Holidays in the mountains

Holidays in the mountains

When vacation time comes, many begin to think about how to make it as memorable as possible, get priceless emotions and memories, spend time with health benefits and peace of mind. The answer is simple: it is best to go to the mountains. You can spend a vacation in the mountains absolutely at any time of the year, the only differences will be in what type of vacation to choose.

What to do with your summer vacation in the mountains

Summer is the most beautiful time when many people start planning their vacation and choosing where to go to relax.

A vacation in the mountains will be an excellent choice, since beach resorts will be jam-packed and then you will not be able to enjoy the peace and tranquility at all. It is foolish to think that there is absolutely nothing to do in the mountains in the summer. There are many options to turn your vacation into an unforgettable and active holiday.

  • Fishing from mountain rivers and lakes. Such a pastime will give a feeling of true harmony with nature and oneself. Such rest is suitable for those people who do not want to rush anywhere, peace and relaxation are the main keys to real rest. Picturesque natural places of rivers and lakes will reward tourists not only with beautiful views, but also with a rich catch. Fishing is, first of all, excitement, such an activity will definitely be to everyone's taste.
  • Family camping in the mountains. Such a pastime will not leave anyone indifferent. Full unity with nature, the feeling of the purest mountain air and the understanding that there is no need to rush anywhere, the whole world seems to stop so that a person can feel the atmosphere. In such places, the Internet does not catch, so no social networks can distract from enjoying the rest. At such moments, a person can rethink their life goals, recharge with motivation and new strength.
  • Rafting. Such a pastime is perfect for real extreme sports. Rafting is a boat ride down a mountain river. This is what the search for true emotion entails. Such entertainment will be an excellent option for working on yourself, dealing with inner fears and ultimately achieving the long-awaited dose of adrenaline.
  • Jeeping. Jeeping is a self-guided tour of impassable natural places. In order to get to the most beautiful places in the mountains, it is impossible to simply drive or walk. Directly on powerful jeeps, through swamps, impassable slopes, shallow rivers, you can get to stunning places that will not leave anyone indifferent. And the very process of the trip will charge you with adrenaline.
  • Climbing. An excellent option for active recreation for the whole family, which teaches you to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. Climbing fosters strength of mind, trains physical abilities, motivates and energizes. Such a pastime would be an excellent option for a vacation in the mountains.

In general, there are a lot of options. It remains only to choose which one suits you best.

How can you spend your winter vacation?

In winter, the main activity in the mountains focuses on ski sports. This is a great option to relax, free your thoughts from the hustle and bustle of the world and enjoy the winter mountain scenery.

Some of the most popular pastimes in the snowy mountains are skiing, snowboarding, inflatable pills, sledging and so on. Such a pastime will appeal to the whole family. Such a vacation at the same time gives a wonderful feeling of unity with nature, adrenaline from skiing, joy and fun. The main thing is to choose suitable clothes and shoes for yourself and your children . portmaster. a/ru/catalog/vzuttya_dlya_dvchat6-choboti14 /.

Advantages and disadvantages of mountain recreation

The benefits include, first of all:

Holidays in the mountains

Of all types of tourism, the most informative and interesting is hiking. It enables tourists to spend their holidays in the most beautiful corners of nature. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the tourist has a unique opportunity to observe the wild nature, here you can relax your body and soul. But to get to such unknown corners of nature, the tourist has to carry everything he needs on his own back.

What is hiking?

As one of the types of tourism, hiking is the most active type of recreation, which includes movement over rough terrain of varying difficulty. It can be forests, fields, mountains. Today, there are trekking organizations around the world. The health benefits of such trips are obvious.

Departure for such tours is organized in the same way as for any other sports direction. A person buys a place in a certain tour, or he or she negotiates with the host, for example, a tourist base on his own.

Then he submits the standard package of documents to the consulate of his own city, the visa center. In fact, he provides only financial documents, passports, copies of tickets, as well as an insurance policy with coverage from 30,000 euros, which takes into account the increased risks associated with his chosen direction.

If this issue is dealt with by a special organization, the documents are transferred to it directly, and all subsequent actions to ensure departure are taken over.

With the correct paperwork, the term for their consideration for such a tour will be up to 10 days. After that, the person will be notified of the result, and if it turns out to be positive, he will be able to go on the trip that interests him.

Equipment and equipment

The necessary equipment and outfit primarily depend on the duration of the hike in time, the season and on what terrain the tourist route passes through. A tourist's backpack usually contains the necessary amount of food, water and basic necessities.

List of essential items for a tourist

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