Hike amazing Crimea

Hiking in Crimea 2013

We welcome everyone who loves outdoor activities. The VELOMASTERCLASS website describes popular hiking trails developed by the Couloir Tourist Club. All hikes are as interesting as possible and are laid along the most picturesque corners. Join us - it will be very interesting!

Hiking Adventure Quest

Hiking adventure quest. Looking for something new? Then this is the place for you!

Hiking adventure quest in Crimea is an ideal opportunity to acquire useful skills, feel the excitement of the game and combine all this with active rest.

Cave cities of Crimea

This uncomplicated hiking tour across the Crimea with the most diverse sights. Ideal for first-time hikers.

Minor elevation differences, short transitions and many radial routes (no backpack, light).

Ghost Valley

Ghost Valley is a rich, varied and most popular tour! We will walk along the tops of the mountains, descend into fabulously beautiful caves, and visit the Valley of Ghosts.

At the end of the hike, we will come to the Dzhur-Dzhur waterfall - the largest on the peninsula.

Hiking in Crimea

Hiking in Crimea is a great option to have an active rest! Maximum enjoyment at minimum cost. Anyone who wants to spend time actively can choose an interesting hiking trip to Crimea in order to gain energy for the whole year or until the next trip over a short vacation or weekend.

This is a very diverse and rich hiking route in Crimea. You will see the main Crimean sights: the Valley of Ghosts, mountains and karst caves, waterfalls and medieval ruins. There will be many breathtaking views, unique mountain landscapes will delight you and your camera. Every day of the journey - a new landscape: rocks, caves, forests, shady gorges, plateaus dug by karst sinkholes. If you have never been to the mountainous Crimea, choose this hike - you will not go wrong. Route of medium difficulty: daily sets and drops of altitude of 400-500 m. Route of hiking in the mountainous Crimea: Simferopol - Emine Bair Khosar cave - cave. Suuk-Koba - Chatyr-Dag plateau - Ngar-Burun town (1460m) - Ghost Valley - South Demerdzhi mountain - Khapkhal gorge - Dzhur-Dzhur waterfall - Karabi plateau - Rybachye.

Conditions of the Crimea hike:

This is a real hiking trip. We carry food, equipment and personal belongings in our backpacks. We spend the night in tents, we cook food on the fire. The recommended maximum backpack weight for men is 18 kg, for women 12 kg.

To take part in a hike across the Crimea, you need to send an application. We will contact you, discuss all the details and tell you what to do next.

The price includes: escort of the guide along the entire route, registration with the control and rescue service, 3 meals a day (be sure to study our Hiking Menu, it can be corrected).

The price does not include: equipment rental, travel (up to 500 rubles), fee for visiting the cave (800 rubles at will), medical insurance.

The guide can change the route of the hike based on the weather, the state of the group, the prohibition of the passage by the foresters and other factors.

If the cost of the trip seems too expensive, choose a discount for yourself.

For those who have already gone with us, the hike will cost 6300 rubles.

For children 8-14 years old, the cost is 5600 rubles.

Duration: 95 km. Duration: 9 days/8 nights Difficulty level: above average Cost: 10 900 rubles. Dates: 20.9.0 - 28.90

Before you is a very interesting and rich route of a hike across the Crimea through Mount Kemal-Egerek and Ai-Petrinskaya Yayla to the warm Black Sea, in which we will certainly swim at the end of the hike! We will pass through the beautiful viewpoints of the Main ridge of the Crimea mountains, visit many historical sites, visit the very border of the Crimean reserve, see the famous Tyshlar (Crimean Temple of the Sun), and then go to Laspi Bay. This exciting journey will be completely autonomous (without additional purchases of food), so you need to correctly calculate your strength and not take unnecessary equipment.


day Meeting in Simferopol Nauchny settlement and Finaros lakes

The meeting of the group will take place in Simferopol at a previously agreed place at 11 o'clock in the morning. From here we will go to the village of Nauchny, located in the very heart of the Crimea mountains. There is the Crimean Astrophysical Observatory, which is engaged in space exploration and conducts interesting educational excursions for tourists. Here you can see more than twenty operating telescopes, as well as visit the most beautiful viewpoints, from which a wonderful view of Babugan, Chatyr-Dag, Yalta yayla and other mountains of the northern part of the peninsula opens. Having admired the beauty, we will go down to the Finaros lakes by a picturesque forest path. Here, in a cozy green meadow, our first parking lot will be located.

day Trail along the Finaros brook Shelkovichnoe tract Kacha and Kaspana rivers

Getting up in the morning rested and refreshed, we will drink tea with aromatic Crimean herbs and move forward along the forest paths. Our road will run near the Finaros brook, now and then winding past ravines and gullies. Either gaining altitude, then descending again, the group will soon reach the Shelkovichnoe tract. Once there was the village of Koush, a very tragic story of which the instructor will tell the group. Today, on the site of this village, you can find only a monument and a tablet telling about the exploits of the partisans who fought here during the Second World War. There is still a little more to go. For the night, the group will settle down in a cozy large meadow between the rivers Kaspana and Kacha. Here you can swim in the invigorating living water of mountain rivers and do your laundry.

day Mount Kermen Mount Basman, Sary-Khaya rock Site "Kermen"

A new day is always new adventures, today we will have many beautiful views and vivid sensations! Having assembled the camp, we will move to the mountains. Smoothly gaining altitude, walking through a pine forest, the group will reach Mount Kermen. In the 13th century, a small castle was located here, surrounded by a settlement. Nearby there is a picturesque observation deck, which offers a panoramic view of the Sinap-Dag ridge, the Crimean nature reserve, Babugan-yayla and Chatyr-Dag mountain. Having settled down not far from the spring, we will eat and move on, past the mysterious Basman mountain - one of the least visited mountains in Crimea, covered with many secrets and mysteries.

After resting a little near the Sary-Khaya cliff, the group will enjoy the surrounding views from the observation deck and move on - up to the final point of the current route, located at an altitude of 1300 meters. Soon the forest will be replaced by a grassy slope, and the views that will open up around us will become more and more breathtaking! Just before reaching the top, the group will stop for the night at the Kemal parking lot.

day Yalta Yaila Mount Kemal-Egerek The top of Jady-Burun Kosh site

Today the group will conquer the highest point of the Yalta Yaila and, in combination with our route, Mount Kemal-Egerek. Its name, translated from the Crimean Tatar language, sounds uncomplicated: "corral for Kemal's sheep." From here, a very picturesque view opens up, from which the heart stops! Before us literally opens a live map of the Crimea. The peak of Kemal-Egerek is only 16 meters inferior to Roman-Kosh (the highest Crimean mountain).

Since the conquest of the second peak of the Crimea, the group will slowly drop the altitude. Now our path lies to Mount Dzhady-Burun (translated from the Crimean Tatar "Koldovskaya Cape"), a magnificent view of Yalta opens up from here - it seems to be in the palm of your hand. Having admired the view of this recognized pearl of the Crimea, we will go further along the mountain path to the Kosh camp, where we will spend the night in a comfortable meadow.

Hiking in the Crimea fully allows you to see the amazing and unique beauty of the peninsula. Crimea is not only the sea, sometimes it is only with the sea that the peninsula is associated. But Crimea is much more: mountain peaks, huge plateaus, mysterious caves, clean and rapid rivers and beautiful waterfalls! You can see all this if you go hiking in the mountainous Crimea. A hike across the Crimea is a new experience, a fun company, new acquaintances, amazing landscapes and a huge number of memories.

If you are tired of cities and bustle, then go hiking in the Crimea! If you want new experiences, then hiking in Crimea is what you need! If you are looking for inspiration, then a trip to Crimea is for you!

Hiking to the Crimea on foot is available to absolutely everyone. You don't need to be a professional athlete or athlete, you just need a desire to test yourself and see something that you have not seen before. The site describes the routes of hiking in Crimea of ​​varying difficulty and duration. Everyone can choose the one that suits him. If you did not find the desired route in the description, then do not worry - write and together we will draw up a route just for you.

Hiking Adventure Quest

Hiking adventure quest in Crimea is an ideal opportunity to acquire useful skills, feel the excitement of the game and combine all this with active rest. The hike-quest was developed in order to make the walking tour as interesting as possible, in which each of its participants will be able to show their individuality and acquire skills that are necessary not only when communicating with the wild, but also needed in everyday life. The winners will receive additional bonuses - a backpack and a tent, and all participants will receive T-shirts as a keepsake. Sign up - you won't regret it!

Hiking in Crimea Road to Little Paradise

If you suddenly have a free weekend, why not go hiking in Crimea. The route of the hike is designed so that in just three days you can walk through the Crimean forests, walk along a real ridge and climb two peaks along the way. On the second day of the hike, we will go to the seashore and spend the night right on the beach, at the edge of the water. isn't it romantic? In addition, we will get acquainted with the sights of Cape Karaul-Oba and Novy Svet. You will remember this little hiking trip in Crimea forever!

Hiking in the mountainous Crimea - Valley of Ghosts

This is one of the most interesting routes in the mountainous Crimea. Extremely rich, interesting and varied. We will walk along the tops of the mountains, descend into fabulously beautiful caves, visit the Valley of Ghosts, the medieval fortress of Funa. At the end of the hike, we will come to the Dzhur-Dzhur waterfall - the largest on the peninsula. The landscapes will constantly change along the way, so you won't have to hide the camera far. The hike is suitable for both beginner and more experienced hikers. The route is very versatile, its difficulty can be changed according to the wishes and composition of the group. Those who go for the first time can safely choose this tour, a lot of unforgettable sensations are provided for you!

Hiking in Crimea - Waterfalls lead to the top

Mountain Curves Day

Get up early and here we are again on the road. Yesterday we dropped the heights to Suat, now right from the parking lot stubbornly trudging uphill - and this is early in the morning. Legs do not want to go. And the climbs are too steep. To report on the route, they came up with a measurement system - to measure descents/ascents in conditional Aigirs. It's good to count. I think it's time to call our hiking duo "Iron Hooves" ...

According to the plan, we are moving to the Tash-Khabakh ridge, from which we ascend to Tyrke-yayla. Again hellish rise! On Tyrka, we take two of its peaks lightly - Dolgaya Mountain 1283 m and Stol-Mountain 1240 m.Further we go through the entire yayla along its edge, past the steep cliffs of Hatmer-Kai - it is terribly scary to look down, the height here is several Aigirs. From Tyrke you can clearly see Demerdzhi and the Khapkhal gorge faults, where we are going to go to the radial.

We descend along route 137 to the Tyrke branch, from here there is a return path to the gorge. That is, they usually enter it from the other side in order to see the Dzhur-Dzhur waterfall. However, it is not free, and we have completely different plans. We throw our things and, going out onto the trail, we begin a wild steep descent, 3-4 km long. There are many, many Aigirs. With horror I imagine the return rise.

And finally, we descend to the Ulu-Uzen River, which is a stone cascade, mini-waterfalls, a font with crystal-clear water at the bottom of this giant gorge. Of course, we can't stand it and swim naked. Oh holy nature, thank you! A little further Almaz saw a waterfall, speaks wildly beautifully. Until Dzhur-Dzhur, it seems, all the same did not reach, but the impressions were enough. At the bottom of the gorge, there are again numerous parking lots, there is an option to spend the night here if the route does not go to Demerdzhi-yayla. Good idea for the future.

The ascent turned out to be a little easier, but a sudden fog began to catch up with us. Coming back to Tyrka, we see that a real battle unfolded behind us: the fog hangs in the gorge and cannot climb the yayla in any way, since, in addition to the obstacle in the form of rocks, it is scattered by the scorching sun. Individual scraps reach us, so that it seems as if you can touch them with your hands. At lunch we observe this marvelous picture.

After having lunch, we rest for half an hour in the supine position, and in the meantime the clouds begin to thicken. We leave on our 137th route and go along the jumper to Demerdzhi-yayla. There are many rocks scattered on the plateau, there is also a forest (native trees, birches have already gone). After all the beauty seen earlier, it looks somehow familiar.

For about five minutes rain is pouring down on us - the weather is cloudy, but there is no need to wait for such trash as in the Urals. On the other hand, a tendency towards deterioration of the weather is emerging. On the road through Demerdzhi we find a skeleton of a ram scattered over several meters. Somewhere in the distance, a bell is heard ringing - maybe it's a horse at grazing.

We go through Demerdzhi for an unusually long time, after Uch-Terek, at the fork we have to continue moving along 137th and get straight to the Dzhurla parking lot - a fabulous place, judging by the reports. Instead, we give a detour, accidentally getting off on route 133-134. At a large fork at the foot of Yuzh. Demerdzhi can't find our bearings because of the abundance of roads, but in the end we leave in the direction of Dzhurla (according to the sign) and get up to spend the night at an unnamed source. I run to scout and find m/s Dzhurla - parking in an open place, a large dump, garbage all around, horrors about ticks are written. We stay at the source, have a quick supper, and go to bed.

Passed 20 km in a day.

Day of the Hedgehogs in the Fog

In the morning we decide to make a radial to the Dzhurla waterfall, but with backpacks. Again, several paths in the right and not very direction go along and across, turn wherever they want, the compass helps out - it is very convenient to just walk in the direction. We have already begun to understand some of the markings - although there is no marking with numbers anywhere, as on the map, but the main roads of the route have a white and red marker. We move along it. In about 20 minutes we go out to the rounded rocks, from which the Dzhurla waterfall is formed. There is practically no water now, the waterfall flows down in a thin stream over the red stones.

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