Hiking in the Khibiny


The city of Kirovsk is the starting point in the Khibiny.

The first thing that is seen through the plane's window on approach to the city of Kirovsk in the Murmansk region is the majestic Vudyarchorr mountain with a height of 2367 meters and the Bolshoy Vudyavr lake, and then the peak of the Aikuayvenchorr mountain (translated from the Sami "head of the mother of God", where the prefix "chorr" means mountain). Located on the southern slope of the Khibiny mountains and serves as a starting point for tourist travel.

The city is located in the Arctic Circle. The population is about 28 thousand people. Distance to Murmansk - 205 km, to Moscow - 1930 km, to St. Petersburg - 1250 km

History of the city of Kirovsk

A plot of land rich in apatite-nepheline ores near the southern slopes of the Khibiny has been of interest to geologists since the early 1920s. In 1931, the workers' settlement acquired the status of a city (until 1934 it was called Khibinogorsk). To this day, the mining enterprises of the city work successfully and bring good profit to the region's economy.

Since Soviet times, the city of Kirovsk has also been popular and known for its excellent ski slopes. Since 1937, all-Union and republican competitions have been held here. The pre-war chairlift still operates in the mountains.

The Khibiny Mountains serve as a training base for the Olympic freestyle team.

Climate Time for perfect skiing

The climate of the Khibiny Mountains is unstable, it is distinguished by variability of temperatures, humidity and cloudiness, and in winter there are strong and frequent blizzards. The height of the snow cover reaches three to five meters. In winter, there is also a great danger of avalanches and avalanches (up to 200 per year).

The most optimal skiing conditions occur from March to May, when daylight hours increase to 9 pm and the snow does not melt until June. Even in summer no one is surprised by a small snowfall.

Winter Kirovsk has become my fourth ski resort - after Crimea, Poland and Slovakia. In favor of this choice, of course, played, first of all, the obvious budget of the trip, as well as the opportunity to appreciate the northern beauty and admire the northern lights.

Looking ahead, I will make a reservation that I never saw the northern lights. However, I got a lot of other unforgettable impressions, skated to my heart's content and brought with me memories of the stunning local beauties. But first things first.

The road to winter Kirovsk

Kirovsk is located in the Murmansk region, so to get to it, you need to cross the Arctic Circle. We went there by car - this option was chosen as the most optimal both in terms of equipment transportation and on the basis of greater mobility on the spot. Those for whom this method of transportation is not suitable can get by train to the city of Apatity or by plane to Murmansk: both cities are connected with the Kirovsk bus service.

The road from Tver took us about a day: 22 hours one way and 28 hours on the way back (because, returning home, we stopped to admire the Kivach waterfall). Such a march may not be the most comfortable travel option, but with several drivers in the car, it is not so bad.

The most popular accommodation option in Kirovsk is to rent an apartment. Firstly, it is not much cheaper than staying in a hotel, and secondly, this way you get the opportunity to cook your own food, since Kirovsk cannot boast of a dense and varied network of cafe-restaurants.

But the rental sector, especially in winter, is well developed. True, as in any situation when you rent an apartment, you should beware of scammers, the victims of one of which we were not lucky enough to become: a certain inventive "owner" who posted a number of ads for renting apartments on thematic sites, collected an advance from his clients, after which safely disappeared with the money.

So we in a hurry had to look for a new housing option literally three days before departure. Fortunately, such an apartment was found, so that everything ended well - except for the lost advance, fortunately a small one.

BigWood and the weather

Kirovsk lies at the foot of a low mountain with the unpronounceable name Aikuayvenchorr, on the slopes of which the main ski resort of Kirovsk, known as BigWood, is located. If we turn to etymology, the resort got its name from the lake on the shore of which Kirovsk is located - Bolshoy Vudyavr, which is translated from Sami as “Big Lake”. How the lake became a forest is unclear, since the local tundra cannot boast of lush vegetation.

As for the resort itself, a few years ago, very harsh conditions reigned here: several "jerking" old tows, an almost complete lack of infrastructure and the inability to move from one side of the mountain to another. However, in recent years, Big Wood has been ennobled, the towels have been updated, lighting has been organized, café bars and ski services have been opened, and in 2013-14 civilization came here in the form of chair and gondola lifts, which once united two different resorts - the city slope and Big Wood itself - into one.

However, on the very first day, when I went for a drive, I did not manage to take advantage of these benefits of civilization: the chair lift did not work because of the strong wind. The wind in Kirovsk became for me one of the most important aspects of the whole rest.

We invite you to plunge into the beauty of the mountains without carrying a heavy backpack on your shoulders!

The Khibiny mountains are amazing, fabulous, unlike any other in Russia. These are very old mountains, about 300 million years old. They crumbled for so long that their tops became flat, and huge boulders lie at the foot of the mountains and on the slopes. It is difficult to imagine how once all these stones with a crash flew down, breaking off from the top. In the Khibiny, we will hardly find peaks familiar to the eye, but we will enjoy plenty of lifeless "moonlit" landscapes on high flat plateaus.

It will be difficult in some places to climb huge boulders, climbing a pass or plateau, but the views from the peaks will reward us in plenty for all our efforts!

In summer, it's a polar day here: deep at night it is as bright as day - for those who have never been to the north, this will seem amazing! No flashlights required!

We carefully assemble our equipment, preparing for the whims of the weather (the region is quite "wet"), do not forget strong boots and trekking poles, and most importantly - a good mood - and off you go!

The formation of the Khibiny is called intrusion in geology. In place of these mountains, a huge volcano with a diameter of 50 km should have erupted once. The incandescent magma from the bowels of the Earth rushed outward, but could not escape to the surface, and so it froze in the earth's crust. Late geological processes formed at this place the Khibiny rock massif, which we see today.

Daily program


The group meets at the station of st. Apatity at 9 am. We are picked up by an all-round vehicle (usually a UAZ "loaf"), and we drive first along a good asphalt road past the town of Kirovsk (in winter there is a popular ski resort), and then along a broken dirt road with pits and puddles - a polar safari! Drive for about 1.5-2 hours.

We check into a cozy and beloved by many hotel "Kuelporr" near the base of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the same name, have lunch. Spacious 4- and 6-bedded with bunk beds, shared facilities. For an additional fee, you can check into a 2- or 3-bed room (booked in advance, subject to availability). Tea, coffee - free of charge at any time. The lobby has a table for evening gatherings and board games, TV with DVDs, books, souvenirs. A very cozy and sincere place, foreigners and jeepers often come here - at the hotel we will certainly see tall and muddy jeeps from different regions of Russia :)

Let's get acquainted, have lunch. Let's go for a walk to the Rischorr waterfall and take a leisurely look around: there are mountains around, and we are in their very heart! Beauty!


Main impressions


Every day you will be taught by a certified instructor with an international category "B", with extensive training experience. Every day you will practice new elements!

FOR SNOWBOARD AND SKI LOVERS Kirovsk is the highest mountain resort in the North-West, which means that you will have a variety of slopes and a lot of impressions!


For those who want a high-speed, not hard freeride, where you can start from the very peak of the mountain and, without thinking about anything, slide in zero gravity to the very bottom. for those who want to dive headlong into freeride - our Freeride Tour.

What will we do on the tour

- Every day we will drive on the steepest tracks of the Bolshoy Vudyavr resort, which have international FIS certification! - We will blow up the powder on the Aykuayvenchorr mountains and the freeride mecca of Kukisvumchorr. - We will prepare an opupen ski strudel together - We will go to a cool SPA complex - We will learn a bunch of life hacks on how to save money on equipment and take care of it - And in general - you better not come off anyway



The Khibiny is a mountain range of the Kola Peninsula with elevation differences of 800 meters and the oldest mountains in Russia, 390 million years old. The highest point is Mount Yudychvumchorr (1200 m). Located beyond the Arctic Circle. Therefore, the landscapes here are simply "cosmic" - tundra with dwarf birches and lichens, moss-covered swamps, snowy peaks of high mountain plateaus. The landscape feature determined the name of the mountain range, which the Sami called Hiben, which means "plateau".

Popular Places to Visit

The routes in the Khibiny are fascinating hikes through the passes, along the valleys of rocky rivers and fast streams that fill transparent lakes. In winter, it is interesting to travel on the Khibiny tundra on skis, in summer - on foot, conquering the peak beyond the summit of the Arctic.

  • Pass of Geographers. Separates the peaks Vudyavrchorr and Takhtarvumchorr. It is famous for its kurumniks - large piles of stones.
  • Rischorr Waterfall. A two-stage cascade of emerald water, hidden in the heart of the Khibiny Mountains.
  • Akademicheskoe Lake. The most beautiful natural reservoir of the peninsula. To see the pit filled with water, you need to climb to a height of 750 m.
  • Lake Imandra. The impressive area of ​​the lake and 144 islands did not let geographers understand for a long time that this was not a bay of the White Sea, but an independent body of water. The lake water area is divided into three parts: Bolshaya, Babinskaya and Ekostrovskaya Imandra. Therefore, most of the water routes along the Khibiny pass here.

Tourism in the Khibiny is changing the idea of ​​rest, plunging into the true atmosphere of the Arctic.

Types of active tours in Khibiny

What is included in the cost of hikes

Tours to the Murmansk region to the Khibiny are an affordable option for a trip to unfamiliar places in tourist Russia.

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