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Mountain tourism in Kazan

Pedaling and learning history!

This hike is perfect for those who like to combine outdoor activities and learn something new, immerse themselves in the history, culture and life of new places for themselves. Visit excursions and museums, but at the same time be always "on horseback" :-)

An extensive excursion program awaits us, but at the same time we will not sit on buses for half a day, we will pedal! So what awaits us:

  • excursion to the Raifsky monastery;
  • a walk through the arboretum of the Volga-Kama nature reserve;
  • an interactive program in a Tatar village;
  • island-museum, the ancient city of Sviyazhsk! We will visit the Archaeological Museum and the Assumption Monastery with excursions;
  • an excursion to the Temple of All Religions;
  • a sightseeing bicycle tour of the center of Kazan!
  • an excursion to the Kazan Kremlin; <
  • an interactive program in the Tugan Avylym complex;
  • an excursion around the city of Bolgar, once the former capital of the great state - Volga Bulgaria;
  • an excursion to the Bread Museum;
  • a fishing museum in the town of Tetyushi;
  • an excursion around the Dolgaya Polyana estate;
  • an excursion to an elite cheese factory in Kamsky Ustye and tasting.

Features of the route:

Beginner cyclists, choosing this route, you must be in good physical shape, there will be long uphills on the route.

Roads mostly asphalt (70%)

You can take your own bike or rent it in Kazan (the approximate cost of rental is 600 rubles per day)

Check your bike in advance and do the necessary maintenance, and don't forget a spare camera (check the diameter and width of your bike's wheels)

It is necessary to leave free space in the backpack for public equipment (groceries, bowler hat, awning, etc.)

How to Become a Domestic Tourism Tour Operator

Kazan is the third, as it is often called, the capital of Russia, located on the left bank of the Volga at the mouth of the Kazanka River. It is unlikely that such a harmonious combination of the cultures of the ancient East and the modern West can be seen anywhere else in Russia.

The city stretches along the Volga for 15 km, its length, both in the northern and eastern directions, is about 30 km. In the west of the city there is the only bridge across the Volga.

The Kazanka River divides the city into a historical part south of it, and a modern part to the north of it.

Climate of Kazan

The climate of the city is temperate continental, due to which there are not often severe frosts in winter and drying heat in summer. Snow cover in winter reaches 38 cm on average. The cloudiest month is November, the sunniest month is July. Average summer temperatures are up to 20 ° C, winter temperatures are up to -12 ° C. Most of the rain is in June, the least in March.

A bit of history

The history of the capital of Tatarstan is rich in events, we will try to briefly familiarize ourselves with it.

There are several versions of the origin of the name of the city, one of them is attributed to the ancient Bulgars, the word "kazan" they mean "cauldron", the other is associated with the Tatar name of the local landscape, the third gives the term "Khadzang", because of a sharp turn of the Volga in this place.

There is no clear date for the foundation of the city, some historians believe that the city is about a thousand years old thanks to an ancient Czech coin found during excavations, others attribute the foundation of the city to the XIV century.

At this time it was a border fortress of ancient Bulgaria, which gradually became a large trade center. In 1438 the fortress was captured by Khan Ulu-Mukhamedd, now it is the capital of the Kazan Khanate.

Frequent wars with the Moscow Khanate lead to its capture by Ivan the Terrible in 1522, the city is almost destroyed, and the Tatars are resettled on the shores of Lake Kaban, where the Kazan Old Tatar settlement was founded.

How to become a tour operator for domestic tourism The Russian tourism industry is going through the final phase of structuring today. At this stage of market formation, the final

Sports and Tourism in our country are gaining momentum every year. And if you have not yet joined this interesting, and most importantly useful pastime, now is the time to discover new tourist destinations and modes of movement, as well as more active types of recreation such as sports tourism.

Types of sports tourism

Sports tourism is a type of tourism based on competitions on difficult routes. These include overcoming categorical obstacles in the natural environment: passes, peaks (in mountain tourism), rapids (in sea tourism), canyons, caves and at distances created in the natural environment.

Sports tourism is also divided into types. We will tell you about the main types that you can start practicing this summer.


Hiking involves mainly walking on the tourist route. The main task of hiking is to overcome obstacles on the terrain and landscape on foot, for categories of high difficulty - in areas with difficult terrain and climatic conditions. For hiking, of course, you will need good equipment, sportswear and shoes.

Tracksuits and hiking kits will make your hike more comfortable and more enjoyable.

Mountain tourism

Mountain tourism or trekking in the mountains has the main task - to go through mountain passes, climb to the top, cross mountain ranges. The right athletic shoes are essential for mountain climbing. Good running shoes will not only help you conquer the peaks faster, but also keep your feet from injury and damage. On our site you can find a large selection of new discounted sneakers.

Water tourism

Water tourism on rivers using rafting facilities (ships), as a rule, in mountainous areas, involves overcoming water barriers formed by the relief of the river bed and the peculiarities of its course.

The picturesque Digorskoye Gorge is one of the most popular tourist sites in North Ossetia. You can travel on it for a long time: natural beauties and historical monuments are innumerable. But there are places that a tourist should definitely visit.

How to get there: for lovers of barbecue and starry sky

Digorskoye gorge is located 120 km from Vladikavkaz, so you need to leave early in the morning. You can get there in different ways. The first option is by minibus as part of groups organized by tourist clubs. There are several of them in North Ossetia. Prices vary: from 500 rubles per person. Plus: your guide, who will tell you in detail about the sights and - which is important for tourists who are not guided in the mountains - will accompany you to all interesting places.

The second option is an off-road tour in a small group. Convenient for a group of friends of three to four people. The driver acts as a guide at the same time, and sometimes also as a photographer and barbecue. Prices do not bite: from 1,500 rubles per person. Plus: an SUV, preferably a native "Niva", will take you to such mountain ranges, where you cannot get there otherwise.

If you left Vladikavkaz without taking care of food supplies, do not worry. There are several large settlements ahead, where it will be possible to acquire the necessary, the last - the village of Chikola, 72 kilometers from the capital. There are no further outlets, only sellers of mountain honey on the roadside at the entrance to the gorge.

Another option is to go to the mountains for a few days and stay in hotels scattered around the gorge. For a small fee, tourists can organize trips to attractions and back to the hotel by minibus. Plus: you will also be able to admire the starry sky, which makes an extraordinary impression in the mountains.

And an option for those who are self-confident is to drive their own car. The main advice is to check the brake system before driving. If the traveler decided to do without a guide, hospitable locals will help him: they themselves will tell and show everything. But in the highlands, in search of alpine meadows and breathtaking heights, it is still better to take a guide.

Devil's bridge: some adrenaline

The first stop is before reaching the tunnel in the gorge. This place is called the Akhsinta canyon, but more often it is called informally and romantically - the gate of mountain Digoria.

A concrete bridge is thrown across the Urukh River, over an abyss, in the common people - Devil's. Tour guides use it as an observation deck. Without a guide, the bridge is easy to miss: an unknowing person cannot see it from a mountain road. Unfortunately, there are no pointers either.

Spend an unforgettable weekend in Kamsky Ustye with the XFREEDOM team!

The XFREEDOM Club organizes a trip to the Kamskoye Ustye (about 120 km from Kazan towards Ulyanovsk). It offers an excellent view of the confluence of the Kama and Volga rivers, high rocky cliffs - a space for rock climbing, and the Yurievskaya cave (one of the largest in the Volga region, length according to 2011 data - 1005 meters) and adits (an abandoned gypsum mine) make this place truly unique.

PROGRAM: rock climbing, excursion to the tunnels, exploration of the Yurievskaya cave, as well as swimming in the "Volga-Kama Sea", fresh air and stunning views. And of course a full lunch and dinner on the fire!

Meeting place - Gladilov 55 to 4 (Alafuzov Factory, landmark - Huge head at the entrance, then at the gate to the territory.) on SUNDAY at 7:20 am.

We go through the instructions, get into the cars and at 7:50 am we leave! We are going in our cars. Those who are without wheels - we sit down with the drivers (perhaps for an additional LVL, as you agree with them, so have 300 rubles in reserve). Drive 120 km one way, so please refuel in advance!

Climbing. Under the guidance of experienced instructors, you can try yourself in the role of a rock climber. Instructors will hang the tracks and arrange insurance.

Excursion to the abandoned adits where limestone was mined. Our guide will take you on a tour of these adits and show you the farthest nooks.

Visit to the Yurievskaya cave. Under the guidance of our instructor, you can see all the most interesting places in this cave.

Full, hot meals for the entire duration of the event, organized by our instructors.

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