Hike in the Caucasus "Dolmens and waterfalls of the Caucasus"

Hiking in the Caucasus

Main impressions

A scenic route through the Caucasus for those who want to relax in complete autonomy. In just 6 days, you will walk among the fir forests, cross mountain rivers over suspension bridges, observe the blue mountain peaks and sparkling glaciers.

What will we do on the tour



The first day of the hike will be busy with the transfer from Krasnodar (Maikop) to the starting point of the route - the Chernorechye cordon. After the bustle of the cities, you will find yourself surrounded by the freshness and coolness of the Caucasian forest. A mountain river is rustling nearby. The camp is equipped with tables and benches, it is cozy and good here.

Today we are heading towards one of the oldest forest cordons of the Caucasian Reserve. We will go about 10 km. The path goes along a dirt road along the bank of the Malaya Laba river. The mountain road will gradually gain height, spiraling serpentine through tall beech and fir forests. Along the way, there will be gazebos where you can relax and have a snack.

The morning will be early today as it will be a busy day. We will go 13 km to the camp near the Umpyr forest cordon. This is, perhaps, the most difficult part of the route, since the trail will constantly go up and down, bypassing high cliffs and narrow canyon canyons. Sometimes, having overcome the stone talus, the trail will go out onto picturesque cliffs. Spectacular and wild nature of the Caucasus will open for us on this day!

On this day of the hike, you can allow yourself to sleep longer and relax. In total, we will walk 8 km along a relatively gentle path in a beautiful "bear forest". You will certainly get the impression that you are inside a beautiful picture. We will try to walk quietly along the trail to the camp so as not to frighten off wild animals. Local huntsmen say that in these places there is a high probability of meeting bison. Very rare and wild animals, carefully protected by the workers of the Caucasian reserve.

Each new day of the hike will delight and surprise with beautiful views of canyons, forests, rivers and mountains. Today the trail leads higher and higher into the mountains. Sometimes the forest will part, and a view of the majestic mountains opens up. You will see the highest mountain of the Krasnodar Territory with its sparkling glaciers - the peak Tsakhvoa (3345 m). On this day of hiking in the Caucasus, we will repeatedly cross the seething streams of mountain rivers along beautiful suspension bridges. The campsite is well equipped and there are even sheds in case of rain.

Voskresensky V

Main impressions

Hiking in the Caucasus does not necessarily mean icy mountain peaks, sky-high heights, extreme ascents, ice axes and crampons ... The Caucasus can be different - with green mountain slopes and moderate heights, with cozy trails and springs murmuring in the shade , with breathtaking mountain views stretching from edge to edge and an intoxicating sense of freedom - with all that for which we go to the mountains. Today we invite you to the Caucasus - magical, enchanting and beautiful. We are sure you will like it here, be sure to ...

What will we do on the tour

We will walk with backpacks along scenic trails, enjoy the beauty of nature and communicate with interesting people.



The gathering of our group will take place in the city of Gelendzhik (Krasnodar Territory). We are going to the new city bus station, from where we go to the beginning of our route - the small suburban village of Vozrozhdenie. Here, having distributed the social load (provisions), we stand on the path.

Today we have to walk about three hours with a small climb. The route passes through the most picturesque gorge - the Janet gorge ("gaps" in these places are usually called small canyons and gorges). Having admired the picturesque views, we will visit the main local attractions - the waterfalls of the Janet River, as well as perfectly preserved dolmens - mysterious megalithic structures, fanned with an aura of deep antiquity, mystery and magic.

Researcher Vladimir Yashkardin believes that once upon a time there was a single language on the planet and in it the word "dolmin" meant an inner source - long life or longevity. In 1812, a book by Jean-Francisco Boden was published, in which he used the word "Dolmen", as a result of which it was firmly entrenched in these ancient megaliths. Now it means “changing share”, the focus of attention has shifted from the inner world to the outer one. There are also alternative meanings of this word, for example, in the Celtic language "dolmen" simply means "stone table". The age of dolmens varies from 7 to 8 thousand years (some researchers call the figure 10 thousand years). Megaliths of dolmen culture are found all over the world: in England, France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Holland, Spain, on the African continent, in the countries of the Middle East, in Georgia and Armenia, on the Polynesian islands, in India, Russia, in Malta and in other parts of the world.

Today we will stop for the night in a picturesque meadow near the river. We will devote the evening to acquaintances and communication.

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Lakes of the Teberda ridge Caucasus

10 days. 70 km. RUB 10,800 Difficulty: medium. Departure point: Mineralnye Vody 11:00 (railway station) Place of arrival: Mineralnye Vody 18:00 (railway station), 18:40 (airport)

Description of the hike

Day One

Climbing Elbrus from the South Caucasus

Description of the hike.

10 days. 60 km. RUB 29,000 Difficulty: very high. Departure point: Mineralnye Vody 11:00 (railway station) Arrival point: Mineralnye Vody 18:00 (railway station), 18:40 (airport) Day 1: Upper Baksan - Syltransu river valley


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