Gorny Altai on your own by car

Altai: Hike Multinskie Lakes

Multinsky lakes are the most famous and most visited lakes of the Katunsky ridge. Their cascade, numbering about 40 reservoirs, is located in the northern part of the ridge in the upper reaches of the Multa River. The largest are: Nizhnee, Srednee and Verkhnee Multinskoe, Poperechnoye. Traditionally, Kuyduk is also included in this group, although it would be more correct to classify it and the lakes located near the lake as a special Kuiguk group.

The hike to the Multinsky lakes begins in Barnaul. During the transfer from Barnaul-Multa, tourists will be able to see amazing changes in the landscape and flora - from flat places to high-mountain valleys. The hiking route to the Multinsky Lakes runs from the village of Multa through dense taiga forests, clear streams and forest lakes, meadows.

A trip to the Shuma waterfall, to the Kuiguk valley with a turquoise lake, trekking along forest trails guarantees amazing shots that can decorate any portfolio. Travelers will have an amazing opportunity to look down from the observation top to Gorny Altai and fully enjoy its unique landscapes. In the Old Believer village of Verkh-Uimon, you will get acquainted with the history of this region. The tour will end with the road Multa-Barnaul.

Route Features

  • an easy hike, suitable for beginners and children;
  • trekking with small radial backpacks;
  • the program includes an easy rafting on the Katun;
  • on most of the route there are no shops, settlements, cellular communications;
  • time in Altai is +4 hours to Moscow time.

For Russians, a pass is not required. For foreign citizens, we issue passes to the border zone. To do this, you must provide us with your passport data in advance. For citizens of other countries, the period for issuing a pass is at least 2 months. Choose your trip dates in advance!

Daily program


Meeting of the group in Barnaul (it is possible to join the group in Gorno-Altaysk). Moving from the city of Barnaul to the village of Multa (650 km). The road will take the whole day, we will be able to observe how the landscape and flora change from plains to high mountain valleys. There will be stops along the way for a snack at a cafe. We eat on the way to the cafe, à la carte (not included in the price). The first stop for lunch is 3-4 hours later. On the road, you can stock up on snacks and water.

In the evening we will be accommodated at the recreation center in tents. The main beauties are still ahead, but nature makes it clear on the first day that we are in Altai - the surrounding views are already majestic and beautiful.

In the evening, at a joint dinner, the traditional acquaintance with group mates; prepare interesting stories about yourself.

The most popular sightseeing auto tour throughout the Altai Mountains! In the most amazing and inaccessible places of Altai: the Martian landscapes of the Kyzyl-Chin, the Chulyshman valley, the Teletskoye lake, the Valley of stone mushrooms, the Uchar waterfall and this is not a complete list of places you can visit. At the same time, the surrounding landscapes change as in a kaleidoscope - from cedar taiga to arid steppe, more reminiscent of the vastness of Mongolia.

Altai is not only unique in its beauty natural attractions, but it is also known as a place where people have lived for a long time, who have been filling Altai culture for generation after generation. Historical monuments, picturesque burial mounds, rock carvings, all this can be seen on this trip.

The route is driven by a prepared vehicle. Throughout the tour there will be an opportunity to try yourself in catching Siberian grayling. Off-road kilometers, amazing places, mountain air and spring water. Only you, mountains and untouched Altai!

The instructor's word: The journey will take 7 days, during this time you will be able to see many natural and historical objects of Gorny Altai, enjoy an interesting and varied road, fish in crystal clear rivers, Altai is diverse and interesting. We will spend the night in tents, cook on a gas stove and a fire.

Line of the route: Biysk city - Seminsky pass - Chike-Taman pass - Chibit - Martian landscapes Kyzyl-Chin - Red Gate - Katu-Yaryk pass - Chulyshman valley - south of Teletskoye lake - by ferry to Artybash settlement - the city of Biysk.

What awaits you in this autotour:

  • An unforgettable journey along the main road of mountainous Altai - Chuysky tract, is included in the 10 most beautiful roads in the World according to National Geographic;
  • Stunning landscapes - taiga, snow-capped peaks, mountain rivers and streams, waterfalls and valleys, lakes and gorges;
  • Unique Geyser Lake of incredible turquoise color;
  • Martian landscapes of Kyzyl-Chin!
  • Descent along the steepest the pass of Gorny Altai - Katu-Yaryku;
  • The largest cascade waterfall in Gorny Altai - Uchar!
  • The picturesque valley of Chulyshman;
  • The confluence of two large rivers Chuya and Katun ;
  • A real miracle of Altai nature - Stone mushrooms of the Ak-Korum tract!
  • The largest lake in Altai - Teletskoye lake!

A trip to the Chulyshman valley

The program may change due to the weather, condition of trails and roads, acclimatization of participants and other factors!

The route starts from the city of Biysk, meeting of the group at the railway station at 8-00. Today we have to drive about 440 km along the famous Chuysky tract through high-mountain passes: the highest is Seminsky and the most winding is Chike-Taman. On the way, we will stop in beautiful places and places of major attractions. In the village of Inya we will see an old suspension bridge, as well as visit the confluence of two large rivers Chuya and Katun, this place is considered sacred by the indigenous inhabitants of Altai. Next, we will visit ancient petroglyphs in a place called Kalbak-Tash, Deer stones of ancient and mysterious Scythians. We will get acquainted with the historical monument White Bom, see the remains of the ancient Chuysky tract. In the evening we arrive in the village of Chibit, we are accommodated at the tourist center "Nomad" in tents. For a fee, you can stay in the houses, subject to availability (amenities on site). Auto: 440 km, 8 hours on the road. Walking part 2-3 km, 2 hours.

On this day we have to make a trip into the depths of the Chuya steppe and see the real miracle of Altai nature - the Martian landscapes of the Kyzyl-Chin. This is a wonderful place not only for photographers, geologists, but also simply for beauty lovers. The mountains seem to be painted with stripes in different shades of red, yellow and green! It is not for nothing that Kyzyl-Chin is called the branch of Mars on Earth! On the way, we will see the Kuraiskaya steppe, our gaze will open up grandiose views of the snowy peaks of the North Chuisky ridge, which will take your breath away! After reviewing the Altai Mars, we will visit the famous Geyser Lake - the only one of its kind, rare in beauty and origin, the bottom of which is constantly changing its pattern thanks to the springs. In the evening we return to the Chibit village to the Nomad base. Auto: 180 km, 4 hours on the road. The walking part is 4-5 km, 3-4 hours.

Interesting places in Altai and how to get there.

Altai is huge and diverse. You can come here every year all your life and discover something new every time. In this post, I share with you my favorite places where you can drive an SUV and walk a little here and there. Altai on foot will be next time :)

When to go to Altai (seasons) and some features

You can travel in Altai all year round, but:

  • It's cold here in winter, but fabulously beautiful, because everything is covered in snow. In the mountains, avalanches are possible and it is worth walking on them knowing what avalanche-prone places are.
  • Early summer is good, but there is a lot of water on the roads of the gorges and mites.
  • In the foothills of Altai there are many recreation centers (Chemal, Teletskoye Lake, etc.) and it is good here all year round.
  • The best time for hikes and trips in Altai: August-September, when you can even drive to the Ukok plateau (less water) and fewer ticks.

What else is important to know about traveling in Altai:

  • There are many tourists in the tourist Altai (Chemal, Teletskoye), but also many amenities. It is easy to get here by hitchhiking and public transport.
  • The most interesting places in Altai are located where buses do not go and rides are very, very rare (far from every day), occasionally houses with local shepherds come across 100 km away. You can get to such places partially by off-road vehicles, or to walk on them.
  • The off-road in Altai is magnificent. You can see many beautiful and different places. Let's see which ones.
  • (remember something else important, I will definitely add :).

Interesting places of Altai for traveling by car, coordinates and photos

Sophia Glacier Gorge

In general, from the village of Beltir you can go to different gorges and they are all beautiful. The Sofia Glacier can be reached in autumn. In winter there is a lot of snow, and at the beginning of summer there is too much water in the gorge. Coordinates: 49.94444 °, 87.72222 °

How to use Google coordinates can be read here >>

Main impressions

In 10 days we will walk from Tungur to the foot of the highest mountain in Siberia - Belukha (4506 m).

This is a real digital detox!

We will spend the night in tents, cook food on the burner.

There will be no communications, electricity, running water or heating throughout the route.

Communication and civilization will be on the first and the final day of the tour in the village. Tungur.

There will also be a sauna for everyone on the final day.

What will we do on the tour

Let's go, breathing fresh air, fill ourselves with energy.

Take a break from the bustle of the city.

Rethink some moments of your life.

Eat delicious camp food and tea by the fire.

Hike to the Multinsky Lakes is a stunning hike in Altai to the untouched land of snowy peaks and mountain lakes! This time we will go to a real fairy tale, where every piece of land will amaze with its beauty. The Multinsky Lakes are the pride of Gorny Altai. Many inhabitants of our planet dream of being in these primeval places and enjoying the picturesque mountain peaks and emerald lakes.

The Multinskie Lakes hike is suitable for independent visits, but to save money and time, we recommend joining our groups!

Start of the hike Multinskie Lakes. In the morning the group will meet in Barnaul. Moving to the village. Barangol (auto 300/40 km). Our journey will begin along the most ancient route of Altai - the Chuysky tract, the length of which is 616.7 km. Part of the trip goes along the banks of the largest river in Gorny Altai - Katun, and in a few hours we will find ourselves at the Seminsky pass - the highest point of the Chuysky tract. The cedar forest and a wonderful view of the Gorny Altai peaks, opening from the pass, will not leave anyone indifferent! Then the road descends into the valley of the Ursul river, after which we say goodbye to the Chuysky tract and climb the Yabogansky pass. Descending from it, we find ourselves in the Ust-Kansk steppe. A small pass Kyrlyk, and we are in the Abai steppe, then our path goes along the Koksa river. Having crossed the Gromotukha pass, we will meet again the beautiful Katunya and after about an hour of travel through the Uimonskaya valley we will find ourselves at the place of the first overnight stay near the village of Maralnik.

Overnight in tents. There is a possibility of accommodation in houses.

Transfer by off-road vehicle to the Lower Multinskoe Lake. The lower lake is located at an altitude of 1710 m, length 2370 m, maximum width 900 m, average depth 21 m.

Wake up early. Immediately after breakfast, we load into an all-terrain vehicle and drive to the place of the main camp near the Lower Multinskoye Lake (located at an altitude of 1710 m) - 2 hours drive. We pass to the southern end of the lake. On the shore of the lake, in a picturesque meadow among cedars, honeysuckle and currant bushes, we stop for lunch. Hiking to the Middle Lake - about 6 km. The lake is located at an altitude of 1740 m, length 1990 m, maximum width 750 m, average depth 8 m. Lower and Middle. Here, in a picturesque meadow, we stop for lunch. The Multinsky lakes are connected by a channel called "Shumy". Our task is to cross the channel to the opposite shore of the lake. We rise to the cordon and set up camp for the next two days. There are places for a fire and rubbish. There are toilets and a bathhouse (which can be ordered for an additional fee - 200 - 300 rubles per person per visit). Along the Lower Lake, before noises, you can go by boat, thereby excluding the walking part, or send only backpacks and walk light. The cost is 200-300 rubles per person. Overnight in tents.

Radial hike to Poperechnoe lake (walking distance 8 km one way). The turquoise surface of the lake reflects the snow-white peaks surrounding it from all sides. The pearl strings of the waterfalls adorn the coastal cliffs. The lake is stretched from north to south for 1.7 km.

Return to the camp. Overnight in tents.

Radial hike to the Verkhnee Multinskoe Lake (8 km one way). Trekking to the Lower Lake (6 km). This is the wildest and most picturesque lake. Eleven streams drop into the lake with small spectacular waterfalls. The height of the fall of one of them is 60 m. The lake is oval, about 1.5 km long, 0.5 km wide, surrounded by snow-capped peaks. Admiring the magnificent views, having a snack on the lake, we descend to the cordon. We collect the camp and return to the Lower Multinskoe lake. there is an opportunity, as on the second day, to go down the boat or poison only the backpacks. Overnight on the bank of the river. Multa in tents. There is a possibility of accommodation in houses (from 800 rubles per bed).

Today we need to cover about 12 km to admire the extraordinarily beautiful mountain lake Kuiguk and the waterfall of the same name. We cross over to the right bank of the Multa river, move to the valley of the Kuiguk river and go up to the lake. Its length is about 1 km, width is 300 - 400 m. We return to the Lower Multinskoe lake.

Overnight on the bank of the river. Multa in tents. There is a possibility of accommodation in houses (from 800 rubles per bed.

The first half of the day we rest, sunbathe, swim and set up the camp. After lunch, descent along the familiar road to the village of Zamulta in an all-wheel drive car. Overnight in tents on the territory of the tourist complex, there is a possibility of accommodation in houses (from 800 rubles per seat).

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