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The journey should begin when you step into the house and hit the road. Rest for two in a tent on the banks of the river, lake, sea is wonderful and romantic. You feel freedom of action, choose a location that you like, and at any time you can pack your things and go further to comprehend the vastness of the region.

But during the hike you are with nature - one on one. And her surprises in the form of rain and strong winds are not uncommon. You also need to be prepared for this, so as not to wake up in a damp sleeping bag or, even worse, to find wet phones, navigators, matches, food, etc. Only a good tent will help you avoid unpleasant situations and feel safe. Find out the algorithm for choosing a product right now. This information is useful to you and can be shared with like-minded friends. What should you look at first when choosing a tent?

Where and how do you rest?

Have you planned an expedition or attending an open festival? Will you carry all the equipment, load it on bicycles or go on a trip by car? If the hike is on foot or it is a bicycle trip for many days, the luggage should be light and compact, and this can be a tourist tent. The weight of a single product is 1 kg, a double product is 1.5-2 kg and so on, based on approximately 1 kg per person. The tents are easy to set up and usually take 30 minutes or more, depending on the design.

Camping tents are suitable for avid fishermen who are waiting for a vacation to get away from the city with an overnight stay, and especially for those who like to travel in large companies. Such a tent can accommodate from 10 to 15 people, but the weight of the equipment is rather big - about 10 kg.

Strong winds, prolonged rainstorms or snowfalls can destroy delicate fabrics. But extreme tents are designed just for such weather conditions. The material has a special treatment, so it does not allow moisture, strong wind, and its weight is not very large. The body of tents is stronger than that of tourist tents. The weight of, for example, a 2-person tent is about 3 kg, which is more than the weight of tourist tents. Such products are carried on the shoulders while climbing or skiing. The difference from tourist tents is that they have no windows, only ventilation vents. It is worth noting that the price of extreme tents is higher than the cost of tourist ones. But knowledgeable people spare no expense, since a high-quality house saves in severe frosts or windy weather in mountainous areas.

Speaking of price. If the equipment will be used rarely, once or twice a summer, you can choose cheaper products. For long, for example, weekly, and frequent hikes, it is better to look for a tourist tent with a price of 1000 - 2000 rubles.

Now you can decide which type of tent is right for you. What material can the tent be made of, what are the arcs made of, what shape of products are suitable for installation in the forest, in an open area? Find out the answers to these and other questions in the next block.

Awning and arch material

Tourist tents are usually made of nylon. Characterized by such qualities as:

Useful article on the topic -

The number of places for which the tent is designed significantly affects its weight, and this, in turn, is one of the main selection criteria. After all, walking 20 kilometers in a day with six or ten local tents is quite difficult, and many cannot afford it, so many hikers pay attention to two-person portable houses.

Why is it worth buying a 2-seater even if you sleep alone? That's right, I am fully convinced that even lonely tourists should go hiking with a double. Firstly, it will be only 0.5-1 kilograms heavier than a single tent, and secondly, significantly more space for sleeping. And yet, after all, no one is insured, he is accidents and it is not known, suddenly a mysterious stranger/stranger appears on your way, and you regretted a couple of thousand rubles and bought a one-man tent ...

Once again, we are talking about tourist tents, not camping and extreme. Here, the main criterion when choosing is the weight and quality of materials, which make it easy to withstand medium and severe weather conditions.

What characteristics are worth paying attention to, you can read in this article - "How to choose a tent". For doubles, everything is the same.

The most popular local tents

Using the Yandex Market service, we have compiled a rating of the most popular models that are sold on the Runet.

Canadian Camper KARIBU

One of the most popular models from the Canadian Camper manufacturer is designed for trekking and short hikes. The tent can be used in spring, autumn and summer. The weight of the two-seater model is 3800 grams. The arches of the tent are made of fiberglass (fiberglass). Bottom, awning and inner tent material made of waterproof polyester.

Features of the structure of the form: the tent has the form of a half roll, as well as an exit on two sides. A mosquito net will protect against annoying insects, and the presence of a vestibule will make it possible to put things outside the room, thereby increasing the free space of the tent.

Rating on Yandex Market: 5/5;

The romance of multi-day outdoor recreation attracts millions of people. Picturesque landscapes, the breathtaking beauty of sunrises, evening gatherings by the fire return us to a harmonious state of mind, help us forget about everyday worries and problems.

In order for a trip to nature to bring only positive emotions, you need to take care of high-quality equipment, which guarantees the proper level of comfort. One of the main components of camping equipment is a reliable tent. It will provide protection from cold, precipitation, insects and create comfortable conditions for spending the night.

Tent structures

In any specialized store, the buyer will be offered a choice of dozens of models, differing in shape, size, organization of the internal space. But all this variety, in essence, boils down to two constructive types - frameless and frameless.

Frameless tents

Frameless structures are a fabric awning that is attached to guy wires and internal posts. Guys are tied to pegs driven into the ground. Such models are relevant for everyone who is interested in high mobility and a compact backpack: skiers, fishermen, participants in adventure tours, fans of hiking mountain tourism.

  • Light weight. Frameless tents made of modern materials have a minimum weight. Double models weigh from 1.5 to 2 kg, triple models - about 3 kg.
  • Ability to use available tools for installation. In wooded areas, a frameless tent can be set up without supports by stretching it between the trees. It is possible to use elements of tourist equipment as internal supports: skis, ski or trekking poles, or long branches.
  • Low price. Frameless tents are cheaper than frame models of the same size and useful volume.

Frameless models also have their drawbacks. Installation of such a tent requires certain skills; it is much easier to assemble a frame model. Another disadvantage is the low wind resistance of frameless structures.

Frame Tents

Self-supporting tent models are the most popular among tourists. They differ in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as a rational organization of the internal space. In many models, a fairly large vestibule is provided where you can fold down camping equipment or organize a kitchen compartment.

The first thing to notice is the location of the wireframe. It can be indoor or outdoor.

    Inner frame. The most common design option. Most of these models are two-layer. They consist of an inner tent and a protective outer tent. The frame is located between these layers. The inner tent is suspended from the frame, and an awning is thrown over the top. It is also stretched so that it does not come into contact with the inner layer of fabric. The advantage of such models is compactness, light weight and streamlined shape. Raindrops easily roll down the rounded surface of the tent; snow, fallen leaves and other debris practically do not linger on it.

    Outer frame. In such models, the frame is located on top of the protective tarpaulin. There are two ways to attach the supports to the awning. In the first case, the frame is blown into special fabric pockets, and then fixed with tips into eyelets (holes in the fabric, reinforced with metal or plastic rings). This design is considered the most reliable and resistant to wind loads. But it is quite laborious to install. In the second version, the tent is attached to the frame with carabiners. These models are less resistant to wind loads, but they can be assembled in a matter of minutes. The structure on the outer frame allows you to easily install only the outer tent or only the inner tent.

    In the realities of modern life, people increasingly dream of getting out into nature, living in a tent by the fire and walking along an interesting forest or mountain route with the whole family. Precisely because of the popularity of outdoor activities and tourism, it is not just a value for the Decathlon online store, but also the main section, on which a lot of attention is paid. And accordingly, the main section for future tourists "Decathlon Tents" is constantly updated with new models of tourist tents, which are constantly being improved by designers and experts.

    Sports tourism and camping experts recommend starting with three main steps when preparing for a hike or long-distance hiking trip:

    • Think over the route;
    • Set the goal of the hike;
    • Gather the necessary equipment and choose a tent.

    Please note that the choice of a Decathlon Camping Tent will depend on the purpose for which you choose it, the terrain, and the number of people you need to fit into it. The biggest difference between tents is between mountain tourism and family-friendly relaxed camping, the most popular destinations.

    In any case, you can choose and buy a tent in Decathlon at any time that is optimal for your requests, interests and the available amount of money.

    Tents for families with children

    What is a childhood without outdoor recreation, nights in sleeping bags and songs by the fire? If you do not want to deprive your children of vivid memories of hiking with their parents, then we recommend that you pay attention to the Decathlon family tents catalog. If your family is small (up to 4 people), then you can also go to the section of Decathlon camping tents and you will definitely catch your eye that very 4-person Decathlon tent that will meet all your requirements. Especially if you want an inexpensive tent with good quality.

    The main advantages of Decathlon family tents:

    • Capacity: from 4 to 8 people;
    • The presence of a vestibule for storing things and necessary equipment;
    • Comfortable placement of sleeping bags inside the tent ;
    • Availability of organizers for storing small things:
      • Side pockets, both inside the vestibule and outside;
      • Removable pockets for side pockets.
    • Ease of assembling tents;
    • Compactness of the assembled tent.

    Decathlon camping tents for family hikes are designed with a small margin of space so that parents can easily place all their belongings and equipment taken with them without having to live in cramped conditions.

    For advanced tourist families, the Decathlon online store offers to choose special furniture for the camp: folding chairs, tables, etc. Thanks to them, you can easily organize a camp, maintain comfort and convenience for your children and equip the camp so that it does not take much time to assemble it upon departure.

    Most often, Decathlon family hikes are chosen by people who prefer to travel by car. Especially when it comes to traveling to cities, to the center of Russia or to the sea. And for those who like to travel to the sea as "savages", the online store offers to choose a Decathlon beach tent, convenient for installation on sand and stones.

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