Horseback riding (equestrian tourism)

Equestrian tourism: the best way to get away from the hustle and bustle

Weekend horse trips - the rules and types of equestrian tourism are popular today, and this type of recreation is in demand among the population.

Equestrian tourism is one of the leisure options that reveals the sports qualities of a tourist, strengthens health, restores vital energy while enjoying the beauty of nature.

Unity with nature, the opportunity to relax surrounded by calm animals, accessibility for people of any age - there are many advantages to horseback riding. That is why they are so in demand, they are a good gift for loved ones on special occasions.

Where can you learn to ride a horse?

Where should a tourist go to really relax?

What is equestrian tourism?

Equestrian tourism is an international direction of sports and recreation, allowing you to visit hundreds of beautiful places where other types of transport simply will not pass. Romantic walks are a way to escape from everyday life, immerse yourself in yourself or spend time actively.

The first equestrian route was laid in 1971 and every year the popularity of this type of tourism grew.

Today there are many variations of horseback riding: one-hour walks and multi-day routes, with escort and separate food delivery, with competitions, with training, sledding hikes, etc.

Horses began to be used for tourist purposes decades ago, while you can ride:

  • on horseback, going on the most interesting horse trekking, however, here you need good physical shape and preparation - you will have to learn how to sit in the saddle for a long time;
  • in carts - such walks are preferable for short distances, for example, at weddings and other celebrations in a pleasant atmosphere;
  • sleigh rides - this type of tourism is extreme, but it belongs to the traditionally Russian, is relevant only in the cold season, in snowy terrain.

Equestrian sports tourism is also of genuine interest - you can visit the events not only as a participant, but also as a spectator, enjoying the races.

Horseback riding (equestrian tourism)

Equestrian tourism has become more and more popular lately. This is not surprising, since in the modern technogenic world, every day is hectic. People get tired of this way of life and therefore try to escape from the captivity of the city and spend weekends and vacations in a calm atmosphere surrounded by nature.

What is equestrian tourism

Equestrian or equestrian tourism is a journey on horseback or a ride in carriages. Equestrian tourism refers to the types of sports tourism, when the journey consists of passing special obstacles - forests, rivers, passes.

A characteristic feature of riding (equestrian) tourism is that food and other equipment are taken with them in special saddlebags, which are fixed on saddles or a special pack horse. Bags for groceries on such a journey are called Altaysk or Archemak.

When introducing routes for equestrian tourism, it is taken into account that the majority of tourists do not have any training or riding training. Before going on a hike, instructors conduct detailed training in accordance with specially designed programs.

The hiker must have at least basic skills in order to be able to care for a horse, saddle or harness it, and also control it while riding. Difficult routes, such as "Tuyuk Lakes" in the Altai Mountains, are designed for experienced tourists with good riding skills, especially in difficult terrain.

During the hike, tourists prepare their own food and spend the night in tents, so the camping conditions, bonfires and appropriate food add a special romanticism.

Equipment for the tourist horseman

Horse trails are quite suitable for the same equipment that is common for hiking. But with equestrian tourism, you need to take into account some features. Even for a short hike, you should wear boots to avoid chafing your shins.

There are special boots designed for equestrian athletes. An officer's cut or ordinary tarpaulin soldier boots are quite suitable. Trousers should be athletic, with an appropriate cut that allows you to raise your leg high in order to sit in the saddle.

Jeans are not suitable - it is difficult to saddle a horse in them, and the seams on jeans are rough and will quickly rub the skin. You definitely need a tracksuit, sneakers, cotton socks, light clothing and protection from the rain.

Advantages of equestrian tourism on vacation

Equestrian tourism provides an excellent opportunity to relax, gain strength, and experience positive emotions. Change of scenery, communication with a horse in isolation from civilization, fresh air, beauty of nature - what could be better!

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