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Soaring mountains and ancient cities of southern China: description

"Heavenly Mountains" are well known to any Chinese. This is how the Tien Shan mountain system is called in China. China is not the only country with celestial mountain ranges. The rocky rock crosses countries such as Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan. The ridge stretches across all of Central Asia.

High mountain features

The Tien Shan system has many peaks reaching heights of 6,000 meters or more. The unique mountains also have an amazing ecosystem. Their appearance and views are indescribably beautiful, and the pits between them abound with lakes. There are also fast rivers at the foot of the mountains.

The total length of the ridge is 2500 km. The entire mountain system is subdivided into the following areas:

  • Central ;
  • North ;
  • East ;
  • West;
  • South -west.

The highest point of the ridge is Pobeda Peak. Its total height is 7439 meters. The system was researched in due time by Peter Semenov and Thomas Atkinson. Later, these figures published books about the Tien Shan mountain system, describing their travels and observations in them. They made many discoveries that helped to better know about the ecosystem of the Tien Shan ridge.

The famous mountain lake

Lake Tianchi is a natural landmark in China. It is located in the Tien Shan mountain system, 100 km from Urumqi. The height of the lake above sea level is 1900 meters. This is the same jade reservoir, the waters of which were endowed with magical properties in ancient times.

Legends say that the Goddess Sivanmu was once washed in the water surface of the lake. The reservoir is powered by mountain glaciers, so the water in it is very clean. The nature around is untouched by man and incredibly beautiful.

In summer, tourists rest near the coast of Tianchi, but the water in the lake is not suitable for swimming, as it still remains too cold even on the hottest days.

Tianchi is a lake, looking into which you can see its sandy bottom, as well as reflections of snow-white peaks.

The climate around the Chinese mountains

The arid and harsh continental climate of the Tien Shan is characterized by snowy winters and hot summers.

Implementation of PR activities in the hotel business

A stunning journey through majestic China! The route is suitable for everyone! A light backpack, we carry a minimum of things, we leave unnecessary things in hotels.

Accommodation. During the trip we will stay in hostels, hotels, hotels.

Movement. Throughout our journey, we will move on foot and by regular transport. It is worth paying attention to the fact that there will be long journeys on the route, including one at night.

Intelligence. Please note that a reconnaissance hike will take place within the specified time: both the instructor and the group will be on this route for the first time. There may be changes in the program, unexpected difficulties that we will overcome together, and of course, adventures! On this trip, we invite participants with a non-conflict character, a normal level of physical fitness and, just in case, with stress resistance, in exploration anything can happen;)

We all have a great trip! We look forward to)))

Daily program


Meeting of participants with an instructor in Guangzhou city in a hostel. We leave our things and go for a walk around the city.

Guangzhou is the third largest city in China after Beijing and Shanghai - the political, economic, scientific and technical, educational, cultural and transport center of all of southern China. One of the oldest cities in the world, founded in 862 BC. e., which has preserved its rich history and unique flavor to this day.

The legendary Silk Road originated from Guangzhou. Together we will walk through the largest Yuexiu Park in the center of Guangzhou, visit the Temple of the Six Banyan Trees and the Temple of the Five Spirits, one of the main religious attractions of the city.

An article about PR activities in the hotel business.

Trekking to Lake Sary-Chelek and active recreation under Lenin Peak

Where the route passes: Kyrgyzstan, Tien Shan and Pamir mountains Total duration of the program: 15 days/14 nights Tour route: Osh - Aflatun village - Sary-Chelek lake - Arkyt-Sai river - Osh - Yurt camp under the peak Lenin - Osh

Guaranteed Group Tour Dates:

Briefly about the tour: many mountains, beautiful and different!

In this tour, we combined trekking in the most beautiful region of the Tien Shan with subsequent active recreation in the Pamir mountains, so that travelers can see the scale, beauty and striking differences of these two famous mountain systems in one trip to Kyrgyzstan.

The tourists will spend the first half of the trip in the protected land of the turquoise lakes of the Western Tien Shan. The mountain hike goes along simple scenic trails among coniferous forests and deep gorges to the large beautiful lake Sary-Chelek, located at an altitude of 1940 m in the very heart of the Sary-Chelek Biosphere Reserve. The group is accompanied by a mountain guide, an escort team and a pack transport.

In the second half of the tour, the participants will drive along the high-mountainous Pamir Highway and find themselves on the Roof of the World - in the Pamir Mountains. Significant height and, accordingly, completely different nature, weather, different landscapes, different colors and vegetation. The well-maintained Yurt camp (3600 m), which guarantees comfortable accommodation, delicious hot meals from professional chefs and non-trivial acquaintances, is the center of civilization in this harsh world of the highlands. Hiking in the surroundings and climbing to Camp 1 (4400 m) with a mountain guide, acquaintance with the traditions of local nomads, a master class on cooking pilaf - a rich program awaits travelers!

To see a detailed description of any of the days of the program, just click on the line of the day of interest.

You are welcomed by the warm and hospitable southern capital of Kyrgyzstan - the city of Osh with its ripe watermelons and melons, midday heat and velvet starry nights!

Osh is the largest city in the south of Kyrgyzstan, where you will be greeted by good-natured and hospitable people, lively green streets with many cozy cafes, a colorful oriental bazaar and the main attraction - Suleiman-Gora, which rises right in the middle of the town.

This is truly a real tourist discovery of the year - direct flights to Guiyang We are examining what can be included in the group programs of the flight consolidator - tour operator ATC Air Service

There are two categories of clients that should be offered Guizhou: firstly, curious tourists, striving for places where few have been, but with good comfort. Secondly, for connoisseurs of Chinese medicine who want to undergo a course of treatment with the masters of this tradition. Both will be at the highest level in Guizhou. It is truly a real tourist discovery this year - direct flights to Guiyang. We analyze what may be included in the group programs of the flight consolidator - the tour operator ATC Air Service.

It is not for nothing that the tourist brand of this Chinese province sounds like "Multicolored Guizhou" - all the diversity of China really merged here: modern megacities coexist with colorful villages, where the way of life is still preserved as many centuries ago, technological solutions - with folk traditions, tranquil landscapes - with the comfort of five-star hotels.

And all this is available with a direct flight from Moscow.

Direct flight!

ATC Air Service was the customer of the weekly flight Moscow - Guiyang - Moscow on the wings of Royal Flight. Eight hours of flight (the return flight lasts 10 hours) and tourists find themselves in the very real China, which seems to have descended from old watercolors.

Moscow, Sheremetyevo - Guiyan

Guiyan - Moscow, Sheremetyevo

Guizhou Province is located in the southwest of China and the province has no access to the sea, but it more than compensates for this with a pleasant mild mountain climate. It is a climatic resort with a long tradition of healing, where very serious diseases such as diabetes are treated.

There is also a rich excursion program for tourists. These are breathtaking views - an opportunity to see the kind of China you imagine looking at old watercolors. This is a rich and unexplored culture of small peoples - that facet of China, which is still practically unknown outside its borders. Indeed, most often we represent traditional China according to the works of civilization that originated and developed in the valleys of the Yellow and Yangtze rivers, but this is far from all of China.

As you know, China is a country of rivers and mountains. Despite the great length of the coastline, the presence of beach and resort areas, the Chinese themselves still prefer to travel within the continent. There is a real cult of mountains in China, the local population is often chosen on hikes by families, gathering all relatives and friends. It is believed that those who regularly go to the mountains get sick less and live longer. Most likely, this is due to the fact that the original habitat of the Chinese peoples is mountains. Now the majority of the population lives in flat areas, however, entire villages located in areas remote from civilization have still survived. Many of them have become tourist sites where locals gladly welcome guests from other provinces.

In China, they like to classify all sorts of objects, be they cities, villages or nationalities. Therefore, many lists can be found, for example, the Five Famous Mountains of China or the Ten Big Lakes, etc. In this list, we will focus on the Ten Highest Mountains in China, which fascinate both professional climbers and ordinary tourists.

Mount Taishan

Tai Mountain (泰山, Taishan), located in Shandong province, near Tai'an city, 市, is far from the highest in the country. With a height of only 1545 meters, it is a picturesque corner, which also has a cultural and historical value.

Taishan is one of the Five Great Mountains of Taoism, which means that this place has been inhabited since ancient times. Perhaps the origins of Chinese culture and religion lie at the foot of these mountain peaks. At the top of the mountain there is a temple that is considered sacred and for thousands of years, it has been an object of pilgrimage. The Temple of the Deity of Mount Tai is considered one of the most visited in the country, because it is the largest and oldest temple that has survived to this day. The mountain is described in many history textbooks, as well as in the works of all kinds of researchers.

There is also a strange superstition - if a monk throws himself off the top of a mountain, he will "find Heaven", so in ancient times many suicides were committed here. To this day, there are madmen who are trying to commit suicide, following an old legend, but at present, measures have been taken at the top of the mountain to fence off the territory.

You can visit the mountain at any time - the winter in this region is not too cold, and the mountains covered with snow are a very beautiful sight. A walk through the tourist area takes about 6-8 hours.

Cost of admission 115 CNY.

From the city of Tai'an you can get by buses number 2, 14, 19, 45, K37, K39 and others. The city of Tai'an itself is located not far from the provincial capital, Jinan, from where you can get there by bus or train.

Huangshan Mountain or Yellow Mountains

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