How is the season in the Alps

What ski holidays in the Alps are popular with Russian tourists

The Alps in summer these days are becoming more and more popular among tourists from different countries. Of course, first of all, the Alps are associated with snow-capped slopes, magnificent ski resorts and a glass of mulled wine after skiing or snowboarding. But the summer Alps are attractive in their own way and no less beautiful than in winter.

In my opinion, at least once it is worth changing your ideas about how to relax during the summer vacation season - I mean the beach and the sea, and go to the Alps in the summer. Moreover, there is a good alternative to the sea coast - alpine lakes.

Today I will not dwell on any extreme sports that you can do in the Alps, but I will try to consider the types of recreation designed for a wide range of tourists, that is, for ordinary people.

First of all, the Alps are active in summer, so let's take a look at the ways of alpine activity!

What to see in the Alps in summer

In summer, the mountains are truly magnificent and varied. The landscapes are mesmerizing, you will remember them for a lifetime!

Beautiful alpine landscapes

The Alps are extraordinarily beautiful in summer. The views are breathtaking. If you are fond of photography, then stock up on batteries and accumulators for your camera - you will click continuously and for a long time! Here is a green-green alpine meadow with grazing cows, and here is a mountain waterfall, breaking the ringing silence. As you climb the mountain path upward, you will see a deciduous forest and a forest consisting of conifers, flood meadows and rocks.

Alpine Falls

Waterfalls in the Alps are another story. First, it is an extraordinarily beautiful sight. Secondly, on a hot day at the waterfall, you can cool off after a long walk. And thirdly, you will take great pictures from here.

Most of the mountain trails are laid in such a way as to be sure to pass by the waterfalls. The larger the waterfall, the more spectacular the view will be. In the place where the water falls, a natural pool is formed, in which you can swim a little. But get ready, the water will most likely be icy and its temperature will not exceed ten degrees above zero.

Berry picking in the Alps in summer

The popularity of ski holidays in the French Alps is growing among Russian tourists, including in the premium segment. More and more Russians on their ski holidays in France are switching to the all-inclusive format, more families with children travel. Details are in our material.


According to the text of the "Review of trends in ski holidays in Russia - 2017", presented yesterday by the tour operator Club Med with the support of Atout France in Moscow, the most popular ski destinations among Russians at the end of last year are Austria (42% of the sample) and Italy (28.7%). French resorts are visited by 20% of Russian tourists. Least of all our compatriots go to Switzerland (9%). In addition, the statistics show that more and more tourists from Russia travel to the Alps in winter. The best dynamics of growth in the 2016/2017 season compared to the 2015/2016 season were in France (an increase of 34%) and Italy (an increase of 32%).

In the winter season 2016/2017. the tourist flow from Russia to Austria increased by 10.4% compared to the same period a year ago - to 730,000 overnight stays. This compares with the 2008/2009 season (720,000 overnight stays). The most popular mountain resorts of this country among Russians are Ischgl, St. Anton, Kitzbühel, Saalbach-Hinterglemm, Mayrhofen, Sölden.

Italy is definitely in vogue with domestic skiers. The Italian mountain resorts Alta Badia (up 67%) and Val di Fassa (up 65%) are the leaders in terms of the growth in the number of Russian tourists' reviews in the Alps over the past two seasons. A new destination is the Livigno region, for which Russia, however, is already in the top 10 key foreign tourism markets.

At the end of last year, Russian tourists began to actively return to France, and this trend also captured the ski season. Today, the most popular ski area among Russians in the French Alps is the Three Valleys with 600 km of continuous skiing (it includes Méribel, Courchevel, Val Thorens and a number of smaller towns). There is also the highest concentration of Russians among all alpine winter resorts. Among the leaders in terms of growth in the number of reviews of Russian tourists over the last two seasons are the ski areas Val d'Isere and Tignes (up 63%).

As for Switzerland, in the Swiss Alps one of the most beloved ski areas by Russian guests is Portes du Soleil.

Presumably, this year the main preferences of Russians in the Alpine resorts will not change.


According to the results of the winter season 2016-17, Russia entered the top four countries in terms of the number of overnight stays of foreign tourists in the French Alps (195,881 overnight stays). According to. The increase in overnight stays of Russian tourists here for the period January - June 2017, according to the statistics of the Regional Tourism Committee of the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, amounted to 50%.

Travel market experts are inclined to believe that observed in the winter of 2016-17. the growth of Russian tourist flow to the French Alps will enter the stage of stabilization with moderately positive dynamics.

"This winter, demand for the Alps, including the French, is expected to be broadly at last year's level, with an increase of 5-10% over last winter season," says Maya Lomidze, executive Director of ATOR.

Atout France says that according to the results of the year, the growth in the number of arrivals of Russians to France, judging by the statistics of air ticket bookings, may reach 30%, and a certain number of new tourists will undoubtedly fall on the Rhone region. Alps.

"On the beautiful blue Danube" - this is the name of the famous waltz by Johann Strauss, which in Russia (and in the USSR) used to be called "Danube waves". In Austria, there can be no ordinary waves: the rivers and lakes there are beautiful and blue, the Alps are dizzying. God created the nature of Austria to make it beautiful for everyone - the Austrians firmly believe in this.

Austrian names are often found in the UNESCO lists: unique corners of nature, medieval historical monuments, engineering wonders of past centuries. Austrians respect both their historical heritage and the environment. The old buildings of the 12th-18th centuries show no signs of destruction. Even the cows that graze in the meadows seem to have just been washed!

Vienna Inner City - UNESCO Nature Reserve

The historic center of Vienna (Inner City) has retained the inspiring atmosphere of past centuries, recalling that since the 18th century Vienna has been the European Capital of Culture. Old streets, cozy Viennese cafes attract not only tourists, but also photographers, cinema and television.

Representatives of UNESCO, called upon to strictly select only unique cultural phenomena, included the entire old city of Vienna in the lists of cultural heritage. There are so many historical monuments and unique objects located in a small area that the famous lists of cultural heritage did not overload.

Historic Monuments to find on the streets of the Inner City:

St. Stephen's Cathedral is the most famous building in old Vienna, all roads converge here. The south tower of the Gothic cathedral is visible from any street. The cathedral was built for almost 200 years, from the 14th to the 16th century, on the site of the old cathedral of the 13th century. One wall of the old cathedral with two towers became part of the building: the western part is older than the others.

The interior of St. Stephen's Cathedral was formed in the Baroque era, it is decorated with numerous sculptures and bas-reliefs, famous for the carved altar and images of the Virgin Mary of the 17th century, luxurious colored stained glass windows, carved choirs. The crypt (under the altar) contains the tombs of Austrian monarchs by famous sculptors. You can go upstairs, inspect the bells, take a closer look at the patterns of colored tiles on the roof and admire the old city from above.

The Habsburgs ruled Austria and neighboring states (Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany) for centuries. The Austrian Habsburgs adored their Hofburg: everyone tried to embellish it, to build something on the territory of the residence. The result was not a palace, but a huge complex that includes 19 palaces and 18 other buildings, squares, front gates. Not all 2,600 rooms of the palaces are open to tourists: the Hofburg is the official residence of the President of Austria. To feel the imperial power of the palace complex, it is better to go to the Hofburg from the Michaelplatz square. Excursions to the imperial apartments and the Silver Chamber (collection of silverware and porcelain of the imperial court) will help to visit the Habsburgs, to join the life of the dynasty.

Hallstatt - Alps reflected in the clear mirror of the lake

Hallstatt is a small medieval village, sandwiched on both sides by a lake and mountains. Hikers climb here (511 m above sea level) for breathtaking alpine landscapes. Hallstatt mountain lake reflects not only mountains, but also picturesque houses, medieval streets.

The village has kept the same territory for many centuries, the rest of the place is occupied by mountains and a lake. Because of this, a local landmark arose - a chapel with the skulls of residents exhibited in it. Due to the lack of land for the burial of the dead, they dug up after 10 years, and the skull was placed in the chapel, with the name and profession written on it. Since the 80s of the XX century, bodies have been cremated, and local residents wishing to support the tradition must indicate this in their will.

June 26-27 opened the climbing season in the Alps! From our large group (8 people), four participants led by Vladimir Khitrikov, Alexander Lange and Alexei Korochkov climbed to the highest point of the Alps - Mont Blanc (4810 m). Congratulations to all! For many, it was a new experience and a test of their strength.

Experience Vs youth

Within the framework of the Mountain School, the participants practiced their mountaineering skills on the Mer de Glace glacier and prepared for the ascent of Mont Blanc (4810 m). The youngest participant of the Mining School is 13 years old, and the oldest is 63!

Evgeny Leonov shares his impressions of the past program

Thanks to all participants and guides. Perhaps this was one of the coolest tests of myself in my life. It was really cool! Something didn't go perfectly, but for me personally, the positive part outweighed many times. Special thanks to Vladimir Khitrikov, who brought it to the top, organically managing our subgroup. To the guys from our subgroup, Grisha and Dima, thank you for keeping your insurance firmly and at a good pace. Thanks to Dad for the idea to go to the mountains! Thanks for the great dinners and an example of how to fight. Thanks Anton for suggesting Mont Blanc and for being Anton. Nikita, I was glad to meet you, thanks for keeping in touch, this is super important! Lyoshka - you're cool, at your age (13 years old) I didn't climb above the fourth floor. Alexander Lange, I see a desire to help people climb up and I welcome him, thank you! Alexey Korochkov, thank you for leading my father and son! Not all. Antonina, thank you for being in touch, for the coordination, and, of course, for the places in Gyut. Honestly, there is much more to say, but you need to collect your thoughts and exhale a little, and then it will be easier to generalize and summarize. Thanks guys! I am glad that I met and spent this time with all of you. Of course, happy for my subgroup, it really helped me get to know you better! I hope to see everyone more than once, the spirit of adventurism just won't drink, so I'll see you somewhere else!

From June 30 to July 7, a program of climbing Mont Blanc took place, in which three people took part under the leadership of Alexander Lange.

We had a good mountain experience, but we were unable to climb the summit due to bad weather. Thunderstorm, storm, wind and frost! Unfortunately, no one went up the mountain on July 5. We hope the guys are lucky next time.

From July 1 to July 10, Vsevolod Okin and Boris Yangel studied the basics of mountaineering in the Alps. The Mountain School was led by our experienced guide and instructor Vladimir Khitrikov. The school ended successfully - climbing Mont Blanc!

Vsevolod Okin on the program of the Mountain School in the Alps

Mont Blanc, July 2018. It's cold, dreary, endless. Pass, climb, dodge, catch, jump, catch your breath. Vertical walls and couloirs with rockfalls are replaced by the heaviest glaciers and narrow ridges. Groups one after another trying to reach, many return, someone frantically trying to warm up and decide to walk, someone in almost no T-shirt and sneakers runs upstairs. 4 hours up, 8 hours down, absolute exhaustion, mental and physical but fantastic experience. The incredible, indescribable beauty of sunrise and sunset in the mountains, textures and vistas that cannot be imagined, multiplied by the mountaineering aesthetics of ice axes and shelters, all in a degree of danger and overcoming. Mountains forever, it was charming, now it's worth resting.

Whoever has the desire and opportunity to visit the Alps this summer, we will try to organize for you a Mountain School or climbing Mont Blanc. Try your hand at our programs.

Today, the ski resorts in Italy are considered one of the best in Europe. Unusual landscapes and breathtaking ski slopes, combined with a well-developed infrastructure and unique gastronomy, make Italy one of the most popular destinations during the ski season.

The Dolomites are the absolute top ski resorts in Italy, with the best five-star ski resorts believed to be located here. The ski resorts located in Val d'Aosta, Piedmont, Veneto and the Swiss Alps are not inferior to the Dolomites.

reasons why tourists choose ski resorts in Italy:

The winter season in Italian ski resorts runs from late November until the traditional Easter weekend. Most of those wishing to relax in the ski resorts of Italy plan their vacation in advance (several months before the trip), paying special attention to the purchase of air tickets, which in turn helps to significantly reduce this item of expenses.

Cheap flights from Moscow:

Every year the number of tourists who want to relax in the mountains increases, so more and more ski resorts in a hurry to please tourists are offering more and more additional services and activities.

Today, spa salons, health centers, discounts on hotel accommodation and dining in restaurants have become traditional.

As a rule, professional skiers and snowboarders choose more secluded ski resorts, while families with children and inexperienced skiers prefer more equipped recreation areas, equipped with modern lifts and other necessary amenities.

Ski resorts in Italy best offers:

Skiing is a rather risky sport, so do not forget to insure against unforeseen circumstances.

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