, had not heard anything about this tragic incident. And I must say that Sveta has an excellent memory, and she described to me in all the details everything that she herself had read and heard about this story, and I imagined it all to myself very vividly. Indeed, a mysterious and very mysterious incident. And now, having finished the story, Sveta falls asleep sweetly with a sense of accomplishment, and I lie and stare into the darkness under the impression of what I heard. In general, I am an impressionable person, and this whole story and the death of the guys really shocked me. I no longer remember how I fell asleep and when Albina came, but I woke up from that very terrible rumble. Everything around rumbled and shook. The first feeling was that it was a rockfall, and our tent would now fall asleep with us, and therefore we urgently need to run out of the tent. In horror, I sat up abruptly with only one thought - to run! And in the tent it was so dark, as they say - "even gouge out your eyes", that you completely lose the sense of space. Unlike ordinary thunder, this rumble lasted long enough. But while I was sitting and thinking, it ended, and I could not think of anything better than going to bed again. Before falling asleep, the thought flashed through me that it might have been a rocket? But the impressions of the first night did not end there. After a while, I woke up from some rustle behind our tent. I clearly heard the rustle of the grass from someone's quiet soft steps. Asleep, I tried to figure out who it was. Horse? - but Altai horses usually go to graze far from the camp and voluntarily do not approach the tents. Some of ours? - Hardly. Why would anyone walk around our tent, they have their own. And then it dawned on me - a bear! I’ve gone cold all over! And while I was lying like that, neither alive nor dead from fear, the steps subsided, and ... I fell asleep again. For the third time in this long night, I woke up early in the morning from horror. I had a nightmare, inspired by the story of Sveta (thank you, Sveta!), As if someone was dragging me out of the tent right in my sleeping bag, and I was suffocating in it. In reality, it turned out that the hood from the sleeping bag fell on my face and created this effect of a lack of oxygen. Yes, the night turned out to be fun. And this is only the first night on the hike! In the morning, everyone discussed the roar of the night and shared their impressions. Someone thought that it was a thunderstorm and thunder was thundering, someone too, just as I first thought it was a rockfall. Someone imagined a huge shaft of water. And only Albina did not hear anything and slept all night in the sleep of a baby. And this is a person who first got into the mountains and on a hike! This is who has the strongest nerves! I expressed my assumption about the launch of the rocket and, as it turned out later, I was right. Roma later sent us all information that on August 6, "at 23:31 Moscow time, a Proton-M carrier rocket was launched at Baikonur with the Express-MD2 and Telkom-3 communication satellites." Just before that, almost a year ago in Altai, I had already experienced this animal horror, when suddenly at night the earth begins to shake and vibrate, while everything rumbles around and it seems that now something will fall on us from above. And when you cannot understand what it is, there is only one thought - you need to run somewhere to be saved! And I really ran then, but they stopped me and explained that this was another rocket launch in Baikonur. Despite the great distance, the effect of what is happening is simply "stunning". But on the second night, my wild imagination again surprised me. This time we spent the night next to a real hunter's hut in the very thick of the forest. Powerful tall cedars grew around, between which lay huge stone boulders, overgrown with thickets of badan. Some cedars were uprooted, unable to withstand the struggle with strong winds. The setting was mysterious and romantic at the same time. For the first part of the hike, we mainly drove through the taiga. I really love forests and I like to wade on barely noticeable paths past huge tree trunks, overgrown with lichen, hanging in long silvery-green strands from the branches. Often we walked in places where the trail was no longer visible, and the horses had to wade through a real windbreak and dense bushes. And sometimes we drove into such remote corners of the forest, where the rays of the sun barely penetrated through the paws of the cedars and it was cloudy and quiet below. The trail completely disappeared, and the horses had to step over the rotten trunks and branches of old, long-fallen trees covered with bright green moss. And then I remembered Vasnetsov's paintings and descriptions of forests from Russian folk tales. Here it is - a real dense forest! And in one of these fabulous places we had our second overnight stay. Our guide Zhenya and Vera immediately said that they would sleep in the hut. Roma after a while also expressed a desire to sleep there so as not to put up a tent. The hut was small and there would not be room for more people, and Sveta and Albina and I decided to sleep in our tent. One more digression about the tent. Putting up a tent somewhere in the forest in the middle lane and putting up a tent in a mountain forest are far from the same thing. The fact is that in the mountains, under a thin layer of sod, there is a stone everywhere, and it is not so easy to stick in the pegs from the tent. So you jump around the tent, squirm, trying to stick this peg, and everywhere it stumbles upon a stone. You can only hear the peg striking it under the ground. It's good if after a certain number of attempts you still find a crack, and the peg will firmly enter the ground, and it happens that you get tired, spit and stick the peg at an acute angle almost parallel to the ground, if only to hold on somehow. And now, having performed this kind of ritual dance with pegs, we finally set up our tent. As always, we sat by the fire after dinner, recalled all sorts of interesting cases from past hikes and went to bed. We slept on foam in sleeping bags, i.e. the layer between man and the earth is quite thin. The foam protects the body well from the cold of the ground, but not thick enough so as not to feel the entire relief, all the irregularities and bumps. Sveta said in a satisfied voice that the earth had taken the shape of her body, and it was very convenient for her to lie in the hole. For some reason, the earth did not want to take my shape, I, on the contrary, had the feeling that I was lying on some kind of mini-hill, which rests its mini-top right on my lower back. From the hut I could already hear the friendly snoring of Zhenya, Vera and Roma, and I kept tossing and turning in attempts to "nestle" on my bed. After vain attempts to adjust the Altai relief for myself, I had no choice but to adjust my body to the relief pattern, and I dozed off. I opened my eyes from the bright light that illuminated the tent from my side. It seemed to me that I had not even fallen asleep yet, it happened so quickly. Someone shone in our direction with a flashlight and at the same time moved, i.e. I saw how the shadows from the bushes move along the awning of our tent. I'm cold and petrified!

Horror stories on the hike

Message from Shaden »07 May 2013, 21:50

Anya! Cool story. Come on soon, a sequel! Imagine forgetting what happened there with the lantern?

And this. I'm sorry. That's how I impressed you. Although I will pat myself on the head like a good storyteller.

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