Hiking the Lycian Way: experiences and travel tips

Departure to Crimea: rock climbing (group of continuing)

Departure to the mountains for members of the AlpIndustria Mountain Club. Preparation: Course "Introduction to Mountaineering" or "Introduction to Mountaineering" and "Introduction to Mountaineering Plus".

Check-out dates: 18.7.020 - 02.8.020

Who is this visit for

Level of participants: first, second and third years of study at the AlpIndustria Mountain Club, attendance at club trainings throughout the year, compliance with the AlpIndustry Mountain Club standards for physical training and rock climbing. Following the results of the trip, the participants will undergo rock, snow and ice training, ascents 1b-3b c/t.

Target registration fee for participation in the program

The size of the targeted organizational fee is 35,000 rubles, of which 2,000 rubles you pay online, 33,000 rubles at a meeting on departure at the end of March

The received amount of earmarked funds will be used to pay for the work of instructors, equipment for participants in a sports training event, as well as organizational costs of this event.

Participants pay for the flight, visa, transfer, accommodation, meals and insurance on their own.

How to sign up

Information, insurance and visa are required

To participate in the trip, you must:

  • Medical certificate in free form, where it will be written "There are no contraindications to mountaineering and rock climbing" or "Approved to practice mountaineering"
  • Insurance for the entire period departure, which clearly spelled out mountaineering/rock climbing
  • Schengen visa

Under the guidance of instructor Vladimir Kazartsev, we will repeat the techniques necessary for climbing the routes (belay, handrails, points, work in a bundle, descend on a rope, etc.), and make several ascents 2A-4A. (when the group is ready).

Departure to the Crimea cliffs for participants who can climb and belay from the bottom and confident on 5C-6A.

Departure to the Crimea rocks for climbers who already have experience and are ready to make several ascents from 2 to 4 degrees. in one trip. If you climb quite confidently with the lower belay 5C-6A, know how to reliably belay your partner from the lower one and want to climb a lot (a lot), this exit is for you. An excellent opportunity to properly prepare for a trip to the big mountains.

Departure plan

First, we will stretch ourselves properly and repeat the climbing techniques on rock lessons, and then we will pay all our attention to work on routes and multi-pitch. We focus on the program below, but the instructor will adjust the lesson plan depending on the level of training of the participants.

Indicative departure plan

1 day - Arrival in Simeiz, accommodation, acquaintance with the area, introductory lesson, rock climbing with upper and lower belay. Day 2 - Climbing with upper and lower belay. Working on the railing. Installation of belay points. Stations at their points. Working in bundles. Day 3 - Working in bundles on the multi-pitch route. Using "reverse" in the autoblock. Descent along a double rope with pulling. Interaction of ligaments. Day 4-7 - Ascents 2B-4A (difficulty and number of ascents according to the group's readiness level). Day 8 - Departure.

Every evening debriefing and bug fixing.


All participants need to take out insurance for all days of departure! Regular travel insurance or travel insurance, or insurance just for outdoor activities is not suitable. You need insurance that includes mountaineering/climbing activities. You can get insurance on the website of any company you like. Suitable options are, for example, Reso and Consent:

From July 29 to August 5, the All-Russian Rock Climbing Festival was held in the Guam Gorge. Competitions and training in this sport have begun to be regularly held here in the last ten years.

It is convenient to get to Guamca by car, there is a place to spend the night, and in summer the temperature in the gorge is comfortable for physical activity. And that's not to mention the stunning views. Evolution of the South. I visited here one of the days of the festival and figured out how to go rock climbing, if you have always dreamed about it.

About the festival and its participants

The All-Russian Rock Climbing Festival has been held in the Guam Gorge for 11 years in a row. The program is designed for several days - the first days adults and children go through the routes, and at the end of the festival they compete in the final standings. The entertainment program is intended mainly for children - there is even a solemn initiation into rock climbers, which is especially important for those who have seen real rocks for the first time.

This year about 250 people from all over Russia came to the festival. Some with families: the minimum age of participants is five years. The oldest climber this year is 66 years old and has held leading positions in the competition.

Participants live in a tent camp, where minimum amenities are provided: electricity, outdoor showers and toilets. For those who come with children, the organizers recommend settling in the nearest hotels.

Participation in the festival is paid, entry fee is 1000 rubles. It is used to pay for the work of judges and organizational costs. The festival was founded with the support of the Russian Climbing Federation, but this year the main organizer of the event was the Krasnodar climbing club Gekko. The head of the club, Mikhail Kravchenko, has been the chief judge of the festival for several years.

We talked with Nikita Voronin, the press secretary of the festival and the judge of the 2nd category, about where and how to go climbing in the Krasnodar Territory, what is needed for this and how safe it is.

Nikita Voronin

Press secretary of the Guamka-2018 festival, judge of the 2nd category, climbing experience - four years

Where to go rock climbing in the Krasnodar Territory

- In addition to the Guam Gorge, in our region you can climb Mount Indyuk, there are routes on the Lagonaki plateau, near Krasnodar (in the village of Krepostnaya, in the village of Novy), near Apsheronsky (in Aderbievka). The Krasnodar Territory is quite rich in climbing places. But it is in Guamca that the climate is conducive to climbing in August - it is not hot here.

After the cold winter, Julia and I wanted to rest. I didn't want any sports tourism, high mountains, but I wanted, as they say, for myself, with my soul: to bask in the sun, eat fruit and swim in the salty sea. Long surfing on the Internet stopped us on the Lycian Trail, which is located in Turkey. Why not, we thought, because there is everything that we need ...

Ivan Kvashnin

Expert of the AlpIndustria store in the Aviapark shopping center, Moscow. He has been going to the mountains since he was 14 years old. He climbed Elbrus from the South, East and North, climbed Kazbek from Georgia. He participated in many sports trips of various categories of difficulty in the Himalayas, the Caucasus and the Crimea.

“All outdoor and extreme is a tribute to life itself. How can you say to life "I love you" if you have spent all of it on the couch? ”

About the Lycian Way

Let's start with the geographical part and the general presentation. According to Wikipedia, the Lycian Trail (tour. Likya Yolu) is an extended route in Turkey, passing along part of the coast of ancient Lycia, about 540 km long. Connects Fethiye with Geikbairi, which is near Antalya. The trail is marked with red and white markers in accordance with the European Grande Randonnee agreement.

The trail takes its name from an ancient civilization that once existed in this area. The route is characterized by elevation changes as the road descends and leaves the sea. The Lycian Trail follows mainly walking and multi-path trails made of limestone, but also often of hard rocks. The route is quite simple and does not require any special skills to pass. In 2014, the Lycian Trail was extended by 30 km from Hisarchandir to Geikbairi, the most popular climbing site in Turkey.


540 kilometers of trail is, of course, great, but this is a category for "long-distance walkers", not for mental relaxation. Going further, we learned that the trail is divided into two parts: Western and Eastern. After consulting with a friend who had been to Lykiyka more than once, Sasha Vinogradov, we chose the Eastern part. The total mileage has dropped to about 130 km. This is exactly what we wanted.

The dates were decided quickly. It is still cool in March, it rains in early April, in May it is already too hot, and making transitions in the heat of 35 ° C is quite exhausting. Therefore, we have chosen the golden mean - from April 20 to May 3. The nearest airport to the beginning of the eastern part of Lykiyki is in Antalya. Tickets from Moscow to Antalya and back were bought in early March for 12,000 rubles by charter. Nobody canceled the law of meanness, and the next morning an offer came from Aviasales for 9500.

We decided to start the route from the Goynuk canyon and end in Tekirova. The thread of the route is very rich in sights. Every day is an adventure, in a good sense. The old city of Antalya, the stunning nature of the Goynuk canyon, caves and castles in Gedelme, parking in the alpine meadows on the Tahtali-Dag saddle, Tahtali-dag itself, deserted wild beaches, the lights of the Chimera, the ancient city of Olympos, as well as an artificial cave at the last crossing.

Transitions per day are obtained somewhere from 12 to 18 km with an average elevation difference of 500 m. At a lazy pace and frequent stops, our transitions took 4-6 hours. Since the route lies through Takhtaly-dag, the first half of the route we gain altitude in order to climb the Takhtaly-Dag mountain itself, and the second part we drop the altitude in order to descend to the sea again. So be prepared to sweat in places. The bivouacs, by the way, are all habitable on the route, there is even firewood from the previous camps. Not to mention that the trail is all marked with red and white markers. It is very difficult to get lost. But nobody canceled the use of the application in the phone for navigation.

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