How to choose a tourist tent: an overview of types and models

How to Choose a Camping Tent - Tips for Beginners

Three-person tourist tents are suitable for outdoor recreation in a small company. Such models are compact in size and do not take up much space in your luggage during the transition between parking lots.

Types of tourist local tents

Camping tents are for hiking. The conditions in which the equipment will be used are important. There are the following types of equipment for use:

• For plains. Ordinary small tents, which are designed for simple hikes along hiking trails, in plains and in woodlands. The resistance to rain and wind is not very high.

• Expeditionary. These specimens are similar to the plain models, but they have greater resistance to wind and water. These are versatile tents. With them you can go on a trip on flat terrain or an uncomplicated mountain hike.

• Assault. Such specimens are suitable for any kind of hiking, but they are created for difficult trips to the mountains. Designed for the highlands, the tent will cope with any weather. Assault tents have light weight, moderate capacity, quick assembly. But the price is quite high.

• Extreme. These tents are suitable for abnormally difficult conditions: alpine camps, the Far North, etc.

Depending on the season of use, three-person tents are of the following types:

• Summer tents used in clear and warm weather. The device of a tent for summer use does not provide for its installation in case of strong winds and rainstorms. The main advantages are ventilation, compact size and low price.

• Tents for three seasons, excellent protection even in the pouring rain. Can be used at any time of the year, except for winter.

Implementation of PR activities in the hotel business

Choosing a tourist tent today is greatly complicated by a large assortment presented in off-line and on-line stores. The number of models of both domestic and foreign manufacturers cannot be counted. As a rule, tents of domestic brands are made in Russia, foreign ones - in China and other Asian countries. But this does not determine their quality and price, but the purpose of the tent, its size, quantity and combination of special options.

Talking about how to choose the right tourist tent, I will not talk about specific brands, because, from my point of view, there is no leader in this market whose products are better than others.

In the review of tourist tents, I will give their classification, describe the various designs and main characteristics, tell you what nuances you should pay attention to when buying.

Types of tourist tents

Before choosing a tourist tent, you need to decide what you need it for.

Classification of tourist tents by purpose:

In the description of tents, manufacturers usually indicate in what weather conditions and in what area (flat or mountainous) it can be used.

From left to right: camping tents, tent tent

For example, if a hike is mountainous or sports, but passes through the "green" (forest and meadows), then a trekking tent is convenient here, it is also called a tourist tent. It is put in any place and quickly enough, many models are installed without braces.

If the journey involves not a route, but radial exits or climbing (in one day), then it is convenient to have a spacious camping tent in the camp. With a large number of participants, it will serve as a staff room or as a kitchen.

A high-altitude tent is preferable for a difficult hike with entry into the snowy zone. Often it is the same trekking one, but with enhanced wind resistance and a skirt, and sometimes without a mosquito net. Among the high-altitude tents there are also special ones - high-altitude extreme. They are usually single-layer of membrane fabric or with a second layer sewn to the first.

Tents are also classified by size: from single to ... The capacity indicated by the manufacturer does not always provide a comfortable stay in the tent. Therefore, before choosing a tent for a hike, pay attention to its internal size: the length should be 2 - 2.20 m, and the width should be 70 cm (or so) per person.

An article about PR activities in the hotel business.

The tent saves you from a criminal future

The city is tired, in the village they are forced to weed the garden, the dacha is leaking, the wife is "sawing", and at work there is a blockage. Not a minute of peace.

Take good advice: drop everything and go to the mountains!

No sooner said than done. Ticket "Kiev - Rakhiv" on hand, intermezzo in the Transcarpathian "tavern" - in perspective, in the heart - peace and quiet. The Carpathians are waiting for you.

Is there something wrong again? You forgot about the tent.

It's late. Your station. Around the forest and mountains, on the hills - "placers" of hotels, in none of which you have not thought of booking a room on time. Tourists have occupied everything except the mountain peaks ... My wife calls and asks where you are. For "complete happiness" all that remains is to rob a jewelry store and dislocate a leg, fleeing the police in the forest ...

Chained in shackles, as a highly dangerous criminal, you are taken to court. List of charges: “... Begging. Theft. Terrorism. Betrayal of the Motherland. I didn't take the tent. "

Camping tents help out in a wide variety of cases. If you don't forget them at home.

It's good that this doesn't happen

Don't let the jocular tone fool you: the importance of a tent in modern mountain tourism is really hard to overestimate.

Buying a tent for hiking in the mountains is a vital assignment. And in order to solve it, it is best to seek advice from a specialist.

In this review, the leading tourism manager of the online store GRENKA. a Alexey Bainazarov will explain everything in order. It is not necessary to write down: if you need a good tent, you just find it here.

Top Tents of the Year

THE BEST TENTS FOR TOURISM AND RECREATION. No kind of rest, even in the most prestigious hotels, will provide you with such a unity with nature as staying in a tent, far from the hustle and bustle of our modern world. Having settled in a tent, either under the shade of lush crowns of trees, in the forest, where, instead of a loud radio tape recorder, you can enjoy the mesmerizing, unique singing of birds, or on the wild shore of the seething sea, admire the foamy crest of the wave and be satisfied with the quiet beach on which the owners are not people, but proud, talkative seagulls. Or are you fascinated by the hard-to-reach mountain peaks?

Wherever on Earth would you like to breathe in the fresh, serene air of freedom, you cannot do without a tent.

Have you decided to buy a tent? The choice of this equipment should be taken very seriously and thoroughly. What company do you like to relax on, what type of transport do you prefer to move, or are you attracted to hiking, all this should be taken into account when choosing a temporary home.

Having compiled this small rating, we decided to help you cope with this difficult task.

Norway Family Dome Camping Tent

It is with her that we will begin our review. This tent is quite popular with tourists. It can be said to be a small house, with an entrance hall and two adjoining bedrooms. The awning and the bottom are made of polyester, high quality and waterproof, the bows of the base are made of glass-plastic. Material, for safety, with refractory impregnation.

If you have to survive strong gusty winds, it doesn't matter, the kit includes storm guards. Setting up a tent is not difficult if you carefully study the instructions. There are complaints about the existing pegs, which, on solid ground, require a lot of effort. But you have to try.

But after a short period of time, you become the tenants of a cozy house for 6 people. Moreover, if your height is up to 180 cm, you can walk without bending. The tent is hemispherical in shape, has many windows that are additionally closed with a mosquito net, there is a place for attaching a lantern and many internal pockets, so necessary for various household items.

Assembled weighs 17 kg. It should be noted that you can use the tent not only in hot summer, but also in spring and autumn. High quality, reliable, it will not let you down in any weather. The price of this wonderful house is about 18,000 rubles.

Tramp Mountain ALU - a tent for extreme lovers

Excellent triple raincoat tent for 3 people. Lightweight, weighs only 4.5 kg. But there is one feature that takes up a lot of space during installation. So, you can use it only if there is a good site. The awning and the bottom of the tent are made of high quality, highly waterproof material. The water resistance of the awning is 8000 mm, for the bottom it is 10000. There is a so-called windproof skirt around the entire perimeter of the awning. The arms are made of aluminum, which has contributed to a significant reduction in the weight of this equipment.

The tent has two vestibules and two entrances, each door with a separate zipper. It is worth noting that the design consists of many arms, which complicates the assembly somewhat. But for a tourist, in anticipation of a great vacation, on the banks of the river or even in the mountains, this is not a problem. Along the entire length of the inner walls, there are many pockets for small items, there is also a hanging shelf.

From the article you will learn how to choose the right tent for camping, what to look for, how much such a tent costs, how to use it. The information will be useful for novice travelers - those who are just mastering outdoor recreation in campsites.

Our family double trekking tent No Name in the Ukrainian Carpathians/photo S. Makhlov

I have a lot of experience of living in tents: hiking in Russia, camping in Europe, even spent the night in frost. For me, living in a tent is not torture, but a comfortable rest. Climbed inside and at home.

At one camp site in Myshkin, our neighbors in the meadow for the first time got out with a tent into nature. They were enough for one night. Early in the morning they got into the car and drove home. They said that spending the night in a tent was a torment.

I am telling you how to choose the right tourist tent for a family vacation so that spending the night does not turn into torment for you.

The most important thing is that the tent should be two-layer.

Don't even look at single-layer tents from Ashan. A camping tent is a greenhouse, but if it has two layers, it is a ventilated greenhouse. Moreover, in a two-layer and in cold weather, it is warmer and drier.

A two-layer tent consists of a waterproof awning and the tent itself, made of thin breathable fabric. The awning covers from the rain from above. There is a decent ventilation gap between it and the ground.

The inner tent is thin, lightweight and has windows that can be opened in any weather, because there will be an awning above you. Depending on the design of the awning, it can also be opened if it's hot and you still won't get wet with rain.

The single layer tent is all waterproof. It will be chilly in the morning, and you will wake up in a puddle of what you breathed during the night. Small vents won't help even if you sleep there alone. The same will happen in the rain. The tent will be damp due to condensation.

Tent types

Tents are divided according to their shape and purpose.

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