For women

For women

Women's clothing for fishing and outdoor activities is very often bought as an additional set by going to our website, since there is no specialized store of such equipment yet. Women's clothing for outdoor activities and fishing, as well as children's clothing for outdoor activities, is less popular than men's clothing. But we constantly support in our assortment all the best models especially for you. Many products are completely copy of the men's ones. Only the cut and size change.

Women's fishing suits have an anatomical cut. Narrower at the shoulders and always fitted.

What they got from the standard male models:

  • Waterproof
  • Breathability
  • Functionality
  • Reflective inserts
  • Fitted adjustments
  • Wind protection

If we talk about the inner layer of clothing, you can also buy women's thermal underwear, fleece sets and sweaters from us.

Women's clothing for winter and summer fishing is a rare occurrence in many specialized stores. But in our online store there is a large selection of clothing for active leisure for women. Manufacturers are increasing and expanding their lines, as from season to season, women's clothing for outdoor activities is becoming more and more popular.

We sell a complete outfit from the bottom layer of clothing, such as thermal underwear, socks, to finishing accessories - hats, gloves.

Women's clothing for outdoor activities, based on our experience, is usually purchased not by the woman herself, but by her husband when he comes for his equipment.

“We are used to spending our holidays together, in all our hikes, trips to nature, we love to go to the lake together. Before that, they took a small winter suit for my wife - I helped out. But he did not sit properly, baggy, so he did not fulfill all his functions. Therefore, we decided to buy a women's suit for outdoor activities. In the end, we were satisfied. The suit turned out to be versatile and useful for downhill skiing and snowmobiling. "

Women's trekking shoes are sold in our store starting from size 35. Neat models that meet all the requirements of bad weather, rocky terrain and high humidity are always available.

Women's trekking shoes are very similar to regular sneakers, but this is only at first glance. They have a number of advantages.

  • Water-repellent impregnation will prevent excess moisture from getting inside the boot
  • Comfortable comfortable insole
  • The outsole protector provides reliable grip on any surface
  • Overlays on the toe
  • Does not absorb odors
  • Membrane breathable fabric combined with natural suede and leather
  • Lightweight

This whole set of characteristics fits into fairly small and cute models, which are also lightweight.

Rest on Lake Baikal in summer

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  • Every professional and novice athlete knows that the most effective result largely depends on the correct form. Alpine skiing is no exception in this matter. And if you can give useful advice on the selection of skis, boards, glasses, etc., then with the choice of clothing for skiing, the situation is much more complicated. When buying a jacket, pants or overalls, as a rule, the decisive role is not played by the technical characteristics of the product, but by its practicality and comfort. Most often, only a jacket is selected based on these criteria, and attention is not even spent on the lower part of the wardrobe. But it should be understood that pants are very different. Moreover, the popularity of models of ski pants is constantly increasing their assortment, as a result of which consumers often face the problem of how to choose a suitable product from a huge number. This article provides an overview of the best ski pants and pants for 2021, selected for quality characteristics and customer opinion.

    Features and types of equipment

    Freestyle pants are not classic cross-country skiing gaiters and differ significantly in appearance and tailoring. So, the racer is in constant motion, and his body emits a sufficient amount of heat, which is enough at any stage of training and competition. A professional or a lover of ski slopes alternates between periods of intense movement during the descent and being in static, and therefore his overalls provide additional insulation.

    The second important distinguishing feature of the lower part of the alpine skier's sports uniform is its loose fit, which does not restrict the athlete's movements and allows him to perform almost acrobatic stunts. Loose clothing provides the ability to wear thermal underwear, and the membrane acts as a sweat protection. As a result, the skier is guaranteed comfort both on the slope and in the ski lift or cafe. For example, in comparison, for a flat skier, the best pants are provided with a high fit, which avoids their windage while driving.

    As for the question, what are the pants, then, first of all, it is clear that they differ in products for female and male athletes and for children. Also, the lower part of the suit is varied in price and quality characteristics. Models of winter sportswear should be selected depending on the riding style and personal preference. According to this criterion, you can give preference:

    • Overalls - equipment for those who like to ride from the slopes. This type of workwear provides windproofness when participating in a speed race. The structure of the jumpsuit provides a windproof layer and fixation with fasteners, allowing you to quickly remove the outfit.
    • Regular cut trousers - training ammunition designed for light skiing downhill slopes. The design of such products is characterized by a monolithic cut and provides a belt with a thick elastic band at the waist.
    • Pants with side zipper (self-dumping) - models that facilitate the process of putting on and taking off uniforms and allowing you to save time and effort. An excellent option for both beginners and professionals.

    Speaking about the classification of insulated pants, it is worth noting that some of them are also characterized by reinforcement - additionally sewn, as a rule, very dense or even corrugated fabric in the most worn out (washable) places. So, for example, thanks to him, the athlete is protected from the danger of sticking to the chair of the lift, when it stops unplanned. There is also internal reinforcement, most often represented by a thin layer of foam, sewn between two layers of fabric in order to soften the impact of knees or a fifth point on hard snow or ice.

    What to look for when choosing ski pants and pants

    Every athlete has his own personal criteria for choosing the bottom of a warm tracksuit, and first of all, they are associated with the peculiarities of its specific purpose. Nevertheless, when choosing a similar item of clothing, the question very often arises, which one is the best to buy? Therefore, in order to minimize the possibility of making mistakes when choosing, you should pay attention to the following tips:

    • As with all clothing, ski pants come in a variety of sizes. Therefore, when acquiring them, you need to focus not only on the symbols, but also on actual indicators: the length from the ankle to the waist, the height at the waist, the length of the crotch and the volume of the hips. The use of tight or too loose clothing that is too tall will make skating much more difficult. In any case, the ideal option is only trying on, during which you should imitate a light jog, make squats and body movements, as when rolling. Lack of discomfort indicates the right thing.
    • The second important indicator of the effective use of equipment is the sewing material. Beginner skiers, who make non-extreme descents in good weather, can use trousers made of blended fabrics from the Softshell series. The main characteristics of such models are: comfortable fit, high elasticity and thermoregulation. Pants for professionals are made of Hardshell membrane fabrics. The multilayer structure of the fabric guarantees the product moisture resistance and a warm microclimate.
    • As a rule, trousers for alpine skiing are considered a man's prerogative, and therefore most manufacturers make a bias in their products on them. But today there are many women and children who are fond of descending the snowy slopes. For the quality results of their training, it is important that the thing is selected taking into account all the anatomical features.
    • The functionality of the lower part of a skier's workwear should include protection of the body from internal and external moisture and wind, which is performed by the membrane. Also, depending on the intensity of the training, it is worth considering the strength of the equipment insulation. In the form of professionals, this function is performed by a membrane, but for beginners, it is desirable to have clothes with reinforcement (synthetic winterizer or fluff)
    • An important nuance is the high-quality processing of seams and zippers. To prevent moisture and cold from penetrating the athlete's body, the fasteners must be equipped with windproof flaps, and the stitching must be glued.
    • Do not ignore the function of adjusting the size of the belt, which is provided by cords and elastic bands, as in thin leotards. The belts should be threaded into harnesses, to which the straps can be fastened, allowing you to adjust the clothing to the figure. In expensive models, Velcro fasteners are provided for effective fixation.
    • Taking into account the peculiarities of this sport, the clothes used in it are important for large pockets, in which many necessary devices and things should fit: a mobile phone, a brush for cleaning glasses from ice, a detachable insert and many others.
    • The weather in the mountains changes frequently, in addition, temperature fluctuations are characteristic there. Therefore, the equipment of a skier needs ventilation, which allows his body to maintain a temperature regime. For this, many types of trousers provide special ventilation zippers located along the seam of the trousers on the inner thigh.
    • But, and, of course, when choosing ammunition for descending on mountain snows, its cut is not the last factor. Pants models for the fair sex are characterized by elegance, functionality and baggy for men, and bright colors for a child audience. But not only the anatomy distinguishes the cut features, but also the sport: for a snowboard, bulky clothes with many pockets are optimal, for slalom - tight models, for frit - loose high trousers with suspenders (overalls).

    Analyzing the recommendations for choosing ski pants, it is worth noting that there are still a number of factors that are not significant, but require attention. It is good if the athlete's uniform includes an avalanche sensor sewn into the clothing and increasing safety. And the high wear resistance of the alpine skier's equipment largely depends on equipping it with ski edges (additional inserts in vulnerable places) against cuts. For comfortable riding, it is also important to have a protective skirt - a special fabric insert that fits the top of the boot, fastens with a button and prevents snow from entering the shoe. But, and, of course, an important aspect that should not be ignored is the length of the trousers. It should be understood that modern technologies make it possible to produce overalls from high-quality fabric, which is not upset by washing, and therefore it is not worth purchasing it with a "margin". The ideal option is pants that cover the ski boot and are 5 cm longer than everyday jeans.

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