The best ski goggles (masks): prices, brands, advantages and disadvantages

Why do you need a ski mask

Before answering the question "how to choose", let's figure out why a ski mask is needed at all. Many novice skiers refuse to buy this piece of equipment, considering it a non-essential item. However, when you look at the ski mask as a piece of equipment, rather than an expensive accessory to decorate a helmet, a very different picture emerges.

Yes, first of all, a ski mask is a pair of sunglasses. If you ride in sunny weather or in the mountains, where the sun is closer and more active, the mask will save you from blinding and burns. Even a second blinding is dangerous, because you lose your sight, which means you cannot see the relief and the people around you. You can drive slowly and on the edge, but on a slope like on a highway, everything happens too fast. And you are obliged to see and evaluate what is happening at least in front of you. In addition, the sun interferes with reading the relief, and white snow blinds with reflected light.

Riding in cloudy weather does not eliminate solar radiation as it travels through the clouds.

The ski mask does not transmit ultraviolet radiation, so the eyes and skin of the face will be protected from burns. In winter, tanning is no less intense than in summer, especially in the mountains. Therefore, it is necessary to use sunscreen and a ski mask.

It is not always possible to ride on the slopes drenched in the sun. Often "flat" gray light evens out the relief and makes it difficult to see its irregularities, which is fraught with falls or difficulties in assessing the quality of the slope. This happens during cloudy weather or at sunset. You will squint and strain your eyes trying to see a track that is hard to read in low-contrast gray light. An appropriate lens will enhance contrast and make bumps, pits and other reliefs more visible and safer when descending.

It is not pleasant even at low speed to feel thorny snow flying in the face and eyes, freezing rain or scorching wind. In addition to discomfort, all this causes tears, makes you squint, and, as a result, interferes with the review. And visibility is safety. In winter, the weather changes during the day from sunny and comfortable to absolutely unacceptable for going on the slope. And if in the morning you came to ride on flat corduroy with excellent visibility and weak wind, fog or a blizzard can catch you upstairs, from where you will inevitably have to descend. Always take a ski mask with you. In frosty weather, the mask will save you from frostbite or simply from the unpleasant sensations associated with low temperatures. We go to the slope for pleasure, and not for the sake of fighting nature.

Nobody is going to fall, nobody at all. All these people who fall and get up, who are carried away on stretchers by rescuers, were not going to fall at all. There are many factors beyond our control that lead to falls. Bruises and bumps are inevitable, they are part of our life, part of training, part of sports. Damage can be minimized by using protection, and the mask is included in the list of required protective equipment. It is designed in such a way as to prevent damage from face impact on the slope. The mask will protect the nose and eyes from scratches, bruises and snow ingress. The mask will protect the face when hit by a ski, a stick or ... Yes, any object used when skiing. Including "flying crowbars", which sometimes are inexperienced, but extremely self-confident skiers.

The wrong approach when choosing a ski mask

Many years of work have revealed not the most encouraging statistics. Most of the buyers who come for a ski mask are guided by the following criteria:

  • The mask should be beautiful (here you can write anything you want, everyone has their own ideas).
  • The mask must match the color of the suit.
  • Impressive design: petrol mirror lens, huge/small size, matte/shiny color, etc., regardless of the quality and features of the lens.
  • Perfect match in shape and color to the helmet.
  • Cheaper, all the same for one time/wife makes/I look stupid in her.

Tourist Information Center of the Kursk Region

Properly chosen equipment for a ski resort is the key to a pleasant and comfortable outdoor activity. Glasses play the most minor role. The glare of light reflected by the snow can be so harsh and bright that it makes skiing painful. Snow and wind also cause a lot of inconvenience that can end your ski trips ahead of schedule.

Points must be selected individually, based on:

  • possible weather conditions,
  • the desired service life,
  • the selected time of day for skiing,
  • your own preferences ...

It is important that glasses have 100% protection from ultraviolet rays - this is, first of all, your health. Consider the top 10 ski goggles ranking.

Oakley Ski Goggles (Masks)

The American manufacturer has long established itself in the market for the sale of ski equipment, in particular glasses. Sports fans and athletes are constantly surprised by the company's specialists with novelties in design and additional functions. The presence of interchangeable lenses allows for maximum comfort in all weather conditions. Double lenses of models and their anti-fog treatment, reduce fogging of glasses.

Oakley Ski Goggles

Optical lenses manufactured by Oakley are popular not only among professional athletes, but are also widely used in the military and space industries. Additional lenses can be purchased without the slightest difficulty, as they fit any model of this brand.

The main benefits are:

  • The ability to replace the filter as operating conditions change.
  • The use of high quality material allows for a perfect fit and compatibility with the ski helmet.
  • Wide view thanks to spherical lenses.
  • Using a 3-layer fleece seal.

Among all the advantages of this brand, perhaps one possible drawback can be noted - this is an individual feature, lens intolerance.

You can buy Oakley ski goggles in the price range from 6 to 10 thousand rubles.

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