Holidays in Europe and beyond: What to expect this summer

Holidays in Europe and beyond: What to expect this summer

The summer season and the tourism business in Europe have fallen victim to the coronavirus - they will try to get out. But it will definitely not be like before. How will it be this summer?

Modern Europeans don't work for wear and tear. Therefore, weekend vacations and foreign trips at least twice a year (in summer - to the sea, in winter - to a ski resort), even if for this you have to save on food, clothing, heating on weekdays, this is sacred. Unless, of course, we are talking about retirees from the rich countries of Northern Europe who do not get out of overseas cruises. German vacationers prefer a paid two-week vacation in the summer in Spain, Greece, Turkey. Europeans, who are wealthier, will give up somewhere in the Seychelles, Maldives, Bali or the Caribbean islands, in order to rush to skiing in Austria or the Italian Tyrol in winter. The Greeks, for some time now impoverished, will prefer one of their hundreds of their own islands in the summer, sharing it with the British, French and everyone else, and will spend Christmas and New Year's holidays in their native village ...

It was like this yesterday, before the onset of the coronavirus, when people had to go into quarantine, revenues sank, borders closed, and planes were laid up. But life, which, of course, will never be the same (for the elite, however, nothing will change, it will only gain), cannot stop. Of course, ordinary Europeans cannot do without recreation, albeit not as large-scale and luxurious as recently. For in fact and in terms of ethnogenesis, they are still mostly "old people" (the migrant element from the countries of Asia and Africa made its way to Europe not to work). To "plow" without days off and vacations, as is often the case in Ukraine and the vastness of the CIS, compatriots who are not spoiled in the USSR, the majority of Europeans are simply not able to.

What does the European Commission want?

The government of the European Union - the European Commission - understands this, of course, as well as the fact that tourism in Europe is one of the essential spheres of its economy that needs to be saved.

The coming months shouldn't be wasted for the thriving European tourism ecosystem. Summer in Europe is the most important season for the tourism industry: it brings an average of 190 billion euros.

- the European Commission reminded the EU member states on May 13 on its website.

The EU - despite the fact that it has methods of influencing individual countries - cannot prohibit or permit tourism. Such powers are in the hands of national governments. Therefore, we are talking about urgent recommendations, as well as criteria by which the authorities of the EU member states will be able to determine where and when to weaken the quarantine regime and open the borders.

Greece is preparing for the tourist season. Photo: Agenturfoto via www. mago-images/Globallookpress

The European Commission believes that "as EU member states manage to contain the spread of the virus, continuous restrictions on freedom of movement should be replaced by more narrowly targeted measures." To this end, without being tied to a specific time frame, it is necessary to start "opening" for the citizens of the country and "regions with a similar epidemiological situation." This is the first criterion. The second is the ability of member countries to maintain "social distance", to be able to conduct the required number of tests for COVID-19. The third is the absence of excessive restrictions.

So far, we can only talk about lifting restrictions on the internal borders of the EU: the first phase is to partially lift them, the second means the full opening of the borders. And only then will the turn of the external borders come.

As for Russian fans to dash through Europe, their recommendations do not apply to the European Commission. Since we are talking only about residents of the countries of the European Economic Community (EU plus Switzerland, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) and about the opening of part of the internal, but not external borders of the EU. There is a quarantine regime for arriving foreigners, which so far excludes the possibility of tourist trips. Further actions will depend on how the coronavirus behaves.

Either very expensive or very cheap

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