Holidays in the Alps - in summer: on foot and by bike

Holidays in the Alps - in summer: on foot and by bike

No breakfast to the top of Mont Blanc

Without breakfast, 4 hours from 3800 to the top of Mont Blanc (4810) on July 5, our team of climbers from Russia and the Czech Republic literally ran. The guides note the high speed and dedication of all the participants.

And as a reward these incredible alpine sunrises! Congratulations guys, you're cool!

First mountaineering experience in Mont Blanc

Congratulations to our team on the successful ascent to the summit of Mont Blanc (4810)! On July 5, three participants made not an easy, but successful ascent for them. And for Ivan and Dmitry it was their first mountaineering experience, which they will remember for a long time! We are sure the guys got a lot of impressions from the work done up and down.

We also congratulate Vsevolod Neyelov with the reached altitude of 4250 m, and we wish you to return to Mont Blanc and climb the summit! As always, the views of the Alpine peaks are stunning.

Mountain School in the Alps with Sergei Kovalev

The first Mountain School of the Adventure Team in the Alps this season - DONE! For 10 days Nikolay Lukashev, Karen Kaprielov and Vyacheslav Kalmens studied and climbed in the Alps under the guidance of an experienced instructor Sergey Kovalev. Excellent weather and irrepressible desire to learn mountaineering helped to fully fulfill the program of the Mountain School!

The participants in the ascent to the peaks of Pont Lachenal along the route 1B, Aiguille du Midi along the Cosmic 3A route, multi-pitch on the Argentiere Needles 5a-5b and, of course, the successful ascent of Mont Blanc on July 6, 2019! And, most importantly, they completed the full course of the classes on the rocks, on the ice and rescue work in a small group. We are sure that the knowledge gained will help the children to safely make beautiful ascents in the future.

Climbing Mont Blanc from Tet Rus

Our new team on Mont Blanc wanted to quietly and unnoticed run to Mont Blanc and go home. For the whole week, a couple of photos, two messages in the messenger that everything is in order, and that's it. But we know that the guys made a real feat - they successfully ascended Mont Blanc from a height of 3167 m!

On July 10, at 5 am, the team started from the Tet Rus shelter, at 10 am they were on the Gote, and at 15:13 they were happy, in good health, on the top of Mont Blanc (4810). Congratulations to Alexander and Anton Vaschenko and Anna Sorokina on the successful ascent to the highest point of the Alps! Such a program, unlike the standard one, is allowed due to weather changes. On July 10, the weather was excellent in the afternoon, so the guide decided to take advantage of this moment and climb to the top in the daytime, but to rest on the way back and spend the night in a shelter, when a hurricane wind was promised at the top. Well done! We are proud!

4 main ways to get water during the cold season

Holidays in the mountains of France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland: transport and camping in the Alps

All the family in the Alps is a great idea for a summer vacation. Fresh air, life in nature, radial hikes in the mountains. And it is not necessary to carry all the belongings on yourself. After all, you can stay at a campsite for a few days and go to explore the natural beauty light. Such a vacation with children will not seem tedious, and besides, it can be quite budgetary.

Things to do in the Alps

When planning a vacation in the mountains, consider the travel route. The main thing is for everyone to be interested. You can climb the mountains on lifts and go down on foot along scenic trails, where all routes are well marked with signs. You can buy a detailed map of the area on the spot and go on a hike with the whole family for several days, spending the night in mountain shelters.

Or you can stay for a few days in one of the picturesque towns where there is entertainment for all family members. For example, Chamonix (France) has a lot of interesting things for travelers of all ages. Why not go with the whole family to the pool, where for 6.7 €/person. (if you have a guest card) you can spend the whole day (from 12:00 to 19:30). Or take a mountain train to the glaciers, visit the ice grotto. Or take a lift to meet Mont Blanc.

In order to find out useful information on the spot, information centers have been created to help tourists, where you can ask any questions (English is in use), get a free map with important points and sights.

Summit of the Aiguille de Mesure in the Chamonix Valley


Renting a car at the airport is the easiest option for traveling with a large family. It's a little more difficult to go on vacation in your car - it takes more time and effort. And if you travel by public transport, you will have to think about which airport is more convenient to fly to: Geneva is suitable for traveling around Switzerland and France, Salzburg, Innsbruck or Munich are suitable for the Austrian Alps, the airports of Milan, Verona, Bergamo are convenient to get to South Tyrol. The choice is yours.

Trains and buses

High-speed trains, local electric trains, mountain trains on a cogwheel - everything works according to the schedule. Traveling in Switzerland is quite expensive, but Swisspass can save up to 50% for those who are going to travel a lot around the country. The price depends on how long the ticket is purchased for (4, 8, 15 days or a month), there are family passes. Swisspass helps to save money not only on trains, but also on buses, funiculars and lifts. You can buy it on the website www. wiss-pass. h and at any railway ticket office.

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