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Many people believe that a mountain bike is the best vehicle invented by mankind for traveling. It allows you to drive off the road surface, drive away from the hum of traffic and the noise of modern civilization. While simple bikes have been exploring impassable terrain for generations, mountain bikes with sturdy frames, suspension, and wide, knobby tires make it easier and more fun. Simply put, mountain biking has changed and expanded cycling forever, opening up new terrains to explore.

If you want to ride away from traffic and in silence, whether it's a railway crossing, a country road or alpine bike trails, this article will show you how to travel on a mountain bike. One drawback: night camping for cyclists in the mountains, but these tips are in other articles. Also, this article does not imply fast cycling. The following tips are for comfort and pleasure, not great speed.


It all starts, of course, with the choice of a mountain bike. Touring and cyclocross bikes are fine for walking on train tracks and less rugged dirt roads, but if you have to travel over rocks, bumps, trails, a real mountain bike is better. The same front shocks (i.e. the suspension fork) are highly recommended for any short trips. It is comfortable for hands, wrists, shoulders, neck and spine.

Many people wonder if a rear suspension is needed. It is not necessary, but it is more comfortable to ride with it. Suspension technology has already gotten to the point where even low-cost bikes have reliable, efficient rear shocks. The suspension bike makes riding on bumpy roads more comfortable and also improves traction and handling on uneven descents and ascents. The disadvantage is that, compared to bicycles without rear suspension, they are heavier and have a more complex mechanism that needs maintenance and can break.

Therefore, if you constantly have to deal with riding on bumpy roads, it is better to use a bike with a suspension. This, of course, is not necessary, but more practical. For travel in less developed countries, it is better to use a hardtail, which has a simple mechanism.

The choice of frame is very important. There are no specific guidelines here, but there are some guidelines. Some frames are of acceptable quality. If you are traveling by hardtail, it is best to use a steel or titanium frame whenever possible. Aluminum is more rigid and "feels" almost all irregularities. For travel in less developed countries, there are not many recommendations: choose a steel frame. It is characterized by rigidity and strength, and in case of breakdown it can be repaired in any locality.

29-inch wheels are popular for mountain bikes and their large size makes them preferable for dirt roads. For single-track or uneven driving with full baskets, 26-inch wheels are more durable and maneuverable.

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Cyclist equipment

There are three good options for transporting things: basket, trailer, or ultralight. Trailers, in particular bob trailers, have become the choice of most mountain bikers, and with good reason. They are simple, sturdy and relatively easy to use. They are built to withstand the bike, do not require extra baskets and are very good at handling even on uneven, rocky ground. Their narrow profile and one-wheel design are comfortable on narrow trails. You can't go wrong with the bob trailer.

Some people still prefer boxes and baskets, and of course you can ride with them too. Heavy-duty wheels are required when using baskets, but well worth it for cyclists who prefer compactness. Such a bike is easier to transport abroad and in foreign countries. Crossing rivers, flying, and other inconveniences are easier to carry with baskets than with a trailer. Many mountain bike frames (for no apparent reason) do not have luggage racks, but Old Man Mountain makes excellent baskets that can be mounted on just about any mountain bike. Baskets are great when driving on loose roads, but for a more solid road, using a bob trailer is more reliable.

The last option and the only choice when driving on a single track for many days is to use ultralight. At the same time, there is no need for a trailer or basket, which are too heavy and cumbersome for such walks. The minimum, lighter equipment is used, the weight of which does not exceed 7 kilograms. While this is a new, evolving style of driving. The most popular method is to use a waterproof compression bag containing your sleeping bag, clothing, tent and groceries in the rear rack. The rest of the items are placed in the backpack.

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Mountain bikes are gaining momentum day by day. The number of their fans is growing, and the models themselves are constantly being improved. If earlier a mountain bike was only a specially designed frame with "thick" wheels, straight steering wheel and V-brake brakes, today it is a high-speed SUV with a shock-absorbing system, equipped with durable shock absorbers and a durable braking system with a mechanical or hydraulic drive ...

Cycling enthusiasts and professional cross-country riders include not only men, but women as well. Choosing the right mountain bike, especially for the first time, is a crucial step for each of them on the way to conquering difficult trails. Let's figure out what principles should be followed when buying mountain bikes, but first, let's touch on an important topic: who rides them and why.

Who needs a mountain bike and why

So, MTB is an eco-friendly and fast means of transportation on roads with steep ascents and descents, in the forest, on bad roads and, of course, in places where they are completely absent. The design of the bikes takes into account the aggressiveness of the driving conditions, and not only the road. So, for example, all components must be resistant to dust, water, and sometimes to chemical environments. For the mountain, heavy rain, snow, ice is not unusual ...

Mountain bikes do well on paved roads as well. Of course, here they are inferior in speed and ride comfort to road bikes and road bikes. Reasons for this:

  • the deep tread pattern on the tires creates serious resistance;
  • powerful oncoming air flow due to the peculiarities of the landing (for MTBs it is 45 degrees, for highways - almost 90 ), where the advantage on the side of "asphalt" is great;
  • shock absorbers sharply worsen acceleration;
  • a straight handlebar is not very convenient to control the bike on the track, because of which the speed will have to be reduced.

In general, mountain bikes can be ridden on asphalt, but in general they are made for something different. They found active use among the following groups of cyclists:

  • cyclists ,
  • trialists ,
  • downhillers ,
  • freeriders ,
  • cross -cantree.

If a cyclist belongs to any of these categories, or he often has to move over rough terrain, it is worth choosing a mountain bike.

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We come to the question of choosing a bike quite often. The Urals, which served for 20-30 years, have long been in the past, and technology is advancing so quickly that a five-year-old bicycle is considered something like a dinosaur.

Which bike to choose to replace the old one? Which model is best for a girl or a child, what should you pay attention to when choosing a model, which brand is better and how to spend less money on a purchase that can be used for many years and with pleasure?

Before choosing, you should answer a few basic questions that any (normal) salesperson of a sports store will ask:

  • Who will ride?
  • How and where will you ride?
  • How much are you willing to spend on it?

Let's keep these questions in mind and move on to examining the bicycle market and its opportunities.

Bicycle types

Before making recommendations on the choice, you should take a look at the modern market, see what types of bicycles are now represented there. The classification given below is rather arbitrary, since the main differences are not in the name, but in dozens of characteristics. But bicycle sellers will understand you quite well if you use this or that name of a class of bikes when communicating.


The names of most of the classes make it clear what this is about. Of course, the cycling "career" begins with children's models. Due to their short use, there will be no special recommendations here. Bikes are selected according to the child's height, despite the fact that he will “grow up in a year”, a bike that is not suitable for height can lead to injuries.

Running bikes are especially worth highlighting - they are quite interesting toys that do not have pedals, but visually they appear to children, if not "motorcycles", then real bicycles, and the level of safety (and cost) will suit the parents.


Cycling is an enjoyable, rewarding and sporty hobby for the whole family. Mountain bikes can be used for transporting food and belongings, cycling in the park and traveling. They are comfortable, strong, reliable and durable.

You can ride a mountain bike anywhere: you can go uphill, and race along the highway, and move in complete off-road conditions. When choosing a mountain bike, you need to clearly understand where you want to ride it and what you expect from it. How to choose the right mountain bike? We will tell you more about choosing a two-wheeled friend in our article.

Mountain Bike Types

Mountain bikes are of two types: hardtails and full suspension. Let's consider each of them.

Hardtails are bicycles with front suspension and no front shock. If you start from the theory, then the Hardtail is suitable for beginners or those who want to take walks without steep climbs, ride in the city or rarely go out into nature.

Full suspension bicycles are equipped with two shock absorbers. These bikes are heavier and more expensive than hardtails. They smooth out irregularities in the surface, they can make sharp turns at high speeds. In general, if you love speed and drive, all your life you have dreamed of driving along an uneven, muddy and rocky Russian road, and in general you love extreme sports, this one is great for you.

How to choose a mountain bike size

Frame size matters a lot when choosing a bike. There is a very important rule: the height of the frame should be about ten centimeters below your waist. In general, the frame should allow you to reach the handlebars with slightly bent arms when you sit on the bike. This will make your trip comfortable and comfortable. Let us present you a table for determining the size of the frame by height. Be careful, pay attention to this.

Selection criteria

Here is a diagram of a bike, which shows those elements that you should pay attention to when choosing a purchase.

For a comfortable ride, it is very important to choose the right saddle. Often they are hard, so many even put a soft cloth or pillow under their butt. Saddles can be adjusted in height and angle. You should stand on the pedal with your full foot, and not reach it with your toes. Take care of your convenience. If you are going for a light bike ride, opt for a wide and long saddle. For fast racing, narrow and stiff saddles are fine.

MTV bicycles are designed for off-road riding. Therefore, they differ from others not only in a lightweight design, but also in a reinforced frame, better shock absorption. Mountain bikes have special requirements in terms of strength and endurance, as they are designed for a rather aggressive ride.

Manufacturers offer a large selection of MTB models, which we reviewed in this article, choosing the best mountain bikes of 2020.

The top includes modern novelties that are distinguished by their reliability and ease of use.

Mountain bike ratings in terms of price-performance ratio are presented by:

Best FORWARD Apache Disc Mountain Bike

Forward Apache 3. Disc is an entry-level mountain bike. Can be used as MTB, for cross-country. Suitable for the development of technically simple off-road routes, as well as walks in the forest, dirt roads.

Wheels with double rims in the universal size of 27.5 inches provide excellent cross-country ability, the necessary maneuverability, good roll. The disc hydraulics used, recognized as one of the best types of braking system, provides high-quality braking in all weather conditions. Different temperature conditions do not interfere with its efficient operation.

The frame is made of lightweight yet durable aluminum alloy. It is offered in several sizes, so you can choose a model for a specific rider's height.

The model is equipped with a reusable chain connector. For its dismantling and subsequent installation, no special tools are required, which simplifies cleaning, flushing, and lubrication.

Equipment FORWARD Apache 27. 3. Disc, despite the budget, is quite impressive - three types of Shimano mechanics, proprietary FWD and Microshift, shock absorption provided by a soft spring-elastomer FWD 286 fork with 80 mm travel, disc hydraulics, transmission for 21 gears. Additionally, the high-precision gear selector is worth noting.


Folding bike MTB STARK Cobra HD

STARK Cobra 29. HD is a universal model of the middle class, costing up to 50,000 rubles, for people of different ages. The bike is built on an aluminum frame. Has a milled head tube with a semi-integrated steering column.

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