Gorny Altai: the best camp sites, hotels and camping in tents

Gorny Altai: the best camp sites, hotels and camping in tents

How to choose a good hostel and hotel in Altai? How to safely sleep in a tent? Read our tips!

Before the trip, we also asked these questions - and we drove almost at random, without booking anything in advance. We will tell you what prices are in the region, what to expect from hostels and hotels, and where you lived yourself. We will also provide a list of the best tourist centers and hotels in Gorny Altai, according to tourists' reviews.

The material was written on the basis of our two-month long trip by car in Gorny Altai in the summer of 2017. MAKE-TRIP command. U visited all the most interesting places of the republic from Manzherok to the border with Mongolia. We lived in tents, camp sites, hotels. We share our experience with you in a series of articles about rest in Gorny Altai.

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Two different Altai

Let's be clear: there is a tourist Altai (about 100 km along the Katun River to Chemal and the north of Lake Teletskoye; conventionally - to the Seminsky Pass) and, let's say, wild. In tourism - a developed infrastructure and all the benefits of civilization with its shortcomings. But at every step there are comfortable recreation centers.

In the wild - you understand yourself: at the tourist centers, convenience is almost always on the street, but beauty and solitude. Several times we lived in an ail - a cone-shaped national dwelling of the Altaians. Recreation centers and hotels are rare, so we advise you to plan in advance where you will spend the night.

Almost the entire trip we lived just behind the Seminsky pass, we tried to stop in tents, if the weather allowed. The camp was set up only on the territory of recreation centers.

Recreation centers in Gorny Altai

The shores of the Katun in the tourist Gorny Altai are almost entirely built up with recreation centers. They look great: they are usually beautiful log cottages in a pine forest. Prices depend on the type of accommodation and start at about 1000 rubles for a double room. Guarded parking (sometimes paid), the territory is fenced. There are barbecues, bonfires, gazebos.

Gorny Altai: the best camp sites, hotels and camping in tents

The unprecedented demand for recreation in Gorny Altai due to closed borders turned out to be a test drive for many bases. Some have raised prices for their services, but "collapsed" as a service

Crowds of tourists came and flew to Altai from all over the country. Gorny is not crowded today: the bases of the VIP segment do not accept reservations until mid-September, it is difficult to find a room in the middle price segment. There is also excitement at the bases of the "economy" level: there are more than enough people who want to spend the night in a house "with amenities on the street".

At the same time, judging by the numerous reviews, Gorny Altai cannot cope with the influx of guests. Many bases have raised their accommodation prices to "fight off" the late start of the season. But the level of service is falling rapidly.

VIP segment

There are not many luxury accommodation options in Altai. The cost of placement per day in this segment starts from 16 thousand rubles and reaches 115 thousand

In hotels of this class, the level of service usually corresponds to the cost. Every little thing is thought out here: from linen bedding to serving and unusual dishes. But with increased demand, even at luxury bases, there are overlaps in the service of guests.

"I know of several cases when my colleague ordered services to a well-known tourist complex, and they confused the dates and room categories," says Alexander Smirnov, director of the Plot travel agency.

Although, the expert notes, the staff here really know how to work. But the human factor and fatigue are affecting.

The moment when the demand for a service exceeds the supply is also important. For example, helicopter flights are in demand among celebrities. But there are too many people who want to admire Altai from the air, some guests have to be turned down.

"In general, the level of prices at VIP bases corresponds to the level of service. Firstly, these were huge investments in the construction of bases. Secondly, the owners invested in personnel, in training people. And today, premium The segment is in demand. Apartments at the Altai Resort cost 90 thousand rubles per day. And this is one of the most demanded accommodations ", - says the expert.

"It doesn't cost that much money"

How to choose a good hostel and hotel in Altai? How to safely sleep in a tent? Read our tips!


Altai is usually understood as the Altai Mountains. They are located on the territory of the Altai Territory, the Republic of Altai and Tuva, on the border with Mongolia, Kazakhstan and China. The length of the mountain system reaches 1847 kilometers and a width of 1282 kilometers. The highest peak is Mount Belukha (4506 meters). The rivers Katun, Chuya, Biya are well known to fans of rafting. In these places there are such large reserves as Altai and Katunsky.

Gorny Altai is one of the few ecologically clean corners of Russia. It is believed that its name comes from the Mongolian word "altan", which means "Golden Mountains". The population of the republic - the Altai - is an indigenous Turkic-speaking people, outwardly reminiscent of the Mongols.

Altaians are divided into several related tribes - Telengits, Teleuts, Tuba, Kumandy and Chalkandu, which, in turn, are subdivided into numerous clans - seoks. The Russian-speaking part of the population of Gorny Altai in the 18th century was represented by Kerzhaks or Old Believers, who lived completely apart.

In the first half of the 17th century, part of Altai was annexed to Russia. Southern Altai became part of Russia only in the middle of the 18th century after the fall of the Dzungar Khanate. Gorno-Altaysk appeared on the site of the village of Ulalu, where wealthy Teleuts and Russian settlers lived at the beginning of the 19th century.

Today Altai is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Russia. About one and a half million tourists come here every year. The most popular are walking, car, horse and water tours. Climbers and rock climbers go to the mountains. There are excellent conditions for fishing and hunting. We offer you to get acquainted with the best places where tours are organized.

Mount Belukha

A picturesque mountain 4509 meters high flaunts on the Katunsky ridge. Administratively, it is "assigned" to the Ust-Koksinsky district of the Altai Republic. Not far from the mountain is the state border between Russia and Kazakhstan. The summit is covered with white snow all year round - hence the name. It is not only the highest mountain in Altai, but also the largest in the country. The Katun River starts on the slopes of Belukha.

The first attempt to conquer the summit was made in 1904. It ended in failure. Only in 1914 did Belukha surrender to the climbers Boris and Mikhail Tronov. Nowadays the mountain is a popular climbing destination. Belukha usually climbs to the eastern summit from the south. The route belongs to the average difficulty category 3A. It is more difficult to climb the Akkem wall. This route has a category 4A-4B. The best time to conquer Belukha is from June to September.

The transit point on the way to Belukha is the city of Gorno-Altaysk. Regular buses run from here to the village of Tungur. The distance between settlements is 170 kilometers. Tungur is the starting point for hiking and horseback riding routes. There are tourist centers near the village. From here to the mountain - 40 kilometers. You can get there on foot or by horse.


Author Julia Kozlova

A huge natural reservoir is located at an altitude of about 500 m above sea level and stretches for almost 80 km. The entire area of ​​the famous golden lake Altinkela and the adjacent mountain spurs are part of the Altai nature reserve. The simplest routes start from the village of Artybash at the source of the Biya River. From here you can take a boat trip around Lake Teletskoye by boat. The circular route takes several hours and ends in Artybash.

During the trip, you will be able to see Yailu - a small village in the northern part of the lake, where the estate of the Altai nature reserve is located. The boat also definitely stops near one of the main local attractions - the picturesque Korbu waterfall, formed in the bed of the river of the same name, which flows into the lake. This name, translated from the Altai language, means "branch". It is also interesting to see the fruitful orchards of apples, plums and pears, walnut trees and vines, laid out on the lake terraces near the cordon of the Bele nature reserve. The special microclimate of Altynköl allows you to get good harvests here. The extreme southern point of travel on the lake is the Chulyshman River Delta, which originates near the Mongolian border.

How to get there: a regular bus runs from Biysk to the village of Artybash at the northeastern end of the lake. It covers the distance of 254 km in about 6 hours.

How to get there: the pine forest begins in Barnaul itself and continues south from this city along the left bank of the Ob.

Depending on weather conditions, an endless salt lake located in the western part of the vast Kulunda plain changes its color. It can be blue, hot pink, or steel. The reddish color of the lake is given by microscopic algae that live in the water. It is shallow here - on average less than a meter, and the density of salt water is higher than in the Dead Sea. Because under the bottom layer of silt lies a half-meter layer of Glauber's salt - the largest deposit in Western Siberia. Salt production began here in 1768. It is noteworthy that local salt was even supplied to the royal table. Now salt is mined from May to October using special combines. And for its export directly to the lake, railway tracks have been laid.

How to get there: the lake is located in the Slavgorod region. From Slavgorod to the lake is about 18 km, you need to go in the north-west direction to the village of Bursol.

The large complex of ancient rock paintings contains more than 5 thousand images. According to the scholars who studied Kalbak-Tash, the drawings were created by people who lived here from the Neolithic era (IV-VI centuries BC) to the Middle Ages (VIII-X centuries AD). On the stones you can see figures of animals that inhabited Altai several thousand years ago, hunting scenes and various symbols, including solar ones. The people who knocked them out on the rocks used both stone and metal tools. Researchers attribute well-preserved runic inscriptions to the ancient Turkic era. Some of the plots depicted can be easily correlated with well-known Altai myths.

How to get there: the rock complex is located on the right bank of the Chuya river near the Chuysky tract. After the mark "723 km" you need to turn left between the fourth and fifth poles of the power line and walk about 20 meters to the rocks.

If Greta Thunberg got to Gorny Altai, the girl's pathos and tears would definitely have diminished. This region is called "Russian Switzerland", and everything is just fine with the environment. Moscow from Gorno-Altaysk is separated by almost 4 thousand km. There is one city here - Gorno-Altaysk. But the territory of the Altai Republic is three times larger than Belgium and twice as large as Switzerland or Denmark. There is no sea, but there are more than 20 thousand rivers and lakes. There are mountains, among which Mount Belukha is the highest in Siberia. According to Oleg Horokhordin, the head of Gorny Altai, when travel becomes accessible and safe, not visiting these five places would be a tragic mistake for a tourist. Local residents support.

Resort "Manzherok": go downhill skiing or just admire nature

"Tell me, friend, what is Manzherok?" - Edita Piekha sang more than half a century ago. The Soviet pop star arrived in the village of Manzherok in 1966, when the festival of Soviet-Mongolian friendship was being held there. And today this place is ideal for those who love nature. Ski complexes are modern, hotels of European level. Is it budgetary here? Yes! You can save money and have a rest is not very expensive.

The resort has the largest bike park in Russia with a black track over 11 km long;

Excursion rise (all year round) - from 470 rubles.

"Siberian Legend": stroking well-fed deer and cute huskies

The owners of the kennel are fans of their craft, Lena and Stas, they love and raise their dogs. Reindeer too. Therefore, the most juicy photos can be taken here.

A visit to the Siberian Legend nursery - 250 rubles.

In winter, sledding is possible.

Teletsky ski resort: try skiing like a pro

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