Hiking season in Sochi 2020

Hiking season in Sochi 2020

Modern Sochi offers excellent opportunities for business and corporate tourism. The modern infrastructure, unique nature and rich history of the region create an ideal setting for MICE events.

There are many companies offering the organization of corporate recreation in Sochi. And all of them are positioned as experienced professionals, with affordable prices and a wide range of offers. In fact, it often turns out that a three-day program for a small group costs like a C-class car.

While organizing recreation for our corporate clients, we ourselves often faced with the fact that in the process of work there were constantly overlaps: either the bus did not arrive on time, the guide got sick, or the object of visit was closed for reconstruction. And "guaranteed low prices" turned into considerable sums. Those who have ever been involved in organizing such events will understand what this is about.

In general, we decided to take the reins into our own hands and develop our proposal for organized groups coming to Sochi.

Corporate holidays in Sochi

We will be glad to support you in this.

We will help you solve the following tasks:

Popular routes for group excursions in Sochi

We offer classic sightseeing tours that include visits to historical sites of the region and observation decks, walks in protected areas of nature and architecture, breathtaking boat trips, cable car ascent to mountain peaks, as well as excursions on electric cars and off-road vehicles ...

We are attentive to the choice of partners, we personally get to know each of them and monitor the quality of their work.

The most popular routes usually booked with us are:

  • sightseeing tour of Sochi with a visit to Mount Akhun, central part of Sochi and the Olympic Park
  • mountain Olympic cluster: 3 resorts, Krasnaya Polyana village, dolmens, apiary <
  • Sky Park, trout farm, glass blowers show
  • 33 waterfalls with Caucasian show and feast
  • Abkhazia (Gagra, Lake Ritsa, New Athos)

This is not the first time you visit us? We are pleased to offer other routes for group excursions in Sochi:

Hiking trails in the territory of three ski resorts and the Caucasian Biosphere Reserve welcome guests in the new summer season. Eco-trails differ in length and level of difficulty. They are designed for different categories of tourists with different levels of training.

Hiking season in Sochi 2020

Krasnaya Polyana Resort

The start of the summer season began with new products at the Krasnaya Polyana ski resort. More than 10 new hiking trails have been prepared there. They all run through a mountainous landscape. On their way, guests meet waterfalls, relict trees, alpine meadows, where unique endemic plants grow, as well as flowers listed in the Red Book.

The Fern trail is laid through a fern forest with ancient plants, and the Health Trail at Glade 960 with slight elevation differences is suitable for mountain walks. You can go on a mountain hike on your own or under the guidance of an experienced guide. In total, more than 40 kilometers of routes await the guests of the resort in the new summer season.

Guests of Krasnaya Polyana can also go quad tours, rafting on a mountain river, fly in a hot air balloon and much more this summer.

Hiking season in Sochi 2020

Rosa Khutor Resort

The Rosa Khutor ski resort offers its tourists walks in the forest zone of the Mzymta river valley. On the trail "Lake Traverse" you can see the iconic objects of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games and a picturesque lake.

You can descend from the top of 2320 meters along a picturesque path among alpine meadows along the "Panorama" route. The six-kilometer path from the highest point of the resort to the 1350-meter mark is covered by the guests on the Path of Champions. In addition, the resort invites guests to go on a bike ride along a special trail among the Caucasian mountains.

This is how the Tsvetnye Gory art studio works for the guests of the Rosa Khutor ski resort, where master classes in painting and watercolor sketching are held.

Hiking season in Sochi 2020

Caucasian State Natural Biosphere Reserve

In most regions of the country it is cold, frosty and snowy, and in Sochi it is now real autumn. There is a carpet of fallen oak leaves on the ground, there are green cypresses and palms with slightly yellowed leaves, the cold Black Sea is rustling. In coastal Sochi, daytime temperatures are from +5 to +15 degrees, sometimes it can rain, and only New Year's illumination reminds us that the main winter holidays are coming soon: New Year and Christmas. At the same time, only an hour away by car or train, ascent by cable car (to Rosa Khutor - 1650 rubles per adult and 1000 rubles per child), and you find yourself in a real winter: clouds, mountains and snowy peaks. The pandemic did not affect the natural beauty of Sochi in any way. But it influenced tourists who want to come here.

No test needed

There are a lot of rumors about coronavirus measures in Sochi. Someone says that this year the restrictions are worse than the Turkish ones. Some, on the contrary, say that Sochi is a zone of freedom, as if there is no pandemic in the world. In fact, the truth, as usual, is somewhere in between. Sochi is open to tourists, all hotels, restaurants, New Year's street fairs and shopping centers are open. No coronavirus tests are required upon arrival. But! There is a mask mode, sanitizers and temperature measurement are everywhere (at the airport - remote). Mass festivities are prohibited, after 23:00 establishments are closed, that is, there will be no New Year's gatherings and banquets in hotels. If a person arrives with signs of infection, he will be sent to the observatory instead of the resort. If you get sick, go to one of the coronavirus hospitals.

“Now the sanitary and epidemiological situation is calm. At the same time, Rospotrebnadzor and the Ministry of Health of the Krasnodar Territory assessed the readiness of our city for COVID-19 at 100%, - said Mayor of Sochi Alexey Kopaygorodsky. - It's safer to spend time outdoors, that's why we did everything to make our streets, parks and squares more elegant and attractive in New Year's way. This year, a festive design project was approved in a single concept “Sochi is shining”. Gold was chosen as the main color. Take a walk around the city and you will see how Sochi sparkles with New Year's lights. "

For 11 months of this year, the resort was visited by more than 5 million tourists, by the end of the year there will be 5.5 million people. This is 1 million less than in 2019. At the same time, the three Sochi ski resorts - Rosa Khutor, Krasnaya Polyana and Gazprom - are expected to increase the flow by 10% this season. “On New Year's holidays, Sochi is preparing to receive more than 260 thousand guests. In total, about 350 thousand tourists will visit the city in January. The average load of the mountain cluster will be about 90%, the coastal one - 75%, ”the press service of the city reports.

New cable cars, tracks and “instagram” places

The ski season opened in Sochi last week. By the way, this year there is a single ski pass at all resorts, which you can buy without contact. More than 150 km of routes are available along it: 102 - at Rosa Khutor, 27 - at Krasnaya Polyana, 25 - at Gazprom. Another feature of the current covid time is that coronavirus test points are organized at all ski resorts, booths are disinfected, and volunteers are trying to prevent tourists from crowding in queues.

“Our main news is the new cable car“ Veronika ”, which will make skiing even more comfortable and will significantly reduce the waiting time for boarding, - said the general director of“ Rosa Khutor ”(this year the resort is 10 years old) Alexander Belokobylsky. - This is the first lift of this type in Russia. It is located on the southern slope of the Aibga ridge and will stretch up to 2,200 m above sea level. The height difference will be 600 m. The length of the new cable car is 2000 m, it will run parallel to the existing chair lift "Edelweiss". This cable car will be the 30th in the resort. Its capacity will be 2,400 people per hour ”.

Krasnaya Polyana also has its own novelties. “Several new tracks have been opened for our guests this year. Including the first "green" track for beginners in the high-mountainous part of the resort "First Snow", equipped with a separate drag lift, - said the general director of the complex Andrey Krukovsky. “In addition, new products include the opening of a reindeer farm at Wonder Land, where guests can interact with the animals, feed them and ride reindeer sleds. In addition, we have opened several beautiful “instagram” places for our guests ”.

Rehabilitation after covid

In the Caucasus, an ordinary car trip from Adler to Krasnaya Polyana can turn into an unforgettable adventure.

  • Preglacial Forest
  • "Bloody Gate"
  • Rocks of Prometheus
  • Vorontsov Caves
  • The road to Krasnaya Polyana
  • Riviera Park
  • Arboretum Park
  • Sochi Embankment
  • Sea Port
  • Ordzhonikidze Sanatorium
  • Friendship Tree

Akhun is the highest point in the coastal part of the city. On all sides the mountain is covered with dense forest and surrounded by water - rivers and the Black Sea. Akhun's height is 663 meters above sea level. In ancient times, lovers of beautiful mountain panoramas climbed to the top on foot along the paths, but then they were disappointed, since tall trees interfered with beautiful views. Everything changed when, on the orders of Joseph Stalin, an 11-kilometer asphalt road was paved to Akhun with a serpentine road along which the Soviet leader liked to walk. A year later, a high observation tower made of local natural stone appeared on the top of the mountain. Almost 80 years have passed, but the excursion to Akhun is still one of the most popular in Sochi. Akhun Tower is open to tourists all year round.

Entrance to the Tower costs 2 euros, and for children under 10 years old, admission is free. PHOTO: hotel-chebotarev. u

Preglacial forest

In Sochi, there is not only Stalinist architecture, but also an element of the pre-ice age - a subtropical forest. In the village of Khosta, a unique natural monument has been preserved: a yew-boxwood grove. Here, even in summer, under the dense crown of age-old trees, overgrown with moss and liana, a kind of greenish light reigns, in which only ferns survive from grass and shrubs. This grove is home to a 1000-year-old yew tree, a 400-year-old beech and a branchy willow tree. In Sochi's Jurassic Park, two hiking trails have been designed: a small and a large ring. The first route is 1800 meters long on a concrete path with benches and information signs. The second trail is 5 kilometers long and runs mainly in rocky areas.

PHOTO: travel-picture. u

Tickets for the small ring: adults - 4 euros, children - 1 euros, for the large ring: adults - 7 euros, children - 2 euros. Location: Sochi, Khosta town, st. Boxwood

Blood Gate

Another place where you can take a break from the bustle of the city is the famous Navalishchenskoye gorge. The Khosta River has carved a beautiful ravine among the impressive cliffs of the mountain. There is also a small lake, which attracts tourists with its cool water in summer and an incredible crystal blue hue in winter.

Navalishchenskoe gorge PHOTOS: eurolux-rostov. u

The coronavirus pandemic has blocked borders and domestic tourism has become the only outlet for holidaymakers. The most popular destinations are now the Krasnodar Territory and Crimea. For the New Year holidays in Sochi, 95% of accommodation facilities have already been booked. The resort will bring together more than 400 thousand tourists from all over the country. But how will security measures be respected in this difficult time? Will it be possible, given the influx of newcomers, to maintain a social distance, what will they do with the infected, how will entertainment facilities work? "AiF-Yug" tells you what you need to know about the rest in Sochi.

Are you ready for the influx of tourists?

Vacationers will not have to take PCR tests for coronavirus upon arrival at the resort, but observators will work again, where they will send travelers with fever and symptoms of COVID-19. Such an observatory with 100 beds will open in Sochi, an additional infectious diseases hospital will appear in Krasnaya Polyana. Tourists with symptoms will be advised to spend at least a day there - the waiting time for test results.

Restrictive measures concern not only the operation of hotels (thermometry of staff and guests, disinfection), but also the operation of cable cars. Volunteers work at the Rosa Khutor resort to inform guests about social distancing and wearing masks. The cabins are continuously processed without stopping the cable cars. By the way, another - the 30th in a row - cable car will be opened there, which will reduce the waiting time for boarding. Its capacity will be 2,400 people per hour. At all stations there is an audio alert - the voice of the famous actor, the burgomaster of the resort, Nikolai Fomenko, calls on guests to be vigilant.

In addition, on the territory of each resort in Krasnaya Polyana, there is the possibility of taking tests for coronavirus for everyone. Guests can take a rapid COVID-19 antigen test and get a result within 30 minutes.

In general, the Kuban authorities are confident that they will cope with the influx of tourists and are ready to work in a pandemic. In the region, the high alert mode has been extended until December 31. At the same time, foreign tourists are not forgotten in Sochi. After the improvement of the epidemiological situation in the world, the Sochi authorities will again begin an active campaign to attract them.

“The mountain cluster of Sochi is a point of attraction for foreign tourists,” says Vladimir Pushkarev, deputy head of Sochi, on the situation. - The resort is especially popular with Israeli guests. During 2019-2020, the resorts of Krasnaya Polyana were visited by 200 thousand tourists from Israel, the United Arab Emirates and China. From January 1, 2021, an electronic visa regime will be introduced in Russia. This will allow foreigners to enter the country and Sochi for 16 days under a simplified scheme. When the restrictions are lifted, part of the resort's advertising budget will be directed to restoring tourist flow and negotiations with interested partners from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain. "

Rehabilitation after coronavirus

Since the beginning of 2021, more than 2,000 Russians have booked trips to health resorts in Sochi for rehabilitation programs after COVID-19. 22 sanatoriums have developed special programs of post-blood recovery from seven to 21 days. More than 800 Russians have already used them. Doctors of health resorts use inhalations, speleotherapy in a salt cave, paraffin-ozocerite and mud applications on the chest, dry carbon dioxide baths, magnetotherapy, artificial air treatment and many others. In addition, Sochi health resorts participate in special preferential health improvement programs "Open South", "For health - in Sochi!", "Silver Age" and the regional marketing program "South Health Resort". They allow you to receive treatment in the off-season at discounted prices. Well, the cashback program from Rostourism is very popular now. To date, eight Sochi tour operator companies, 22 sanatoriums and more than 90 hotels have special offers.

Sochi is shining

For the New Year, one of the highest New Year trees in the region was installed on Flag Square in Sochi - 23.5 meters. It is made by special order. Each element is equipped with LEDs - there are over 100 thousand of them in total. This year the resort operates under the Sochi Shining concept. The main color is gold. These are flickering arches, consoles, garlands and photo zones (more than 500 light elements) in parks, squares, guest routes, including the Riviera Park.

Now in the "Riviera" - the historical landmark of the city - a large-scale modernization is underway. They are implementing a project for a new concept for the design of walking and cultural and entertainment spaces.

“Reconstruction started a year ago. During this time, dozens of retail outlets and advertising structures have been dismantled in the park. Landscaping and landscaping works have been carried out, - says Riviera director David Sogoyan. - Experts have reconstructed outdoor furniture on the main alley and installed a modern sound system. New art objects and photo zones also appeared: original street lamps in the form of angels, a life-size sculpture of a bull, figures of fairy-tale characters and heroes of Soviet cartoons made of artificial grass. One of the new and popular zones is the Yoga Park, where free classes are held every day for everyone, as well as a charging station for mobile devices with a free Wi-Fi bookcrossing zone. "

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