For sale Empire of tourism - the largest recreation center in Gorny Altai

Aya mountain altai tourism empire

Russia, Altai Territory

Fixed assets: n/a

Foundation year: not specified

"Empire of Tourism" is for sale - the largest recreation center in Gorny Altai

Business Description

Payback of the project - less than 5 years.

General description. The tourist complex "Empire of Tourism" is located in the very center of the Aya Lake region along the left bank of the Katun in the forest zone of the Aya Natural Park. The complex is located 500 meters from the unique warm mountain lake Aya. The tourist complex was created as an ecological park-hotel, in which the landscaped area is organically inscribed in the natural landscape of Gorny Altai. It is distinguished by a high level of transport accessibility and an advantageous position in the center of the popular resort area "Aya". Direction of activity - tourist services, leisure, recreation for young people. The complex accommodates from 4 to 6 thousand guests annually. The geography of the guests of the complex is the Altai Territory, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Omsk, Kemerovo Regions, the Altai Republic. Target audience - guests from 18 to 40 years old.

Rooms. The number of rooms in the tourist complex consists of 130 rooms from high-level comfort rooms for year-round accommodation to budget rooms for living in the warm season: - comfortable rooms in a comfortable two-storey warm building and in detached two-storey cottages (22 rooms, summer and winter accommodation), - comfortable rooms in one-storey and two-storey wooden cottages (42 rooms, summer accommodation), - uncomfortable rooms in two-storey wooden cottages and detached summer houses (66 rooms, summer accommodation), There are accommodations for service personnel.

Food. The main catering point is a Tavern with a terrace on the second floor and a summer seating area. The Tavern's menu offers a rich selection of various dishes of Russian and European cuisine, Italian menu, children's menu. Delivery of orders to the rooms and the area of ​​the water and entertainment complex is carried out. Catering organized on the territory of the complex (picnic, barbecue, banquet). At night, the "Pizza Bar" catering point in the "Empire" nightclub is open.

Infrastructure. Nightclub "Empire" is the "highlight" of the tourist complex. This is the main dance floor of Gorny Altai in the open air, annually gathering thousands of people from all over Russia and neighboring countries. Daily entertainment programs, on weekends - bright show programs with the participation of international stars. The largest dance floor in Gorny Altai combines indoor and outdoor dance floor zones with a capacity of up to 2500 people, two landing zones with bars, a VIP zone and a food point. There are all conditions for holding festivals, concerts and corporate events. A water and entertainment complex with a large swimming pool (10x15 m) equipped with a complex water purification system, Siberian cedar sun loungers, a cozy bar and a cafe. Games center - billiards, table tennis, mini-cinema with daily screenings of films. Sauna with a swimming pool and a relaxation area with a gazebo and barbecue. The tourist complex organizes excursions in Gorny Altai and rafting on mountain rivers.

Territory. Land plot - 4 hectares (long-term lease until 2054). 68 buildings for guest accommodation. 35 buildings of infrastructure facilities and office premises. The territory is illuminated along the entire perimeter, paths for pedestrians, an equipped ramp to descend to the river, a beach, gazebos, campfire sites, small architectural forms and landscape design, a children's playground. Free public parking and paid parking for tourists staying at the tourist complex.

ATOR summed up the tourism results of 2020 and talked about three scenarios in 2021

Short film "Adjika" extreme club "

2019 | Russia | director Sergei Tselikov | duration 20 minutes

The training of Adjik's extreme team is interrupted by the unexpected arrival of a stranger. He promises the guys a sponsorship contract and millions of views on YouTube, but in return asks to provide him with one small favor. Show in full.

Director's comment: Friends, hello everyone! I know the world of extreme firsthand. Before entering VGIK, my friends and I jumped on a rope from bridges and cranes. When I was looking for a topic for my term paper, I decided that extreme is a spectacular matter to make a movie about it. But when shooting any film, what I want to tell them is important to me first of all. For a long time I tried to find "my theme" and at some point I realized that I had found it. I would be glad to read your comments under the YouTube video. I hope you enjoy the movie, but criticism is also welcome!

Hello everyone. My name is Aleksey. not 33 years old and my wife and I decided to move from a big city to a small village in the Altai Territory. In this video, we are talking about seeds for spring, our future farm and see how things are with our barn.

You come to the forest, to the shore of a lake or climb a mountain, and there ... garbage, garbage and again garbage! Why is this happening and how can it be changed? There are several reasons: Ø People do not clean up after themselves, because they are poorly educated; Ø People do not want to pay for the collection and removal of waste; Ø People do not have accessible infrastructure to throw away waste in a civilized manner; Ø Enterprises do not accept half of the waste because they cannot be recycled. Show in full.

Russian legislation is poorly tailored, it does not encourage the good and does not punish the bad. Instead of creating conditions for separate collection and recycling, the authorities stimulate the production of waste and then approve its incineration. This means that in addition to garbage in the forest, we will also find heaps of toxic ash.

You can change this with the click of a button. Go to roi. u/63007 (authorization through State services) and support: Ø refusal to incinerate, Ø ban on non-recyclable goods, Ø introduction of responsibility of officials for violation of the law, which prescribes the priority of waste prevention and recycling over incineration.

It is important to vote FOR the initiative!

Friends, I specially unpinned my post so that everyone can see this one. NEED HELP. In my native village yesterday in the Vladimirskoy region (On the border with Nizhegorodskaya) Butorlino, where I grew up, there was a misfortune at our postman Oksana Bolotova. the house was on fire. the cause of the fire is a homemade stove, a firebox in an attached courtyard where pigs were bred. Family Show in full. large, as it was necessary to live. Unfortunately, the animals were not saved. no one was hurt from the family. There was no one there, Oksana and her husband Alexei were at work, the children were with their grandmother. Om burned out completely, not suitable for living. Oka temporarily placed them in the house of one of the summer residents, who does not live in winter, Dmitry Miroshkin, thank you very much. Everything in the house was also burned, documents, clothes, food, money. There are caring people in the world, I know from myself, now this family needs support. I’m asking you to transfer money, it’s just that someone can break this record, someone can and will help. For transfer: Sberbank card: 2202 2006 7247 5454, or by phone number 89087471949 Card post office Bank 2200 7702 2709 9969 Oksana Bolotova 10.30.50 rubles seems to me important to them and there will be real help. Thank you for reading and reposting to the Admin a separate huge thanks for posting

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