How to choose hiking boots for women

How to choose hiking boots for women

For maximum comfort, hiking shoes must necessarily match your anatomical features and provide support for your feet and back, as well as provide easy and comfortable walking along the routes.

Our in-depth article on various hiking shoe options and buying tips will introduce you to the technical details of these shoes. Taking the time to find suitable and comfortable shoes now, in the future, they will reward you with a comfortable walking experience. For a comparison of women's hiking shoes, check out our full review.

Each shoe manufacturer has its own design features. The Salidas high heel ends with a tapered top, while the Athenas shoe is rounded. When walking on difficult terrain, and especially downward, the rounded upper will create more comfort for your back, your ankles and heels. Confirmed: Briana Valorossi.

Types of hiking shoes

Our site "OutdoorGearLab" favors lightweight shoe options. Many hikers will now think that they are talking about trekking shoes or regular trainers, but many hiking boots weigh only 0.03 kg. more than simple running shoes, and the support and stability of the foot is increased many times over.

Some women will use these shoes more efficiently with their energy use, while others will appreciate the light weight for added support, greater comfort and pleasure when walking.

In our review, we looked at shoe models that weigh no more than 0.45 kg. These shoes are a great choice for day hikes and long backpacking trips.

Your needs will depend on the strength of the load on the ankles and feet, in the conditions of hiking and the load from the backpack. Below are some of the most popular hiking shoe options and their distinguishing features.

Aggressive tread pattern provides excellent traction and stable stability in difficult terrain. The Salomon Comet 3D Lady GTX and Lowa Renegade GTC trekking shoes for women have the most pronounced tread pattern. The "Keen" Targhee II Mid have a subtle tread pattern, but they have disadvantages compared to other women's hiking shoes in our review. You may also be interested in the article: Choosing the Right Sneakers. From left to right: Lowa Renegade GTC, Salomon Comet 3D Lady GTX, Ahnu Montara, Keen Targhee II Mid, Timberland Chocorua Trail GTX, La Sportiva FC ECO 3. GTX. Checked by: Briana Valorossi.

Trekking shoes

Trekking shoes are the sweet spot between simple, lightweight running shoes and the durability, sustained support of hiking boots.

These shoes do not have an aggressive tread pattern similar to the footprint of a sneaker, but they have a more durable construction. Ankle support is minimal due to the low cut, but it is more than offset by a sturdy outsole and little flexibility in the outer material.

How to choose hiking boots for women

Equipment is the most important component of the upcoming campaign. When choosing, it is necessary to take into account various factors: landscape, weather conditions, possible extreme circumstances that may arise during the trip. The central place in the equipment is taken by footwear for tourism and outdoor activities, since in the case of their poor quality, corns or injury can become an annoying obstacle on the way to the goal. Before purchasing such an important product, it is recommended to figure out which nuances to pay attention to in the first place.

Product classification

The specifics of the route dictate the required set of certain properties and characteristics of the model. Therefore, manufacturers offer their own version of footwear for each type of outdoor activity. Hiking is about maximum comfort and resistance to various types of stress. The conquest of mountain peaks requires special attention to the protective properties. Shoes for tourism are classified according to two criteria - seasonality and purpose.


Depending on the season, travel footwear is divided into summer, demi-season, and winter. Each segment has its own set of properties and parameters. Summer hiking shoes are designed to provide comfort in the heat. Models in this segment are open sandals, perforated boots or ventilated lightweight sneakers with mesh elements. They are more suitable for urban tourism or a simplified route without serious obstacles and hazards.

Outdoor footwear must have protective properties: shock-resistant toes, durable upper made of tear-resistant material, ankle fixation to avoid injury.

Summer hiking shoes should be sturdy, made of materials with an order of magnitude greater wear resistance. Difficult routes, overcoming difficult terrain, involve the use of models with a rigid fixation of the ankle, which prevents sprains and dislocations.

Demi-season trekking shoes, in addition to being comfortable and protecting from injury, must be waterproof, since wet feet in hiking conditions are guaranteed complications in the form of colds. At the same time, normal ventilation is required. Closed, moisture resistant, but at the same time breathable - these are the main signs of demi-season shoes for tourism and outdoor activities. The latest upper materials, such as a membrane, ensure that these conditions are met.

A number of requirements are also imposed on the sole of shoes for hiking in the mountains: stability, moisture resistance, durability. The tread deserves close attention, providing reliable grip on uneven surfaces, reducing the load on the spine during long transitions.

Winter trekking footwear is challenged by the slipperiness of icy surfaces. Therefore, special attention is paid to the sole of the boots - anti-slip frost-resistant materials, a deep protector of a multidirectional pattern, spikes and slats with teeth will protect you from falls.

Winter boots for outdoor activities should keep the feet warm and dry, therefore materials with heat-insulating, water-repellent properties are used in their manufacture. At the same time, the weight of the shoe is of great importance: the lighter it is, the less fatigue and load on the musculoskeletal system.

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